The Collectables Walkthrough [Guide]

The Collectables

First there was The Expendables, now there’s The Collectables. Players will have the chance to control a ragtag team of mercenaries and other individuals as they go on a mission. What mission? Does it really matter? What matters is that players can get to experience some strategic action as they complete objectives and ensure that each campaign is a success. There’s a lot of missions to accomplish, plus a lot of content to gain access to. Here’s our complete guide on what to expect throughout the game.

The Collectables is a real time strategy and card collection game where in players can get to collect and control characters as they try and accomplish different missions. Character cards as well as action cards can be purchased, awarded, and collected, and these can be upgraded in order for them to be more effective in battle. Several missions will require them to accomplish different tasks, such as killing enemies, destroying targets, or escorting VIPs to safety. All of these must be accomplished by directing your troops either individually or as a group properly, and of course being able to use your character and action cards in a strategic manner.

Gold is the main currency within The Collectables. Gold can be won by completing missions, although there’s also the option to buy additional gold using real money. Gold can be used to refill your energy, purchase more fuel, or buy new card packs where in new character and action packs can be acquired. Gold is a very important resource so make sure that you acquire these early on. However, don’t spend it on resources that you can actually get for free. Rather, it would be better to use gold in order to get better cards so that you don’t have to go the in-app purchase route to get more.


Fuel is another type of resource within The Collectables. Like gold, fuel can be won by completing missions, and more can be acquired in exchange for spending gold. Fuel is a currency that can be used in order to upgrade cards which would be able to increase their stats and effectiveness. Spend fuel only on cards that you have the intention of using for the long run, although there would be cases where in you would not be able to proceed if you don’t level up some of your cards once or twice.

Energy is a resource that functions pretty much like any other game that utilizes the energy system. Energy is required whenever players would like to go on missions, so it is important that players always have enough. Energy regenerates over time, although levelling up as well as paying gold will be able to replenish it instantly. Thus, don’t waste your gold for refills if you are close to levelling up, even if your energy levels are already close to exhaustion. Also, make sure that you use up all of you energy before leaving the game so that you can go to more campaigns.

Leveling Up
Each time players engage in campaigns, they will be able to earn experience points. Character cards would also be able to earn players extra experience points, and treasure chests found on the field can also provide more. Once enough has been earned, players will be able to level up. Leveling up will completely refill your energy as well as allow players to add more actions cards to their deck. Thus, the more you play, the more you will be able to level up, and the more cards you will be able to bring into the field.

Characters Cards
Players can have up to four character cards in their squad, and each has their own stats like attack and health, as well as different types of weaponry and range, among others. Character cards also have the ability to boost experience points earned by players. These types of cards are acquired either as rewards, or by purchasing card packs using gold.

Character cards may be level end up using fuel. This will increase the statistics of characters, making them more effective in battle. Character cards can only be levelled up to a maximum level, and the required fuel will increase with each upgrade.

Action Cards
Action cards are additional cards that players can bring into the mission. Action cards have different functions such as healing your characters, giving them increased defense for a specific period of time, or dealing damage to enemies. Action cards may also affect either single or ranged targets. Action cards may be activated by dragging them from the bottom of the screen towards the target.

Action cards behave pretty much like character cards. They can be acquired by purchasing card decks or as rewards. They can also be upgraded using fuel. It is important to note that action cards that have been used in a mission can no longer be used in the same mission, but would still be there for the next stage. The amount of action cards that you can carry will depend on your current level.

There are two main mission modes, namely campaigns and limited events. Campaigns would follow the storyline, and these are divided into episodes that will contain different levels. Completing missions would new stages and areas for the players to accomplish. On the other hand, special events will only be available for a limited time, but are more difficult than regular campaigns.

Missions will require energy to play, and rewards will be based on how many times players get to accomplish the said mission. Objectives within the game would include destroying targets, escorting VIPs, to killing enemies. Players must also be able to reach the extraction point in order to complete the stage. Even if only one character would remain, the mission would still be considered as complete.

Tips and Tricks
While it is important to have powerful characters for your squad, your strategy is as equally important, and maybe even more so. Players should be able to utilize their units either individually or as a team, and they must serve a function that will assist each other and have them work towards a common goal.

It is important to note that characters can move individually, and they can also be guided together towards a common location. Players now have the option which strategy to take. Moving your units together is good if you want to move away from a location where grenades would be exploding, and individual commands would be good if you would like your units to take cover or use some units as decoys while others would go around and attack enemies when and where they are most vulnerable.

It would also be a wise strategy to draw enemies away from locations where they have the advantage. Some enemies can be drawn from their hiding places by having your units go near them and then pull away. This is a good move especially if there are a lot of enemies and if your current position does not have a lot of cover. Try as much as possible to divide and conquer so that you can dispatch groups of enemies easily.

When it comes to your cards, conserve your fuel for the upgrading of cards that you will be using for a long time. Also, try and spend any gold that you have earned so that you can get superior cards that you can upgrade early on. This goes the same for upgrading action cards. Upgrade health cards as well as those that can attack ranged enemies rather than those that can only affect single targets. Of course, it would be good to have boost cards in the mix especially if you have a lot of free space on your deck.

Complete missions that you have already completed. This will allow you to get better rewards, and this will also allow you to level up faster. Sometimes, this is the only way that you can get enough good cards as well as additional resources so that you would be able to move forward in completing harder missions. The more previous levels that you can participate in, the tougher your team will inevitably be, and the easier later stages will be.

You can also participate in limited events to test out your team. Take advantage of these events as you would be able to earn lots of great rewards. Make sure, though, that you have enough energy in order to be able to collect on all the requirements so that you would get the best prizes available. Don’t spend your hard earned gold on energy refills, though, as this can be much better put to use in buying better cards.

Lastly, don’t forget to exhaust your energy reserves when playing. This will allow you to maximize your playing time and allow you to level up much faster. Keep playing the game until you no longer have energy, and come back when your meter is full. This way, you can continue to enhance your team until you can complete all missions with legendary character and action cards that you have acquired.


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