Frozen Free Fall Walkthrough [Guide]

Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall is Disney’s latest addition to the match three-type game, but this title still offers something unique to players with the ability to combine powerups for devastating effects, as well as with themes and characters loyal to the film. If you are familiar with the match three formula, however, then there’s really not a lot different to expect, however. Still, it’s a great game to have and to add to your list of games of the same genre on your device. This is our guide for Frozen Free Fall, and with this walkthrough, you’ll get to dominate the game in no time.

Frozen Free Fall is a match three game where players can match crystals into combinations of three or more in grids of different sizes by swapping their positions. The goal is to meet the objective, which can either be reaching a specific score or having a number of items reach the bottom of the screen, within a required number of moves. Powerups are available to help players complete tasks, and players can also acquire the help of allies which pretty much function as powerups as well.

Hearts serve as the game’s energy system. Playing each stage will require one heart, but this will be returned once you have cleared the stage. Thus, the only ways to lose a heart is if you fail to complete the round within the set number of moves, or if you quit the stage prematurely. Hearts refill over time, but players can also opt to spend real money to refill this without waiting.

A total of three stars can be earned in each stage of the game. Stars are earned once players reach certain point intervals, and players can return to previously completed puzzles in order to collect them all. In order to get all stars, players must focus on getting combos, removing more crystals from the grid with a single move, and to finish the round with lots of moves left to trigger Free Fall Mode more effectively. A good tip is to focus more on horizontal matches and to concentrate on lower rows, as these would make drops that would eventually form into combinations much more probable.

Special Crystals
Several types of special crystals are available within Frozen Free Fall. The first type is called Windchill, and this is created each time players make four in a row matches. Windchill can be used to remove all crystals in a certain row or column. The next type of special crystal is the Iceberg, which is generated whenever combinations in the shape of an L or T are made. Icebergs, when used within the grid, will destroy all crystals surrounding it. Lastly, creating a five in a row match will create a Glacier, which would remove all crystals of the same color as the one that you’ve swapped it with from the grid.

Special crystals may also be combined together in order to combine their effects. Different combinations are available, and these can greatly add to your score. For example, crossing two Windchills will destroy all rows and columns in an X pattern, while crossing a Windchill and an Iceberg will destroy an three entire columns or rows. Thus, make sure if you have any special crystals nearby and try to combine them whenever you can. Also, look for matches that can generate these items as these give you the chance of greatly increasing your total points.

Free Fall Mode
Free Fall Mode is activated whenever players finish the round. Under Free Fall Mode, all special crystals remaining on the board will be activated. Also, special crystals will be randomly placed on the board and triggered automatically, the amount of which would be determined by the number of moves that you have left. Free Fall Mode can greatly increase your chances of attaining a higher score, so try and finish puzzles with as less moves as possible.

Powerups are special items that can be used to help players solve tougher puzzles. Powerups have special effects such as giving you five extra moves, or removing one tile from the grid. Players will be provided free powerups once they have been introduced, and more can be purchased by spending real money for them. Powerups may also be rewarded via daily rewards. Keep in mind, however, that using powerups is not required as all puzzles are solvable without them.

Companions are also a type of powerup, with the only difference that some powerups are available all the time while companion powerups are only available depending on which companion you bring along with you. Like powerups, however, companions are capable of providing additional benefits for you, and powerups that they have can be supplemented via in-app purchases. Both new permanent powerups and those provided by companions will be applied the more you progress into the game.


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