Super Splatters [Review]


One of the first things that rookie game developers get into upon getting their chops down is to explore possibilities and experiment with different things, one of which is playing around with a physics engine. Ever since the early days of ragdoll physics, it has captivated game designers with whole new ways to create novel interactive experiences through various means. We have since been inundated with a good number of physics-based titles that let us fling and jiggle various things together and onto each other. Super Splatters has a lot of flinging and jiggling about in it, which should make fans of physics-based games quite happy.

Super Splatters is a physics-based puzzle game developed by Israel-based Spikysnail Games which will feel quite familiar to fans of either Angry Birds, LittleBigPlanet, or any other physics-based game that features the manipulation of some critters to perform tasks with the use of the physics engine. It’s the sequel to Splatters, which was released in 2012 on the Xbox Live Arcade and garnered some considerable success. This follow-up is meant to expand upon what the first game had started with, and it does do that quite well as the developers now have the experience from their debut effort to draw upon.

The goal in this game is to have the gelatinous globs on screen to splash into fireworks in the biggest and most spectacular manner possible. At first, you can do this by just having them move and bump into them, but later levels feature obstacles and jump-off points that require you to perform stunts to reach. This then adds up to stunt combos, which determines how big your final score is. The blobs can only set off fireworks that correspond to their color, which makes it more strategic than other physics-based games like Angry Birds, wherein there’s a larger margin of error involved.

This game’s biggest strength is definitely in its physics engine, which drives the reward mechanism of the gameplay. There is also a good amount of variation in levels, challenges, and ways to complete them, which gives this game quite a bit of replay value. There are some levels that require speed, while others ask for certain combinations of stunts to be performed that show the possibilities in coming up with big stunt combos. The blobs themselves have their own abilities that widen the player’s range of possible solutions and ways to get a higher score, including being able to stick together to amplify their effects.

There are a few flaws with it though, most of which is that with the amount of bloom and effects that can be simultaneously on the screen, things can get pretty hectic and some players may easily lose track of whatever is going on. The menu in the PC version does seem a bit more cluttered and complicated than that of console version, which may take a bit of time to work out for some. There’s also the minor gripe of not being able to check the challenges when you’ve already started a level, so you’ll have to finish or quit that level in order to check which challenges you should do next.

With the way the game looks, there is quite a bit to like with the sharp and shiny visuals and player-friendly presentation. As for the little blobs, they do have some personality to them and they interact with the player and each other in comedic ways. Super Splatters is a fun physics puzzler that any gamer can enjoy, whether you’re a casual enthusiast or a more serious gamer due to both its simplicity and surprising depth.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 7.5/10


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