Star Wars: Assault Team Walkthrough [Guide]

Star Wars Assault Team

The latest Star Wars game for mobile has arrived, and it will certainly create a buzz for players here on Earth and beyond. Star Wars: Assault Team requires players to collect and manage a team of different characters from the Star Wars mythos as they complete unique missions in order to inevitably face off against the forces of the Dark side. There are a lot of characters that players can meet, and mission sequences are very interactive, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into this epic experience. Get set for a space adventure unlike any other with Star Wars: Assault Team, and read through this guide so that you’ll be better equipped to handle this game, more than practicing on Womp Rats ever could.

Star Wars: Assault Team is a card collection and turn based battle game where in players can complete missions using squads made up of up to four different characters. Battles take place automatically, but skills would have to be activated manually. Skills would only be available a few turns after use, so using them wisely and in the right situation is a must. There are also other game modes as well as PvP battles that players can participate in in exchange for bigger and better rewards.

Credits and gems are the two main currencies within the game. Credits are earned by defeating enemies and completing missions, and these can be used to purchase crates that would contain hero and other item cards, and would also be required for use in training. Additional credits can be acquired in exchange for premium currency, which are the aforementioned gems.

Gems can also be used to restore energy, to evolve heroes, and to purchase special crates that guarantee better heroes and items. Gems can be earned whenever players level up, among other instances, but the best way to acquire these is via in-app purchases.

Leveling Up
By participating in missions, players will earn experience points that will then allow players to level up. By leveling up, players will be able to get distinct advantages such as having their card and item capacity increase, and having their energy refilled. Leveling up may also award players with extra gems that they can use to further improve on their squad.

Like most games of its kind, Star Wars: Assault Team works with a energy system. Participating in missions and battling in the Arena or limited evens will require energy, which regenerates over time. Should you not want to wait, players can pay four gems so that it can be refilled instantly. Leveling up will also increase your energy, allowing you to do more missions within a shorter span of time.

Cards fall under two distinct categories, namely character and training cards. Character cards are the cards that you will be bringing into battle, and aside from attack and health, they also have skills which are essentially special abilities that they can activate after a couple of turns. By training members of your squad, they would not only have their attributes increased, but these will also unlock better and more powerful skills that can be used against tougher enemies.

Skills would include dealing large damage to enemies, drawing attacks away from other members of your team, or healing a specific ally, among others. Make sure that you have acquired characters that would work well together and can support each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Players can only have up to four characters per squad.

Players should also make it a point to train their characters. This is done by using training cards as well as paying the required amount of credits. Take note of affinities as training items with the same affinity as the character being trained will earn more experience than usual. Characters who have in turn had their levels maxed out can be evolved by spending gems. This will create an entirely new character which would be much stronger than usual and can also be trained and leveled up anew. As for characters that you would no longer be using, they can be sold in exchange for extra currency.

Crates are boxes that will be able to provide players with random cards that would comprise of hero and training cards, and sometimes even special weapons that can be used to further improve your team. Some crates can be acquired during missions, while some would have to be bought using currency earned. There are several types of crates available with different price tags, but the only thing to remember is that, the more you are willing to spend, the better the chances that you will be able to receive better cards in exchange.

The main mission of the game is divided into several episodes that are in turn comprised of several battles. Players must survive all battles in order to proceed, after which rewards would be provided and subsequent missions would be unlocked. In addition, episodes that have been completed will not only open up the next episodes, but will also unlock a harder difficulty setting that will be more challenging but will be able to provide more rewards in turn.

It is recommended that players try and repeat episodes that they have already completed under higher difficulties in order to acquire more resources that they can use to upgrade their squad should they have a hard time winning battles at latter stages. This will allow them to win more currencies, earn more experience, and maybe even acquire an additional card or two that they can either keep or sell off for extra cash.

Aside from the main quest, there are also limited time events as well as Arena battles where in players can do battle with others online. The rewards here are greater, although players must take note of their expiry so that they can make the most out of these special events. These missions, in addition to the main quests, will also require energy to participate in, and certain modes will only be available once players have reached a certain level.


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