Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Extra Ops [Guide]

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes

Both the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Metal Gear Solid V have their own
exclusive Extra Ops mission that can be unlocked. Complete them both with this

Want help completing the Ground Zeroes mission? Look no further:

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes [Guide]

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Extra Ops [Guide]
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction
2. Deja Vu
3. Jamais Vu

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1. Introduction
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Upon completing the Ground Zeroes mission and finding all of the XOF Patches,
you will unlock the “Extra Ops”. There is an Extra Op exclusive to the Xbox
version and an Extra Op exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game.

For the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the game, players unlock “Jamais
Vu”, a side mission about Raiden. Raiden’s goal is to infiltrate the island
and neutralize all the threats, both human and the humans possessed by

Those that are playing the PlayStation versions of the game have a chance to
unlock the Deja Vu mission. This tasks players with recreating scenes from the
original Metal Gear Solid game on the first PlayStation. Complete it on
Normal to unlock the classic Snake skin. Complete it on Hard to unlock the
Grey Fox skin.

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2. Deja Vu
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Go to the helipad first. Lean up against the electrical box and peak around
the corner and look at the helicopter there. The helicopter will be pixelated
like it’s from the PSOne era. Stare at it until you get the confirmation that
the first scene has been recreated successfully.

Now go through the red doors near the helipad. Climb the ladder to get up to
the searchlight area. Take out the guards. Take control of the searchlights
that are aimed down at the helipad. Move them so that that they center on the
item box that is in the center of the helipad. Climb back down and grab the
item box.

Go back to the red door, but don’t go through. Instead, facing the door, take a
right. There is a camera over here. Hide behind the crate and look up at the
camera to complete the next scene. That’s 3/7.

Now go back through the red door and head to the area where Paz was being kept
prisoner in the main mission. Down here you will find a Moai statue. Just go
to the statue and you will have 4/7 done with.

Scene 5/7 is tricky. Procure hand grenades. There are numerous areas to get
hand grenades, but the easiest place is probably the small building within
the walls of the red door. This building has a couple of security cameras
around it, but minimal guards. It’s easy to break into the building (it also
has a red door) and then snag all the supplies inside.

Once you have the grenades, look at your map. See the tents on the west side
of the map? Go there now. There is a tank here that is stopped. The hatch on
top of the tank is open. MGS fans should know that this is a reference to one
of the boss fights in the first MGS. Throw a grenade through the hatch to
complete scene 5/7.

Now you need to steal a jeep. The closest jeep to you will be at the helipad.
Take it and then look at your map. Note the road that goes underneath the
bridge. Drive along this ride and underneath the bridge or overpass to complete
scene 6/7.

Keep pressing Miller for information. Then go to the control box near the
administration building and shut down the power. 7/7 scenes successfully
recreated. Time to exit now. Head to the air duct (not too far from scene 7)
and crawl through the vents to exit.

But wait! There’s more!


Normal Mode:
1. Shadow Moses
2. Nikita
3. Mei Ling
4. Gene Therapy
5. 2nd Floor – Basement
6. Frank Jaeger
7. Musher
8. 650 lbs
9. Optical Disk
10. The Best is Yet to Come

Hard Mode:
1. Stockhoml Syndrome
2. Level 6
3. Cyborg Ninja
4. Konami Computer Entertainment Japan
5. Sniper Wolf
6. Pixealization
7. .45 pistol
8. Caribou
9. 5
10. Permissive Action Link

After completing the mission you will be tasked with completing the Metal
Gear Solid quiz. There are two different quizzes depending on what difficulty
you completed the mission on.

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3. Jamais Vu
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Jamais Vu is the Xbox exclusive mission. Unlock it by collecting all of the
XOF Patches that are in the Ground Zeroes mission. In Jamais Vu, players take
control of Raiden instead of Snake, and the goal is to eliminate the enemies
that are possessed by the “body snatchers”.

Upon being dropped out of the helicopter, open your iDroid map once you’ve
been informed that information has been sent to it, and you’ll see big red
circles on the map. These big red circles indicate areas where a “body
snatcher” could potentially be.

These enemies look exactly like the marines. The goal is to weed out the real
body snatcher enemies and the legitimate marines. It is a good idea to
interrogate as many of these guys as possible so that they will point out to
you their comrades on your map.

One way that you can tell the difference between a marine and a body snatcher
is that the body snatchers cannot be knocked out and they can’t be put to sleep
with tranquilizer darts. The only way to deal with them effectively is to kill

Go to the closest red circle. You’ll come to a road, with a guard tower across
the road. Climb to it and interrogate the guard up here. Knock him out and
then use your binoculars to look out over the tents. There will be a guard
walking. He is a body snatcher. Sneak around the tents so that you can get up
behind him, interrogate him, and then kill him.

Start to make your way to the next big red circle, which is a fenced off
area that has a guard tower with one guard, and then another guard patrolling
on the ground. They are both snatchers. You can zoom in on the one in the
guard tower with your binoculars to hear some weird crap if you want just to
prove that point.

Anyway, first take out the guard tower guy. To get to him, weave through the
crates that are on the right side when you are facing his tower after entering
this mini-compound. Watch the movements of the ground guard so that you can
bypass him easily. Get to the stairs, interrogate the guard at the top, and
then kill him.

By the way, you shouldn’t trust every single guard that tells you the location
of an enemy. This is because sometimes they will tell you where an enemy is
that is a human and not a snatcher. An easy way to tell if someone is a
snatcher or a human is to first get them in the interrogation position, then
when you’re interrogating them, try to knock them out.

If they start to get right back up after you’ve supposedly “knocked them out”,
then they are a snatcher and not a human. Quickly shoot them in the face with
a silenced weapon (preferrably) to get rid of them quick. Humans that have
not been body snatched will just get knocked out and that’ll be the end of it
for them.

Take out the ground guy next. You can interrogate and then kill him because he
is also a snatcher. Start to make your way to the helipad area now. There
will be a lone guard here. He is human, so don’t kill him, but knock him out.
Then head through the red door.

Through here you will reach an area that leads down to where you had previously
rescued Paz as Snake. There will be a guard walking down these steps. If you
can get to him fast enough, interrogate and kill him. Then kill his buddy that
is right in front of where Paz is in the Ground Zeroes mission, right by her
cage. Both of these guys are snatchers so you can kill them without much

When they’re both dead, there will be three more people to handle above ground.
Return to the surface and make your way to the next big red dots in the
compound. You’ll come across a human and two snatchers. One of the snatchers
will chill near the big gate, while the other one and the human will actively
patrol the area.

A sound strategy is to shoot out the cameras and then have one of them come
investigate. If the others aren’t looking, this can give you the time to
interrogate and then knock out or kill the guard, or give you time to make
your way to the person that decided NOT to check up on the camera.

At any rate, get rid of one of the guards. When the other has his back
turned, you can easily get to the guy by the gate, who is a snatcher. Crawl
underneath the pipes near the gate to go around and flank the final enemy. If
you’ve already killed two more snatchers up to this point, then you can safely
assume that he is a human. If you’ve killed one snatcher and knocked out one
human, then he’s a snatcher and needs to be eliminated.

10/12 threats neutralized now. The final two can be found riding around the
helipad in a jeep. The Snatcher is in the passenger seat. Hide behind a
barricade and shoot the driver with a sleeping dart. Then take out the guy in
the passenger seat to have 12/12 threats neutralized.

The evacuation helicopter will come in, but then a bunch of enemies will
start to attack the helicopter. I recommend going to the top of the nearby
guard tower and grabbing the sniper rifle there. Use it to kill the enemies.
The helicopter will put its light on the most significant threats to help you
weed out what you need to focus on.

When the first wave of enemies has been neutralized, an enemy helicopter will
swoop in and an enemy with an RPG will be in it. You may want to get on the
actual helipad so that you can get a clearer view of him…kind of hard to see
him from the tower. Alternatively, you can take control of one of the AA guns
and use that to blow up the enemy helicopter, but this is a somewhat lengthy
process. It will take about two shots to kill the enemy in the helicopter,
depending on your accuracy.

When he’s dead, more enemies will pour into the area and they will all run
right for the AA guns. There are three AA guns total. Two on either end of
the helipad, and one near the tents to the south. An enemy will get on each
AA gun (assuming you don’t kill them all before they can get to them), so go
to each one and kill the enemy there to protect the helicopter.

Yet another enemy helicopter will come into view now. First get rid of the
enemy hanging out of it with the RPG. Use the sniper if you still have it.
Then get to an AA gun and use it to take out the enemy helicopter. Once it
blows up, eliminate the remaining targets, and remember to look to the skies
and follow the helicopter’s searchlight to find the most dangerous threat the

When this next wave of enemies has been defeated, the coast will finally be
clear. Wait for the helicopter to land and then hop inside for the mission to
be completed.

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