Pocket Gunfighters Walkthrough [Guide]

Pocket Gunfighters

In Pocket Gunfighters, the genius inventor Timer has created a time machine that can, of course, travel through time and space. As luck would have it, he was able to encounter Blondie, and he will prove to be a very important part of the quest to stop Equinox from wreaking havoc in the time and space continuum. Players will get to control Blondie as well as other characters from different periods of time as they travel and face ninjas and other enemies.

It’s an action packed shooting adventure where in both high accuracy and good teamwork within your squad is necessary in order to succeed. Get ready for a timeless journey that will have you bouncing through different time periods, and regardless of where and when you end up, keep this guide as a handy reference for everything there is to know about this game.

Pocket Gunfighters is a shooting game where in players can collect and play as up to three characters in several missions where in the goal is to rid the stage of as many enemies as well. Focus is geared more towards the collection and upgrading of characters, although special abilities and powerups are also available in order to make the levels easier to complete. The game follows a storyline with players travelling through time and collecting even more characters to add to their squad.

Coins are the game’s main currency. Coins are awarded from defeated enemies, with more to be collected the higher the combo’s players can achieve. Coins from regular kills will have to be collected by swiping at them, while coins from maximum combos are automatically retrieved. Coins may also be awarded by completing achievements and by exchanging stars for them.

Stars can be used to purchase powerups, new characters, and mystery boxes, and can also be used to upgrade your characters’ stats. As there are a lot of characters that will inevitably be available, it would be a good idea to stock up on coins and use them up on characters that you would be using constantly in the long run.

Stars are the game’s premium currency, and they also serve the purpose of unlocking the final stages of each zone where in players would be able to battle the boss of each episode. Each stage will allow players to earn stars which are awarded whenever certain conditions like making a certain number of kills or reaching a minimum score are met. These would add towards the count that will unlock the last stage of the zone.

This figure will also add towards your stars currency, which can be used to purchase characters, revive them, or purchase premium mystery boxes. Additional stars may also be acquired by completing achievements or by buying them outright using real money.

Players will get to unlock characters in a variety of ways. Some of them must be purchased using either stars or coins, while some would be made available to you once certain stages have been completed or if mystery boxes were bought. Each character has a specific weapon and different attributes, with the latter upgradable using coins.

Characters would also belong to a certain group, and completion of all characters within the group will allow the unlocking and use of squad power. Players can select up to three characters to play as during each stage, but players must choose wisely, taking into consideration their weapons and stats as well as their own personal style of play.

In battle, players can switch between characters, after which characters on the background will automatically reload and regain health. This is especially important as killed characters cannot be used for a specific amount of time unless powerups are used or if they are revived using stars. Should all characters fall, then players can choose to spend stars in order to revive all characters, continue progress using a new set of characters, or begin the mission anew.

There are different kinds of weapons available within the game, and characters cannot change their weapons although aspects such as firepower and reload speed can be upgraded. Players must tap or swipe at enemies and the character will automatically shoot at them. Take note, however, that some weapons are good at certain conditions while weak at another. For example, shotguns are good for enemies that are grouped together, but has limited ammo which makes it a liability against multiple opponents that are spread apart. On the other hand, machine guns have lots of ammo that can take down lots of enemies at once, although firepower can be a bit weak.

With this, it is very important to have a good mix of characters with different types of weapons that you can swap in and out depending on the situation. Players should also care to look at their ammo, as reloading would take up time and would also leave your characters vulnerable to attacks. A wise move would be either to dodge at lasers or firecrackers by swiping at the screen until your character could reload again, or simply to swap in another character so that you can continue shooting at the enemies that appear.

Aside from squad power and abilities, players can also gain access to powerups, which can be acquired in a variety of ways. They can be bought using coins, acquired as drops, or collected from mystery boxes. There are three types of powerups in all, and each serves a specific function. The Angel Dice powerup randomly revives any or all of your fallen characters, while the Shield powerup will make you vulnerable for a limited amount of time. Lastly, the Ammo powerup will provide you with unlimited ammo for a short while, allowing players to shoot without having to worry about reloads.

Players can stock up on powerups so that they can use these items whenever the situation calls for it. Activating the powerup is as simple as tapping on it, and players have the option to buy powerups at the store or even before beginning a stage.

Mystery Boxes
Mystery boxes are boxes that can contain anything from new characters to powerups. Different currencies at different quantities are required to purchase mystery boxes, of which there are many kinds, and the more currency you spend, the higher the chance of players getting good items in return. Players should also take note that certain characters can only be acquired by buying specific Mystery Boxes, although the chances of them appearing are completely random. Mystery boxes may also appear as drops during gameplay, although players should complete the stage first before this can be opened.

Pocket Gunfighters features several stages where in players can earn stars by meeting certain requirements. Each stage unlocks the next one, and new episodes will also be made available, although some would require additional downloads. Playing through missions will also sometimes allow players to unlock new characters. Players can go back and complete previous missions in order to get more coins and to collect stars that they have not gotten yet so that they can proceed to the next area.

Completing achievements is a great way to earn extra coins and stars. Most of these achievements can be completed through regular gameplay, although you can also go out of your way to play through some levels just to complete these objectives. Achievements include accumulating a total amount of points, firing a certain number of bullets, or collecting all members of a particular number of squads.

Always check your progress in the achievements section of the game, and collect rewards for any achievements that you may have already completed so that you can use these rewards in order to purchase new powerups or upgrade characters that you can then use to complete some of the tougher stages within the game.


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