Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 [Guide]

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

The third game in the Lords of Shadow series, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
takes place where the first game and Mirror of Fate left off.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

Castle Siege
Bioquimek Corporation
The Three Gorgons
The Antidote
Next Stop: Castlevania

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Dracula must achieve his full strength yet again in order to repel Satan’s
forces and be given the sweet release of death that he so yearns for in
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

LS – Movement/Absorb Void Magic
A – Jump
X – Direct Attack
Y – Area Attack
B – Grip/Use
LT – Block/Dodge
RT – Secondary Weapon
LB – Void Power Enable/Disable
RB – Chaos Power Enable/Disable
RS – Camera/Absorb Chaos Magic
D-pad – Secondary Weapon Selection
Back – Travel Book
Start – Game Menu

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has four difficutly settings. Three are
available from the start, while the fourth has to be unlocked.

The difficulty settings are as follows:

Twilight Knight (Easy)
Creature of the Night (Medium)
Lord of Shadow (Hard)
Prince of Darkness (Very Hard)

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2. Walkthrough
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“Welcome to the tutorial!” Sure. Anyway, complete the list of actions on the
screen, which consist of the most basic actions in the game. This will cause a
bunch of enemies to rush into the throne room. Take them out with basic strike
attacks using your whip.

The game will then continue to teach other basics of the combat system. Use
LB to equip the Void Sword, which can be used to refill your health. RB will
equip the Chaos Gauntlets, which are good for destroying shields and doing the
most damage to enemies.

Another way to replenish health is to stun an enemy. You will know that they
have been successfully stunned because their bodies will glow yellow. You
can then press B to feed on them and refill a bit of your health. Just wait
for the two circles on the screen to intersect, then tap any button.

Those circles represent all the QTEs in the game as well, so get used to doing
them. Anyway, the game will also take this time to teach you blocking and
dodging basics. To block, hold LT before a strike occurs. If you pull LT just
as the attack is about to land, this will open up an opportunity for you to
mash on the X button and deal a lot of damage to opponents.

Dodging is simple as well. Hold LT and then move the left stick in any
direction to dodge attacks. Attacks that are impossible to block will have
red auras around the weapon that the enemy is using to perform the attack, so
that is when you know to dodge instead of trying to block.

When the enemies have all been defeated, exit the throne room by going the way
that they entered. Out here is an opportunity for platforming. Hold LT to
highlight the platforming path for you. This will highlight all the objects
that you can use for platforming in red. The nearby fence has some objects on
it that need to be used in such a manner right away.

Use the A button to jump across gaps. Push the left stick in the direction of
what you want to grab onto and press the A button as you climb around and
platform all over the place.

When you get outside, you have to do a battle with a Paladin boss. This guy
has two swords and is quite powerful. Alternate between the Void and Chaos
weapons to deal a lot of damage and keep yourself healed as well. His attacks
can be dodged fairly easily, thankfully, so just keep blocking and dodging as
you continue to wail on him.

He will flee before too much damage is done, and then the Siege Titan will
attack. You now have to platform up the Siege Titan, but first complete the
QTE that occurs. Then start climbing up to the yellow orb objects that keep the
Titan held together. The camera zooms in on one before this section starts so
that you know exactly where you’re going.

The Paladin will return and start firing arrows at you, but they are easily
dodged. As is illustrated by the game, the Paladin’s arrows need to be used to
blow off these orbs and destroy the Titan. The first one will be done for you,
but you have to make him destroy the other two. Wait for his arrow to be fully
charged, which will be indicated by the symbol in the Titan becoming a solid
glow, and then drop down at the last second so that he destroys the orbs.

When you reach solid ground again, you have to avoid arrows while fighting
off regular enemies. You also have the goal of making the Paladin blast away
the pieces that are holding together the Titan. There are also sections where
parts of the Titan will be glowing and you have to dismantle him by running
over to the glowing bits and pressing B.

This platforming and fighting goes on for a little bit until the Titan has
been completely destroyed. Along the way there are hazards such as gears that
you have to wait for to jump through, but otherwise this is very simple. If
you ever get lost while platforming and climbing around all over the place,
remember that you can pull LT to highlight the items that you need to use to
complete the platforming segments.

To Top

Walk out onto the sidewalk. Follow the kid around the corner. You will be led
into a fight with a monster. Try to fight the monster, but fair warning, you
really can’t do much of anything to it. It’s just going to completely drain
your health meter.

When you wake up again, eat the people inside of the cell. Then there’s just
some more walking around to do and cut-scenes to watch to close out the
second level of the game.

To Top

In the hub world, take notice of the mini-map. It will point you to the
beginning of the next mission. Head there now. Pull open the shutter gate by
pressing B. You’ll then reach another gate that is blocked by objects that
can be destroyed with your Shadow Daggers.

To use the Shadow Daggers, hold RT. This will allow you to lock onto objects
with the daggers. Release RT and you will throw them at the designated objects,
destroying them. This will allow you to open the shutter and continue into the
corporation’s building.

The first enemy you come across is a large one called a Golgoth Guard. These
guys are unbeatable for you right now. So instead go off into the shadows on
the right. Press B to take the form of a rat. Then walk past the guard. Go to
the similar dark area, and then return to your true form.

Go behind the Golgoth Guard and press B to possess him. Turn him around and
take him to the door that he was protecting. Use the retinal scanner and then
you are able to continue into the next room.

Unfortunately, there are two Golgoth Guards in here that will cause problems as
well. Equip your bat swarm by pushing left on the d-pad. Aim it at the one that
is standing away from the ladder, and then release it, just like you would
when using Shadow Daggers. Remember that the d-pad controls what is equipped
as your secondary weapon, and your secondary weapon is utilized with the
right trigger.

Anyway, this distraction will cause the Golgoth Guard that was blocking the
ladder to rush over and help his partner swat away the bats. This is your
cue to climb the ladder and continue to the other side of the gate. One of the
Golgoth Guards will come through the gate. You can drop down to the catwalk
and wait for a chance to jump behind him and possess him to open the door down
there to get a Pain Box behind the door that is locked with another retinal

What a Pain Box does is give you a gem. If you collect five of the gems, then
your maximum amount of health is increased, so they are pretty important. There
is another Pain Box in this room, but you can’t get it just yet. You will
have to return to this level later when you have more powers and abilities.

Anyway, climb the stairs and platform your way along to continue. You will
see the kid again, so follow him down a hallway. This hallway will morph and
switch to look like Dracula’s old castle from the first level. You will come
across a lever. Pull the lever.

The gears that open the next door are jammed with blood. Use the Shadow Daggers
to free the gears so that you may continue. You’ll then come to a room that
has some chandeliers. First of all, drop down and get the Pain Box in the
far right corner. Then climb back up (bats will swarm around the beginning of
platforming segments, by the way…just in case you have troubles locating
where you need to start climbing).

Swing the chandeliers by walking back and forth on them in the direction
that you want them to swing. Swing across to the middle, then instead of going
to where you need to go to continue the story (which would be dead ahead),
turn to the right and you will see a chandelier leading to another platform.

Swing to that chandelier, then head over to the platform to get yet another
Pain Box. Now you can use the chandeliers to continue following the kid like
you were doing before.

You’ll be led into a room with a boss fight against the Stone Golem. Treat
the Golem like you would any other enemy in terms of dodging and such, except
now you have your Void Sword, so you can refill your health with it. There is
another new mechanic to keep in mind as well.

When you deal enough damage in a row without taking a hit, enemies will release
orbs that you can absorb by holding in the left stick. This will refill your
magic for your Void Sword so that you can use it more. When the Golem’s first
health bar is depleted, it will start to stumble and become stunned. Run over
and grab it to initiate a powerful attack to its chest.

Now the blood on the Golem, the only part of it that is vulnerable to anything,
will only be on the top part of its body. That means that you constantly have
to be doing aerial attacks to deal any damage. The fight is basically the
same, except you need to be using the jump button a lot more than usual.

When the Golem is stunned again, grab it for a QTE. Be very fast on the QTE.
As soon as you see which button to push, start mashing it and you will then
officially defeat the Golem!

Grab the primordial gem from the golem’s head when it is dead. Replenish your
magic with the nearby altar by standing in front of it and holding in the
left stick. Now equip the Void Sword and make sure the projectiles are equipped
by pressing “up” on the d-pad. Aim at the blue orb in the middle of the water.
Hold RT and release. This will freeze the water so that you can use it to
climb higher.

This will lead you to another room with a couple more waterfalls with which to
try this out. Quickly platform across them and go to the center area. There
is a Pain Box here, so grab it. Look down and you will see another Pain Box.
Jump down and land on the ground right next to the Pain Box. Use this Pain
Box, but it will be to increase your magic gauge instead of your health

Follow the path to find the boy, Trevor, once again. He will be attacked by
some former followers of yours. Just keep attacking them as they come and
whenever they grab Trevor, make it your priority to speed towards them and
knock Trevor free from their grasp.

When this battle is over, Trevor will give you a medallion. Use the medallion
in the center of the area, and then follow the wolf into the darkness. Keep
following the wolf when the screen is completely red and freaking out, so to

When you are back in the “real” world, you will need to use your new skills
to platform around the place. You will come to an opportunity to turn back
into a rat, plus there will be an air conditioner blowing cold air out of a
vent that can be frozen. Freeze the air conditioner, then turn into a rat and
crawl underneath the hole in the air conditioner.

This is a little test of skill, where it has you jump over fire and other
hazards through the air ducts. You will eventually come out to an area with a
Golgoth Guard. There is a nearby dark spot so that you can turn back into
Dracula, but do not do that just yet.

Instead move past it and through the next air vent. There is an electrical
wire here that is spazzing out and is extremely dangerous. Wait for it to spazz
twice in a row. There is not long enough of a pause between the first and
second spurt of electricity for you to get by the wire without losing one of
your rats.

When you get beyond the wire, chew the thick cord on the other side. This will
cause the Golgoth Guard to call in tech support to come take a look at the
situation. Now return to Dracula and shoot bats at the Golgoth Guard to
distract him.

Possess the IT guy and then use him on the retinal scanner. Move through the
decontamination room, and then you will be thrust into a boss fight in a
rather violent manner, after, of course, you slice your way through some newly
born but easily defeated enemies.

The boss is named Raisa Volkova. She will teleport around the place and then
zoom at you and attack. Equip the Void Sword, then make sure its projectile
mode is selected. Aim it at her and throw it to freeze her. She will then
cause electricity balls to rise from the floor, so just hold the guard button
to block those.

After that, you are free to attack Raisa as you would any other enemy. She has
standard attacks, for the most part, though every once in a while she will
do that electricity thing again. Anyway, when her health bar has been depleted,
she will do that teleportation thing again. If you do not have enough Void
power to freeze her, a few of her minions will spawn instead so that you can
build it up before she will try to attack you again.

Keep freezing her and draining your health meter until she is defeated. She is
just another standard boss fight, but do keep in mind that if she grabs you,
you will have to complete a quick QTE to escape her grasp.

When she’s defeated, simply walk out through the door.

To Top

Head to the next X on the map and you will reach a lever. Pull the lever and
ride the elevator down. When it comes to a stop, get the Pain Box in this area
before proceeding.

You will be led to a spot with a Dungeon Jailer and Dungeon Minions. The
Minions are very easily defeated, whereas the Dungeon Jailer is a lot tougher
and is heavily armored. The only way to deal damage to him is by hitting him
from behind.

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. For one, you could just zoom
behind him by repeatedly pulling LT and then attack him, or you can wait for
him to do a charge move, then dodge out of the way so he gets his head stuck
in the wall. This, of course, leaves the poor Jailer wide open to abuse on his
rear courtesy of Dracula. I apologize for the previous sentence, but I do not
let opportunities such as that simply pass me by.

When the Jailer is dead, you will get a key that opens the nearby door. This
will lead you into a bright room full of lava. To leave this room, go to the
right and climb on the stone platform. Then jump across to the large chain.
As you move up the chain, the chain will move down. Because of this, you need
to jump off the chain and grab on to the pillar. Wait for the chain to stop,
then jump back on the chain and continue your ascension to the top.

At the very top of the pillar, you can climb around to the side. Then jump to
the next chain. Ride this chain down until you can jump off to the left to
broken pillar. Then you are free to platform up to a trio of chains. Climb as
high as you can go on the first chain until jumping to the second. Then climb
as high as you can go and jump to the third chain.

By now you should be well above the next ledge that you need to jump to. Let
the third chain fall a bit and then jump over to the ledge sticking from the
nearby solid ground. Now you have to jump across a series of pipes that have
lava spitting out of them. Wait for the laval to shoot out of the first pipe,
then jump from pipe to pipe to the next area. You can tell when lava is about
to shoot out of a pipe because there will be a steam that comes out of it
first, so watch for that as you hop along.

Before dropping down into the pit of Jailer Minions, jump to the raised area
on your left to get another Pain Box with a life gem. Then you can drop into
the pit and fight the Minions. I found these guys to be more defensive than
the ones encountered previously, so hit them with heavy attacks to break up
their defenses. Too bad we don’t have those Chaos Gauntlets back just yet!

Anyway, climb out of the pit on the other side when you’ve defeated them. You
will then be in a large puzzle room. Activate the control panel in front of
you, and you can quickly see where this is going. You get four platforms and
the platforms have to connect to a gold piece on the next stone platform. You
can make a new platform appear by pushing on the left stick. The first part
of this is a good example. Just move the stick forward four times to spawn
four platforms, and they will connect with the gold piece on the next stone
platform dead ahead.

Upon going there, you will get to chat with the devilish Cupacabras. When that
is done, turn around and go down the stairs. Head to the console here and
then you are free to explore a bit with the platforms. Head to the area on
the right to find another Pain Box, or head to the area straight across from
the Chupacabras cell to find the button you need to press to lower his cell
and lower the big knight statue’s hand out of the way.

When you do that, move the platforms underneath the Chupacabras cell. They
will attach together. Now you need to move the cell to the large glowing
object sticking out of the wall, which is a “seal remover”. Do this
successfully and the Chupacabras will be let free, and he will open the next
door for you. How sweet of him.

Step through the door. Press B to offer your blood. Walk across the bridge (if
you wait for the entire bridge to be up, Dracula will walk fast, if you don’t,
he will walk slooooow).

On the other side of the bridge, take a left. There will be a scene that
introduces a new enemy:  the Harpy. These things are actually very easy to
defeat because they rarely even bother attacking for some reason, just kind of
fly in place.

To get a soldier letter, turn around and climb back up the way you came before
the cut-scene interrupted. Then return to the harpies and start killing them.
When they’ve all been dead, climb up to the next area and fight the next trio
that show up. When they’ve been defeated, you are free to move across the
large bridge, but be sure to get the soldier letter here first.

You have a fight against two Jailers now. Luckily, one of them will just kind
of walk off at the beginning and won’t engage you unless you get close, so try
to keep the Jailer you’re fighting with away from his friend. Defeat the first
Jailer and pick up the Dungeon Key he drops. Now engage the second Jailer,
defeat him, and pick up the Dungeon Key that he drops as well.

Use one of them on the nearby mechanism to open the gate to the next area. This
will lead to a room with a statue in the center that doubles as a switch
mechanism. Interact with it and a staircase will reveal itself. Go down the

You’ll then be in a boss fight against the Gorgons. They will combine into
one large beast. Do NOT use your Void Sword unless absolutely necessary here,
or else if you run out of magic you’ll basically have to start the fight over
from the beginning.

If you stand still for too long, the tentacles at the rear end of the arena
will whack you, so try to be constantly moving. Do air dodges a lot to avoid
attacks from both ends. The Gorgons will have a few attacks, and only a few.
They will attempt to smash you with their first, or swipe you away with their
claw. They will also spit fire at you, which is best dodged by jumping in the
air and then pulling LT to do the air dodge like I previously stated.

But before you can even engage them properly, you need to use the Chaos
Gauntlets to smash through the stone barricade that they’ve thrown up. At that
point, the battle can continue as it is meant to be.

Run up to their face and just hit them with everything you got, alternating
between the whip and the Chaos Gauntlets as necessary, and try very hard NOT to
use the Void Sword unless you absolutely have to refill some health. Air
dodging will be extremely helpful in this regard so that you can avoid taking
any further damage.

When enough damage has been done, the beast will slam its hand down. Complete
the QTE to avoid being hit by the hand. Then equip the Void Sword and freeze
the hand. See why you need the sword now, eh? Start scaling the arm of the
creature, but try to jump off to its spines to avoid being hit by its claw as
it tries (fruitlessly, I might add) to swipe you off of its body.

Upon reaching the right most head of the creature, jump over to it. Be ready
to mash whatever button pops up on the top of the screen, and when that QTE is
done, the Gorgons will have an added attack to their arsenal. The center one
will have its eyes glow green and it will follow you around the area in an
attempt to attack you.

Because of the green glow that follows you around, this attack doesn’t really
do much in adding any added threat to the proceedings. Repeat the process with
the left head and then complete the QTEs (upon doing enough damage of course)
to defeat the center head and win the battle.

As you leave this area, you will pass by a station to refill your magic, so
I suggest you take that opportunity. To replenish your Void magic, remember
that you need to push in the left stick. To refill your Chaos magic, push in
the right stick.

You’ll then wind up in the shop of the Chupacabras. I recommend purchasing
keys and healing items. Having these will make the game EXTREMELY easier. When
you’re done here, find the wolf symbol on the ground. Summon the wolf and
follow him out of this area.

To Top

Ride the elevator. In the street, there will be numerous monsters to kill, so
kill them all. Head over to the cracked part of the wall and you will find an
opportunity to use the Chaos Bomb, basically the projectile attack of the
Chaos Gauntlets. Throw a Chaos Bomb at the flames coming out of the cracked
wall to cause an explosion that blows a hole in the wall so that you can
proceed into the building.

Flames still block the path so that you can’t continue down the hall. Look up
at the ceiling. There are pipes that lead back outside. Follow the pipes to a
sprinkler system that is currently going. Freeze the sprinkler system using
the Void Sword projectiles.

This will cause the pipes to burst and put out the fire. You can now freely
move down the hallway and then use the elevator at the opposite end of it.
When the scene is over, there are numerous creatures to battle, though they
are all easy pickings for the Prince of Darkness.

Defeat them and then move up the broken staircase. You’ll come up to a bridge.
Start to move across the bridge and you will be engaged by even more enemies.
Take all of them out, and then continue. You will come up to an area with a
bookstore that has a car smashed through it. Before going into the store, go
down the street and climb to the roof of the building to find a Pain Box with a
Chaos Gem in it. The Chaos Gems, obviously, increase the duration of your
Chaos Gauntlets!

Go inside the bookstore when you’re ready. Turn into a rat and then go
through the air vent. Exit through the next vent and return to your Dracula
form and climb out through the hole in the wall. Kill your way through the
next waves of enemies, and then you will come up to an electrified pole.

Look up at the top of the pole and follow the wires to the right to see where
they’re connected. Throw a Shadow Dagger up there to disconnect the wires from
the pole to make it safe to climb. Use this to get inside the hospital area.

Wait for the decontamination shower to complete, then go through the first
hall. You will fight a few monsters. To your right, there will be a breakable
door. Smash through it to reach a secluded study area. Look up and you will
see a point to grab onto and clamber over the other side of the wall.

Drop down and then turn into a rat. Crawl through the next couple of vents,
and then drop through the hole in the floor. In the nearby alcove you will
find the means to return to your Dracula form and kill the monsters in here.
Go down the next set of stairs and use your Chaos Gauntlets to destroy the
shields of the next enemies, and then kill the two of them.

Round the corner you will find flames shooting out of pipes. Hit them with
the Void Sword projectiles and then you can proceed to the valve on the
other side. But before turning the valve, go to the end of the room to find
another Pain Box. Then go back to the valve, turn it, and then return to the
previous room.

There is a generator in here, with a lever next to it. The valve has made it
so it is possible to kick the generator into gear by pulling the lever. Pull
the lever and then you are free to go through the door. Fight your way through
the next bunch of enemies, and then pull the rope in the subsequent elevator
that you reach.

Drop down into the next area and kill all the monsters. The last one alive will
die as part of the next cut-scene, which introduces a new enemy type in the
process: Riot Police.

The Riot Police are fairly tough foes. They have a tendency to constantly use
their shields, which can only be broken with Chaos Gauntlets. Alternatively,
you can zoom around them and try to land a few hits, but this is the long way.

They also will mount themselves in place and start firing at you like they are
a turret or something. You can interrupt this attack by tackling into them.
To do this, just “dodge” right into them. This will knock them down,
interrupting their attack and leaving them wide open for a few hits.

Be weary when they are defeated; sometimes the Riot Police will self-destruct,
causing an explosion that can potentially deal damage if you are in too close
of proximity to them. As you continue, you will encounter the Riot Police
numerous more times, and the next few stretches are basically just fights
with them, with some other enemies thrown in here and there. You will
eventually reach a hatch that you will need to enter.

Upon opening the hatch and entering the tunnels, you will wind up face to face
with even more Riot Police to deal with. Defeat them and then climb up to
the next area and you will be able to fully replenish both of your different
magics, thankfully.

Navigate out of this tunnel and then you will drop all the way to the bottom
floor. Go through the door and fight all the enemies on the other side. When
they are defeated, go to the top of the stairs and the door at the top will
open now. You will then be able to explore some tunnels that, if you go
opposite of the objective marker, you will find another Pain Box.

Following the objective marker will lead you to a tower that you need to
climb. Watch out for sparks that will knock you off the part you’re holding
on to as well as steam that will shoot out and do the same thing. Back
outside, kill everything in sight as you move toward the large building.
Go up the stairs to find another Pain Box, then go through the door underneath
the stairs to continue.

Get the memorial sitting there, and then jump down to the ledge below. Use
the Chaos Bombs to destroy the chains and then go through to the elevator.
Pull the lever on the wall to ride the elevator down and exit once the doors
open up.

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