Smash Hit Walkthrough [Guide]

Smash Hit

Endless running games are becoming pretty stale, so why not throw some FPS action into the mix? In Smash Hit, you can do just that, only instead of guns or lasers, you only have silver balls at your disposal. Don’t underestimate these projectiles, though, as they can really pack a punch against crystals, glass walls, and other obstacles. How long you will be able to last will depend on your accuracy and timing, and you will be able to further increase your best distance with information from this guide.

Smash Hit is an endless running game where in the goal is to go for the farthest distance by shooting at crystals and any obstacles that are in your way. Players are armed with steel balls of limited quantity, but certain actions can either add or deduct to your inventory. There are also powerups that can be acquired that would be able to help you out, but goof aim and knowing when to save up your ammo is absolutely essential, especially when destroying or interacting with objects such as doorways and other dangers that must be eliminated in ways outside of hitting them directly.

Balls are your only ammunition within the game. Balls are used to shatter crystals as well as any objects in your path. Sometimes, they must be used in order to interact with objects such as doors or powerups so that they can be collected. Balls do not fly like bullets, but rather in a curve. Thus, it would be wise to shoot high especially if the target is at a certain distance.

The number of balls you have is very important, as emptying out your reserves will end your run. Breaking crystals will earn you three to five balls, while hitting obstacles will lose you ten points. Keep your eye on your inventory and avoid hitting objects that are not in your direct way or path. Of course, make sure to make each shot count and only use them when necessary of if you are sure that you will be able to make a hit.

One players have destroyed ten crystals in a row, they will be given a multiplier. This means that players that players will be able to launch two balls at once while only spending one ball. Multipliers can be increased multiple times, giving you a much better chance of hitting objects. Your chain will end, though, once you have collided with an object or if you missed a shot. Thus, accuracy is very important in order to keep your multiplier going, but making sure that you would not get penalized by hitting a door or wall is equally vital, as well.

Powerups are accessible within the game, and can be picked up by hitting them. There are three kinds of powerups that you will be able to encounter, and all of these have certain benefits that will be able to help you during your run. One powerup will allow players to shoot limitless balls by holding on the screen, while another will slow down time so that you can react better as well as give you a longer time to take aim and shoot. Lastly, there’s a powerup that will add more punch to your attacks, allowing you to break more durable items easier. Make sure to pick these powerups up so that you will have an easier time against the many obstacles that will appear the farther you are within the game.

Players will be able to reach certain checkpoints during their run, and these serves as milestones as well as starting points for the next playthroughs. Should the player wish to restart their run, they can choose to start at a certain checkpoint, assuming that they have already reached that area previously. The number of balls that they would begin with will also depend on the checkpoint that they wished to start in. This feature, however, is only reserved for those who have access to the premium version of the game, which can only be acquired via an in-app purchase.

Tips and Tricks
The importance of accuracy within Smash Hit cannot be stressed. Make sure that you shoot a little bit upwards depending on the distance of your target, as having good aim will reward you in terms of both multipliers as well as a chance to greatly conserve your store of balls. It is also very important to aim mostly at the center of obstacles and just smash through the section that you will actually pass through. It is not essential to destroy all objects as only the center part is required. Some moving panels may not be destroyed also if you are able to realize that it will not hit you should you pass by it. Of course, it would be much safer to just destroy it if you’ve got a few balls to spare.

Another important tip is that you should take note of how objects within the game are destroyed. For instance, glasses hanging from ropes can be much easily eliminated by shooting at the ropes rather than the glass themselves. There are also lasers that need to be turned off by hitting the glass where the rays are coming from. Doors must also be opened by pressing one or more buttons with your balls. Keep tabs on new objects that you would encounter and learn from the experience so that you won’t lose balls when they count, especially during latter stages where crystals become scarce and accuracy must be close to perfect.

Lastly, don’t forget to collect powerups. These are very helpful tools that you can take advantage of, especially the unlimited balls and timer powerups. These can extend your run greatly, but you must collect them first before they could be used. Use prudence when targeting them, however, and do pass by on the opportunity to get them if the consequence is that the decision would make you in danger of colliding with an obstacle and cause you to lose some precious balls.


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