Trials Frontier Walkthrough [Guide]

Trials Frontier

After a freak biking/caving accident, you find yourself in a desolate town in need of help. Your bike is broken as well, but on that note, the townspeople can assist you, for as long as you are willing to make good with your end of the bargain. In Trials Frontier, players will be racing and performing stunts all over the countryside in order to appease your friends and to exact revenge on the nasty Butch and his cohorts. Players can also race with friends for more challenges along the way. Ready for an adventure on two wheels? Then make sure to read this guide first.

Trials Frontier is a racing game where in players must perform missions in order to complete quests and to acquire and upgrade your bikes. Players must complete objectives as well as race against other bikers to get new parts and currencies which would then be used towards enhancing your ride. The game offers players to post their best times in global leaderboards as well as compete against ghosts of actual players that have also completed the track.

Coins and gems are the two main currencies within the game. Players can earn coins by completing objectives and by racing, with your performance affecting how many coins you will actually earn. On the other hand, gems can be earned also by completing quests as well as by leveling up. Spinning the wheel at the end of each race will also give players a small chance to earn some extra gems. Both gems and coins may be acquired via in-app purchases, as well.

Leveling Up
Completing quests will earn players experience points. Experience points are necessary as once players level up, they would be able to get rewards such as free currency in the form of coins or gems, and even increased fuel capacity. Leveling up will also completely fill up your fuel meter, allowing you to race more.

Fuel is a very important resource as it is required for players to be able to race. Each stage consumes five fuel, and you can no longer enter races if you run out. Each time players level up, the fuel meter will increase by one and the meter will be completely filled up. Purchases using coins or gems are also available so that you can refill and increase your fuel capacity as well. As an alternative, you can always wait as fuel fills up for free over time.

Players can acquire different bikes, with each having different attributes and statistics. Each area can be upgraded with specific maximum levels, and these would require coins as payment. Parts may be acquired that will drastically reduce the cost of payment, although these must be won during races. Another option is to purchase them outright using gems. Gems may also be used to speed up the upgrade process, as latter upgrades will take quite some time to complete.

Later in the game, players will be able to acquire blueprints that, when completed, will allow players to acquire new bikes. Equip these new bikes and upgrade them so that your performance would be greatly improved.

By talking to people at the saloon, players will open up new areas to race in. Each area has specific objectives that players must complete, such as winning a race, not crashing, or performing a certain number of stunts. However, completed areas can be raced in again in order to get additional coins or parts, provided that they have fuel to do so.

Take note that restarting races will not consume additional fuel, but exiting the race and starting again will. Players can also crash a limitless number of times, although this would fail any crash requirements that the stage may have, as well as eat up some of your time as you would have to restart the race from the last checkpoint that you’ve passed through.

At the end of each race, players will get the chance to spin a wheel where they can get one prize randomly from a specific selection. These may include gems or parts that would be very important for bike upgrades and for some quests. Players can look at the information screen in order to see what parts are available in the stage so that they can see which ones they would have to race in so that they could get the item that they need.

When spinning the wheel, players can tap and hold on the item that they would like to win before spinning. This will actually increase the chances that you will get the said item. Should you fail, players can get to spin again by spending gems.

By completing quests, new missions will open up and would subsequently open up new locations for players to explore. It is also important to note that players can earn medals in each area provided that they are able to meet time and crash requirements. Earning medals will allow players to get even more rewards.

Social Function
The game also offers a sort of social function where in players can see how players performed in the track that you are looking at. Players also have the option to race against the player’s ghost for a bigger challenge. Players must link the game to Uplay in order to be able to do this, however.

Tips and Tricks
Balance is most often the key in order to avoid crashing. Make sure to make your bike level with the ground that you are landing on by turning in mid-air. Another strategy is to do flips, as this would sometimes decrease your rate of descent, especially when you are high in the air. With this, avoid using a lot of speed when going off ramps as controlling your bike would be more difficult since you would be getting more lift.

Also, always remember to return to previously completed missions so that you can grind for additional coins. Look for stages where in you can get parts that will be necessary for upgrading your bike. Other rewards would not hurt, as well. Look at the information tabs on the tab to see both the progress of quests as well as information on the track. You may even look at how other players performed in the level, as well have the option to race against them to test your skills.


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