Cloud Raiders Walkthrough [Guide]

Cloud Raiders

Being a pirate is hard, but the burden is doubly difficult if you’re a sky pirate. In Cloud Raiders, players will lead a community of sky dwellers as they repel other pirates, as well as build and improve their own community. This game is not just all about building structures, however, but planning on how to improve your territory and deploy your troops for both attacking and defensive purposes. Here’s our guide to help you become the best Cloud Raider that you can be.

Cloud Raiders is a building simulation and combat game where in resources must be created and managed in order to be able to expand and improve upon your territory as well as create offensive and defensive units for yourself. Players can be invaded by pirates, although players also have the option to strike back after they have been repelled. Players can also invade and loot the bases of other players online in search of loot and high rankings.

Coins and gems are the two currencies within the game. Coins are the game’s basic currency, and can be earned by certain buildings within the game. Coins can also be looted from pirates and other players, and can be used to purchase items at the store as well as upgrade certain types of buildings. Coins may also be purchased in exchange of premium currency.

Gems are the game’s premium currency. It can be used to speed up tasks like building, upgrading, and training, as well as buy premium items like additional resources or extra workers. Gems are awarded whenever quests or achievements have been completed, among others, and may also be acquired in exchange for real money.

A third type of currency is called Cloud Nectar, and like coins, this can be acquired both via buildings that can generated them, as well as looting from other bases. Cloud Nectar may also be purchased using gems. This resource is often required for training troops and upgrading certain types of buildings.

Leveling Up
By completing quests, players will be able to earn experience points which would in turn allow players to level up. Leveling up will provide a lot of advantages, chief among them being able to receive rewards like free currency, items, or troops, as well as the unlocking of new content within the game that will now be accessible to you. Thus, the higher your level, the more you will be able to improve on your army and territory.

There are several types of structures that may be built within the game. The most important ones, and the ones that should be defended fully, are those that can generate coins and Cloud Nectar, as well as those that are used to store those precious resources. There are also barracks and bunkers where in players would be able to train and store, respectively, your troops. Most buildings will require coins to purchase, although premium ones may require premium currency to get.

Aside from buildings, there are also defensive structures like cannons and traps that can be purchased. There are also decorative items that can be placed around your base. Different structures may be unlocked for purchase depending on the level that you are in. It is also important to note that most buildings will require time and workers before they can be constructed completely, although players can opt to spend premium currency in order to speed things up or bypass these limitations. Upgrading, which would enhance the functions of your buildings as well as increase their HP, can also be done but will also require resources and time.

Your stronghold is the most important part of your base. Should you or your enemy’s stronghold fall during battle, then the invasion is over and the other team is declared as the winner. Thus, strongholds must be defended above all else. Leveling up your stronghold is a sure way to make it more durable, and would also allow more items to be built within your territory. Whenever possible, make sure to make a beeline for your enemies’ strongholds by spamming them with powerful troops that can destroy them in an instant.

Troops are units that can be used to both defend your base as well as defend it from attacks. Troops are trained at the barracks, and a certain number can be kept depending on what structures you have already built. Troops can either be placed at the bunker, which would allow them to defend against attackers, or brought along when invading other bases. Take note that the variety of units that you can train, as well as the number of troops that you can store and bring along, will depend on the existence and level of certain structures within your territory.

Make sure that you train and have different types of troops, as each of them have different skills, attributes, and strengths. Bring along and deploy the best troops for each specific type of situation in order to attain better results.

Attacking and Defending
Players can have their bases attacked periodically by pirates. Whenever this happens, players must defend their territory by having walls, traps, and other defensive structures built. Troops can also be placed in bunkers so that they can be deployed whenever players are attacked. Players also have access to special skills that may be activated after a certain cooldown period.

Once pirate attacks have been repelled, players have the option to attack their base. Players must then choose to bring along different units and then deploy them in areas near the base. The goal is to destroy all structures that the enemy has, but being able to capture the stronghold is enough. All deployed troops will be gone from you regardless of whether or not they have survived the battle, so make sure that you replenish your troops each time you fight.

Aside from fighting against the computer, Cloud Raiders also features the ability to battle against other players. This means that players can invade others’ territory, although this would require payment of coins. Players can loot others for coins and Cloud Nectar as well as prestige which would provide them leadership in global rankings.

Of course, other players would be able to attack you as well, which is why it would be a good idea to have shields installed. Shields will prevent others from attacking you for a limited period, but will immediately go down once you choose to attack them yourself. Attacking others is one of the best ways to earn resources, but will require strict planning and management of troops as well as good planning on where to best deploy them.

Quests are objectives that will push the storyline forward, and will guide the players towards being able to use all available features within the game. Concentrate all efforts towards the completion of quests so that rewards and experience can be earned quickly. Quests may include building or upgrading a certain construct, training a specific type of troop, or even simply liking and rating the game.

Aside from quests, there are also achievements that players can unlock in order to collect free premium currency. Achievements include defeating boss pirates, collecting a certain amount of coins or Cloud Nectar, and many more. Achievements can be completed multiple times, but the requirements for each will increase each time a milestone has been reached. Achievements can also be completed naturally through regular gameplay, but players can of course choose to go out of their way in order to actively try and achieve them for faster results.


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