Hello Hero Walkthrough [Guide]

Hello Hero

The fate of Armon is in your hands. You and a bunch of recruits that you have collected will serve as heroes as you try to drive away the evil Keronic forces and their worshippers from your land before the planet is completely destroyed.  There are a lot of heroes that you can add to your party, and each will have special abilities that will help you along the way. With that, get ready to say Hello Hero and read through this guide to really get you going.

Hello Hero is a card collecting and battle game where players must go through missions in order to recruit heroes and items that can be used to strengthen their party. Battle takes place automatically, and the focus of the game is more towards managing the activation of skills, which works in a queue system. Although players can set this feature automatically, this is actually the only part of the action that players can participate in during battles. There are other missions where in players can do battle against the AI as well as with and against real life players online.

There are several kinds of currency within the game such as gold, carats, and honor points, and each serve their specific purpose in Hello Hero. Gold is the basic currency, and can be won by completing missions. Gold is used in order to improve heroes so that they can be stronger and more powerful in battle.

On the other hand, honor points are typically awarded whenever players are able to add allies to their team. These can be used to purchase new items and even heroes. Lastly, carats are the game’s premium currency and can be used to buy premium heroes, restore stamina and energy, and even buy additional coins. All currencies can be won in many other ways like joining tournaments, completing achievements, or participating in boss battles, but as carats are more precious and much harder to come by, they can also be bought using real money.

Sometimes, currency and other items would be placed at the Giftbox. Players must manually collect these rewards. Otherwise, they will disappear. Make sure to check this area regularly to not miss out on extra currencies that may be awarded to you.

Stamina and Energy
Stamina and energy are the two resources that will allow you to participate in battles during the game. Both are resources that refill over time but can also be replenished automatically using premium currency. Stamina is used for the basic missions while energy is spent whenever players go into boss raids or dungeon quests. The best way to make the best out of this resource is to play until both your stamina and energy is at zero and then return once they have been filled up so that you can go on more quests again.

Each hero has different statistics and skills. Skills are the main focus of the game as these are the ones that will really benefit the player as well as the entire team. There are attack based and support based skills such as those that provide healing and boosts, so skills of heroes within your team must be able to work well together.

In battle, skills have a cooldown mode, and the next skill in the queue would be triggered automatically once the timer for the skill has expired. Players can also override previous skill commands or automated skills by clicking on a different skill. Being able to properly deploy skills as needed is absolutely important to find success within this game.

Players can form up to five heroes in a party. Heroes may also be trained and upgraded using coins and other cards, and they can also be equipped with items so that their stats can be boosted, Alternatively, heroes that you do not want to use may be sacrificed in order to make more important cards stronger, or sold off for additional currency. Hello Hero is a game where in both hero and skill management is essential for success, so make sure to keep your heroes strong and to have a deeper understanding of their skills and how they can help you win battles.

It is also important to note that enemies will generally attack the first two heroes in front of your party. Thus, where you delegate your heroes is also important, as putting heroes with high health in front while having those at the back support them is the best strategy there is especially against tougher enemies that can deal lots of damage.

Heroes are typically earned as rewards after the completion of missions, but they may also be purchased using carats or honor points. There may also be certain missions where in new heroes may be rewarded. Make it a point to reassess your party whenever a new hero comes along, as there’s no telling as to how this new hero would be able to contribute to your team.

Items are weapons or armor that can be equipped to a particular hero so that specific attributes may be boosted. Take caution, however, as equipped items may no longer be removed. Items can be provided as rewards or acquired via crates purchased using currency. While items can be very beneficial, learn to equip wisely as these moves are considered permanent. This may prove to be bad news especially if there’s a particular hero you would like to build up and a better weapon or armor comes along but you have already previously equipped an inferior item to them.

There are several types of missions that are available with Hello Hero. Aside from the main quests, there are also Dungeon Quests, Time Attack Battles, Boss Raids, and even PvP. These battles cost either energy and stamina, and can provide different rewards such as currency, items, or even new heroes. Of course, these modes also vary in difficulty, so make sure that your party is up to the challenge. Also, take note that some modes are timed, with your participation or progress determining the type of reward that you will have.

Aside from missions, there are basic quests or achievements that you can achieve. These include killing a specific number of enemies, recruiting a minimum number of heroes, and many more. Completing these quests can come naturally, or players can go out of their way to try and complete them. Completing quests will reward players with carats, new items, and other rewards, so try as much as possible to check up on and complete any of the quests that are made available to you.


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