Splashy Fish Walkthrough [Guide]

Splashy Fish

With the success and sudden disappearance of Flappy Bird from the iTunes Store, it was only a matter of time before other similar games would try to fill in the void that this title has left. Among the top contenders is Splashy Fish, as it offers up the same kind of gameplay, although the action now takes place under the sea rather than in the sky. The game also – as the name suggests – features a fish rather than a bird, with a character that is sure to remind players of another Nintendo inspired element. Try and score higher than ever in Splashy Fish, and use this walkthrough as a means to turn that vision into reality.

Splashy Fish is an endless runner type game where players must tap at the screen in order to control your character as you try and go through gaps of obstacles ahead of you. The main goal of the game is to survive for as long as you can and to try to reach the highest score. Quick reflexes and good hand eye coordination are a must in order to be able to achieve this.

Scoring is pretty simple within Splashy Fish. For each obstacle successfully passed through, players will earn one point. Your highest score will be saved in the device, and you can also share and compare your scores against friends via the online leaderboard.

Tips and Tricks
Like Flappy Bird, it is very important to remain focused all throughout your play in Splashy Fish. You must not be distracted by anything, and you should also be in a very comfortable position so that unnecessary movements would not ruin your game. It is also very important to have a clean screen and to not let other objects touch the device aside from the finger that you will use to control your character.

Positioning is also very important. Keep your fish at the center of the screen at all times, as you’ll never know as to where the next gap would appear. Being at the middle portion would give you the shortest distance to travel wherever those gaps may be. Of course, it would be very important to have good control of your fish if ever the distance between the current gap and the next are far apart. Sometimes, though, you’ll just have to swim through gaps that are more or less level with each other, so that’s something that you should be thankful for.

Have your fish, as much as possible enter from the top of the bottom of the gap, with your momentum moving upwards. Just as you are about to touch the bottom, tap again to have your fish swim up again. Time these actions and once you’ve gotten the hang of your fish’s movements, everything else would be a breeze as you’ll have a much easier time to maneuver your character. Of course, be very careful as the slightest touch to any surface would automatically end your game.

Make sure also to keep your fingers away from the screen when you are not tapping, and that it does not obscure your field of vision since obstacles will be coming from the right. Tapping at the top, bottom, or left sides of the screen would work best as you will have a clear view of what’s ahead, giving you more time to react and adjust your movements.

Lastly, don’t forget to take a break once in a while. If your arms or eyes get tired or if you’re starting to get frustrated, walk away from the game to rest and relax before starting again. It wouldn’t do you any good to play the game if you are upset or if you are already fatigued, and having a fresh body and mind will surely help in increasing your personal best score.

Don’t try to look for hacks or cheats in order to beat your personal score or others’. There’s nothing fun about cheating to win, and you’ll appreciate the end result of your hard work much more if you decide to play on the straight and narrow. Just keep on practicing and getting the hang and timing of the game, and you’ll go from getting less than ten points your first dozen tries or so to scoring more points with less trouble until you are able to reach a hundred points and maybe even beyond.


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