Boom Beach Walkthrough [Guide]

Boom Beach

They say that you shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken, and that’s exactly what game developer Supercell did. Boom Beach is pretty much like their Clash of Clans, but Supercell was able to turn the tried and tested formula into something that is still pretty much unique and very enjoyable. Rather than Vikings and other medieval characters, Boom Beach brings a more modern and realistic feel into the genre as it features soldiers that are taking over islands and repelling enemy forces from their territory. There are a lot of things to discover, and there are lots of battles to take part in. If you feel that you are up to the challenge, then here’s our guide to start you off.

Boom Beach is a simulation building and real time strategy game where in players must enforce their territories and build troops that will allow them to attack and take over other islands. Players must be able to balance out resources for offensive and defensive purposes, as well as to keep their economy going. Strategy must also be employed during battle as different situations will call for different troops to deploy and different plans to execute. Players can get to do battle with both computer and player controlled islands which would earn them valuable resources as well as medals which would allow them to rank in global leaderboards.

Coins and crystals are the two main currencies within the game. Coins are earned regularly from residences as well as other buildings and captured islands that will generate income. Attacking other islands will also yield coins. This currency is used for the training of troops as well as whenever players would like to attack other territories.

On the other hand, crystals are considered as the game’s premium currency. It is used for the speeding up of tasks as well as for the bypassing of required items should you want to build or upgrade a structure. Crystals can be found in the map or sometimes in your very own island, and they can also be awarded by completing achievements. The best way to get a lot of crystals, however, is by purchasing them outright using real money.

Leveling Up
Building and upgrading, among other things, will cause players to earn experience points that would in turn allow them to level up. Leveling up provides rewards like free currency and can also unlock other items for purchase at the store. This means that, the higher your level is, the more you would be able to build, allowing you to better improve on your base’s economy and defenses as well as bolstering your troops for when you would need to go on the offensive.

Aside from currencies, resources are also very important within Boom Beach, the most essential of which is wood. Wood is essential for upgrading and building structures, and other resources which would be available at latter levels would also be required. Resources can be acquired from structures that can generate them automatically for you, as well as from clearing surrounding debris. Attacking other islands will also yield precious resources; although players should take note that other players can also acquire these items from you should you be the one who gets attacked. With that, players can build structures that can increase their storage capacity for both gold and resources, as well as build safekeeping facilities that will keep your resources from being stolen.

Your headquarters is the most important place within your territory, and this must also be defended at all times. During attacks, this should also be your main target as everything else will fall once this has been destroyed. Make sure to level up your headquarters as not only will it increase the amount of damage that it can take, but it will also unlock other items that can be built as well as increase the maximum level that you can upgrade your structures to.

Items available for building are divided into three categories, namely Economy, Defense, and Support. Each serves their purpose in order to improve your resources, defense, and army, respectively. Only one building can be built at a time, but players can speed up the process by paying crystals for it. Most buildings can also be upgraded so that they would have improved performance, such as sawmills creating more wood per hour, landing units carrying more troops, and storage facilities allowing you to keep more items, among others. Building and upgrading will require wood and other resources, so you should also make sure that you have enough in your inventory.

Players are able to attack other islands in order to gain more resources and to earn medals. This is also the way to expand and to earn more gold from islands that have been freed. Players will have to spend coins whenever they would like to attack, and they can deploy troops at the shore which would then attack automatically. Players, in addition, can employ a gunboat which can fire at targets to deal large damage, although attack points are necessary in order to be able to use it. Gunboats can be upgraded in order to make them more powerful and so that they can fire off more shots per battle.

With regards to troops, different types of units may be unlocked, and players can bring as many troops as they can carry, depending on the number of and level of landing units that they have, as well as on the cost of troops that they have trained. Units that have been killed will no longer return with you to your base, so make sure to replenish them upon returning to base. It is also important to note that battles have a time limit, so players must be able to win within this time period in order to liberate the island.

As you can attack other islands, other players may also choose to attack you. In this case, it would also be important to put defenses in your base such as sniper towers and mortar bases. There are also traps which you can install and can deal massive damage to attackers. Make sure that all areas of your base are covered with defensive units, taking particular care to your headquarters as well as your resource and income generating structures. It would also be a wise move to build structures that you can put your resources in for safekeeping. Take note that players are able to steal resources from you should you be defeated in battle or if they are able to damage some of your buildings.

Boom Squad does not have a quests section that pushes the story forward and unlocks one after another. Rather, it provides a list of achievements that players can complete in any order that they wish. This includes objectives such as collecting a certain number of resources, or upgrading structures to a required level. Players are rewarded with crystals whenever achievements have been completed, so make sure to check up on your progress for all available achievements and work toward them so that you would be able to get rewards fast. This would allow you to quickly improve on your base and, in turn, allow you to take out the competition a lot faster.


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  1. avatar Darren says:

    This game is clever and fun up until I found myself getting completely destroyed by hackers! I wrote an E-mail to the developers and to no avail they gave me no apologies or anything! If I thought it was worth trying to get the 400$ I spent upgrading the game in the last month I’d hire a lawyer and put the boots to them just out of principle… As far as the hackers go I logged in to the game and found upwards of 15 medics come from one boat and as the bazooka girls literally marched straight through my level 36 completely unscathed. BS game if you ask me