Chaos Fighters Walkthrough [Guide]

Chaos Fighters

If you are into RPGs, then you should know that there are many ways by which you can strengthen your character. Leveling them up is one way to do it, but so are equipping them with powerful weapons, armor, accessories, and other items. Some games even have different kinds of mechanics that you can play around with in order to create an unbeatable character. In Chaos Fighters, almost all of that is blended together in one title, and there’s almost no limit in the many ways that you can boost your fighters’ abilities so that they will have a bigger chance of coming out victorious in battles.

Of course, other people will be doing the exact same thing, so it would be good to stay ahead of the game. Read through this guide so that you’ll be better prepared to manage your fighters so that they’ll stay in top condition to fight any of the competition that may stand in their way.

Chaos Fighters is an RPG style battle game where in players can manage and train their fighters so that they can battle against other in different campaigns. Focus is geared more towards strengthening characters in a multitude of ways rather than on the actual battle itself, since combat is fully automated and players cannot control the players themselves. Different items and methods can be used to enhance your characters, and currencies earned can be used towards upgrades whether for the characters themselves or for the equipments that they would be using.

Different ways to upgrade your character as well as new content and mechanics will open up as players level up, so it would be wise to browse through the different menus within the game in order to see other ways by which you would be able to improve your characters.

Coins and diamonds are the two main currencies within the game. Both can be acquired through various means, with diamonds being rarer in number since it is considered as the premium currency. Coins can be used to purchase different items such as boosts, which would allow for increased attributes for a specific amount of time, while diamonds can be used to purchase premium items like new characters as well as items that can make your fighters that much stronger.

Reputation and vouchers are also types of currencies, and both can be used to purchase special items that are powerful in their own right but are a few notches inferior as compared to items bought using premium currency. These resources would be available further down the line, but make sure to collect a healthy amount of these once these opportunities become unlocked.

Like most games, Chaos Fighters has an energy system. Energy is a resource that is required in order to participate in battles, and it also regenerates over time. Spending premium currency can instantly refill this, while some rewards may include energy refills, as well. The game also frequently provides players with free items that will also serve the main purpose. Take note that some game modes will require energy while others would not, so try and spend your time in the latter modes should you run out of this resource so that you don’t have to exit the game until it refills again.

Players will initially be provided with their own fighter, although succeeding stages will allow you to collect other fighters. They may also be bought at the store using various kinds of currencies. Each fighter has different stats which may be boosted in a variety of ways such as soul refining, fusing, and equipping different kinds of items. Fighters may also be equipped with different kinds of skills, which would further add to their capabilities during combat.

Players must select which character they would like to fight as, and they may also get to select their own slogans. Make sure that your fighters are properly equipped and that you can bring along the right character depending on the situation of the battle. It would be a good idea to have at least three good fighters that you can maintain all throughout, and try to spread your best equipment among these characters so that you can swap them easily with very minimal need for exchanging items between one and the other.

Items include weapons, items, and other accessories that can either be equipped to your fighters, or used in order to make certain items stronger. The latter group includes amulets and gems that can level up or enhance the capabilities of items that can be equipped. Other ways to upgrade gear would be to reforge them, which would require certain items as well.

All items will be placed in storage, which has limited slots. Players can sell off items that they don’t want in exchange for currency, and some items may also be consumed in order to enhance those items that you would like to actually keep. Items can be awarded from battles, while more powerful ones can either be bought at the store or won via limited events or tournaments.

Skills are special abilities that are triggered automatically based on probabilities. There are different types of skills that players can unlock once they level up, and players can select which ones they can bring along into battle. There are limited slots for abilities, but players can bring more by spending diamonds. Choosing the right abilities are important as these can certainly turn the tide of battle in their favor especially if they have healing or defense related abilities as well as skills that can do damage or deal negative statuses to their enemies.

Game Modes
There are several game modes available within Chaos Fighers. There’s the standard campaign where in players can progress through a line of opponents to battle. There’s also the Arena where in players can do battle against a series of fighters owned by other players in exchange for reputation and honor. There are also limited events and tournaments where in players can participate in either individually or with allies. Each provides their own rewards, and most will require energy to participate in.

Aside from the above mentioned content, Chaos Fighters features many other functions that will unlock over time. This includes the prisoner system where in players can earn more coins off other players that they have defeated in the Arena. There’s also a feature where in players can get and train pets that can help them during battles. For social functions, the game allows for players to form guilds as well as invite and message other players, in addition to the ability to hire mercenaries that help them during tougher fights.

All of these modes can provide ways for players to enhance their fighters and to earn different rewards. Always make it a point to check your backpack and claim items that have been awarded to you in order to be able to keep your characters at their highest possible fighting form. Don’t forget also to explore what features have been unlocked whenever you level up. Players can also speed through battles by sweeping them, allowing them to level up faster and to unlock more content within a shorter amount of time.


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