Max Axe Walkthrough [Guide]

Max Axe

You’re a barbarian with nothing but an infinite number of axes that you can throw every which way. The question is, will that be enough to slay all the monsters, slimes, or ogres that come your way? That question will be answered with Max Axe, the unique endless runner from Changyou. Here’s our comprehensive guide on how to make the most out of each run.

Max Axe is an endless running game where, instead of controlling your character, players will be charged with launching axes at coins so that they can be collected, at enemies so that they can be slain, and other objects within the environment so that treasures would be revealed. Players can draw the flight path of the axes any which way with their fingers, and more than one can be thrown at once. Collecting currencies will allow players to level up their characters, and completing missions will also be the focus especially with regards to unlocking new content.

The two main currencies within the game are coins and Rez Tokens. Coins are earned throughout the game and bonus coins would also be earned each time players level up. Coins are used to purchase powerups which would upgrade certain aspects of your character. On the other hand, Rez Tokens are also found sparingly during runs, and can be used to revive your character once he falls. Players should take note, however, that the amount of Rez Tokens that would be used would increase each time the player revives their character within the same run.

Both coins and Rez Tokens can be acquired via in-app purchases, with the more players being willing to spend, the better the deal that they would get. Performing actions such as connecting the game to Facebook will also earn players free currencies.

Leveling Up
There are two advantages for leveling up. One is that players will be awarded with a hefty amount of coins each time they achieve a new level. Another advantage is that new items will be unlocked for purchase at the shop. Leveling up requires players to complete different missions that include killing a specific number of slimes, chaining coin collections or kills, or travelling a specific distance. Each accomplished mission will open up new ones to complete, allowing players to try and reach that next level.

Different kinds of powerups are available within Max Axe, and aside from the aesthetic changes, these will also help in improving your stats. Health, for example, will let players survive damage from enemies up to a certain number of hits, while Damage will increase the attack of your axe, allowing you to destroy tougher enemies or other objects with ease. On the other hand, Axe Speed will allow you to throw your axe at faster speeds and will also increase its range, while Magnet will allow coins to be automatically drawn to you.

More powerups will be available each time players level up, and upgrading will require coins with the cost increasing the higher the level of the particular powerup that you would like to purchase.

Tips and Tricks
Accuracy and timing is a must when playing Max Axe. Time your throws just right, taking into consideration your axe’s speed and velocity against the distance of your target or targets. It is also very important to know when to throw multiple axes as this will help defeat numerous enemies coming at you as well as to increase your chain.

Be very attentive of everything that’s going on around you, as well. There are many dangers like spinning wheels and different kinds of monsters that will be coming at you from all sides, so don’t just look at the next string of coins to be collected. Prioritize destroying dangers ahead if they are within distance, as striking at them when they are already close by may be a costly move and may cost you our current run in the process.

Speaking of chains, make sure to draw a line that will allow your axe to collect multiple coins or hit multiple enemies at once. This will activate chains or combos that will add to your score as well as help you collect more coins. Also, make it a point to hit shrubbery and trees, as most of these would reveal treasure, gems, and other items which would allow you to score and earn more. Don’t try and hit rocks, though, as these would attack you if they get aggravated enough.

Don’t be stingy with your earned coins, too. Whenever you can, purchase powerups, with the choice of which one to buy based on what amount of coins are available as well as with your style of play. The Magnet and Health powerups are some of the best available, as this will allow you to survive multiple hits, giving you the chance to run for longer, as well as give you the chance to collect more coins than you usually would with your axe. The latter is especially important when giant coins rain from the sky. The choice of which powerups to max out first is completely arbitrary, though. But the decision is one that must be carefully though of first.

Make it also a point to try and accomplish missions. Focus towards completing these even if doing so is risky for your run. Review missions and see your current progress to ensure that you are on the right track to completing them. Completing missions is the easiest way to earn huge chunks of coins, so try and prioritize these most of all.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the chance to earn free currency. View deals that will allow you to earn free coins or tokens like connecting the game to Facebook or watching videos. The few seconds that it would take to accomplish each task would be very much worth the reward at the end.


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    How did other players get their name on a flying dragon?
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    I want my name on a dragon. Im the top scorer right now. Im peacocks4u.