South Park: The Stick of Truth – Side Quests [Guide]

South Park The Stick of Truth

The Stick of Truth is full of side quests that the citizens of South Park will
ask you to complete. This guide will help you find and complete every side
quest in the game.

If you are looking for a guide for the main quests, please use this one:

South Park: The Stick of Truth [Guide]

South Park: The Stick of Truth – Side Quests Guide
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Side Quests

Flower for A Princess
Mr. Slave’s Package
Find Jesus
Vulcan Around
Hide ‘n’ Seek
Mongolian Beef
Rats in the Cellar


The Timmy Express
The Homeless Problem
Dropping the Kids Off
Unfriend Al Gore
Magical Songs
The She-Ogre
Restoring the Balance
Wasted Cache
Defeat ManBearPig


Phase 1
Nazi Zombie Bounty
Big Game Huntin’ with Jimbo

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1. Side Quests
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The very first side quest in the game can be initiated by picking the daffodil
in Cartman’s backyard at Kupa Keep that is on the far left part of the screen.
Pick it and then take it to Kenny, who is standing right next to Cartman in
front of his tent. This will get you Kenny as a Facebook friend as well as
other benefits.

Besides, Kenny is a princess. He deserves flowers!

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There are two ways to start this quest. One, you can go speak to Mr. Slave at
his home. The second way is to get Mr. Slave’s package from the post office,
which is as simple as going into the back part of the post office and grabbing
it from the bin.

Take Mr. Slave’s Package to him, and then you will be able to use him as a
Summon Character.

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Where to find Jesus:

Talk to Father Maxi near City Hall. He can be found sitting on a bench and
reading. He will tell you to find Jesus. If you listen to the chatter of the
townspeople, they will tell you that Jesus can be found in church. Duh!

Go to the church. You can hear Jesus snickering. If you check the pews on the
right side of the church, you will find Jesus hiding there. Talk to Jesus and
he will go hide again. Report this to Father Maxi and he will tell you to go
find Jesus one more time.

Return to the church. This puzzle is actually not that difficult. Go to the
two spotlights that are on the stage. Turn them so they are facing the cross
on the wall. Switch off the lights using the nearby light switch. This will
show you Jesus’s shadow on the wall.

Jesus can be found behind the podium. Talk to him again and this time he will
join your party as a potential summon. There is no need to go talk to Priest
Maxi again because this quest will now complete automatically.

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Kevin Stoley, found in the Neighborhood section of the town, is stuck in his
room until his mom gets home so that he can get permission to go out and
play. Unfortunately, his iPad is missing and he needs to get it back before
she gets home…so that’s where you come in!

Go to the church. Check behind the big pine tree to the right of the church
and you will find the iPad. Then simply return the iPad to Kevin to complete
this quest.

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Where to find all the kindergartners:

Talk to the kindergartner leader by the basketball hoop at the playground. This
will initiate a city wide game of hide ‘n’ seek with the kids. Here are the
locations of all six kindergartners:

Blonde Girl – Hiding behind the trees to the left of Mr. Slave’s house
Blonde Girl w/ Pigtails – Hiding behind the lamp post to the right of City Wok
Little Boy – Downtown sewer
Little Boy 2 – Ranch, bottom left corner of the fence
Brunette Girl – Path near Stark’s Pond behind a tree
Filmore – Bank, behind the desk

Speak with Filmore back at the playground and then he and the other five
toddlers that you played the game with will all friend you on Facebook as a
pretty damn sizable reward.

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Speak with Mr. Kim inside the City Wok. He will give you the key to the Tower
of Peace so that you can go beat up the Mongolians. The Tower of Peace is
right next door to the City Wok. Go inside and fight the Mongolian children
in there.

The Mongolian kids have more advanced attacks than you are probably used to
when you do this side quest early on in the game, and they are also often
armored. However, you should still be able to beat them without too much of a
headache at just level 2 or 3.

When the first batch of kids have been taken out, look up at the rope holding
the stairs. Shoot it so that the stairs fall down, then use the stairs to
start ascending the tower. On the next floor, fight your way through the kids
and then make your way up to the floor above that. A Mongolian kid will bust
his way through the nearby wall, so let him do that and then fight the kids
here as well.

Go through the hole in the wall and that will in turn allow you to step out
on the balcony to the right. You will see the missing piece of dragon tail
that goes to the door puzzle hanging here by a rope. Shoot the dragon tail
down and pick it up. Carry it back to the door puzzle and put it in place.

Shoot the eyes of the dragons to open the door. Make sure you save before
going up the stairs because you’re in for a…


This boss fight is against the Mongolian Hoard as a single unit. Because of
their status as a single unit, they are actually not as hard as they would be
otherwise, but you need to be extremely attentive so that you can block their
attacks and keep them from doing the maximum amount of damage that they could
potentially inflict upon you and whoever else is in your party at the time.

I was able to defeat them using just myself and Butters. If you can cause any
status ailments to them, I recommend doing that immediately, whether that is
“grossing them out”, lighting them on fire, whatever. Use your special
abilities on them as much as possible to deal the most damage. Butters has
that hammer throw attack that will bypass their armor, so it is very helpful
in this battle. Be sure to revive him if he goes down because he can also
constantly heal you to make it much easier.

Then they’ve been defeated, the Tower of Peace will start shooting fireworks
everywhere. Rush back down to the bottom (you will get into a couple of more
fights along the way with Mongolian children) and then speak with Mr. Kim to
report your success. Mr. Kim will now be a potential summon in battle…oh,
and he’ll add you on Facebook.

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It seems that Skeeter’s Bar has a rat infestation in the basement. Talk to
Skeeter about this to get the key to the cellar, and then go there and start
killing the mutant rats!

The mutant rats are very easy to kill. They will have some smaller rats with
them as well. Just kill the four clusters of rats and then report your success
to Skeeter to receive your rewards.

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After completing the first quest of the game, you will unlock the first fast
travel flag automatically. These are red flags with bicycle horns attached to
them that you can use to summon Timmy. Timmy will then transport you to the
different important areas in South Park.

There are 12 flags in total to unlock around South Park. After leaving
Cartman’s house following the first quest, return to your house. Since you
have weapons now, you can smash things that are in your way, including the
sign that is blocking the sidewalk preventing you from going “left” to the
bus stop that is right by your house.

Smash through the sign and then you will come up to the bus stop. This will
activate the second fast travel flag. Be weary of the snowman here though, as
a bunch of elves will pop out of it when you go near it and initiate a tough

Keep going to the left. You will find the third fast travel flag right outside
of Kevin’s house. This one is labeled “Neighborhood”. The fourth fast travel
flag can be found if you keep on going left right outside the school.

Go north a bit and then start moving right on the next street. You will find
the church first, and there is the fifth fast travel flag. Almost halfway
there! Then you can get back to other questing, I promise.

Keep going along this way, going “right” now, until you come up to the next
flag, which will be in Downtown – West. The seventh flag is in Downtown – East.
Both very easy to find.

Now go to the northern most part of South Park, but more specifically the
northeastern side. Here you will find the U-Store-It building, where the next
flag is located. Start going left or “west” now, and you will find the next
flag near Dark Meadows Estates.

Keep going west now until you get to the flag outside of the Tower of Peace,
right next to the City Wok. Another one can be found outside of Kenny’s house.
That’s 11 flags and all that you can find right now without advancing the
main questline.

The final flag can only be found during the main quest “Gain New Allies”,
which you experience in Day 2 of living in South Park. The flag is located in
the elven kingdom, which is also known as Kyle’s backyard.

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Use this video to help find all the Homeless People

The Mayor needs your help. Talk to her in City Hall and she will tell you to
get rid of the homeless people that are all over town. They are really tough
in battle, so you may want to make sure you are leveled up a bit first and
have a good handle on how the game is played.

There are seven homeless “camps” in total. To eradicate a camp of homeless
people, just beat up the homeless people there. One of the easier ones is
the homeless guy right outside Kenny’s house. He’s by himself, so it is
easier to team up on him and take him out.

Another homeless man that is by himself can be found in the back of the U-Stor-
It truck that is parked right outside the building of the same name. Use the
boxes behind the truck to get inside, and then you can do battle with the
homeless man that’s there. Be warned that this one will also have rats with
him, so that makes it slightly more difficult than the previous fight.

A trio of homeless men can be found in a clearing near the bus stop. Just to
the left of the bus stop, but before you get to Stark’s Pond, there is a large
tree blocking a path. Follow the path behind the tree and you will find these
guys, after smashing their wooden barricade first of course. Beat all three of
them and they will leave. I recommend waiting until you are at least level 3 to
tackle this homeless camp.

Finally, the rest of the homeless people are in the sewers, all in very obvious
places and virtually can’t be missed. But before you can explore the sewers,
you need the alien anal probe teleportation device. To get this, you need to
complete the main quest called “Alien Abduction”.

Once you have this device, you can use it to get across the gap in the sewers
and then explore the sewers and fight the homeless people. If you refer to
the quest “Dropping Off the Kids”, I go into detail about exploring the
sewer system, and it just so happens that the hobos can be found all on the
same route that you need to take to find Mr. Hankey’s children, more or less.

Keep in mind that the hobos in the sewer often come in pairs and usually have
rats with them as well, sometimes of the stronger mutant variety. So don’t
take them lightly, but if you’ve been doing as many side quests as possible
before doing the main quest and tackling the “Alien Abduction” quest in the
first place, then you should be ready to take on the homeless people.

Clearing out the sewers will get rid of all the homeless people, so lucky
you. Go back to Mayor McDaniels at the City Hall to tell her that you have
solved the town’s problem with homeless people and you shall be handsomely
rewarded for your troubles!

To Top

Al Gore can be found hiding behind the movie theater, once again on the lookout
for the elusive creature called ManBearPig. Talk to him and he will give you
some chores to do in order to help him locate ManBearPig. He wants you to put
sensors at different parts of the town.

After you complete the quest “Hot Coffee” as a part of the “Call the Banners”
main quest that Cartman gives you, you have full access to Kenny’s garage. So
go there once you do, and then climb up the wooden shelves at the end of the

There is a ladder here at the end of this, but the roof is blocking it. Shoot
the roof and it will crumble like nothing, allowing you to climb to the top of
the ladder in turn, and then place the sensor on the electrical generator that
is on the roof of their garage. Be sure to snag the loot that’s here too
before you leave.

The second sensor you need to place needs to be placed on a wind cockerel. You
can find one of these at the farm that is north. Go to the farm and then climb
the ladder that is on the side of the barn. This will lead to another ladder,
which will lead to the roof. Place the sensor on the wind cockerel that is up

Finally, the third and final sensor needs to be placed on a fire danger meter.
This is actually the easiest one out of the bunch. Just go to Stark’s Pond
and take the path to the left. Before you reach the border with the rats that
block the way, there you will find the fire danger meter, so place the sensor
where it needs to go there.

Return to Al Gore behind the movie theater and confirm to him that all of the
sensors are properly in place. He will then ask you to meet him at his base,
which is at the U-Stor-It storage sheds. Gore’s is kind of hard to spot, but
it is the first storage container on your left when you start getting to the
ones with the golden handle bars.

Enter his hideout and talk to him about the next step. Gore will give you a
defilibrator to place “underneath” South Park.

You CAN’T continue this quest until you have completed the main quest “Alien
Abduction”. It is at that point that you will be given a special ability
that allows you to teleport around places, and you need this ability to get
over the gap in the sewer.

What Gore means is for you to go the sewers. You probably have seen the
open manhole downtown already. Just return to it and climb down the ladder
there. Use the anal probe teleportation device to get across the gap in the
sewer and then just keep going to the right and you will find the generator.
Place the sensor on the generator as Gore has requested.

At that point, it’s just a matter of returning to Gore and telling him of
your success in these matters.

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Where to find all of Mr. Hankey’s kids:

In the sewers, you can find the humble home of Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo,
though his wife is kind of a nutcase. Poor guy. She has misplaced their
darling children, and so you need to search the sewers for the three of them,
Simon, Cornwallis, and Amber.

The sewers can get kind of confusing, so I am going to do my best to lead you
to each kid directly. You can find them all easily enough if you just walk
around everywhere, but here is how you find Mr. Hankey’s kids.

Amber is the closest. From Mr. Hankey’s house, take a left. Wait for the
pipe to stop spewing shit everywhere, and then go across the vent. You can
see her on the ledge. Go up the ladder. Then use the metal grate to get on
the other side of the shit pipe. Turn the valve to turn the shit off, and
then climb down the ladder to find Amber. Talk to her, and go back up the

Now go to the right until you come across another ladder that is going down.
You’re going to want to climb back up it in a second, but you should do this
anyway just to make sewer exploration easier. Climb down the ladder, go to
the right, and turn the yellow valve. This will create a platform that rises
out of the sewer for easy access. Loot the chest here as well while you’re
at it.

Climb back up the ladder that you just climbed down, and go all the way to
the right. You will find another ladder here going down. Go down this ladder
to see that Cornwallis is part of a “shit show” with a couple of drunken
hobos (by the way, you need to defeat them as part of the Homeless Problem
side quest…so two shit birds with two shit stones, right? Oh god, I am
starting to sound like Jim Lahey now…).

Fight the Hobos and then you can free Cornwallis. Return to the center
area, but this time go “RIGHT” from Mr. Hankey’s house. Go up the next
ladder you see, and make your way left. Remember that you need to shoot the
red valves on the pipes to make the shit only spurt instead of going in a
constant stream so that you are better able to continue.

Smash through the wall here and then walk along the metal grate to find
Simon being attacked by rats. Kill the tiny rats with melee attacks, and the
Mama Rat will attack you in response. Kill her and then Simon will be
saved as well. So now you have all three kids saved. Do some more exploring
in the sewers if you want more goodies, but in the meantime, return to
Mr. Hankey’s house.

To Top

As it turns out, Al Gore is an annoying idiot. He will constantly spam and
flood your Facebook account after you complete the ManBearPig side quest for
him. Go back to his hideout and confront him about this, and that will in
turn initiate a boss battle against Mr. Gore.

Al Gore is a tough fight, mainly because he constantly heals himself. His
other attacks are fairly standard. He will try to give you a presentation on
global climate change that can put you and your partners to sleep, and it is
different than countering the songs that Jimmy sings to try to put you to sleep
in the main quest. To counter Al Gore’s presentation and keep yourself from
falling asleep, you need to tap A to counter like you would a regular attack.
The symbol will pop up underneath your feet and everything.

Al Gore will also summon some secret service agents that come to protect him
because he was the vice president a long time ago and almost the president
again. These guys need to be taken out immediately. Gore will not summon
more, and you can barely really do any damage to him because of the sercret
service agents and his tendency to constantly heal himself during the fight.

Once the secret service agents are out of the picture, Gore becomes easy
pickings. He has a lot of health, but his attacks are weak and they are
easily blocked or countered. Taking Gore out will mean that you get to
unfriend him on Facebook so he quits spamming your account…but don’t worry,
you still get to keep the benefits that you got by getting him to add you as a
Facebook friend to begin with, so you won’t be losing any perks or anything
like that.

Loot his body after beating him like always and you’ll get a key to his secret
room. If you go to the left in his hideout, you will find the door that this
key unlocks. I highly recommend visiting this place because Al Gore’s secret
room has a treasure chest inside with some very helpful EPIC LOOTS!!! Including a ManBearPig specific weapon that is very helpful in a later boss fight.

To Top

Jimmy will join your party and then ask that you get him a better flute. Head
to the ranch and make sure Jimmy is the active member of your party. This
will initiate a scene with Rancher Bill, in which you obtain the key to the

Open the barn door and you will find Nazi Zombie Cows! They will try to
detonate themselves as soon as it is their turn to fight, so just block their
attacks if you don’t wipe them all out on your first go. Loot what remains of
their bodies, and then climb the ladder.

Smash the kerosene lamp and then shoot the flames at the hay. This will allow
you access to the chest in the loft that has the flute that Jimmy wants to

To Top

This quest is specific to Stan, so make sure that he is the active member of
your party. Go to his house and go to Shelly’s room. Shelly is on her period
and that will actually heal her throughout the battle. She has a ridiculous
amount of health, but she doesn’t do too much damage. She is immune to being
stunned, so don’t even bother with trying to do that.

But with it being two against one, defeating Shelly is not that difficult of a
task. And doing so successfully will have Stan add you on Facebook!

To Top

DogPoo will ask you to destroy the human flags that have been erected all over
town. Here is the location of all of the banners:

Stark’s Pond
Kevin Stoley’s House
Mr. Slave’s House

To destroy a banner, simply walk up to it and hit it with a melee attack.

To Top

Talk to Mr. Mackey in the Community Center and he will ask you to drop off a
computer monitor at his storage unit at U-Stor-It. Go to his storage locker,
open it up, and then go to the shelf against the far wall, with the bottom
shelf being golden. Place the monitor there and then return to Mr. Mackey to
confirm that the job is done.

Though while you’re in his shed, you might as well loot the hell out of it and
smash some things.

To Top

The battle with ManBearPig is a tough one. Make sure you have plenty of
water balloons, they are extremely helpful and basically required to win the
battle. And they are basically how to defeat ManBearPig.

ManBearPig’s helmet will fall off multiple times in battle. When he grabs the
helmet again, he will do a chant that will cause his attack to spike as well as
refill his health meter a decent chunk. His health will continue to constantly
refill while he has the helmet on, UNLESS you take his buffs away from him,
which can be done by throwing a water balloon at the dude.

This is ESSENTIAL to the battle. It will still be a long one, but as long as
you can just keep him from constantly healing throughout the entire thing,
then you will be golden.

To Top


After completing the main quest “Defeat the Underpants Gnomes”, there will be
another Underpants Gnome chilling out in your bedroom. Talk to him and he
will ask you to collect five pairs of underpants.

If you’ve been heavily exploring the town up until now, then it is extremely
possible that you have already collected the underpants necessary to complete
this quest. But if not, here is where you can find them (search the dressers):

Cartman’s mom’s room
Kevin’s room
Stan’s room
Stan’s parents’ room
Kyle’s room

Collect all five pairs of underpants and then return them to the gnome in your

To Top

NOTE: After you beat the game, this quest disappears. So you NEED TO TALK TO

Nazi Zombie locations:

After the Nazi Zombies have invaded South Park, speak with Sergeant Yates at
the police station. He will give you a quest to go out and kill five of the
Nazi Zombies that are walking around town and then loot them for the rings
and return to him.

Here’s the location of the zombies:

Next to the church
Police station parking lot
Near movie theater
Roof of building downtown

To Top

If you’re having trouble finding the animals, this video will help:

Buy the hunting guide from Jimbo at his gun store. This will give you a
variety of exotic animals to fight around South Park and Canada as well. After
purchasing the guide, you will also automatically get the bait needed to lure
these animals out of their hiding spots.

First let’s fight the Canadian Barking Spider of the Queefing Caverns. To the
north of the cave system in Canada you will see what is clearly a spider web.
Stand on top of it and press A to lay the bait. This will attract the spider
in question. This one is an easy kill, and it is especially weak to fire
based attacks.

Next let’s go to Kenny’s house. Near the pile of junk by Kenny’s house is a
small dog bed. Place the Moldy Sausage here to lure the Rabid Junkyard Dog
out. Like the spider, this enemy is extremely easy to defeat, and also like
the spider, it is weak to fire.

The third enemy is the toughest of all. Mutant Bacteria. If you’ve beaten the
main quest already, then you should be very familiar with such bacteria, and
it’s pretty gross, huh? Anyway, you need to return to the school and make your
way to the basement. Enter the boiler room once you get to the basement, and
then examine the dish on the table that is on the southern most part of the

This will start the battle with the Mutant Bacteria. The Mutant Bacteria will
channel an attack that will allow it to split up into three separate entities
which will also regain a significant portion of its health. If you fail to
interrupt this power, the battle goes on much longer, but there is a secret
about this side quest that makes it a lot easier!

Even though these are all basically boss fights, you can use summons! What
this entails is that you can eliminate these creatures right off the bat.
The Mutant Bacteria is tough enough that you might want to consider doing
this if things start going south, but you shouldn’t have to even consider it
really when fighting the spider or the dog.

Now let’s head to the sewers. Go through the manhole that is near the movie
theater (assuming you’ve unlocked it already, if not then you will need to
go to the sewers and follow the “Emergency Exit” signs until you find the
caves underneath South Park). You will find a pile of shit that you can place
the Blood Orange on to find the Bloodsucking Fruit Bat.

The Bloodsucking Fruit Bat is another easy kill, and again, it is especially
weak against fire. The next creature is also in the sewers, and you probably
have seen it before. Its eyes glow red from the darkness in the sewers…place
the bait and then do battle with…the Penis Mouse!

Mr. Garrison’s Penis Mouse is extremely easy to kill as well. When it’s dead,
the final animal you need to kill (because if we don’t kill animals…they’ll
die) is at Farmer Bill’s ranch. Place the cowbell on the rope to summon the
cow. Smack the Farm Cow once and it will fall over and die.

Return to Jimbo and Ned and tell them about your success against the creatures.
They will add you on Facebook and you’ll also get Jimbo’s Key. Jimbo’s Key
opens the treasure chest in the rafters that you can access using the alien
anal probe teleportation device.

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14 Responses to South Park: The Stick of Truth – Side Quests [Guide]

  1. avatar James Tattrie says:

    I did all the bits for Al Gore and got the quest to unfriend him but as soon as i changed screen the quest vanished. I tried reloading my save but this hasn’t popped the entire game. Anyone else had this issue?

  2. avatar Lee says:


    It’s okay I’ve managed to get into the emergency exit in the sewer, I’m trying to destroy that large rock now in the caverns.


  3. Hey Lee,

    The only way you can get through the manhole by the movie theater is after you’ve already gone up the ladder to exit the sewers in that area.

    Inside the sewers, you will see grey signs on the wall that say emergency exit. I recommend you complete the side quest “Dropping off the Kids first, so that you have full access to the sewer system at that point. Anyway, you will be led directly to the cave system by following those signs. You will need the alien anal probe teleportation device before you can do this quest, keep in mind.

  4. avatar Lee says:

    Thanks for including the big game huntin’ with jimbo guns side quest, I’m having problems finding the bloodsucking fruitbat, I can’t access the emergency exit in the sewer and how do you open the sewer next to the cinema?

    Many thanks


  5. If you’ll notice on the left post of the gate, there is a contraption with a rope set up. Approach this contraption and tap A (or X, depending on if you’re playing on 360 or PS3). This will put the bell on the post and that will summon the cow that you need to “fight” to complete the quest.

  6. avatar Charlie says:

    I’m missing the farm cow quest in Jimbo’s big game hunting.. how do you ‘use the bell’?

  7. Hey Sam,

    Unfortunately that side quest is one of the missable quests in the game. =( You will have to start a new character or load an old save.

    You can start a new character without overwriting your old character, so don’t worry about that.

  8. avatar Sam Earle says:

    I have finished the game completely and I haven’t done the nazi zombies quest from the police station and when I go there he says, ‘Sorry kid I’m too busy to talk to you know – maybe later’ is there any possible way I can complete this quest now without creating a new character and if I do create a new character will my old character save?

  9. avatar Lee says:


    What about the Big Game Hunting With Jimbo Guns side game???

  10. There will be another update to the guides later this evening.

  11. avatar Lee says:

    What about the Big Game Hunting With Jimbo Guns side quest???

  12. avatar Mike says:

    You have to finish the alien spaceship quest first. When you’re done that, you’ll have an anal probe teleportation device, which you point at the sensor in the sewer drain, and will teleport you to the other side of the sewer.

  13. Hey Michael!

    I myself haven’t figured that out quite yet. I will update the guide when I do. =)

  14. avatar Michael cooper says:

    Okay Im having trouble with the last part of the manbearpig defilibrator plant scene. I cant figure out how to get past that damn sewer drain? what do I use to go forward, ive tried most things but im stumped