What we want from South Park: The Stick of Truth DLC [Editorial]

South Park The Stick of Truth

Being a huge fan of the show and the creators of the show, South Park: The Stick of Truth was like a dream come true to me. Exploring the town of South Park in the most faithful gaming adaptation possibly of all time was a euphoric experience, one that prompted me to 100% the game and write numerous, extensive guides covering every nook and cranny within Colorado’s most famous quiet little mountain town.

Most games nowadays are expanded upon through DLC or expansion packs. A lot of games that don’t really even need to be expanded upon are expanded upon regardless, but there are many games that a lot of gamers simply want more of, and do not want to wait for a full-fledged sequel.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is one of those games. It is unlikely that the game will actually get a proper sequel due to Matt Stone and Trey Parker being busy with other ventures, namely the South Park TV show, and I have an unfortunate feeling that they are unwilling to throw their hat back into the gaming ring again so soon.

That being said, smaller content that expands the game, such as in the form of DLC expansion packs, would be absolutely wonderful. While The Stick of Truth touches nearly every aspect of the South Park TV “lore” so far, there were some notable exclusions, and I’d love to see these elements added to the game in some way, shape, or form, or perhaps even be included in a sequel (as far-fetched as the prospect of a sequel may be…)

New areas to explore
This goes without saying really, especially since you explore the vast majority of the town in the game, but there are some iconic settings from South Park and the surrounding areas that were not included in the game.

Granted, Obsidian did a pretty great job in making sure that most of the town appears in the game. However, the South Park Mall is closed off for the entirety of the game. Quests set in the mall have the potential to be interesting.

An area that I would REALLY like to explore is Mephesto’s Laboratory. Mephesto was a very important character in the early days of South Park, and as a diehard fan of the show since the beginning, it’d be great to see all of the various animals he has caged up…and their many, many asses.

Missables made…unmissable
Missable items, quests, and whatever else in games is always disappointing. Unfortunately, South Park: The Stick of Truth suffers from this issue. There are many gamers that are irritated at the missable content in Stick of Truth in regards to Chinpokomon that are made unattainable forever or friends that can’t be befriended.

Why not make these missable collectables available to players in a DLC add-on? Maybe make the missable ones appear in different areas of the game to find? Or maybe even a new game plus option would be a good idea, except all of the collectables you’ve already found are checked off so you don’t have to redo all the side quests or anything to see everything that the game has to offer.

Tougher enemies
One of the main criticisms levied at South Park: The Stick of Truth is the lack of challenge. By the end of the game, players are so insanely overpowered that virtually every enemy can be defeated with next to no effort.

It’d be nice to face off against tougher enemies that provide more of a challenge, especially if the DLC takes place after the events of the core Stick of Truth experience. They could be brand new boss enemies dreamed up by Matt, Trey, and the folks at Obsidian, or it could be enemies that already exist in the South Park universe.

As for potential pre-existing enemies? Well, the list is truly endless. MechaStreisand comes to mind immediately, as does Cartman’s infamous Dawson’s Creek Trapper Keeper that turned into a giant blob abomination. I’m just looking for a bit more challenge in the battles, and surely these gigantic foes could provide that challenge.

Though on the topic of MechaStreisand, which version of her would be in the game? This one:

or this one?:

New summons and friends
A few fan favorite characters did not make appearances in the game. Towelie is the one that I’ve seen people complain about the most, though he does appear in some loading screens. I was most disappointed at the lack of Mephesto, as stated above, though Matt and Trey went to great lengths to include some of the most obscure characters from the early seasons, such as Damien, to their credit…

Anyway, Towelie is the obvious answer for a new summon or friend. I have no idea what a Towelie focused side quest would entail, but I imagine it’d be insane. There could be numerous side quests built around Mephesto’s lab. We could answer the age old question…exactly what happens when an elephant makes love to a pig?

Don't forget to bring a towel!

I played South Park: The Stick of Truth endlessly for about a week and a half straight. I just couldn’t put the game down. It is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played and I wouldn’t feel out of bounds calling it the funniest game ever made. There are some kinks to work out, but otherwise it is also a very capable and highly entertaining RPG, with a combat system reminiscent of the Paper Mario games…if Paper Mario allowed you to kick people in the balls.

My time spent within South Park was satisfying, but still, it was too short. It’s the kind of game and adventure that you never want to end.

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8 Responses to What we want from South Park: The Stick of Truth DLC [Editorial]

  1. avatar Shrimpling says:

    I would like more adventures in Canada. I thought that part of the game was great and a nice surprise.

    I also want a chance to go Cheesing. I want to ride of the giant bird and to fight at Nippopolis for the fair maiden, swim in the fountains of Varnov with the itty titty fairies of Mammary Mountain and fight the boob goblin in the gazongas cave even if i never get a chance to see her rocking tits.

  2. avatar cannibal_manifesto says:

    oh yeah, and I definitely agree I wish they would put more challenging battles in the game… A really simple DLC I was thinking would be even if they just turned a section into an arena where you fight progressively harder enemies, ya know, just for fun… would be an easy way to give us some DLC and include more cameo characters without having to write a whole additional plot… and rack up more coin for the tons of equipment i didn’t bother buying in the game….

  3. avatar cannibal_manifesto says:

    my four major wishes off the top of my head for DLC would be to include
    1) “imaginationland” (fighting the “real” manbearpig!!)
    2) “go god go” (teleporting into the future, fighting sea otters)
    3) a lengthy trip through casa bonita
    4) a teleport inside okama gamesphere, allowing them to satire video game culture (never happened in the shows, but seems a perfect playground for matt & trey)

    but jesus, there’s so much more material for them to mine that would be great. I pirated this game, as I rarely play games anymore and can hardly afford them anyway – but I enjoyed it so fucking much I turned around and paid for it after I beat the whole thing, so hopefully there is future content!! Either way, money well spent supporting that crew…

  4. avatar Jonathan says:

    I would really like to see a DLC with a lot harder difficulty level, where every enemy is really tough.

  5. Right, this is true. You have to befriend them all to get the achievement/trophy for befriending everybody in South Park. =P

  6. avatar Ian says:

    Note to Aaron, the woodland critters actually are in the game outside of imagination land (don’t ask me how they got out).

    Notice when you go into stans room theirs a paper on the ground that says “you are invited to a blood orgy”. Remember in the first episode the Christmas critters appeared they killed Rabbity rabbit and had a blood orgy?
    Below that it says right, up, right, down, right. Then remember the dark forest you have to go through to get to canada where if you go anywhere other than up or down you just get lost forever?
    Follow those directions through the forest and walla, Christmas critters.

  7. Ah, great idea! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. We could get a ton of cameos as well…could build an entire expansion around that place.

  8. avatar Aaron says:

    I would really like to see an Imagination Land DLC for South Park. It would be a cool new region to explore and would have a lot more funny scenes and references (i.e. The Woodland Critters).