Modern Command Walkthrough [Guide]

Modern Command

You are part of a peacekeeping force that is tasked with instilling order in some of the most chaotic places on Earth. With this, you will find yourself constantly attacked, but of course, you’re not without defenses of your own. In Modern Command, players will be able to take command of powerful weapons and Ordnances that will be able to blow away any offensive forces that will come your way. What matters, however, is how you’ll be able to use them. Here’s our comprehensive guide on how you can take command in this very challenging game.

Modern Command is a tactical action game where in players can research and equip different kinds of weaponry that can be used to repel enemy forces that will march towards you and attack your base. The goal of the game is to survive these assaults by constantly researching and purchasing powerful weapons that can keep up with the opposition. There are multiple campaigns across several countries where in players can test their skills against more numerous and more powerful enemies.

Credits and Service Stars are the two main currencies available within the game. Credits are used to purchase weapons that you can use to defend your base. Service Stars, on the other hand, can be used to acquire premium weapons as well as ordnances and premium packs. Service Stars may also be used to speed up tasks such as researching and for weapons to be delivered or serviced.

Service Stars are rewarded at a rate of one per each level up. Players can also acquire Service Stars by either signing up via Facebook or by purchasing them using real money. Credits can be awarded by participating in missions as well as for exchanging Service Stars for them.

Leveling Up
By participating in campaigns, players will be able to earn experience and level up. Leveling up will unlock more content that can be acquired at the armory. Players will also be awarded with Service Stars every time they level up. This is the best way for players to earn premium currency, but the experience points required for each subsequent level up would be increased.

Supplies serve as energy which is required each time that the player would like to go on campaigns. Supplies regenerate every few minutes, but players can replenish this instantly using Service Stars. Your supplies’ maximum capacity may also be increased by purchasing premium packs that would also cost Service Stars, allowing you to play more campaigns quickly.

Players can participate in campaigns which are divided into countries and areas. By completing campaigns, players can unlock more areas. Each campaign would require supplies, and a minimum of one load out is required. More than one weapon can be carried into each campaign, and bringing the right one along with you can spell the difference between victory and defeat. It is also during campaigns that players can get to earn both credits and even scientists that can speed up research of new weapons and other items.

During campaigns, players will have to track the approach of enemies in order to avoid getting surrounded. With that, players are given access to radar which would provide players with the ability to see enemies as red blips on your map. Try and scroll through the map so that you can see all of your enemies even if they are far away, and even if they are covered in foliage. You can also see your base as well as the path that your fired missiles would take. However, keep in mind that some enemies may not show up in your radar, so be vigilant all the same.

Various weapons can be unlocked, purchased, and equipped within Modern Command, and each serve different functions that have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Missiles, for example, have long ranges and can easily destroy stronger trucks, while automatic machine guns can hit enemies with rapid accuracy, but with a shorter range and with weaker damage inflicted. Choosing which weapons to bring in your load outs is extremely important for your success.

Different weapons may be unlocked for research depending on your level and progress in the game. Weapons must be researched first before they would be available for purchase, and the game requires either credits or Service Stars in order to acquire extra weapons. Players should take note that weapons previously bought may be acquired again. Also, players should also remember that it will take a while for purchased weapons to be delivered, although Service Stars may be used to speed this process up.

Weapons, when used in battle, may either overheat or would need to be reloaded. This will cause them to be ineffective in battle for a certain period of time, so make sure that there are no enemies approaching or that you have other weapons to spare. Weapons would also need to be serviced from time to time, but like deliveries, this can be performed instantly by spending premium currency.

Scientists may be acquired by winning campaigns. Scientists are important as they would help in speeding up the research time required for weapons and other items. The number of scientists that you have may also be increased by connecting with other players online. Thus, the more scientists and friends that you have, the faster you will be able to complete research and unlock weapons. As an alternative, you may also use Service Stars to skip research altogether.

Ordnances are special items that can be triggered during campaigns. These items can be called upon to perform special strikes that can deal great damage to a large amount of enemies. Players can stock up on these items, but at the cost of premium currency. Like weapons, ordnances would have to be researched first before they would become available. Ordnances should serve as a form of last resort when you are overwhelmed b enemies, as it is not worth the premium currency that you would spend to use them all the time.


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