Brave Frontier Walkthrough [Guide]

Brave Frontier

As a new Summoner, you have been given the task to venture through a vast world containing monsters and evil gods, with the goal of reaching a gate which would provide you with immeasurable power. Use allies and units that you can form squads with as you do battle with some of the best players out there, as well as quests that will bring you that much closer to the ultimate prize. Brave Frontier will require a lot of skill to play and complete, and here’s our comprehensive guide to get you through the basics of the game.

Brave Frontier is an RPG game with monster capture elements thrown in. Players must go through the storyline via quests and collect new allies along the way. These allies can then be used to boost your squad in a variety of ways such as fusing and evolving. Players can also utilize items which can provide different effects during battle. There’s also a PvP mode where in players can battle each other in exchange for greater rewards.

Battle within Brave Frontier is turn based, and players can launch their units simultaneously against a single target or even multiple ones. Players can also get to trigger Brave attacks, which are essentially special attacks that can strike at or heal one or multiple targets at once. This move can only be done if the Brave meter has been filled, which in turn happens whenever players collect crystals which are randomly distributed among the squad units. The battle ends once the player defeats all enemies, or if all of his units have been knocked out.

Zels and gems are the two currencies available within the game. Zels are the game’s main currency and can be earned by questing and defeating enemies, and these are used as a requirement for fusing and evolving units. Zels can also be earned by exchanging gems for them.

On the other hand, gems are the game’s premium currency. Players would have to put in quite a lot of work to get these for free as they are a scarce commodity. The best way to get gems is via in-app purchases, although there are some deals that will allow players to get these items for free. Gems can be used for a variety of purposes such as summoning more powerful units and refilling energy, among others.

Another currency within Brave Frontier is called karma, and these are collected from defeated enemies as well as from treasure chests, which may also contain Zels and other items, that would appear from time to time. Karma is used to upgrade locations in the town, which will then in turn allow them to be more effective in serving their main purposes.

Leveling Up
By participating in quests, players will be able to earn experience points and level up. By leveling up, your energy will be refilled completely, and along with it comes perks such as increased card cost capacity, item capacity, and many more. Different rewards will be provided each time you level up, but everything would even out more or less as you are able to progress throughout the game.

Energy is a resource that will be spent each time players go on quests. Energy regenerates over time, but leveling up or using gems can replenish it instantly. It is recommended that you exhaust all of your energy on quests before logging out so that you can maximize the time that you would be away, and also to make sure that you have enough energy to go on even more quests when you do decide to come back.

Your squad is made up of individual units that may be acquired in a variety of ways. They can be acquired as allies, given as rewards, or even summoned by using gems or other types of currencies. Each unit has specific attributes, skills, and statistics that can work well with or against other units within your team, so make sure that you have a squad that is balanced out and can work well together, as well as against certain types of opponents. They would also have to fit your style of play, preferably.

Aside from the usual stats like Health and Attack, units also have elemental affinities that would allow for more strategic play. Certain elements are strong against a certain element while weak against another, so arranging your squad depending on the enemies that you might face is essential. There are also leader and unit skills that can be used once certain conditions have been met, so make sure to read through each unit’s information first before deciding to use and discard them.

Units may also be strengthened by either fusing or evolving them. Fusing involves the sacrifice of other units in order for the unit to gain experience and thus have its stats increased. Evolving, on the other hand, is the upgrading of a unit that has already earned maximum experience levels into an entirely new unit with better skills and renewed maximum level, although this process may require one unit or more to complete. Fusing and evolving would also require Zels. These two processes are the best ways to dispose of units that you do not want, although selling them in exchange for Zels is also an option.

It is also important to note that each unit has a cost, which means that you are not allowed to bring all your powerful units, at least until you are able to increase your maximum cap. Players can increase the total cost of units that they can have in their squad by leveling up or by spending gems.

The town is where players can visit different sites and collect various items that can be used for synthesis, as well as acquire extra currency and karma. Here, players can also create item and spheres using items that they have found throughout the game. Locations can be upgraded using karma, after which new items for synthesis or spheres for crafting may be unlocked, and other locations would also players to yield more items once explored.

Spheres and Items
These two items can be used to boost your units’ abilities as well as provide you with different benefits. These may include advantages such as increase attack capabilities, regenerate health or remove bad status effects, or allow for increased Zel or karma collection. Items are consumable and can be brought into quests while Spheres can be equipped to a unit of the player’s choosing. Items and spheres can be created at the town, although karma may have to be spent for upgrades so that they can be unlocked and be made available.

Players can participate in both story based quests as well as special event quests that are only available for a limited amount of time. Both of these will require energy to participate in, and different rewards as well as new allies can be acquired. However, special or Vortex events are more difficult than regular quests, but also have the better rewards.

Each mission contains a set number of battles, and would culminate in a boss battle. Completing missions will allow players to unlock new areas and new quests, although players can still return to previously completed missions should they be still available.

Players can also do battle with others online via the Arena. Battle during PvP is more or less similar with regular quests, although players are not allowed to use items. Arena Orbs are required to do battle in the Arena, and this also replenishes over time. Players have the chance to earn big rewards as well as have the chance to have their name posted in leaderboard, so it is recommended that you try out your squad against random opponents for prizes as well as to know how your team fares well against the competition.

Social Function
Brace Frontier also allows players to seek out the help of other players when performing missions. This means that they will get to have an additional member in their squad that they can bring along in battles. Adding players will also allow players to earn special currencies that they can use to summon more units, although these are much weaker as compared to those summoned using premium currency. They can also connect the game to Facebook in exchange for free currency and other rewards.


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