The Lego Movie Video Game [Guide]

The LEGO Movie Video Game

Based on the hit animated film, The Lego Movie Video Game allows players to
experience the thrilling events of the movie all over again, in traditional
Lego video game style.

The Lego Movie Video Game Guide
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

The Prophecy
Bricksburg Construction
Escape from Bricksburg
Flatbush Gulch
Flatbush Rooftops
Escape from Flatbush
Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land
Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land
Escape from Cloud Cuckoo Land
The Depths
Infiltrate Octan Tower
Put the Thing on the Thing
Broadcast News
Back from Reality
Bricksburg Under Attack
The Final Showdown

3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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The Lego Movie Video Game tells the story of Emmet, “The Special”, a Lego
construction worker destined for greatness! Joining him are a blind wizard, a
spunky acrobatic chick, an insane astronaut, and a cat with a bad temper…oh,
and Batman.

Y – Tag/Character Wheel
X – Attack/Special Attack
B – Use Ability/Pickup Object
A – Jump
RS – Look Around
D-pad – Move
LS – Move
Start – Pause

To Top

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2. Walkthrough
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At the beginning of the game, you control Vitruvius, the wizard and are
flanked by Shakespeare and Cleopatra. Defeat Lord Business’s robots as they
come, and also take the time to destory the other objects nearby and push
forward on the bridge.

They will then start firing a laser at you. Run across the middle of the
bridge and the laser will destroy the nearby volcanic rock. Now you can use
those pieces to create a rocket. Just hold whatever button appears above the

Switch to Cleopatra. In the Xbox 360 version of the game, you can switch to
other characters by pressing Y. You can hold Y to bring up the character wheel
and then use the left stick to make your selections that way as well. In the
PlayStation versions, you will be pressing Triangle, and etc. for the other
versions of the game. It’s always the top face button, basically.

Anyways, female characters have a high jump ability, and the areas on the
ground that are blue and pink indicate areas that this high jump ability is
going to come in handy. So after the first rocket is built, switch to Cleopatra
and then use her to jump on the red button and launch the rocket at the

More robots will come across the bridge. Get rid of them, and they will start
using the laser again. Do the same thing (be sure to jump over the laser) and
then build another rocket. Send it flying. Now it’s time to use your Master
Builder skills!

At the end of the bridge a green circle will appear. Stand in it and then hold
the button that pops up to activate Master Builder mode. The pieces that are
used for the Master Build will be outlined in green. Use the left stick to
select each piece one by one and then whichever character you used to start
this process will use those pieces to create something new.

To Top

In the hub world of Bricksburg, follow the green studs to reach the entrance
to the construction site. The mechanism that controls the game is busted, so
use your wrench to fix it. Once inside, you will be in the first main level of
the game.

Remember to smash most everything in the levels. There’s never really a reason
NOT to break everything in sight. The goal right now is to get the instruction
page so that you can finish building the porch. Head all the way to the right
and fix the blue machine here just like you fixed the controls at the front

Switch to Gail, the female character that is with Emmet for this level. Notice
the blue and pink circle thingy on the ground? Good! Stand in it and then jump
up so that you can get to the instruction page. With the instruction page in
hand, return to the porch.

There is a missing tree on the porch, so add the missing tree and that will
fix the porch. You’ll then be transported to the next part of the level via
crane. Once arriving, smash things, head to the shed on your left to get the
drill, and then take note of the colorful house in the area.

There are cracked pieces on the colorful house. Approach these pieces and on
the Xbox 360 version of the game, hold X (the PlayStation equivalent is
Square) to start drilling into this crack. This will damage the house and
cause it to start crumbling and falling apart.

Get the studs as they fly out of the house and then continue drilling the
cracked pieces until the house is completely destroyed. Now hold that same
button in and go around smash the pieces of road and the pieces of garden
that are in this area as well. Destroying everything here will allow you to
continue to the next part of the level.

You need more instruction pages to continue. Notice the battery that is not
in its correct socket as soon as you walk in. A big orange arrow will be next
to it pointing the way that it needs to be pushed in order for you to progress.
Push the battery into place. One down, one to go.

Go all the way to the right and you will find another battery that needs to be
pushed into place. It is sitting on the back of a truck and an object is
blocking your way on top of the truck. Smash the object with the drill and
then get on the back of the truck. Push the battery off the truck and it will
land on the track. Get off the truck and push that battery into place as well.
This will cause the machine to spit out the first instruction page that you
need, so grab it before continuing.

The next puzzle involves getting the conveyor belt reversed. Have one character
hop in the crane controls and then raise the platform so that the other
character can get to the machine that powers the conveyor belt. Switch to the
other character and have them use their wrench to reverse the conveyor belt’s

Now you can use the conveyor belt to get to the roof. On the roof, there are
two more mini-roofs (…) with broken speakers on them. First plug in the large
plug on the track here so that you can get to the roof. Then fix both of the
speakers and music will start blaring.

Everything is cool when you work as a team!


Excuse me.

It’s time for a rhythm game! Like most rhythm games, buttons will scroll
across the screen and you have to press the right button as it passes through
the circle on the meter. Do this to earn studs and complete the dance. When
the dance is over, you are free to grab the next instruction page and now you
can build that crane finally! And guess what? You get to take a slide there!
Oh glorious day!

Build the crane, use the parts that are shown on the object and you will be
golden. When the crane has been fully built, it’s time to use it to smash the
building that is in the way! To do this, pull back on the left stick. When the
arrow is in the white section in the middle of the meter, push forward on the
left stick for the most powerful swing. Landing the cursor in either of the
two yellow areas is also an acceptable amount of power to go with the swing of
the crane and the wrecking ball.

When that’s done, there is another little mini-game of sorts where you have to
move Emmet to avoid running into obstacles and such. Try to collect as many
studs as possible during this segment.

To Top

Once again follow the green bricks to reach the level proper. This level can
be found at a police station. Use Wyldstyle to wall bounce to get out of the
initial area, and then just keep playing as her because you need to climb the
pink and black bricks on the building to climb up the wall of the police
station and get to the next level.

Right off the bat, fight off the robots that attack. Then go to the left and
you will see some pieces that need to be used to build something. Do not bother
swithcing to Emmet right now because he is not a Master Builder, and is
therefore only able to build things when instructions are provided for him to
do so.

Use these pieces with Wyldstyle to create a turret. Get into the turret like
you would enter any other vehicle. Hold X to zap the rocket turret on the wall
with the laser. Then use the laser to cut a hole in the golden door to the
left. You can also use the laser to kill the robots that show up, and they
will come in a couple of waves.

When that’s done, switch to Emmet and then go through the hole you cut in the
door. Grab the instruction page, fight off the other robots, and then drill the
crack in the wall to cause a support beam to collapse and create a way for
Wyldstyle to get across as a result.

Switch back to Wyldstyle and use her to jump up and shimmy across to the roof.
Up here you can fight more robot dudes and also smash more objects. Use the
pieces up here to create a pad that you can use to get across to the roof that
is on the other side of the room.

Push the monitor off of the track and it will smash on the floor below. Hop
down and use the pieces of the monitor to create a bouncy pad. Switch to Emmet
and have him use the bouncy pad to reach the roof that the monitor was on
originally. Hold in the A button so Emmet can jump higher.

On this roof, use the drill to destroy the cracked pieces of concrete that
are up here. This will cause the roof to collapse. The second instruction page
is found down here, as well as more enemies. Defeat the enemies and smash
everything in site. Push the button in here to open the shutter, and use
Wyldstyle to create a fan so that you can get out of here.

Get back in control of the laser and use it to cut through the gold bricks on
the wall. Then defeat the rest of the enemies and collect the third and final
instruction page.

Switch back to Emmet again and use him to create the ladder. When the ladder is
built, go to the handle and mash on the B button to raise it to its highest
height. Then climb the ladder to the top.

Go to the left and smash everything. Use the pieces to create another bouncy
pad, but this time use it as Wyldstyle. Use the pink and black pieces to shimmy
along the walls, and never stop moving or else you’ll be hit by lasers and the
like. When you reach the bridge, try to make your way across it.

After the explosion, hop down to the poles and swing across to the one that is
furthest right. Switch to Emmet and destroy the robot that is firing rockets
at the bridge. Switch back to Wyldstyle and then swing across to the broken
piece of bridge and use it to climb up to the next area. Defeat all the robots
that are up here and then use the next pads to bounce back and forth between
the walls to reach the top of the area.

Back to Emmet again. Fix the destroyed box and then switch back to Wyldstyle.
Run across the wall and grab the blue machine that is attached to the wall to
drag it to the ground and smash it. Have Emmet fix it and this will create a
fan. Stay as Emmet and ride the fan up to another wall that can be broken
through with the drill. Do so.

In the alleyway, stay playing as Wyldstyle. Emmet is, uh, out of commision at
the moment. Use her to Master Build part of the motorcycle. Robots will come
out. Defeat them, switch to Emmet, drill a hole in the nearby wall, and then
drill a hole near the fire escape so Wyldstyle can use the water that shoots
out of the ground to pull down an air conditioning unit.

Now return to Wyldstyle and return to the Master Builder spot. You can now
finish the motorcycle. Hop in. The next segment will switch between Emmet and
Wyldstyle. Whenever you are supposed to switch, the game will prompt you to do
so by having the button that you need to press pop up on the screen. Emmet will
generally have to shoot things with the lasers on the motorcycles, and
Wyldstyle has to platform between vehicles, climb around, jump and stuff.

At the end of this vehicular segment, you will fight a helicopter and
Wyldstyle will be in a blue cannon. The cannon is slow, but it will blow up
the police cruisers with a single shot. Use the cannon to blast away the
cruisers and to also destroy the silver pieces on the helicopter. Doing this
enough will cause the helicopter to be completely destroyed and you will
complete the second level of the game.

To Top

To start this level, you will first be in the Bricksburg hub. The green studs
will lead you to the area that will start this level, which is yet another one
of those falling segments. Try to collect as many studs as possible while
avoiding the various hazards.

The falling segment will then segway into a, uh, rolling segment. Again, just
focus on trying to snag as many studs as possible while avoiding all of the
obstacles that are in the area.

When you finally come to a stop, you will be tasked with finding instructions.
To your left is a barn. Have Wyldstyle climb to the top and pull the lever to
open the door. Switch to Emmet, beat up the robots that come out (these robots
are armed with guns, so they are pretty dangerous) and when they’re defeated,
go inside for the first instruction page.

Now go to the windmill that can be found to the right. Use Emmet to destroy
part of the windmill. Use Wyldstyle to then climb on top of the windmill and
kick down the ladder so that Emmet can get up. Switch back to Emmet and go up
there and fix the windmill using his wrench. The windmill will make the second
instruction page fly off. Grab it from the ground.

Back to Emmet, you can now build a horse and buggy combination. Build it and
then a scene will play. When the scene is over, you have a gun in your
possession. Press X to quickly fire the gun or hold X to take control of a
cursor that you can use to target various enemies and then release to shoot

Use the gun to blow up the buggy to get a ton of studs as well as free the
horses. To do this, simply shoot the target on the side of the buggy. When
that is done, use the gun to kill all of the robots in the area. Then shoot
the target on the nearby fence to cause a massive explosion. More robots will
run out, so destroy them.

Switch to Wyldstyle and have her use the rubble to Master Build a new device to
lift up the gate. Grab a horse (get on a horse just like you would enter a
vehicle), and then take it to the device. Put the horse on the device and mash
on the B button to make the horse gallop, in turn powering up the device.

You can then head into the saloon by moving past the gate. Fight off the robots
inside the saloon. As Wyldstyle, climb up to the second story and beat up all
the robots there. Then make your way all the way to the right side of the
building to find pieces for a Master Build.

Create a ladder for Emmet. Then switch to Emmet and climb up the ladder. Go to
the machine that needs fixing. Fix it and then you can drop down and get
access to Vitruvius.

To Top

Switch to Wildstyle and follow the green studs to the roof. You will eventually
get to a ladder. Kick the ladder down. Have Emmet climb the ladder and use his
wrench to open the nearby door. Go through the door to enter the Flatbush
Rooftops level of the game.

Head to the right and watch the scene. Switch to Vitruvius and use him to
cobble together a “Blind Courage” ledge. “Blind Courage” objects are blue and
white in color. Go across the ledge, then knock over the water tower. Use the
pieces of the tower to make a bridge. Switch to Emmet and run over and drill
the drill spot. Switch to Wildstyle and use her to get to the top. Grab the
instruction page in the center.

Climb up the clocktower and drop down to the balcony below. You will find
another instruction page here. Switch back to Emmet and go to the construction
spot to put together a tiki tower with a breakable spot on it. Drill it and
the tower will fall, allowing you to reach the clocktower now as Emmet.

Drill the bottom of the clocktower to destroy it. Switch to one of the Master
Builders on your team and use them to turn the clocktower into a box. Push the
box to the green piece of ground in the upper right hand corner of the area.
Then use the box to reach the next spot.

Hold X to aim with Vitruvius’s staff. Use his staff to hit the blue and white
target. Then switch to Wildstyle and have her climb to the roof using the pole.
Kick down the ladder and have Emmet climb to the roof. Use him to drill the
ground. Then have Vitruvius use the pieces to create another Blind Courage

Cross the ledge Destroy everything on the other side. Use the pieces to build
a harpoon gun. Shoot it at the building and then mash on B to crank on the
wire. Switch to Wildstyle and have her use the remaining pieces of the building
to create a bridge so everyone can get across to Vitruvius.

Switch back to Emmet and have him use his wrench on the machine. You will get
a checkpoint now. A ton of police officers will start attacking. There will be
three instruction pages to find here. One is in the bottom lefthand corner of
the area, on a balcony. The other is in the chicken coop, and the third is just
in plain sight. Kill all the robots that try to attack you during this process,
and trust me, there will be many of them.

Use Emmet to build the catapult. Then get one of the dynamite barrels and
ride it over to the catapult. Load it up and press Y to get off it. Then press
X to destroy one of the ladders. Repeat this process with the other two

A jetpack equipped robot will show up next. Throw Vitruvius’s staff at him to
temporarily stun him. Then you can do a Master Build using him, the conveyor
belt, and the broken sign. This will create a bridge. Go across, hit the blue
and white target with the staff, switch to Wildstyle.

As Wildstyle, kick down the ladder. Build the Blind Courage ledge and then
shimmy across as Vitruvius. Use the pieces down here to create something to
walk safely on the roof.

More police will show up, with their ladders protected by barries. Use Emmet
to drill through their barriers. For the final ladder, you will need to create
the drill spot using brick pieces. So do that and then drill through that as

A powerful robot with a gun and riding a horse shows up. He will be accompanied
by other robots with guns. When the flying robot comes back, switch to
Vitruvius. Knock out the flying robot and then do a Master Build. A ton of
blue studs will come out of the water tower and the tough robot will be knocked

More robots with guns will come up on the lift. Defeat them and then do a
Master Build with the objects that are on top of the lift. This will create a
flying craft. Get on the flying craft and you will be transported to a
different vehicular section automatically.

At this part, Wildstyle is driving, Emmet has a machinegun, and Vitruvius has
TNT that he can throw. For this first part, it is easier to just use Emmet and
have him blow away the cowboy robots. When the police cruisers show up, switch
to Vitruvius and have him use his TNT to blow them up. There will be a few
waves of this until it is over.

To Top

To get to this level, first look up at the sign above the gates. There is a
target that Vitruvius can hit with his staff. Hit this target. Then have
Wyldstyle climb up the area to the left, swing across the poles, and then
kick down the ladder so Emmet can let everyone get through.

This level takes place entirely on a train. At the start, just head right and
smash anyone and anything that you see. Flying robot will show up and separate
the train cars. Defeat the enemies that show up and then approach the broken
piece of the car and have Emmet rejoin them.

Go across to the next car and use a Master Builder to build the catapult here.
Approach the end of the catapult and activate it to blow the pile of logs out
of the way. Fight your way through any remaining foes as you continue across
the train. You will reach a lever, so mash B to use it and open the train car
that is here.

Be Emmet again and use his drill to smash the object here. Have a Master
Builder use the pieces to create a platform that you can in turn use to get
to the top of the train cars again.

Continue across the roofs of the train cars. Continue forward and smash
everything in your path. You will come to a spot where you need Wyldstyle to
get across the gap. Do this and then have her activate the crane so that
everyone else can get across the gap as well.

With everyone across the gap, a cut-scene will trigger, which will bring with
it even more enemies. Smash through them like usual and keep going until you
reach more pieces to use as a Master Builder. Rebuild the platform and then
step out onto it as Vitruvius. Use his staff to create another pole so that
Wyldstyle and swing across as far as possible.

An enemy will blow up part of the train. Beat the guy inside of the train for
an extra collectible as you continue shimmying across. When you get all the
way across, head to the right a bit and you will find the valve handle needed
to activate the pipes and put out the fire. It is green and an objective marker
will point right at it just in case you have troubles locating it yourself for
some reason.

Anyway, grab it and use it to put out the fire. Explosions will start hitting
the train cars after that, causing damage and also making it possible for you
to fall to your LEGO death. Do your best to jump around in a zig zag pattern to
avoid taking damage from the explosions.

When you reach the end of this area, switch back to Wyldstyle and jump on the
pole that is extending around the train car. Shimmy across and you will find
the instruction page needed. Switch back to Emmet and use him to build the
scissor lift, which is pretty easy to make.

Ride the scissor lift as high as it goes using Vitruvius. Then cross the
Blind Courage gap. Drop next to the next car and fight off the enemies that
show up. Jumpa cross the gap to the car they came from and move forward,
avoiding the explosions as you go.

Keep going and you fill comea cross plenty of stuff to break. Smash it and
continue until you find a Master Builder spot. Cobble together a brake using
the pieces found at this part of the train. Switch to Wyldstyle and use her
to climb up to the top of the next train. Kick down the ladder. Switch to
Emmet, drill the top of the train, use the pieces to make a bridge to get
across the gap.

As you continue, Bad Cop will start pursuing you with his car. Use the Master
Builder spot to throw together a ramp. Bad Cop will send himself flying off
the ramp.

To Top

In The Old West, take control of Batman and head to the Batwing. Use the
grapple gun by pressing B under yellow hook-like objects. This will pull the
ship down so that you can use it to head to Cloud Cuckoo Land!

Use the grapple hook again to pull down the cloud. Then switch to Wyldstyle and
use her to weigh down the next cloud so that everyone can continue to the next
area as well.

As Batman, use his Batarangs on the balloons. To aim the Batarangs, hold X and
that will in turn bring up a cursor on the screen. Aim at each of the balloons
and then release to throw the Batarangs, popping the balloons and allowing you
to get on the platform that they were elevating.

Get on the platform now and use the pieces here to create a sail. Hit the sail
with a Batarang to make it twist around and it will send you to the next place.
Switch to Wyldstyle and climb up the steps. Go to the top of the steps to find
a box that you can push. Shove the box down the steps and it will break into
some pieces.

Use Batman. Use the pieces to create a hook on the steps, and then use the
grapple hook to pull the steps down completely. Now go up the steps and
switch control to Vitruvius. Approach the cloud door and perform the secret
knock by pressing B.

To do the knock, wait for the cursors to encapsulate the button that is being
shown completely, and then tap that button. Do this successfully three times.
The buttons will either be A or X. You can then get control of Unikitty on the
other side of the door, so switch to her immediately.

As Unikitty, smash the rainbow bricks. Then use the rainbow bricks to create a
bridge so everyone can continue. Switch to Emmet and use him to fix the machine
that’s up there.

Switch to Batman and use his Batarang to hit the girl robot to spin her around.
Switch to Vitruvius and use his staff to create a pole for Wyldstyle to swing
on. Swing across the back fo the girl robot head, and then bounce off of it to
the top of the boy robot tray. Push the box off the tray.

Back to Unikitty, use her to smash the remaining rainbow bricks and build a
jump pad. Use the jump pad to get on the way and you will be delivered to the
next part of the stage. Use Batman to drag the platform to the right closer and
then switch to Unikitty.

Jump on the toaster switch. Switch to Wyldstyle and jump on the toaster switch
as well so that you have enough to wait to completely push the handle down.
The pieces of toast will fly out of the top of the toaser afterwards, and of
course they are made out of rainbow bricks as well.

Take control of Unikitty again and smash the bricks. This will create yet
another launchpad. All aboard. Get on it and you will be sent to the next
area. Rip down more rainbows using the grappling hook, then rebuild with them
using Unikitty and you can continue.

Use Batman to pull down the teapot thing and that will water the plants. More
dizzying character switching ahead. Switch to Vitruvius. Throw his staff into
the first flower, then have Wyldstyle jump to the middle flower. Switch back
to Vitruvius and press B to recall the staff. Then throw the staff into the
left most flower and Wyldstyle will be able to freely use it to get to the next

Head all the way to the right and destroy the red flower here. You will get
the lever needed for the box. Take the lever back to the box and mash on the
B button to open it up. Switch to Batman and now use the new hook to grapple
up to rejoin Wyldstyle in front of the giant chicken thing. Use the grappling
hook to pull the chicken’s mouth open.

As Wyldstyle, climb into the chicken’s mouth. It will then deposit Wyldstyle
into, I guess a rainbow…egg? Yeah, we’ll go with rainbow egg. Roll off the
platform and then have Unikitty smash the rainbow “egg”. Use the pieces to
create another jump pad so everyone can continue.

Taking control of Vitruvius again, it’s time for another secret knock moment.
Use the secret knock on the purple and blue door (surrounded by a bright
electronic rainbow arch for good measure), and then you will be transported to
yet another area in the level, with the new goal of finding three instruction
pages so that you can continue.

The first instruction page is in plain sight, to the left of the area. Grab
that one first, then head to the weak spot in the water pipe and drill it
using Emmet. Then go to the right of the elephant head and pull on the hook
using Batman’s grappling hook.

Stand in the center of area and use a Master Builder to create a mouse shaped
vehicle. Get in the vehicle and drive it right into the elephant’s face. This
will cause the elephant’s head to fly high into the air, leaving a tunnel of
sorts for Wyldstyle to bounce to the top.

Go to the right and crawll across the rope. Jump through the hole in the gazebo
and you will be sent down a slide that will net you the third and final
intrusction piece. The second one was at the top of the elephant head, of

Back to Emmet, go to the construction site and throw together the new
construction build. It’s a rocket ship! All aboaaaaaaard!

To Top

As Unikitty, smash the rainbow bricks blocking the way to the next level and
then use them to create a bridge so that you can go to the next level proper.
You can buy Shakespeare as a character here if you want, in the Cuckoo Land
hub world (and of course you want to, it’s freaking Shakespeare!)

You start the mission with only Wyldstyle and Vitruvius playable. Use the
latter’s staff to help Wyldstyle climb up to the upper level. There is a Micro
Manager robot up here. Trick it into using its laser to destroy the gold bricks
in the center of the area.

Afterwards, use the remaining pieces to cobble together a clown head. Stand on
the button near the clown head to shoot wire at the fire. Defeat the robots
that then appear and then rejoin Vitruvius below.

Moving forward, you will next find Batman stuck in a box upside down. Poor
Bats. Can’t catch a break ever since his parents ate it. Anywho, Emmet is
next on the saving list since he is required to save Batman. Keep going and
you will find a wall that can be interacted with using the secret knock. Do
this and then use Wyldstyle to platform up and to the left.

Then use the spinning platforms to get up and to Emmet, who is in the grasp of
a Micro Manager robot still. Control switches to Emmet automatically. Mash on
the B button as him to smash your way out of the grasp of the Micro Manager.
Now backtrack on the spinning platforms, but watch out for the lasers that
have been added to them to make them even more deadly.

Defeat the swarm of robots that show up to stop you. Then go to the box that
Batman is trapped in and use the drill to free him.

“So this is how I die.”

Bahahahahaha, gotta love it. Switch control back to Batman and pull the flower
off the wall with his grappling hook. Use the pieces to create a makeshift
fan device so that you can float up to the next level. Switch to Emmet and
drill through the crack in the wall to cause some major structural damage. Now
switch back to the old blind Morgan Freeman wizard dude.

Use his staff to create a pol at the first target on the slanted railing.
Then use Wyldstyle as usual to swing up to the top area. There’s a ton of
enemies to fight up here. Go to the right and pull down the cloud machine
and then rejoin the others. Master Build to create a lift so that everyone
can ride it up and join in on the fun!

Unfortunately, a slew of Micro Managers show up. Luckily Batman can handle
them with relative ease. First stun them with a Batarang, then yank them apart
by hooking onto their backs with the grappling hook. Keep destroying them until
the big chicken opens its mouth and you can climb inside and be transported to
the next part of the level.

First smash the wall with Emmet’s drill. Then use Vitruvius to get across the
Blind Courage ledge. Stand in the center of the next platform and perform the
secret knock. You may want to use your staff to kill the robots on the nearby
ledge that will be shooting at you first, however.

With the secret knock complete, Batman and Emmet can continue. As Emmet, fix
Abraham Lincoln’s space chair thing. Use the platforms to cross the evil pink
liquid and hurry to Unikitty’s cage. Approach Unikitty and talk to her. You
will then automatically switch control to her again. It’s time to learn about
her rage ability. Hold in the B button until her rage destroys the cage and
she goes into rage mode.

Rage Mode Unikitty is an unstoppable monster. You will smash enemies with the
bottom of her jaw as well as fire fireballs at them by just pressing the
attack button. The more enemies you kill in the row, the longer that you get
to be Rage Mode Unikitty. Destroy the waves of robots that come after you with
Unikitty to make the job a lot easier.

A new walker style Micro Manager will show up and you need Wyldstyle to defeat
it. Take Unikitty and destroy the rainbow…egg that Wyldstyle is trapped in
as a result of the chicken ride you guys took earlier. Use the pieces of the
egg to create a jump pad so everyone can get back up to the previous area.

Switch to Wyldstyle and climb on top of the walker. Mash on the B button to
disable it. Then switch to Emmet and use his drill to destroy the mech’s head,
blowing it into a bunch of different pieces. Have a Master Builder put it back
together as a turret. Get inside of the turret and use it to shoot the gold
bricks on the nearby rocket.

Defeat the robots that show up, and then use the elephant and whale and rocket
part to create cutesy mini fire trucks of sorts. Drive them over to the flames
blocking the stairs and use them to put out the fires. Now you are free to
climb the stairs yourself to the top.

Up here will be more waves of robots to fight. When they’re defeated, another
Micro Manager will show up. Trick him into destroying the big gold brick object
in the center here. Then switch to Unikitty to destroy the rainbow brick
“brain”. Then build the final jump pad of the level.

To Top

Switch to Benny the astronaut (CHARLIE FROM IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY! YES! YES! YES!
YES! YES! YES! YES!) and then follow the green studs to the control panel.
Activate the panel to start the hack. Basically, you have to guide your icon
to the red glowing core on the Transformers-looking face shape, then when you
get to the core, mash on the B button. Avoid the other object as it will cause
you to fail.

Anyway, when the ship is called over, ride it across to the slanted object on
the other side to start the next level proper. Be Wyldstyle and climb up the
little mountain thing and go to the right. Stand on the red button to shoot
smoke at the windshield of the police cruisers.

Switch control on over to Batman now. Use his grappling hook to zip up to
the ledge using the golden hook. Then complete his Master Build using the
nearby ship. Batman will exit and Vitruvius will replace him as a playable
character now.

A bridge with some armed robots will be ran into. Climb up to them and knock
them all out with Wyldstyle. When they’re defeated, more will be dropped off
by a dropship. Ignore them for now. As Wyldstyle, stay on the bridge and use
your Master Builder techniques on the “attack” ship. This will create another
console for Benny to use.

So switch back to Benny andn hack the next console. You will then automatically
be in control of Vitruvius. Use his Master Builder techniques on the bridge to
put the finishing touches on the mountain thing, and then he will leave to be
replaced by Unikitty.

Start heading to the right now as Unikitty. Don’t bother with the kitty rage
thing right now, despite the fact that the game tells you to with the on-screen
text. You have to do some rainbow brick smashing and building and you can do
the smashing as rage kitty, but you can’t do the rebuilding.

Smash the rainbow bricks that you come across and then throw them back
together to create a device that throws pieces on the wall so that Wildstyle
is able to get across to the other side. Switch to her and then use the
pieces to do just that. Smash the object near the wall and then use the pieces
to create a new object. Crank the lever by mashing B, and you will then
create a bridge to allow Unikitty and Benny to get across.

A bunch of robots will need to be killed, so now is a good time to use
Unikitty’s rage power. Unleash hell upon the robots. When they’ve all been
defeated, a robot with a rocket launcher will appear. Trick him into destroying
the three medical objects (not counting the one that is obviously out of his
sight) with the rocket launcher and then use the metal pieces to create
another computer.

Have Benny hack the computer in the usual fashion and you will then be able to
control the rocket launcher toting robot directly. Have him destroy the final
metal object here. Then have him destroy the Micro Managers that show up next.
Switch to Unikitty. Destroy the rainbow pieces, rebuild with them, and then
use them to fly up to the next area.

Defeat the robots here. Go up the stairs and jump on the roof of the little
building in the center. There is a Master Builder opportunity here, as there
is usually. Use the three towers that are nearby to complete the Master Build

To Top

In Cloud Cuckoo Land, follow the green studs and you will have to use Wyldstyle
to reach another set of rainbow bricks that need to be smashed. Smash the
object and then use the bricks to create a launch pad. Use the launch pad and
you will be sent across to another area where you once again have to use
Wyldstyle. Climb to the top of the structure to officially start this level.

The Depths is a side-scrolling level. Drop down to the lower level and use
the secret knock. Then go to the right and smash the object here. Then use
your Master Builder ability to create a lift that you can use to jump up to
the higher area to the left.

Use the staff to target the blue pieces and hit them. Then you will drop down
even further. There are golden dishes on the left and right sides of this
room. Destroy these dishes and then rebuild them to create switches that will
reveal new levers to pull, along with bringing in new enemies to beat up.

With both levers pulled, hack the console as Benny. Complete the hacking mini-
game as usual with Benny. When you’ve done that, the place will be completely
flooded so you are free to swim back up. Swim out into the wider ocean, but
keep an eye on your health. Your health is now blue, signifying oxygen instead
of straight up health like it did when the hearts were red. Replenish your
oxygen by gathering blue hearts.

You’ll find an underwater tunnel to swim through. Just avoid the fish that
are swimming around to avoid taking damage. This tunnel will then lead to a
big area with a swordfish robot. All the way to the right here is a statue with
a target on it. Get in front of the target and then when the swordfish is about
to charge, swim out of the way so that it runs into the target, which will
allow you to swim even deeper through some dark tunnels!

An electric eel and the usual batch of fish that cause troubles are the hazards
now. Just follow the tunnel and then you will eventually be reunited with your
friends, though there is still a door in the way. Use Vitruvius and his Secret
Knock to be reunited with everybody.

To Top

Basically just use Wyldstyle to get to the next area. It’s just straight-
forward from the end of the last mission. You’ll then be on a pirate ship and
your goal is to find five instruction pages. Right off the bat, smash the
nearby door and inside you will find the first instruction page.

Go around and smash everything on the deck and gather the studs. Go to the
left and you’ll see a target. Hit the target and then use the pieces from the
broken grate to create a push track. Push the double decker couch along the
track. Then jump onto it to reach the higher part of the ship on the left.

Again, start smashing everything in sight as usual, and then use the pieces
that are remaining to create a ladder as well as a fuse leading underneath the
trap door. Have Batman climb up the ladder and pull the torch off the pole
using the hook, and then after the explosion go down to the bottom of the
ship and smash everything in here as well.

With everything broken down here, use the pieces to make a small platform.
Walk out onto the platform and use the hook to pull down the mast. Switch to
Vitruvius and use the blue and white pieces to create a Blind Courage ledge.
Now you can walk along it, and do NOT stop moving. If you stop, you will run
the risk of being hit by one of the sharks. Get the instruction page at the
end, then switch to Wyldstyle.

As Wyldstyle, climb up the pole using the nets, which are adorned in pieces
that are the same color as her of course. Follow her path to be shot around
and get a bunch of studs. You will then be launched to the other side of the
ship. Smash everything, use the pieces to create a ladder so that everyone
else can join you as well. You will find the third instruction page over here.

Switch to Emmet and smash through the weak machine. This will leave some bricks
to build a grapple hook point for Batman. Use the hook to get up higher. Hit
the target on the wall and a secret door will open up, revealing a ton of
rainbow bricks and a valve. Take the valve back to everyone else and turn it
to create some steam that will allow anyone else to get to the rainbow bricks.

Of course, you need to use Unikitty in this situation so take her to the
bricks and smash them to create the pad. Then stand on the pad and you will
be launched up even higher on the ship. The fourth instruction page will be
in plain sight, so grab it immediately.

Smash everything then join Metalbeard. Master Build a cannon. Get inside
the cannon and Unikitty will be shot all the way to the fifth and final
instruction page! Now that you have all of the pages, switch back to Emmet and
use the instruction pages to build a ship so that you can finally get to the
Octane Tower.

Use MetalBeard to destroy all of the robots in the initial area and smash
everything in sight. You’ll find a silver Lego piece holding up a red platform
when you’re done. Destroy it with Metalbeard. Then you will be able to use
Wyldstyle to get up higher. Use MetalBeard to shoot the silver Lego pieces
by Wyldstyle, and throw an enemy robot into the open container.

You will now be able to use the lift to get up here. Use the lift as Batman
and then use the nearby grappling hook to rip the panel off the wall. Do the
Master Build. Switch to Benny and do another hacking mini-game at the console.

The devices keeping the door shut will retract and you’re free to blast
through as MetalBeard. More enemy robots will swarm into the area and start
their attack. Fight them off as always, but you’ll have to deal with Micro
Managers as well. Using MetalBeard, they are a lot easier than they ever
were before.

Another ship will fly into view. Switch to Batman and use the grapple point
on the ship to pull off the panel. Switch to MetalBeard and throw a robot
enemy into the exposed area to take down the ship.

Now you have to do another Master Build, mainly using the wreckage from the
enemy ship that you just destroyed. This will create stairs that lead up to a
Blind Courage ledge for Vitruvius to shimmy across. You’ll find a secret knock
point, so do the secret knock as usual.

This will create another set of stairs and another target that MetalBeard
can throw an enemy robot into. But first you need to hack the nearby console
as Benny. This will let you control a robot. Take the robot to MetalBeard,
switch to MetalBeard, and throw the robot into the target. This will bring
down a platform that you can ride as MetalBeard.

In the shrine room now, use Wyldstyle to jump over the lasers. Then have
her Master Build to create a way for everyone else to get over the lasers as
well. Drill the floor as Emmet, which will open the way for another Master
Build. Complete it and this will create a trampoline of sorts so that
everyone can get over the next laser wall.

There’s yet another Master Build situation here, so do it. This creates a
device that you can crack to smash something on the other side of the laser.
Now go to the right side of this area and you can do yet another Master Build
which will have a giant calculator. There is a sticky note that says:


Hit 0 first. Then hit the decimal point to the right of 0. Then just hit all
the other numbers in order. Again it’s 25697 after the 0 and the decimal
point. Doing this will release the next set of lasers so that you can use
Batman to yank down the pillar with Batman’s hook.

To Top

In the tower, use Emmet to fix the scissor lift. Then use Wyldstyle to platform
across the various objects to reach a switch. Press the switch to open up a
gate. This gate will lead you directly to the place that you need to be so
that you can head to the next level proper.

In the left side of the first area, you will find a Master Build spot. Smash
everything and use Wyldstyle to bulid a photo booth. Use the photo booth, and
then the rest of the Master Build pieces will be available. Use the Master
Build and then you can get up to the next area.

In this area, use Emmet to destroy the object, use the pieces to continue
into the room, push the pole to the left, use Wyldstyle to swing across the
gap, open the door for Emmet, and then have Emmet destroy the red machine here
and you can get the second instruction page. The first instruction page is in
plain sight just a bit earlier when you were destroying the first machine as
Emmet, and it is impossible to miss.

Now as Wyldstyle in the next part, you can Master Build a fancy ladder for
him to get to the next cracked machine. Have him use his drill on the machine
to destroy and you will find the third and final part of the instruction page.

Now that you have all three instruction pages, go to the instruction build and
complete it like you always do. Switch back to Wyldstyle once the conveyor
belt comes to a stop and use the objects on the conveyor belt to do another
Master Build to make a jukebox. This will cause another dancing segment, which
plays exactly like the last one.

Go to the new crack on the wall and drill through it with Emmet as usual. There
are four machines in this area that need to be destroyed using Batman’s hook,
hence the gold handles on them. Destroy the first machine right off the bat,
and then there is a floor with a red bar. You have to walk as slowly as
possible across the floor to avoid taking any damage. Then jump over the red
bar as it nears you and continue doing this until you get all the way across.

Rip the machine apart with Batman, then drill it with Emmet. The electricity
will disappear on the next bridge, allowing you to repeat the process with the
next machine that is encountered. There will then be another floor with the
red bar. Bypass it like you did before, destroy it with Batman and Emmet, and
then you can walk across another bridge, which will trigger a cut-scene before
staring the next part of the game.

As Vitruvius, target everyone’s handcuffs and free them one by one. Then switch
to Wyldstyle. Use the pod that the skeleton robots came from and climb up so
that you can get access to a broken piece of machine so that Emmet can fix it.
Switch to Emmet and fix the machine. This will open up an area for Benny to
access the console. Hack the console as usual.

This will give you control of one of the skeleton robots. Use the laser on the
skeleton robot to destroy the gold support beam on the left. This will allow
you to use MetalBeard yet again. Use his missiles to destroy all of the
skeleton robots in the area.

A taller walker Micro Manager will show up. Target its legs with Vitruvius, and
then throw the staff. Switch to Wyldstyle and then swing on the pole to remove
its legs. It will regrup with smaller legs. Switch to the robot skeleton to
then attack the gold piece that is on the front of the walker.

When that is destroyed, switch to Batman and grapple onto the hook. This will
yank the machine to the ground, revealing its weakpoint. Use Emmet to drill
through the crack.

To Top

Use Wyldstyle to climb up to the mass of rainbow bricks and yank them down.
Use them to create a jump pad as Unikitty. Then switch to a human character
and use the pad to reach the lever. Pull the lever to open up the next gate.
This will reveal a new grapple point for Batman. Pull on it and it will open
up another gate.

Switch to Benny and go to the console here. Complete the hack and you will
be taken to the “Broadcast News” level immediately. The monitors will display
three different objects. Jump on the corresponding buttons in the order that
they are shown on the monitors to help film the sitcom. Then head to the
right to the set and start smashing everything in sight, in typical Lego

The goal here is to now push all of the lights and cameras in the proper
position. Use Wyldstyle to get to the lights on the top. Smash the rainbow
brick clothes as Unikitty to create a device that will set up one of the
lights. When the final camera is put in place, turn the crank on its side
and a bunch of robot guards will rush into the room to attack.

Defeat all of them and a Micro Manager will show up. Destroy it and use its
pieces to create a laser cannon. Use the laser to destroy the gold pieces here
on the wall. This will show the control room. Switch to Benny and then hack
the console here.

You can now take control of Bad Cop. More robot enemies will show up, so just
defeat them all using Bad Cop. He has a laser gun that can be used to destroy
the other gold objects on the set. Completely obliterate the set now and use
the remaining pieces to finish the track.

Push the backdrop to the right. Grab the lever and then you can pull up the
background. Switch to Bad Cop and destroy the gold wall and blast everything
else in the room while you’re at it.

Switch to MetalBeard and go to the big server. Smash it with your sword and
he will toss it across the room. Now go to it as the other characters. A
flying robot will show up. Use him and the other two pieces of the Master
Build to create the first part of the spaceship.

Now climb up the steps on the left to find some Micro Managers. Defeat them
and then hack the console with Benny. This will create a Bridge so that
MetalBeard can reunite with you guys. As MetalBeard, hit the cracked object
with his sword, he’ll throw it, target the gold stuff with Bad Cop, use the
flying robot in the Master Build, and the second part of the spaceship will
be complete.

And just like last time, this will open up a new set of stairs, resulting in
more Micro Managers to deal with as well as another console to use. Defeat the
Micro Managers, hack the console, and then use MetalBeard to get across just
like before. Repeat the process with the big cracked server object so that
you can, you guessed it, do yet ANOTHER Master Build. This will be the third
and final one so that the spaceship is now fully complete.

To Top

You’re back in Bricksburg. Go to the bulldozer that has the rainbow bricks.
Destroy it, use the bricks to create a jump pad using Unikitty, and then use
the pad.

Emmet now has the power to do a Master Build. There is a cracked piece of
floor here, so follow the crack and use the three Master Build pieces that are
all in this immediate area to create a magnet crane.

Switch to the firefighter and go into the water. Get the water in your
spray bottle and put out the fire. Now you can follow the overturned house
to get up to the next area. There are new Micro Managers here as well as the
usual flying around. The new ones zoom across the ground and also fire

Avoid them and drill the weak spots on the ground like you usually do. There is
now a hold in the ground that you can use to make the ground Micro Managers
go into. Switch to Gail and go to the right. Use her high jump ability to
pull down the lever and take out the flying Micro Manager with all of the
debris that flies out of the chute and hits it. You can now go through the
gate on the right.

A ship will show up and drop off more enemy robots. Fight off the enemy robots
and go to the truck, which has a weak point on its back. Drill into it to make
a bunch of water come out of the truck. Switch to the firefighter and use
the water to put out all of the fire that is on the stairs.

You can now ascend the building. You can replenish your water supply with the
various puddles or by making puddles by destroying water coolers. Keep using
the water to put out the fires until you get to an area with more Micro
Managers and a pillar in the center that has gold bricks on it.

Trick the Micro Managers into using their lasers to shoot the gold bricks
and effectively destroy the pillar as well. Do the Master Build and you are
dropped into a brand new area as a result. Use Emmet to open the conveyor
belt door and push the object out of the way. When you get to the first
opening, step off of the conveyor belt and defeat the various enemy robots
that show up to cause you problems.

Use Gail to climb up the sides of the wall. There will be a toilet to break, so
do just that and this will create a new puddle for the firefighter to get
water. Use that water to put out the next fires that you see and you can drop
down into the next area, where you will be attacked by more enemy robots. Smash
them like you’d smash anything else, then go “up” and there will be a short

More robot enemies will be dropped off by a ship. Defeat them. Go to the left
and drill the weak point on the water tank to release water for the firefighter
to use it to put out the fires that are in the area. On the left side you
will find a crank that you can put on the cement mixer. Turn the crank to fill
up the cemet path.

Now go to the right where you put out the fire as well. Fix the scissor lift
using Emmet. Ride it to the top of the platform. Drill into the wall’s weak
point. Then another dropship will show up. Defeat all of the robots again. Go
to the crane and climb to the top of it using Gail. Turn the crank at the
controls to lower the crane as far as it will go down.

Push the steamroller across the cement track. More robots will be dropped off.
Defeat them. Then use Emmet to complete the Master Build, making a sweet,
totally Titanfall esque mech (I swear).

To Top

Master Build to get to the level. You get to control the mech, which controls
basically the same as MetalBeard. You can also switch to Superman and use him.
Do that when you get to the overturned tanker blocking the street. Blast the
gold piece on it with Superman’s laser eyes.

Now turn around when the other tanker falls off the roof. Fight your way
through the enemy Micro Managers. Pick up the tanker, turn it around, and
throw it into the body of the tanker that you shot with Superman’s laser eyes,
or heat vision, or whatever you want to call it. Now move forward down the
street more.

Bust everything up in the next area that follows the cut-scene to find some
green bricks. Green Lantern is playable now, and he is required for you to
bust up the next machine in the way. When you do that, switch back to the
mech and grab the end part of the truck. Throw it into the cracked part of the
machine just like you did before with the tanker.

Control switches to Benny, Wyldstyle, and Wonder Woman. A slew of enemy robots
are on the roof, so beat them up just like you usually do. Switch to Wonder
Woman and use her lasso to defeat the flying Micro Machines. Her lasso works
exactly like Batman’s grappling hook would, thankfully. When they’re all
defeated, you’ll be “treated” to yet another quick scene.

Perform a Master Build on the van to create a flying vehicle and plungers are
put on the wall that you can then use as Wyldstyle to swing on and reach the
wall. Shimmy along and yank the device off the wall. Use the pieces to cobble
together a console.

Switch to Benny and hack the console. When that is done with, switch back to
the mech. Pick up the other part of the truck. Throw it at the exposed part of
the red machine.

To Top

In the hub, you are still in control of the mech. Pick up the large object
here and throw it at the target. You can then move through the gate to watch
another scene and get into the final level itself.

Lord Business is in a giant spider mech. He is flanked by other Micro Managers.
Destroy the Micro Managers and then you can attack the spider mech. Switch to
Rage Kitty and then hold B to target her fire blast at the gold bricks. Melt
the gold bricks to do damage to Lord Business.

When that is done, more Micro Managers will show up. Destroy the Micro Managers
and then even more will replace them, including some flying ones that you
should use Unikitty’s fire beam to defeat for maximum effectiveness.

Blast the gold bricks again when they are revealed and get rid of the rest.
Now on the roofs, defeat the Micro Managers up here until they’re all defeated.
Switch to Rage Unikitty and use her fire beam to melt the gold on the back of
the robot again. Just keep doing this until another panel is destroyed. Now as
the mech pick up the tanker and throw it directly into the cracked part of the

You then move on to the final part of the battle. Attack the legs on the
spider mech, then use the legs to throw them at the cracked parts of the
“head” of the mech. Then finish it off with multiple punches straight to the
face of Lord Business. The Spider Mech will explode…



To Top

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3. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you complete The Lego Movie Video Game for the
various platforms that the game is available on!

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