Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Walkthrough [Guide]

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Oh no! Quahog, Rhode Island has been destroyed, and who to better restore the town to its former glory than its most infamous resident, Peter Griffin? Much like The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff features characters and locations that Family Guy fans would be very familiar with. See the Griffin family and his neighbors – plus a few amusing personalities – make their appearances as they help out and rebuild Quahog from the ground up. Of course, you’ll get to see their crazy antics along the way, as well.

Get ready for a barrel of laughs with off-color jokes and pop culture references as you play this title, and here’s our comprehensive guide to get you off on a running start.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a building and social simulation game where players will get to control different characters from the popular Fox animated series Family Guy. These characters will be tasked to perform specific actions in order to acquire different items so that they would be able to rebuild Quahog, which has been devastated by the battle between Peter and Ernie the Chicken.

Management of your characters, time, and resources is important in the game as there are only a limited number of things that you can do simultaneously, which is why knowing which quests are available is essential so that you would be able to maximize everything that you command your characters to do. There’s also a social function that allows players to invite friends and help out in their community, but this is not available as of the moment.

Coins and lams are the two main currencies within Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. Coins can be earned in a variety of ways, such as having characters perform actions, collecting from houses and establishments, and completing quests. On the other hand, clams are provided by completing quests as well as by leveling up, although these times are not that frequent. Both coins and clams may be purchased using real money.

Both coins and clams can be used in a variety of ways. Regular items may be purchased at the store using coins, while premium currency is used for buying special items. Clams may also be used to acquire items that you may need for the advancement of quests, as well as for the instant unlocking of characters and for speeding up tasks like construction or clearing up debris, among others. Lastly, clams may also be used to buy additional “undocumented workers” which would allow players to do more construction and clearing tasks simultaneously.

Leveling Up
Performing actions such as having characters do tasks, collecting from buildings, and completing quests will earn players experience points. Once players have earned enough, they will level up. Leveling up will allow players to access new content as well as open up new quests that players can try to complete. Thus, players are encouraged to try and do as many things as possible to earn experience points and level up quickly in order to access more content.

Different characters from Family Guy will be accessible, and they will be the ones that will help you complete tasks given all throughout the game. Players will start off with Peter Griffin, to be followed by his son Chris and neighbor Bonnie Swanson. Characters can do different tasks that will take up some time, and this would result in players earning both coins and experience points. Sometimes, these tasks will also result in items being awarded, and these in turn can be used to complete quests and unlock other content.

Performing actions will also earn characters experience, and having them level up will unlock even more actions for players to perform. Take note that actions can be sped up using coins, and some actions will require that other characters are not doing anything, and that some buildings have already been constructed. Different characters may be unlocked once districts are opened up and structures like homes and stores have already been built. Players must also acquire different items first before these characters can be accessible, although players can simply spend clams to unlock them instantly.

Your characters may also have their outfits changed. Costume changes will allow your characters to perform new actions, and unlocking them will require different items to b acquired. Alternately, players may also choose to unlock them instantly using clams. Outfits will be unlocked once players build Al Harrington’s Outfits, and different outfits will be available for each character once they reach certain levels within the game.

Different buildings may be created within the game, although there are certain criteria before they would become available. Some structures can be built at any point in the game for as long as you have enough coins or clams. However, some buildings, especially those that have characters in them or those that are parts of quests may need players to reach a certain level or to complete quests which would in turn open up new districts for players to build in.

Players would also need to clear up debris, which would require the use of one worker as well as coins and time. Players can speed up tasks by spending clams, and clams may also be used to buy more workers if others are busy. Once players have cleared and area, players can now build and place items on them. Players can check up on what items they can place by checking the store from time to time. It is also important to note that some items will require build time while others do not.

Some buildings, like AL Harrington’s Outfits, will provide new features within the game. Items that you would not be using can be placed in storage, especially if you want to save up on space. Other items, however, are deemed too important storage and would need to be in the area at all times.

From time to time, players will be provided with quests to complete, with more opening up as players level up and new districts are discovered. Quests would often entail players to have characters do tasks, construct buildings, and many more, and players must work towards completing these objectives in order to earn rewards and experience. Make sure that your characters are commanded to do things that will earn them stuff that they can use to complete these quests so that you can proceed to the next ones the soonest.

Social Function
As with most social simulation games, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff has a social function where in players can add friends as well as visit their towns. Players can help out in exchange for coins and even clams, although this is limited to a few times per friend per day. However, this feature is currently not available but the people behind the game promise that it will be put back in very soon. in any case, make sure to connect the game to Facebook so that you can instantly add and invite friends if and when the update happens.

Tips and Tricks
As with any building sim game, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff will require players to manage their time and resources. Make sure that everyone is working for the advancement of tasks, and make sure that no one is idle as any task would still earn players something in return. Don’t forget also to collect from buildings, as they will not generate anything and the timer will not restart until you get the rewards from them first.

What tasks you would like you characters to do in the absence of quests that would involve them would depend on how much time you would like to spend within the game. Tasks that are shorter will usually yield bigger rewards when compared to longer tasks, so make sure that this becomes a factor especially if you would like to check up on your progress from time to time. If you are expecting to leave the game overnight, however, make sure to have them do the longest tasks available and to collect all available coins from buildings so that all you have to do is collect the most coins possible when you come back.

Take note also of items that are required for quests, and where you would be able to find them. if you need two of a particular item, and there is more than one way to acquire the said item, then work towards getting them especially if your character has nothing else to do. This will ensure that you are able to complete requirements that much faster. With that, try not to stray away from tasks, unless it involves building or clearing debris within the town and if you have enough workers to spare. Otherwise, always bear in mind that certain items can only be acquired by specific characters, and you would usually have to wait a long time or either use premium currency to free them up.

Take note also of what your other characters are doing. As previously mentioned, some tasks will require two characters to work together, so having them free up at almost the same time will also save a lot of time. Don’t try to use clams too much, as this would best be saved for purchasing additional workers since having more would allow you to construct more buildings that will certainly aid in getting you a healthy stack of coins and experience on a steady basis.

Lastly, don’t forget to add friends. Having more friends’ means that you can visit more towns, and this in turn means that you would be able to get more rewards in the process. This would also mean that you can buy more and level up faster, allowing you to build the best version of Quahog that you can within the fastest possible time.


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