Bug Heroes 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Bug Heroes 2

Bugs like spiders and roaches may look tiny, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t put up a mean fight – especially if their food is in danger of getting compromised. See different multi legged critters banding together towards a common goal as they defend their food against anyone that intends to take it away from them. Bug Heroes 2 lets you play as multiple creatures with awesome weaponries and abilities that can annihilate any force that comes their way, and the result is a game that is truly exciting and challenging. Are you ready to lead your insect army to victory? If so, then read through this guide so that you learn a lot more than any drill sergeant can teach you.

Bug Heroes 2 is a tower defense and tactical battle game where players can acquire and manage different insects, with each having special attributes and abilities. With these troops, players must perform missions such as gathering food and guarding them against enemies, as well as attacking opposing team’s stashes both under single player and multiplayer modes. Both permanent and stage limited upgrades are available, and your tactics on how you would be able to lead your team are very important in order to find success.

In-game, coins, parts, and food serve as the main currencies. Most of the time, food will be part of the main objective as collecting them would be the top priority. They must then be placed in the food stash and must be guarded against enemies trying to attack your base. Food can also be used to heal your units, further adding to its importance. Food can be retrieved from all over the stage, and this must be returned to your base in order for it to be able to add to your inventory.

On the other hand, coins are generated continuously, and having enough means that you can purchase more powerful weapons as well as items like boosts and armor for your insect units. Lastly, parts behave like food, such that it can be collected and must be dropped at the base. However, parts are used for the building and upgrading of turrets that will be able to defend your stash as well as strategic points all over the map.

Diamonds, on the other hand, are the game’s premium currency. These are used to purchase scrolls that will allow your troops to learn new abilities and to upgrade their respective stats. Diamonds are awarded each time players complete missions, and can also be acquired via in-app purchases.

Bugs can be unlocked at certain stages of the game, and players can choose as to which ones they can bring into battle. Different bugs have different attributes such as health, attack, and armor, and they also have special abilities that can be added once they level up, and could be triggered continuously, albeit with a certain cooldown period. Your bugs also have different ranges, so players can mix and match in order to fit their personal style of play. Of course, your enemies have these attributes as well, so it would be best to get deploy units that are best suited for the opponents that you will be facing.

In battle, bugs can be switched around so that players can have the option to select which unit they would like to control. Players also have the option to turn on or off automatic attacks for the unit that they are controlling. For bugs not under your control, however, attacking is always automated. Bugs that have taken damage can use food to refill their health, and fallen bugs will always respawn, although at a cost of some of your food stash. Bugs can also be commanded to stay behind and defend an area, but their default behavior is to follow their leader around.

Units brought into battle will eventually earn experience points, which are different from XP earned during missions. Once enough has been earned, they will earn mastery, which would then allow players to equip a certain number of scrolls depending on the bugs’ level. Scrolls, however, will cost diamonds, so be wise as to how you would like to spend this currency. Usually, however, bugs with high levels of mastery means that they are much more valuable in a fight, although it is always important to even out the experience of all your units as some are more suited in specific situations during battle.

Players can also get to earn Stars during missions. Stars can be used towards improving not only your bugs, but the turrets that you build. Upgrades apply to all entities, and are organized in levels so that more upgrades can be unlocked once previous ones have been purchased. Of course, the star costs would also increase the higher you go up the tiers.

Aside from your bugs, players can build turrets around their base as well as on strategic points that they have already captured. Building and upgrading turrets will require parts, which are found all over the map. Different turrets have different stats such as HP, power, and range, so choose to build the one that would best suit your needs. Once you have enough parts, build turrets immediately as they will help in defending your base against any hordes that would get to pass your main lines of defense.

Game Modes
Bug Heroes 2 features many different game modes in order to keep things interesting. Campaign Mode allows for players to participate in different missions, with more opening up once you accomplish the current ones. Take note, however, that some missions have a certain time limit for players to complete, while some would require that certain requirements should be met before it can be unlocked.

There’s also the Endless mode where in players must try and last for as long as possible against an increasing number of enemies until they inevitably get destroyed, while Skirmish will have players trying to destroy the opponent’s food stash while defending their own. Lastly, there’s a multiplayer function where in players can get to compete with others under Skirmish rules.


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