Star Horizon Walkthrough [Guide]

Star Horizon

Are you ready for an epic space adventure? Star Horizon is more than ready to give you just that with its awesome visuals and exciting gameplay. Players take on the role of John as he destroys enemy ships, avoids deadly obstacles and debris, and banters constantly with his ship’s AI. It’s a very fun game that has both actual dialogue and a well thought out storyline, things that are rarely seen in most on-rails shooting games where players can just focus on destroying everything in front of them and nothing else. Embark on a mission to bring glory to the Federation and to keep yourself alive during all this with our complete guide on what to expect with this title.

Star Horizon is a railway and arcade shooter where in players must guide their ship in order to avoid obstacles that they can crash into like ship walls, asteroids, and floating debris. On top of that, players must also be able to dodge lasers and rockets fired by enemies, as well as destroy the opposition in order to move forward. Players have no control over the direction that the ship will go, although moving left and right can be done so that they can avoid getting damaged.

Along the way, players will have to make responses which would serve as decisions to a specific situation. These, however, do not provide major alterations to the storyline. Players must progress through increasingly difficult missions, and they must use up currency to upgrade their weapons and ship so that they can have an easier time completing the objectives that need to be accomplished.

FC, or Federation Credits, are the game’s only and main form of currency. Players can earn FC b destroying enemies and completing missions. FC are used only for the purchase of new weapons and ships at the hangar, which can then be used in order to create a stronger and more durable ship. Currently, there’s no way to acquire FC aside from actually grinding through missions, as there are no in-app purchases available for Star Horizon except the game itself.

Players have the option to choose between three weapons when firing at an enemy. Basic gunfire allows for rapid firing but only deals light damage. Two missile types are available also for both spread damage as well as for dealing massive attacks to a single target. While all weaponry has unlimited ammunition, the latter two weapon types would need to be recharged before they could be used again. More powerful weapons can be purchased in the Hangar and then equipped to your ship.

Ships differ in two different areas only, namely Shield and Health. Each time players take damage either by crashing into objects or getting hit by enemy fire, their Shield gets depleted. However, shields regenerate over time. Should the shield be down and the ship still gets damaged, however, then the ship will have reduced health. Health, on the other hand, is something that does not get refilled over time, and players would have to lie low and wait for their shields to get put up again so that their ship would no longer get damaged any further. Better ships will higher shield and health are available at the Hangar.

The Hangar is where players are able to buy new weapons as well as new ships. The higher the level of an item, the better it would be, performance wise. New items would be unlocked and made available as players progress though the different episodes. All weapons and ships may be purchased using FC.

Missions within Star Horizon are divided into episodes, and players can have the chance to repeat episodes that they have already completed in order to earn extra FC. Players can also encounter checkpoints, after which players can decide on whether they would like to start from the most recent checkpoint passed or from the very start of the mission should they die.

Players can earn a maximum of three stars per mission depending on their overall performance. New missions would be unlocked once previous ones have already been accomplished. It is recommended, however, that players grind for FC in earlier stages so that they would be able to purchase the necessary upgrades, especially if they find themselves constantly getting killed in action during the tougher stages of the game.


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