Disco Zoo Walkthrough [Guide]

Disco Zoo

Running your own zoo can be pretty fun, but have you ever wondered how they got all those creatures in one place? In Disco Zoo, you’ll get to experience one of the possible ways as you search for and hunt common to mythical creatures in different locations for the development of your zoo, as well as to the delight of your patrons. It’s a cutely drawn game with tons of creatures to find and capture, and this guide will help you build the best zoo and capture the most epic of animals out there.

Disco Zoo is a zoo building and management game where in players must find and capture different animals which would then be added to their list of creatures being displayed. This takes place in a grid where in players would be able to click on squares so that parts of animals can be revealed. Once all animal components have shown up, then it would be considered as captured. Aside from these, extra currency might also be won. More animals mean being able to build a better zoo, as well as getting better reviews from critics and bigger income. This will also allow you to access even more locations here in new creatures can be encountered and hunted.

Coins and Disco bux are the two main currencies within the game. Coins are generated by any animals that you have captured, and some patrons may also drop some for you to collect from time to time. Coins may also be collected during puzzles or as random rewards for events as well as for finding missing creatures within your zoo. Coins are used for purchasing new vehicles that will take you to different locations, as well as to participate in animal hunting missions.

Om the other hand, Disco bux are the game’s premium currency, and can be used to speed up the construction of shelters for any new animals that you may have captured. Disco bux are also used to trigger Disco parties, which would keep your animals awake and would make them generate double the coins. They can also be used to buy extra moves should you run out during hunts. Disco bux are much rarer to come by for free, but additional currency may always be acquired via in-app purchases.

Different animals will keep awake and generate coins at different rates, although the more animals of the same type you collect, the longer they would last before sleeping, and the more coins you would be able to collect from them. Animals first encountered and collected would require habitats to be built for them first, but this process can be sped up using Disco bux.

Animals are hunted in different locations. Each creature can be found in a specific place which would only be accessible once the required mode of transportation has been unlocked and purchased. When trying to search for animals, take note of the spaces that they occupy, as these would not change across changes, and would also give you a clear idea Of where they might fit and if you only have limited moves left as well as a small number of tiles to uncover.

Your animals would have to be woken up so that they can generate coins, and this is done by simply tapping on them. Sometimes, they would also be able to break free, after which you would be tasked to search for them in exchange for rewards in the form of free currency. Players must check up on their animals and level them up accordingly so that they can generate more coins for longer.

Disco Party
Players can also initiate Disco parties. What this essentially does is keep your animals awake and have them generate double their usual rate of coins. The more Disco bux that you would be willing to spend, the longer the effects would be. Triggering this is not actually recommended, as your precious premium currency would be much better used towards buying more attempts in hunts especially if you are this close to finding an elusive creature.

Different animals may be found depending on the location where you would like to hunt. New locations will be made available as you level up your zoo, but you must first purchase the required mode of transportation before it becomes available. Likewise, engaging in hunts will require coins as well, with the cost increasing with each additional hunt. Try and balance out hunts in all accessible locations in order to maximize variety within your zoo.

Zoo Reviews
As you open up more locations for hunts, more Zoo Reviews would be made available to you. Along with a rating, players will be provided with clues on how their zoos are doing, and what animals might be missing in order to increase their grade. Read through these reviews from time to time in order to have an idea of what might be more useful to hunt next.


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