Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes [Guide]

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes

Hideo Kojima and Konami have decided to release the “Prologue” to Metal Gear
Solid V as “Ground Zeroes”, a game that takes place nine years before the
events of the “true” Metal Gear Solid V game, The Phantom Pain. This guide
will help you complete the Ground Zeroes mission, complete all the extra
Side Ops and Extra Ops missions, and find all the XOF Patches as well!

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes [Guide]
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Mission: Ground Zeroes
3. Side Ops
4. Extra Ops
5. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Snake, aka Big Boss, must rescue Paz and Chico from an enemy compound. Complete
the mission and save Paz and Chico using this guide.

There are four types of control options in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.
You can see the control schemes for them by saying “Xbox Help” if you’re
playing the Xbox One version, or clicking “Manual” in the main menu on Xbox or
PlayStation versions.

These are the likely control schemes that you’re going to go with, as they are
the most used controls and the default control schemes.

LT – Ready Weapon
LB – Call (Use radio)
RT – Attack/CQC
RB – Use binoculars/change view
A – Change Stance
B – Reload/Carry
X – Quick Dive
Y – Action
D-pad (up) – Select/equip primary weapon
D-pad (down) – Select/equip secondary weapon
D-pad (right) – Select/equip support weapons
D-pad (left) – Select/equip items
LS – Move
RS – Control Camera
View Button – Pause
Menu Button – iDroid

LT – Ready Weapon
LB – Call (Use radio)
RT – Attack/CQC
RB – Use binoculars/change view
A – Action
B – Change Stance
X – Reload/Carry
Y – Quick Dive
D-pad (up) – Select/equip primary weapon
D-pad (down) – Select/equip secondary weapon
D-pad (right) – Select/equip support weapons
D-pad (left) – Select/equip items
LS – Move
RS – Control Camera
View Button – Pause
Menu Button – iDroid

LT – Brake/reverse
LB – Attack
RT – Accelerator pedal
RB – Use binoculars/change view
X – Use radio
Y – Get out
D-pad (right) – Turn headlights on/off
D-pad (left) – Select/equip items
LS – Steering
RS – Change viewpoint
View Button – Pause
Menu Button – iDroid

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2. Mission: Ground Zeroes
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In the main mission, as soon as you have control of Snake, you’re going to want
to to turn around immediately and face the ocean. Hug the cliff side and go
to the right. On the ground in the grass here is the first XOF PATCH. Pick it
up. You’ll now have 1/9 XOF Patches. This guide is designed to help you find
every single XOF Patch in the game as well as help you get through all the
missions. Finding all the XOF Patches will unlock secret missions, one mission
exclusive to Xbox and one exclusive to PlayStation.

The second XOF patch is located in a tent area that is to the west. First you
need to get inside the compound, however. There is a guard at a watch tower
with a large spotlight. There are numerous ways to handle this situation. If
you’re a good shot, you can knock him out with a tranquilizer dart. Or you
can climb to the top of the tower and knock him out.

Another method is to lure him to you. Make sure he can see you, then drop to
the ground and hide in the dirt. The guard will come to investigate and will
be denied reinforcements. Knock him out when he walks by, and then you can
enter the compound by simply picking the lock on the front gate.

Now head west. On your iDroid map you will see what looks like a bunch of blue
boxes. This is where the second XOF Patch is. Head there immediately and you
should encounter minimal enemy resistance, though if you see anyone, don’t be
afraid to take them out if they see you.

In this little area, you have to drop down into the actual place that has the
tents. There is a guard here that will turn his flashlight off and on. Use
the barricades as cover and when his flashlight screws up, drop down here and
then go to the southern part of the tents. There will be piles of garbage
here. Walk on top of them and you will find the second XOF PATCH. So that’s
2/9 now.

Open the iDroid map (make sure you’re in a safe spot). To the northeast of
where you are now, there is a row of four white boxes, with a clear box at the
top. Set your marker for the clear box. Make sure the map is rotated so that
it mimics how it looked when you first entered the compound from the cliffside.

This box represented a small fenced-in area with three white electrical boxes
that are fairly large. The door is locked there, so you may want to shoot out
the light above the door since this place is heavily guarded and it does take a
little bit of time to pick the lock.

Go inside and climb up on the box that is to the left once you enter. To climb
on objects, push against them and press Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation,
depending on the control scheme that you decided to go with.

The third XOF PATCH is on here. 3/9 now. Third of the way there, then I promise
we can get back to completing the actual mission! Find a safe spot, open up
your map, and then look to the north. There is a red circle that is labeled:
LANDING ZONE. Make your way there now to find three helipads.

Go to the center helipad. You will want to be in the “prone” position as to
avoid being seen by enemies. Anyway, go to the center helipad. Have Snake
positioned so that if you open up the map, it looks the same as it did when
you very first entered the compound.

Now look to Snake’s right. There is a strip of concrete that separates the
two helipads. In the center is a small red tower with a flag on top, a small
generator building, and yellow poles. Walk along this strip of concrete and
you will find the next XOF Patch in a puddle. 4/9 XOF Patches now!

The fifth patch is really close by. Note the building near the large American
flag. Go to this building and you will find a red door that can be entered,
near the tank that you can hop in if you’d like. Do not go through the door.
Instead face the door and go to the right. A blue zamboni will be at the end
of this little strip.

A grate in the ground will have been removed, revealing a small hole. Drop
into the hole and push into the other grate that’s down here that leads to
the sewer system. The fifth XOF Patch can be found here. 5/9 now. Over half
way there (whoa—ohhh, livin’ on a prayer!)

Now remember that red door from before? Return to it and go through. Walk until
you see more white generators/electrical boxes/whatever they are. Climb on
them. Then face the nearest lowest hanging roof. Move toward it and tap Y or
Triangle to jump across to the roof.

Snake will grab onto the roof and you can now shimmy along it if you so wish.
Tap the climb button again to climb on top of the roof. Go to the chimney
here and you’ll find the next XOF Patch attached to the chimney. 6/9. We’re so
close to collecting all of these that I can taste it!

Open up the iDroid map. Make sure it’s in the same position as always, the
way it would look when you first entered the compound. Now look west. There is
a road that leads out from this area and it kind of leads to the main objective

Follow the path. There will be a limited number of hostiles on this road. You
can easily take out the one or two people you find. You can also shoot out
lights that you come across along the way. It may make the enemies slightly
more alert, but it gives you an invaluable amount of cover. The only lights
on this path that you can’t shoot are the ones underneath the bridge that you
go under.

At any rate, at the end of this path is a small white building. Climb on top
of the little building to find the next patch. 7/9 XOF Patches.

Now to enter the prison area. Head north from the small white building. There
will be a couple of guards there (assuming you haven’t sent the whole place
into full out alert along the way). Get rid of them and then enter the front
gate. The eighth XOF Patch will be right there, just inside the prison area,
ripe for the taking. 8/9.

Where’s the ninth patch, you may ask? Well, what if I told you the call was
coming…from INSIDE THE HOUSE?!

The ninth and final patch is located on Snake’s body (of all places!). Make
sure no enemies are around and find a spot where you can just repeatedly roll
into a wall or something. Go prone. Then pull out your gun by pulling the left

Now push in the left stick and move to the left or right. This will cause
Snake to perform a roll. Just keep rolling on the ground over and over again
until eventually the patch will fly off his body. A short scene will occur,
then you can simply pick up the patch off the ground where you were last

Okay, now we can continue the main mission, and you will unlock all the Side
Ops and whatever Extra Ops you get depending on what system that you’re playing
on. 9/9 patches. Go you! Your rewards will come after you actually complete
the mission, so without further interruption…

You need to be in that prison area where you collected the eighth XOF Patch.
Chico’s cell is easy enough to spot. He’s the one with the Walkman, after all.
If you have a silenced weapon, shoot out all the lights in the area and try to
knock out or put to sleep any guards. Kill them if you must, but try to do so
in a quiet manner.

Then retrieve Chico. Open his cell and pick him up. Go to the rendeszvous
point. You should be able to carry Chico there with minimal difficulty. Upon
arriving, bring up the iDroid application. Use the triggers to cycle between
menus. Press the left trigger specifically so that you can get to the option
where you can call in the helicopter.

Select this option and you will be returned to the iDroid map with an added
ability to choose where to call in the helicopter. Use the white circle near
you and Chico. Wait for the helicopter to arrive. Pick Chico back up, and then
place him inside of the helicopter.

Now it’s time to find Paz. You can listen to Chico’s tape or interrogate enemy
soldiers in order to discern her location, but I will just tell you exactly
where she is because that’s kind of what I am supposed to do, right?

Remember that area with the tank, near the helipad and the red door? Go there
now, except do not go through the red door I showed you before. Instead keep
following that wall west and, near the large turret, you will find another
red door, this one slightly wider than the other.

Going through this red door will allow you to avoid having to deal with
enemies. Follow the path here and you will come across to a small building
with yet another red door, and some cameras mounted. Shoot out the cameras,
though be weary that this will summon a guard to this location.

Enter the small building to find plenty of supplies, including a silenced
machinegun that you can snag if you don’t have one or need to refill your
ammo. Get rid of any guard that comes to investigate the cameras, and then
start descending in this area.

You will be in a boiler room like area. A single guard will be protecting
the entrance to Paz. Take him out however you’d like and then continue through
to find Paz’s cell. Unlock the door and enter the room.

You’ll now be carrying Paz just like you carried Chico. Summon the helicopter
to the safe location and carry Paz there. If you have to, you can shoot
enemies with your pistol along the way, but it’s best to just outright avoid

Get Paz inside the helicopter. Then enter the helicopter yourself. Congrats,
you’ve completed the main campaign for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and
you’ve also found every single XOF Patch along the way! Now it’s time to beat
those extra missions and get 100% completion!

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3. Side Ops
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
There are four side missions, or “Side Ops”, in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground
Zeroes. To unlock them, you simply have to complete the main “Ground Zeroes”
mission a single time.

Here is the guide for the Side Ops in Metal Gear Solid V:

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Side Ops [Guide]

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4. Extra Ops
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On Xbox platforms, players unlock an “Extra Op” called Jamais Vu, in which
they get to play as Raiden. On PlayStation platforms, players will unlock Deja
Vu, which is a mission that is a callback to the original Metal Gear Solid
game that released on PlayStation.

In order to unlock these Extra Ops, you must collect all the XOF Patches.
There are nine of them, and, lucky you, use the guide above for the Ground
Zeroes mission and you can find them all fairly easily.

For more on how to complete the two Extra Ops, both Jamais Vu on Xbox and
Deja Vu on PlayStation, use this guide;

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Extra Ops [Guide]

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5. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you complete Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for
both PlayStation and Xbox home console platforms!

For more on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, check out its cheat page, which
includes cheat videos, collectable locations, and more:

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Cheat Page

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