Thief Walkthrough [Guide]


Garrett is back! The most famous thief around is back for current and next
generation consoles alike after many years on hiatus from the gaming world.

Thief Guide
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

Prologue: The Drop
Chapter 1: Lockdown
Chapter 2: Dust to Dust
Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets
Chapter 4: A Friend in Need
Chapter 5: The Forsaken
Chapter 6: A Man Apart
Chapter 7: The Hidden City
Chapter 8: The Dawn’s Light

3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Garrett is a master thief, but his world becomes a lot stranger after an incident occurs that imbues him with quasi-magical abilities.

Button Controls
A – Swoop
B – Cancel
X – Interact
Y – Focus
LB – Dodge
RB – Melee Attack/Takedown
LT – Run/Climb/Jump
RT – Use Bow/Throw
LS – Move/Dodge/Crouch
RS – Look/Zoom/Observe
D-pad (up) – Inventory
D-pad (right) – Quick Swap Right
D-pad (down) – Toggle Mini-Map
D-pad (left) – Quick Swap Left
View Button – Open Journal
Menu Button – Pause
Xbox Guide Button – Xbox Home Menu

Voice Commands
Ambient noises can attract guards

Kinect Controls
Lean Forward – Swoop
Lean sideways (when peeking) – Lean on the side

There are four difficulty settings in Thief. They are as follows:

Rogue (Easy)
Thief (Medium)
Master (Hard)

Custom allows you to adjust how difficult each aspect of the game is based
on your own personal preferences.

Please keep in mind that after you start a game on a certain difficulty
setting, you are unable to change the difficulty setting unless you start
over from the beginning.

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2. Walkthrough
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You’re “dropped” right into the thick of things, in the home of a mark that is
sleeping on the nearby bed. You can move pretty freely throughout this room and
just loot everything. You can open his wardrobe to find more goodies, as well
as the drawers on at the bottom of the wardrobe. Just loot as much as you
want and loot everything in sight to get the most amount of money possible.

When you feel that you have stolen enough, check out the nearby open window.
Go over to the open window and pull LT and climb out of the window. Walk along
the boards and then when you get to the next window, it will be locked. Hold X
to start opening the window and then mash on the X button to use the crowbar
to lift up the window. Pull LT to step inside.

This place is full of birds. You need to move very slowly to avoid alerting
birds. Move to the end of the room, to the painting that is in the light. Go
over to the painting and interact with it. Move Garrett’s hands until the
circle in the center of the screen fills up and the controller starts to
vibrate. This indicates that you have found a secret switch on the painting.

Flip the switch and the painting will drop. There is a safe on the other side
and it is locked. You have to pick the lock. Move the lockpick until the
controller vibrates and the circle fills up. Then confirm the action and you
will move on to the second part of the lockpicking. Complete this one and you
move on to the third part of the lockpicking. After that, the safe will be
successfully unlocked and Garrett will automatically swipe the contents that
are inside.

Someone nearby makes some loud noise. Head out the window and you will find a
hook. Equip the hook with the d-pad and aim the cursor at the beam above. Keep
the cursor pointed at the rope tied around the end of the beam and fire the
hook at it. This will create a rope that you can use to climb up and then jump
across to meet the person that was making so much noise:  a fellow thief named
Erin that is a bit louder than Garrett is, eh?

She will run off and you are to follow her across the rooftops. This is a
free running segment similar to gameplay in the Assassin’s Creed series of
games. Pull the left trigger and move forward and Garrett will automatically
traverse everywhere as if he was Ezio or something from those games.

Follow Erin through the alleyways and the game teaches you about peeking and
leaning. Erin has a sweet item that allows her to traverse better throughout
the environment. Garrett has the blackjack club that you can use to smash
things, but it’s not quite as cool.

In the next building you enter, you are introduced to the light mechanic. There
is an orb on the screen that fills up when you are in the light and it is dim
when you are successfully hidden in the shadows. You can put out light sources
such as candles by walking up and putting them out, but you don’t need to do
that at this point.

Pick the lock on the door and grab the note off the desk. When you meet up
with Erin again, you have to move through a room with another bird. Move
slowly past the bird and go up the stairs next to it to talk with Erin again,
which will send you to the next part of the level.

Follow Erin to the right, and stick to the shadows. She will “swoop” across
the lit part of the cobblestone path. Follow suit by tapping A and pushing the
left stick forwardin her direction. Swooping makes some noise, but it allows
you to get by lit areas a lot quicker than you would otherwise.

Continue to follow Erin and you will be in an area with a couple of guards.
Erin will take out the first one. Sneak up on the second one and knock him out
by pressing RB. Pick up the body and drag it to the shadows. After a bit of
conversation, you will be in a little stealth puzzle.

Basically, there is a guard on a bridge in the center of the area. You need to
move across the water on the right side. Crouch by pushing in the left stick
and move VERY slowly across the water. When you get across, swoop across the
lit path into the darkness and grab the water arrows from the chest.

Equip the water arrows and then use them to put out the nearby torch. You can
then freely move across this part and up the stairs to the next area. Erin will
piss off Garrett again, so when she has her back turned, hold X to steal her

In the next area, grab a bottle off the nearby crate. Toss the bottle somewhere
to distract the guard, then move through the area on the right. Climb up the
stone gate when the guard isn’t looking and you’ll then reach a rope to climb
up and reunite with Erin on the rooftops.

To Top

You can now press Y to “focus”. This will point out people and areas of
interest. Do it now to satisfy the game’s demands, and it will point out a
grate on the wall near a ladder. This indicates somewhere that you can use the
claw in order to get up higher. Hold LT and push into the wall so that you can
climb the ladder.

Continue to use the claw to traverse the environment. You will come up to a
dude with a dead body on a table in front of him. Loot this guy, knock him
out, and then toss him into the shadows. Loot the area for food, which you can
access in your inventory just like arrows and heal yourself when needed.

Move through the room with all the beams and when you get stuck, mash on the
X button to push the beam out of the way. Now step outside onto the balcony
and a short scene will trigger.

When that’s done, take note of all the guards in the area. Going across the
street to the jeweler’s shop would be suicide, so instead just go to the
right and through the back alleys. There’s some loot here if you pay attention
to the glittering objects and such.

The back alleys will lead you to a lone guard that just walks back and forth.
When he is not looking, swoop to the right near the gate to be in the darkness.
Be on your toes still, as the lightning can give the guards a glimpse of you
and therefore give away your location. When the guy is close to you with his
back turned, knock him out and toss the body in the shadows.

Quickly now go to the alley to the right of the jeweler’s. There is a grate on
the side of the building that you can use to get to a small ledge that has an
opening that leads inside the shop proper. Crouch by clicking in that left
stick and then move through the small opening to get inside.

Move along the rafters. Wait for the guard in here to stop to admire something
on the wall. Look at him and then press RB to jump down and knock him out.
Go over to the locked drawer where the mask is, and pick the lock to gain
access to the mask. Now it’s time to leave, but take some time to loot the
place as there’s a lot of goodies. There is a sleeping guard in the next room,
so knock him out if you don’t want to worry about making too much noise.

Find the stairs and head on up, but stay crouched as you do so. In the lit
room on the left, there is a woman that is awake and reading a book. There is
another sleeping guard in the room that the stairs lead directly to, but he
is just sitting in a chair doing nothing. Loot the place as much as you’d like.
Hop out the window when you’re ready to leave, but keep in mind that you can’t
return to this place without starting the chapter from the beginning, so make
sure you loot it good.

Through the next door, you need to be careful. There are two guards to the
right. Wait for the lightning to be done flashing, then make your move,
sticking to the shadows. Just bounce from shadow to shadow down these alleys;
you can use bottles as distractions if you have any on you.

At any rate, you will come to a rope. Climb on the boxes near the rope, then
grab the rope. Jump over to the next roof. There are claw marks on a nearby
ledge, also an indication of something that you can take advantage of by
utilizing the almighty claw (second only to the almighty Helix Fossil). Use
the claw to climb over the ledge and finally reach the clocktower.

To Top

Now you are given a chance to explore the city. The game will have you hit
the necessary spots so you know what to do in-between missions. First you have
to go talk to the side quest guy, then the merchant (spend some coin here if
you want upgrades and the like), and then a freaky lady in a church. When this
is done, you will be able to start chapter 2.

One tool that makes chapter 2 a lot easier is the wrench. So if you have the
500 gold required to purchase the wrench, I suggest that you do so. You
won’t regret it.

If you do have the wrench at the beginning of the chapter, you can drop down
to the bridge, and walk under the bridge to find a grate that you can pull off
using the wrench. If not, you’re going to have to take out the two guards one
by one in order to stand much of a chance of reaching the locked door.

The locked door has a torch near it, so put out the fire and then pick the
lock and continue. Grab the poppy flower that is in plain sight before you
start scaling the next wall. Whereas food will refill Garrett’s health meter,
poppy flowers will refill his Focus.

Scale the wall until you reach an opening that leads into an air duct and
climb through. Follow the air duct and you will come to a spot where you have
to jump up in order to continue. Stand up by clicking in the left stick and
then use LT to accomplish this.

You’ll then see a guard standing on the stairs below you. Drop down and take
him out at the same time. Loot his unconscious body before continuing. In the
next area, there will be two guards talking. Wait for them to split up, and
then take them both out from behind.

You’ll then find the hook that you need to latch onto in order to continue.
Latch onto the hook by looking up for it and pressing X. Ride the hook until
Garrett says it’s time to get off. Press B to drop off the hook. Make your
way through the next couple of doors, being sure to grab all the loot in sight
as you go.

There are quite a few guards in these next couple of rooms, but they are all
easily avoidable. Just stick to the shadows and wait for them to move before
you move yourself. You’ll come across another hook, so latch onto it and ride
it until you are once again instructed to drop. Drop and stay crouched to
move underneath the floor boards. Watch the scene.

When that’s over, continue crawling under the floor boards and then you can get
up. There is plenty of darkness here. The furnace will open every few seconds
and spread light over the place, so you need to swoop across the floor from
cover to cover as soon as the furnace is closed to avoid being detected.

Near the end of the room, turn on your Focus. There is a grate you can use to
climb up in order to reach the General’s room. You can alternatively just go
up to the window and force it open, but this will alert any remaining guards in
the room, so it is not an advised strategy.

At any rate, you’ll want to climb up there and go through the ventilation shaft
that follows. You’ll then be in the General’s room. Loot it like usual, and
then check the strange safe mechanism near his desk. This is a puzzle, but it
is a rather easy one. Notice the circle in the middle? Just make sure that the
circle is complete by rotating the pieces, and then anything else that may be
out of place is simple to flip into its correct spot. You can switch between
which pieces you are using by pressing up or down on the d-pad, and you can
rotate the pieces by using left or right on the d-pad as well.

Before grabbing the ring, be sure to grab the gold coins. Grabbing the ring
will trigger a scene, and right after that scene, rush to the nearby door and
pick the lock. Stick to the shadows and you will then be on a roof area. Step
onto the next roof and you will fall through. Quickly move to the door at the
far end of this area to avoid the guard that comes to inspect the noise with
his torch.

Stick to the darkness and stay crouched and you won’t be spotted. The building
you need to move through has its stairs covered in light, so climb over the
railing that is in the cover of darkness. Go up the stairs and climb out the
next window to complete this level.

To Top

Before this chapter actually starts, you have a bit to do in the City. First go
talk to the gentleman in the alley. To exit your hideout this time, the game
teaches you how to shoot a pulley on a bridge to make it drop. So do that with
an arrow, and then maneuver across the rooftops until you reach a ladder.
Wait for the guards to be out of sight, then knock the lever on the ladder so
the ladder falls and climb down the ladder yourself.

After talking with the dude in the alley, it’s then time to check out Erin’s
hideout. There is a rock sticking out of the wall that you can push in to
open the door. Then crouch and move in. Climb up the next ledge and look at
the stone slabs on the ground. Avoid them. Stepping on them will cause arrows
to fly and hit you.

Don’t go up the stairs, because you’ll just get cut off by more stone slabs.
So instead look for the grate that you can climb up with the claw. Do this and
then you’ll see an obvious trap door on the ground. There is a post here that
has a button on it that you can press to open the door. Push the button, the
door opens, and then you are free to drop down into her room.

Things will get freaky for a minute. Just go to where Erin is and wait for her
to be done talking. You’ll then be transported to a different part of the same
thing. Keep doing this until you’re in an altered version of her room. Go the
poster of her on the wall and interact with it. Then go to the next poster of
her and do the same thing. Then go to the poster of yourself, and you’ll be
transported back to reality.

Back in reality, go to the poster of yourself on the wall and push in the eye
to open a secret panel. Grab the medallion and now it’s time to make your way
across the town to the proper chapter 3. The guards will all have their backs
to you along the way so they are even easier to get by or knock out or
whatever you feel like doing.

When you reach the building, there will be a bridge that is up. There is a
lever nearby that you need to pull to make the bridge lower. Do this and you
can get inside the building and offically start chapter 3!

Right off the bat, you can easily sneak by the enemies as you make your way
to the House of Blossoms, a brothel. You’ll reach large gates that are locked.
Head to the right of them (remember to stick to the shadows…be mindful of
where you’re standing at all times) and there will be a grate that you can use
to claw your way up and enter the brothel this way.

Once inside, you need to get to Xiao-Xiao’s office. Thankfully this is very
easily done. You once again just need to stick to the shadows, though I will
admit that this room is unfortunately a lot brighter than what you’re probably
used to. Swoop is extremely helpful here, but even if the guards DO get after
you, entering Xiao-Xiao’s office will make them give up their search for some

Loot the hell out of the office once you enter. There is a large painting on
the wall, but ignore it for now because it will lead you into a secret passage.
Make sure that the office is thoroughly looted, and then when you are ready to
proceed, go to the painting and find the switches on it. Press the two switches
and you will enter the secret passage.

There are no guards here and no one to alert, so you are free to sprint all
the way through. There are some goodies to grab along the way, but nothing

There is a pedestal in the center room. Interact with it and Garrett will
realize he needs to figure out how the markings need to be aligned for the
pedestal to work. Notice the bird scratch on the wall in front of you. The
game will ask you to focus on it by clicking in the right analog stick. Do
this and this will account for the first symbol.

Now go back through the hallways and you will notice little holes in the
walls that you can peak through. The scenes that you see through them are
rather…uh…perverted. By don’t worry about the heavy sex going on. Instead
use the right stick to move Garrett’s perspective around until you see the
other symbols and the game acknowledges it. The symbols are not hidden and
just sitting in plain sight around the room.

With all four symbols accounted for, return to the pedestal. The symbols that
need to be aligned will be glowing blue. Align them from top to bottom, and
much like the puzzle from earlier, this is all done using the d-pad. Put the
medallion in the pedestal by pressing X, and a secret passage will open up
again. Go through it and you will encounter more arrow traps.

You now have a way to disable the traps, however. Activate Focus and you can
see the red line that leads to the switch that turns the traps on and off. Push
in that switch and the traps will be disabled. This is how you need to deal
with these traps from now on in this level instead of trying to simply avoid or
go around them. These passages will lead you to the library.

This library has some goodies as well. Most notably, there are two bookshelves
with hidden switches. Go to the one closest to where you entered. Find the
switch book and use it to get into a room that has a Focus Point. I haven’t
really talked about Focus Points much, but now is as good a time as any.

Whereas you go to the merchant in the City to upgrade Garrett’s various tools
and the like, you need to find these runes on the walls that are called Focus
Points in order to upgrade his various magic abilities. There are many
categories that of this “Focus” that you can upgrade, so upgrade them based on
how YOU play the game and which skills will benefit YOU the most.

Use the book switch to exit and then head to the book switch that is farthest
from where you entered. This will allow you to continue, and it leads to a
large room with a crank right in front of your face. Rotate the left stick
after grabbing on to the handle to bring a new set of stairs to you. These
stairs will then lead you eventually to another crank that needs turned so
that you can further your progress even more.

The third crank will put stairs into position that cause a non human creature
to run away. Hmm. Return to the second crank and put it back in its original
position. This will allow you to get to the balcony of the central tower and
drop down on the new stairs that lead up to where the creature was, which will
in turn allow you to get to the book you’ve been after this entire time.

Go to the slot in front of the book and put the symbols in the correct order
again. They will be highlighted blue just like before. Place the medallion in
the slot and the book will be available. Grab the book, and now it’s time to
backtrack out of here, though there are now guards in the halls, so watch out
for them as you make your way out of these weird passages.

To Top

Go to the Crippled Burrick. Following a scene, you can go straight to the
next chapter, and there is a very limited number of guards there so you can
potentially just sprint right to it without even having to worry about alerting
anyone or anything.

Your first goal is to head to the Architect’s house. The outside of the house
is heavily guarded, and there are dogs in cages put in the shadows to bark at
you and alert the guards if you make any fast movements around them. What you
need to do is sneak up to the side of the stairs in the shadows. Throw a bottle
or something to distract the guards, then sneak behind their leader at the
bottom of the stairs and enter the house.

On the second floor, you will find a room with a maid talking to one of the
guards that is looking for the architect. You can wait for them to leave or
you can knock them both out, your choice. There is an obvious switch on the
bookshelf. Activate it to find the secret passage.

The secret passage will lead you to the Architect’s study. Climb the ladder in
here and then go to the painting. There are two switches on the painting, but
you need to move Garrett’s hand a lot slower around the edges of the painting
that you do normally to find them.

Once both switches are pressed, a diorama puzzle will open up on the floor
below. Do not jump off the balcony or you will die, no matter how tempting it
may be. Instead go back to the ladder you used to get up here and interact
with the diorama. The diorama puzzle is extremely simple. Look out the window
and you see the building? Just make the diorama building look like that
building and the puzzle will be completed.

When that puzzle is done, the plans will pop up on the nearby wall. Grab them
and a scene will occur. You’ll be in control of Garrett shortly, and this is a
running segment so do not let up on LT or you will be pelted to death by fire

After crashing through the glass, it will go back to a cut-scene before once
again giving you control of Garrett. It’s wise to just keep LT pulled and the
left stick pushed forward this entire time just in case. Keep running until
the coast is clear.

In the next area, there will be an explosion that incapacitates the guards.
Now you just have to move from objective marker to objective marker and avoid
various fire hazards, with no need to pay much attention to the guards as they
are all stumbling around like idiots for the most part. Which is good for you,

An interesting thing to note as you move through these air ducts and through
this burning building, if you are not crouched, you will constantly be taking
damage from inhaling the smoke. Because of this, you will want to be crouched
at all times, except when you need to sprint past fire traps.

Ride the elevator down to the prison level when you get to that point. Upon
riding the elevator back up, it will come to a stop. Climb out of the
elevator and then continue platforming and climbing and crawling your way to
the Great Safe room.

There are two buttons on the Great Safe. There is one on the left side of it
and one on the right side of it. Pressing the first button will begin a
countdown of sorts. So press the first button and then quickly press the
second button before the countdown is over. This will restart the safe’s
locking mechanism and it will in turn reveal six dials.

You should have the Great Safe Combination in your journal from earlier in the
chapter. The note says:

30, 11, 98

This can be a little confusing, but that’s what I’m here for. To make the
confusing…less confusing! On the first set of dials (the three on the left)
you need to have them read from left to right in this order:

3 1 9

Then you can access the dials on the right, the second set of dials. Or at
least…you almost can!

A bunch of guards will swarm into the room. They will start to surround you, so
you need to distract them with a bottle immediately. Then make your way to
the safe and quickly input the second set of numbers. Which are as follows:

0 1 8

Grab the stone and you’ll then have to do more creepy walking stuff. Just
move forward, really. When the creepy stuff is over, then you just have to
leave the Keep.

To Top

You need to go to the tavern before you can go to the boat and head to the
asylum for Chapter 5. I recommend visiting the shop and buying new gear,
upgrading gear you already have, and making sure you have plenty of food and
poppy flower just in case you get into a bind. Restock on whichever tools you
use the most, and then you can head out.

At the asylum, you don’t have to worry about any guards at the front gates.
Just waltz right through the front door. Look through the peekhole. Then the
next set of doors will open. The asylum itself is rather straight forward…
just go from objective marker to objective marker, looting all the rooms in
sight, checking all the documents, grabbing the various key items…there are
no guards to worry about so there’s next to no strategy here.

When you get to the female ward, your goal is to find information on Erin in
the records room. If you go around the side of this room, you will see that
there is an air duct open near the ceiling. Climb up here and then drop down
in the room. There are two documents in the room with the small fire, and
another document on a desk in the adjacent room that is pitch black. Gather
everything here, then exit this room the way you entered.

Make your way to the treatment wing now. Ignore the spooky wheelchair, and
follow the objective markers. Look through the next designated peephole to see
a chair. Focus the camera on the chair until you’re given a new objective of
turning on the generator. Head to the generator room and pull the lever. Then
go to the machine and push the switch to restore power to the area.

Go back down the hall where you went to turn on the generator, but instead go
into the first room on the left. There is a duct in here that connects this
room and the chair room. Go into the chair room and grab the loot off the
chair to initiate yet another scene.

When that scene has concluded, make a break for the elevator area. There are
some patients that are now loose, but if you go fast enough you can get by
their rooms before they really even have a chance to get out or notice you.
Otherwise you can distract them with the traditional methods.

Push the button to call the elevator. Hang tight because it takes a while for
the elevator get there. Step inside once the elevator comes to a stop. Pick the
lock for the “down” button and then ride the elevator down as far as it goes.
Now as you step out of the elevator, you will notice some freaky dudes running

Luckily for you, these guys are all easily avoided. The trick is that the
stealth mechanics are flipped on their head. Instead of staying in the
darkness, it is better for you to be in the light. Yes, they will see you, but
they will at least not try to attack you. If you are going for a full stealth
playthrough, then it is not advised to turn on the lights…otherwise press
those blue buttons to ensure that you will at least get through here in one

Keep descending and you’ll then have to go through another dreamlike sequence,
where you have to gather flowers and the like, and really just go from one
spot to the next and deal with each spooky thing one at a time. When this
is done, simply exit the asylum to complete the chapter. A pretty mellow
chapter, despite all the scary things running around and what-not.

To Top

The first objective is to get to the Baron’s mansion. There are numerous ways
to get through this initial courtyard area. There are many guards and some
caged dogs. I recommend coming into the level with something to throw to
distract the guards, as well as water arrows. The water arrows are extremely
useful in the chapter because of all the lit torches everywhere.

At any rate, you’re going to want to avoid getting caught simply because of the
large amount of guards and you have to pick a lock to get inside the Baron’s
mansion. Keep an eye out for various light switches so you can kill the lights
when there aren’t torches that you can put out with the water arrows.

Anyway, when you get inside the Manor, it is tempting to go straight ahead
and go through all the guards, but what you should really do is just
turn around and go up the stairs. The stairs will lead you around the guards
so you potentially don’t even have to encounter anybody on your way to the
Baron’s study.

To get inside the Baron’s study, open the initial door that leads to the
objective marker leading you there. And then look up to see an air duct near
the ceiling. Climb up there and climb through the duct. Watch the scene, and
then the place will be crawling with not so nice guys.

Your goal right now is to just get the hell out of dodge. If you don’t mind
knocking people out, it is wise to take your time to take out these guys
because they leave their backs wide open to attack and are often found
distracted doing something.

When you get outside, two of these enemies will show up, and one has a torch
so he is even harder to hide from. Hug the stone wall and switch on your
Focus. You will see an obvious switch protruding from a wall. Push the
switch in and a secret passage will open to the laboratory.

Continue descending into the lab. You’ll come up to two valves. One valve
moves the clamps on the tube. The other valve adjusts the pressure. There is a
crack on the tube, as you can clearly see. Adjust the clamps so that the crack
is in between them. Then adjust the pressure so that it is all the way up.

Go to the lever nearby and flip it on to power on the machine. Then continue
adjusting the clamps as cracks appear on the tube to smash the glass. If the
glass isn’t smashing for some reason, I found that lowering the pressure and
then putting it back up will cause the clamps to destroy the glass.

Once the glass is destroyed, grab the stone. Go to leave and you’ll be
treated to a scene, and then a long running segment. To get across the water
in the first part, head to the right and smash the pulley that is keeping the
boat from floating down to the spot you need it to get across.

As you complete this running segment, it’s pretty straight-forward. There will
be a lot of fire, so avoid that to the best of your ability. There are a couple
of times where you fall through burning roofs, and if you move Garrett mid-fall
you can land on the floors in-between the ones you’re supposed to be on to
get some extra loot!

Completing this running segment completes the chapter.

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Unlike most of the in-betweens for the chapters, you can head right to Chapter
7 without much anything else to worry about unless you want to go resupply
before heading there. Getting into the shaft is easy enough. You’ll come to a
large door that you have to open by hitting a bell. Hit the bell, wait in the
shadows for the door to open, and then when the guards are not directly in
front of the door, you are free to get into the shaft area.

Be careful here because there’s a LOT of guards. You do NOT want to get caught
here, because the guards will almost certainly overwhelm and kill you. Like
most areas of the game, all that is required here is patience to wait for
the right opportunity to “swoop” through the lit areas and stick mostly to
the shadows.

Make your way to the lever to summon the lift. Pull the lever, then get on
the lift as soon as possible. Hit the button to go down and ride it deeper
into the pit.

In the pit, you’ll come across a room with a huge tablet in the middle that
activates arrows. If you have the wire cutter tool, you can use your Focus
to find the panel that controls the trap. Otherwise climb up to where this
panel is regardless because it will allow you to climb over the trap and not
have to deal with it, though you will be missing out on the loot in the center
of the tablet.

You’ll then have to deal with about three guards that have torches, and one
of them has a crossbow as well. Crossbow guards are easy to deal with if you
do get caught, as they will not block your attacks like the guards with
swords. You can pretty much just run right up to them and whack them with your
blackjack until they’re knocked out.

Next you’ll come up to a bridge that has a couple of “Freaks” on it. If you
have a rope arrow, you can go to the left of the bridge and shoot yourself a
rope here to bypass the Freaks. This is the ideal method of getting beyond the
bridge because otherwise you have to VERY carefully sneak past the Freaks or
throw a bottle or something to distract them.

There is a valve that you need to turn to open the door. As you head into
these catacombs, you will see the ledge you need to climb to the right of a
busted up metal gate. Do NOT go for that ledge right now or else you will
activate a trap and be covered in flames.

Instead, make your way through the metal gate. Crouch and move underneath the
fire spewing from a trap here and then turn the red valve to disable the gas,
in turn disabling the fire. Now return to that ledge and you can safely climb
up it without having to worry about catching on fire or anything terrible
like that.

This next section is just one long stretch of guards walking all over the
place. It’s easy if you just sit tight and wait for people to walk by on their
own. You need to get up to the rope that is hanging so you can continue along
the rooftops and confront the “Thief Taker”…after turning the valve that
opens the door to his lair, of course.

First you’ll be treated to another whacked out moment where you pretty much
just wander aimlessly until stuff happens. Then after that you have to either
fight the Thief Taker (not recommended) or escape (recommended). To escape,
stick to the shadows around him and turn each valve while avoiding his attacks.

When all the valves have been turned, you can leave.

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When you have control of Garrett again, you will be in a dark tunnel. As you
move through the tunnels, you can use the Focus ability to get a better view
of where you’re going, though it’s a linear tunnel so you shouldn’t get too

Drop down onto the tracks when you can. Hang a right to find a door. Pick the
lock, then sneak your way past the guards. You’ll see a large ship, the
titular Dawn’s Light. Make your way to it, and right before you are able to
board it, there is a merchant that you can talk to in order to spend some
gold and replenish your supplies one last time before the finale. I recommend
taking full advantage of this opportunity!

Climb up on the boat, and then use the pipes inside the boat to continue
exploring it. There’s plenty of wide open space to maneuver around the
guards, and since you just hit up the merchant, you should have plenty of
tools at your disposal to make this a piece of cake.

On the outside part of the ship, you will trigger a cut-scene. All of the
guards will be frozen now as you move around the ship, and those weird glowing
plants will pop up as it usually does. Follow Erin throughout the ship to
trigger another scene.

Keep following Erin. She will zoom away from you numerous times, and then
there will be Freaks that are on the ship as well. Luckily, they are avoided
without too much trouble.

The next time you see Erin, her back will be to you. Get up close to her and
attempt to steal from her. She will shroud the entire room with light,
meaning that you have very little hiding spots. Wait for her the light to
recede and then make your move along the left side of the room, using swoop to
go from spot to spot.

There are three fragments of the Primal Stone in the room. The first should
be on the second floor, then the other two are in this room as well. In
regards to Erin, she will shoot blasts at you as well as have numerous ghosts
or clones of her or something that are zooming around the area to confuse you.
Ignore them and focus on the stone fragments.

Once you have all the fragments, go to Erin as she is kneeling on the ground
and interact with her.

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3. Conclusion
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
I hope this guide helped you complete Thief on the various platforms that the
game is available on!

Please feel free to check out all my other content on Cheat Masters and

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