Only One Walkthrough [Guide]

Only One

In Only One, you are thrust into an arena with only a sword as your weapon. Soon, enemies will start to appear and would be hell bent in causing your destruction. You must do all that you can to survive and to make sure that you last for as long as you can with your weapon as well as any abilities that you can unlock and use. How long can you last as the only one? Play this game to find out, but don’t forget to read through this comprehensive guide first.

Only One is a hack and slash survival game where in the goal is to survive for as long as possible while more numerous and more powerful enemies appearing with each wave. Loot from fallen enemies can also be used to purchase and upgrade abilities as well as refill your health and bolster your defense. Every tenth level will have players encountering powerful mini bosses, and the game will only end once your hero has been slain. From there, players have the option to restart the game from the last checkpoint.

Power is the main currency within the game. Power is collected from defeated enemies, and players must actively collect these items as they would disappear after a certain period of time. Players are also awarded power each time they reach certain levels, or via in-app purchases where players would have to pay real money for extra currency. Power is used in order to purchase and upgrade abilities that may either be passive or active in nature.

Leveling Up
Once all enemies have been cleared for a certain level, your hero will increase in level as well. Not only will reaching specific levels earn players Power, but this will also unlock abilities that would then be available for purchase. Every tenth level, players would be forced to battle a tough boss, and players can return to the last checkpoint level once they have been killed.

Eventually, players would be able to unlock and purchase different abilities, each with its own positive effect. These can range from passive abilities, such as giving you a longer range or more health, to active ones that will enable to you to freeze opponents or have ranged attacks. Abilities would have to be purchased using Power before they can be used, and they can also be upgraded so that their effects would be much better. Upgrading, like purchasing abilities, will also require power.

Knowing which abilities to purchase and equip is very essential as all these work together along with your style of play so that you would be able to face tougher enemies for much longer than usual. It is also important to note that active abilities have a cooldown period. This means that players will have to wait for a certain period of time before these abilities may be triggered again.

Tips and Tricks
Positioning is very important within Only One. Unless you have an ability that can take advantage of the situation, never let yourself get surrounded by enemies. A good strategy is to hit and run, and to always keep enemies in front of you while still having a route to escape. Also, know enemy patterns as most of your opponents would have a slight change of graphics before they attack.

Another good strategy is to lead your opponents towards the edges. Once the enemy is near the edge, you can simply strike at him so that he would get pushed back and inevitably fall over the edge. This works best for strong enemies as well as mini bosses. Take caution, though, as although pushing enemies off the edge will earn you more points than usual, most of the time you’ll also lose any loot that they may have dropped on the way down.

Speaking of loot, don’t forget to actively grab any loot, whether it be power, health, or armor. At latter stages, all of these would be very important, and they can no longer be collected after a certain period of time. Your hero will not last for long without these items to help you out, so either grab them immediately after killing your foe, or get an ability that will attract these items to you.

Other abilities are also very important. Read through the description of all abilities made available to you before purchasing them, and make sure that you have a good balance of both passive and active abilities. For the former, concentrate more on those that would be able to increase your health and defense rather than those that would increase your attack, while active abilities are more of a personal taste. Just make sure that it fits your personal style of play and that you are able to call upon these skills only when the situation calls for it. The last thing you’ll need is get surrounded with nothing of use except your sword.

As for updates, don’t hesitate to spend on abilities that you’re sure to be using for a long time, but don’t waste your precious power on an ability that you’ll swap out soon enough. Equip only those that you’ll really need, but don’t hesitate to mix and match whenever the situation calls for it. Even if you have to pause the game mid-battle to do this, the benefits are great especially if it would be able to affect your performance in a positive way.


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