Block Fortress: War Walkthrough [Guide]

Block Fortress War

In the vastness of space, there are various races that are both violent and dangerous. In space, there are also blocks, lots and lots of them. Your mission is to conquer different planets with your hero and soldiers, as well as with whatever minerals and resources that you can capture. Block Fortress: War is part-Minecraft and part-LoL for obvious reasons and fans of both (or neither) will be able to greatly enjoy this particular title. Are you ready to take on the box-shaped galaxy? Don’t forget to go through this guide first so that you’ll be better prepared for the challenges ahead.

Block Fortress: War is a strategy game where in players would be able to visit different planets and fight the aliens living there. The main goal of each battle is to destroy the enemy’s barracks while being able to defend your own. With that, players must be able to gather resources so that they can build blocks that would be able to defend captured resource nodes as well as their own barracks, and these can also be used to create defensive and offensive objects that will help you out within each campaign. Troop and hero management is also very important as players can direct them to attack certain units, blocks, or even the enemy barracks itself. New blocks can also be crafted for variety and for better attack or defense tactics.

Rare minerals are the currency within Block Fortress: War. Rare minerals can be won during campaigns, and can be used to purchase different items at the store. These include consumable items that can be used in-game, new heroes to be used, as well as new blocks that can be unlocked and used. As with most games, additional rare minerals may also be acquired by spending real money.

Players can choose as to which hero they would like to play as. New heroes will be unlocked as players progress through the planets, and more may be purchased by spending rare minerals. Each hero has specific perks that will affect the game in one way or another, as well as special abilities that can be called upon during battle. These abilities will require Ability Points, which would regenerate over time. More skills would also be unlocked as players level up, which is done by killing enough enemies until the experience meter completely fills up.

During gameplay, players will have to maintain their health, as completely depleting it will cause your hero to die. Your hero would respawn, though, but the time that he would take to do so will depend on his current level. Health may also be replenished via items, or by being near your barracks or resource bases. Players will also have the ability to equip their heroes with different types of weapons that can be melee or ranged in nature. Equip your heroes base on the situation that you are currently facing.

Resources are the primary currency during battles. Resources can be retrieved from resource nodes, and are used in order to build blocks. Defend resource nodes aggressively, and make sure to make capturing these areas the number one thing that you do once the level has started. Having a lot of resources will also allow you to level up your barracks faster, allowing you to deploy more powerful troops.

There are several types of blocks that can be built, each with its own specific function. For example, walls provide protection against attacks, while turrets allow for support fire against enemies. Blocks have different stats and abilities, and players can see what each block can do by clicking on them. Blocks can also be destroyed by enemies, and players often have the option to repair them in exchange for minerals.

Blocks will also require a certain number of minerals before they can be placed on the stage. Blocks would also need to be near a resource node before it can be activated. More blocks can be unlocked and used by purchasing them using rare minerals. Learn the qualities of each block that you encounter so that you can better plan how to build for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Troops will automatically be deployed from your barracks to help you out. Usually, troops will move and attack on their own but they can also be directed passively by clicking on the intended target. Troops can be equipped with additional items such as weapons and armor, although equipping them with more items will mean that they will respawn slower. As your barracks level up, your troops will have more slots to put items on, although this would in turn result in even slower respawn and deployment times.

Game Modes
Block Fortress: War features two distinct game modes, namely Campaign and Multiplayer. Under Campaign Mode, players can travel through different planets where in there are unlockable battles for each one. Progress can be tracked for each planet, with the difficulty levels rising for each successive challenge. Another feature is the Multiplayer Mode, where in players can battle others online for rewards and personal bragging rights. Try and play through the Campaigns before tackling Multiplayer so that you would be able to grow from your experiences and so that you can be able to put up a much better fight against players with unpredictable strategies and with better and more numerous unlocked blocks, heroes, or other items.


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