Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Walkthrough [Guide]

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Fishing aficionados will definitely love getting their hands on Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, the new realistic fishing simulation game that features breathtaking visuals plus a lot of great content. Players will feel immersed in the environment, and they’ll feel as if they’re on the beach relaxing in the water with a cold brew in their hands. Of course, there’s going to be a lot of challenges especially when trying to catch bigger fish that you can add to your collection of trophies. Here’s our guide on how you can catch the rarest of fish in the fastest amount of time.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is a fishing simulation game where players can go to different areas and try to capture fish of different shapes and sizes. Using nothing but fishing equipment like rods and lures, players must exhaust the fish’s health by luring them in and using various strategies without breaking their lines. Collected fish can be sold off or allowed to grow in the tanks for more rewards. Catching bigger fish will also require players to be vigilant with regards to upgrading their equipment as well as refining their skills.

Coins and cash are the two currencies within the game. Coins are used to purchase new equipment, while cash can be used to buy premium ones, and can also be used to restore energy, skip quests, or retry missions that they have failed. Coins are collected by catching fish and completing quests, while cash, being the main currency, is harder to come by for free as the most effective way to get a healthy amount of this is via in-app purchases. Coins can also be acquired in this way.

Energy is a resource that is required whenever players would like to go fishing. Energy, like in most games, will require time to regenerate, although players can choose to spend premium currency in order to refill it automatically. Leveling up will also fully regenerate your health meter, so don’t go spending cash especially if you are close to increasing your level as it would only be a waste of this very precious resource.

When catching fish, players will have to go through two steps, namely casting and reeling. When casting, all players have to do is time their tap on the screen so that the bar will stop on the blue area of the meter. Being able to do so will provide increased damage to the fish, allowing players to reel them in faster.

Once the line has been cast, players must then reel the fish in until their health has been exhausted. This is done by tapping and holding the screen, being careful not to have the meter above the screen reach the end. Players can also try to reach the marked end of the meter, which would fill up a meter which, when full, will allow players to trigger a powerful attack that will knock out a huge chunk of the health of the fish that you are trying to capture. Players may also swipe left and right while the fish is in mid-air to knock out even more damage.

Players should be really careful when luring fishes in, as there is a danger for your line to break if the tension would be too much. This will cause players to fail the mission, although players can retry the level immediately by spending cash.

Different equipment like lures and fishing rods can be purchased at the store. Each rod will work better against different types of fishes, as some can deal increased damage as well as contain some special properties as well. Some equipment are also required should you want to acquire bigger game. Equipment can be bought at the store using currencies earned, and players must ensure that they are always properly equipped for the situation.

Players should also make sure that their equipment are properly maintained as some can only be used a certain amount of times before they break. It is important to repair these items as broken ones can no longer be used and players will be forced to purchase a new one.

Game Modes
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch offers several game modes where in players can catch different kinds of fish in exchange for various rewards. Aside from the main quests, players can participate in tournaments and special events that are only available for a specific time. Here, players will be able to earn bigger rewards, but the challenges will be much greater.

There’s also the fish tank where in players would be able to grow fishes that they have captured. This will allow them to earn more coins that selling the fish immediately. Players should also take note that fishes differ with regards to rarity and growth, so they must choose if they would like to invest time and resources in raising fish should they want to maximize their profits.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch also offers quests that can be completed in exchange for rewards such as currency. There’s the main quest that pushes the storyline forward, as well as daily quests that players would be able to complete through regular gameplay. Make sure to check up on the progress of these tasks in order to speed things up and in order to be able to get rewards that you can use towards improving your equipment and being able to catch bigger fish.


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