The Tribez & Castlez Walkthrough [Guide]

The Tribez & Castlez

Imagine yourself getting thrust in a world where magic rules over science. That’s what you’ll get to feel and experience with The Tribez & Castlez. Manage your workers and rebuild the kingdom, and you can also go on quests and help other kingdoms while repelling the nasty gobools that are trying to invade your land. Expand your territories fast and build your mystical empire with this very comprehensive guide.

The Tribez & Castlez is a building simulation game where players must manage their resources such as wood, stone, coins, and workers in order to build their own kingdom. Players also have the option to add friends and visit their kingdoms in order to help out and collect rewards. There are quests to perform and key items to collect in order to push the story forward and to earn even greater prizes.

Gold and gems are the two main currencies within the game. Coins are required for purchasing and upgrading most structures, and are also required for the production of some resources. Coins can be acquired by collecting from industry buildings and by completing quests. These can also be acquired via in-app purchases.

Gems, on the other hand, are the game’s premium currency. Gems can be used from anything to summoning additional workers, speeding up tasks, or buying special items at the store. Gems can also be used to purchase additional resources whenever necessary. Gems can be acquired by levelling up, completing achievements, or via in-app purchases too, among others.

Aside from currencies, it is also very important to have a lot of resources, especially if you want to build more structures and to keep your businesses running. Resources are also often required when performing tasks, although you can fill these requirements by exchanging premium currency for them. Resources can be acquired from different places like food from trees, wood from mills, and others. They can also be found by removing debris from your territories, although these would only come in minute quantities.

The amount of resources that you can store will depend on the number and level of your warehouses. The higher the level, the more types of items and the more numerous quantities of each type of resource you would be able to store. Eventually, more resources would also become available which would allow you to do even more within the game such as influence, defense, tokens, and many more. These would be integral when it comes to objectives such as expansion of your land as well as when battling enemies.

Leveling Up
Almost all actions within the game will earn players experience points. Once players level up, they will earn rewards such as free currencies, and they will also be able to unlock different items for purchase at the store. Leveling up will also open more quests for you to do and complete, giving you more content that the game has to offer. Lastly, leveling up will increase the maximum level of your structures as well as allow you to build more within your kingdom.

The store is where players are able to buy additional items for your kingdom. These can range from buildings that will generate income and resources for you, as well as decorations that will increase your influence. There are also boosts that will increase experience, coins, or resources earned for a limited time and many more. For buildings, it is very important to have the adequate space as well as workers for building. It will also take some time for construction to complete, although gems can be used to bypass this.

For other structures like apple trees, food will be generated automatically, but workers are required for collection. It is also important to note that buildings will not function if there are still things to collect from them. Lastly, upgrades will most likely require resources, workers, time, as well as for your experience to be at a certain level before you would be able to proceed.

Your kingdom may also be expanded, but this will also require certain items and influence, as well as completion of certain quests. Always make sure that you have the appropriate resources and work toward attaining the required items and achievements so that you will be able to acquire these items at the store very early on. Of course, save up on your currency and but only those things that you need at the moment.

Workers are the lifeblood of your kingdom, as you would need a certain number of them in order for your kingdom to function. They will be the ones who will go on searches, build or upgrade structures, collect from buildings, as well as work in the businesses running within your land. They will also be the ones that would be clearing the debris within your territory. Should you need additional workers, you may summon more using gems. This is where you must spend most of your currency as this will allow you to do multiple tasks at once.

Quests are objectives that you must do in order to push the story forward and to know more about the game. These can range from building or upgrading a structure or adding allies for your kingdom. Completing quests will earn players currency and experience, and is the best way to know what your next course of actions would be. New quests will open up once players have completed current quests, or if they have already achieved a certain level within their kingdom.

There are also achievements that can be obtained where in players can be rewarded with free gems. There are several to complete, and they can be achieved multiple times although the requirements will increase each time a milestone has been reached.

Social Function
The Tribez & Castlez also has a social function where in players can add kingdoms of other players as allies. With this, players can help out in other kingdoms for a limited time each day for a chance to earn rewards. This will also increase your reputation which would grant you even more and better free items. Helping others will require stamina, which would regenerate over time. You can also ask for their help within your own kingdom should you run out of workers or other resources. Thus, the more friends you have, the more you would be able to do.


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