Caveman Wars Walkthrough [Guide]

Caveman Wars

Living in the Stone Age can be really difficult, especially when there is limited food supply. And with savage creatures and other cavemen skulking about, you always have to be on your guard. Luckily, you have spells that you can conjure up, allowing you to defend your precious stash against anyone that tries to steal it. For how long can you do it, with invaders becoming more and more numerous, and growing more powerful with each wave? Survive in this harsh world with Caveman Wars, and here’s our complete guide that will help you survive for as long as you possibly can.

Caveman Wars is a card collection and tower defense game where in players must defend their food stash against enemies that will slowly walk towards you. Once your food stash has been depleted completely, then the round would be over. Cards can be collected with the top fifty most powerful cards being added automatically in your deck. Simple, area, and special attacks are available with the latter two requiring holding and releasing the screen and using two fingers to swipe downwards, respectively, to activate. The special attacks will also take longer to recharge, so using these wisely is a must.

Coins are the game’s main currency. These can be earned by playing the game and collecting drops from fallen enemies, and players can also acquire these via daily login bonuses. Should you need more, the shop is available where in players can buy coins for real money. There is also an in-app purchase where you can get double the coins that you collect.

Coins are used for buying items at the store such as new card packs, token boosts, consumable cards, and revives which would allow you to continue the game with a full food meter again whenever you fail a round.

There are different kinds of cards that can be used to fend off your attackers, and these can be collected in a variety of ways and serve different functions as well. cards can be acquired via card packs which are purchased at the store, and players can also earn new cards from drops by fallen enemies. The most powerful cards are automatically added to your deck, so there’s no need to manage them manually.

Attack cards are the most basic types of cards, as activating one will allow you to use the attack indicated in the said card. These cards can only be used for a specific amount of time, however, and this card will be discarded once the timer runs out, or if it has been replaced by the new card that would appear once the timer runs out. Activating another card will stop the timer of the previously used card, allowing you to save it for later.

There are also spell cards that are allocated a dedicated spot in your hand, and these can be used to enhance the attack capabilities of your cards. On the other hand, there are also spell cards that can constantly regain your food stash as well as other benefits that will allow you to last for longer. Lastly, there are consumable cards that will only last for the duration of the game, but these often provide very powerful attacks that will really be advantageous to you, especially when facing tougher enemies.

These different varieties of cards must be used together so that you can better strategize your plan on how to attack invaders and to keep them away from your base. Also, it is important to note that some cards are more effective against different types of enemies, so mixing and matching is also very essential so that you’ll know which cards are best to use in a particular situation.

From time to time, fallen enemies will also drop tokens, of which there are currently two types. The food token will regenerate a little bit of your food meter, while the freeze token will stop time which would in turn allow you to use cards without them using whatever time that they have left. The amount of food that would be given to you and the amount of time that would be frozen would depend on the updates that you will do on the respective token. This is done in the shop and players must use coins to purchase the required upgrades.

Difficulty Modes
Caveman Wars features three difficulty modes. Of course, with the added challenges will come bigger rewards, as well. Initially, only easy mode would be accessible, but Normal and Hard stages will open up once a certain score has been reach in the previous difficulty mode. Play through each mode in order to challenge yourself and to see if your current deck will allow you to survive against tougher and more numerous waves.


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