Spy Wars Walkthrough [Guide]

Spy Wars

The world is in the midst of an intelligence war, and it’s up to your agency and the agents at your disposal to make sure that information stays within your organization. Infiltrate bases using your crew and ensure your own base’s security using traps and stations that will make your rivals regret even stepping foot into your agency. Train your agents and have them accomplish tougher missions using their skills and expertise. Spy Wars is best played while humming the Mission Impossible tune, but having this guide with you comes a very close second.

Spy Wars is a real time strategy and building simulation game where in players can build up their agencies for maximum resource production while still taking defenses into consideration. On the other hand, players must also hire and acquire agents that they can use for both story based missions as well as in PvP missions. This latter part of the game will require quick decision making within a limited time as players must deploy agents to interact with specific items and stations so that specific objectives would be met.

Coins, Intel, and cash are the currencies at use within the game. Coins and intel are the basic currencies and are generated automatically via stations. These can also be acquired by completing missions and stealing from other players. Conversely, other players can steal resources from your base as well, should your base be not properly defended. Coins and Intel may also be purchased using premium currency. Cash and Intel may be used to purchase different items at the store such as new agents, stations, and traps, among others, as well as for training and upgrading.

On the other hand, cash is the game’s premium currency, and can be used to refill your energy, buy premium items, as well as speed up transactions such as building and upgrading. Cash can be earned by levelling up and by completing agendas, which are accomplishments that players can complete. Cash may also be earned via in-app purchases and by logging in to Facebook which would earn players even bigger rewards via log in bonuses.

Levelling Up
By building or upgrading stations and by participating in missions, players will be able to earn experience points. Once enough has been earned, players will be able to level up. Levelling up your agency will increase your agency’s size, allowing you to build more stations. Premium currency may also be awarded, although your energy would not be refilled instantly, such as in most games. Certain caps may also be lifted so that players can upgrade and purchase more items from the store.

Energy is required in order to participate in missions, whether it be in story based missions or PvP missions. Energy regenerates over time in a mutual energy pool, and agents would need to be required to refill their energy before they are able to go on missions. Alternately, players can also spend premium currency in order to refill the energy pool instantly.

Agents spend energy whenever they perform actions during missions. However, performing a double down will cost two energy points. Players will randomly earn energy refills during missions, and training agents will allow them to have more energy to carry. Building training rooms will also increase your maximum energy capacity, allowing you to bring more agents or go to more missions quickly.

Each mission will require players to accomplish up to three different objectives. Players must accomplish the main task within the time limit in order to succeed, which is why they should prioritize this above all else. Capturing the enemy’s command center and with enough time left will earn players one star for each objective, which would result in bigger rewards. Missions will fail once players run out of either time or energy without being able to complete the objective.

Two types of missions are available, namely story based missions as well as PvP. Story based missions will open up one after the other, while PvP will allow players to attack other bases. Both are great ways to acquire resources as well as gain experience, although both mission types will also require energy for your agents. Players may also purchase additional agent slots so that they can bring more agents during missions.

For PvP, make sure that you also have defenses like traps installed as well as have high quality stations so that other players will have difficulty attacking you. Buying Spy Files will allow players to see other players’ bases, while purchasing and using lockdowns will prevent you from getting attacked for a limited time.

Agents are the entities that will do tasks for you during missions. These can be hired using currency, and each can be used more effectively during different types of situations. For example, thiefs are better suited for cracking safes, while brawlers are good for taking out security stations. On the other hand, scouts are great for taking down some traps and stations that make destroying other stations more difficult, while demo experts can destroy stations but would not yield any rewards. With this, bringing the right agent for the job is extremely critical if you want to be successful.

As each agent has specific tasks that will make them effective for the task at hand, increasing their level via training and improving quality is also very important. Both of these processes can be done by using cash, although quality improvements can also be done using intel or cash. Upgrading characters will allow them to be more effective, and may even provide bonuses whenever they are utilized. Players should also take note that training agents will consume time, and should you want to train more than one agent, then you should have enough training rooms available.

Different types of stations can be built in your base, and each serves a specific purpose. Safes, for example, are used for generating cash, while training rooms can be used to train agents and security areas will enhance the defenses of stations around them. The most important type of station, however, is the command center, as it allows for boosts for those stations near it as well as increase the maximum level by which other stations can be upgraded to. It is also one of the main targets of enemies during attacks as it contains your cache of Spy Files, so it is important to defend this area as much as possible.

There are also stations that will help defend your stations, such as power stations that will repair areas that have already been disabled, or blocker stations that will hide the agents’ chances of success at disabling surrounding stations from them. Having the right arrangement of stations is important not only for defensive purposes, but also because other stations will generate more resources and would also be harder to disable when placed against each other.

Like agents, stations may also be levelled up and have their quality increased. These two processes will increase their productivity and effectiveness, as well as making them harder to disable. Work towards upgrading your stations whenever you can, as this will also allow for more traps to be placed on them. Levelling up, however, will take some time, but this process can be sped up using premium currency, as well.

Traps are items that can be placed on stations in order to make disabling them more difficult. On the offensive end, having activated a trap will have players enter a minigame and, should they fail, would cause them to automatically fail at disabling the station. Should this happen three times, players would automatically fail the mission. The higher the quality of the station, the more traps can be placed on it. Different traps may also be purchased and placed, with the more expensive ones being more difficult to crack.

Agendas are objectives that players can try to achieve. These include levelling up your command center to a specific level, winning a specific number of stars, or collecting a minimum number of coins or Intel. Outside of in-app purchases, this is the best way to acquire cash, and what’s better is that you can get these for free. Make sure that you check up on your progress, though, and to collect your rewards once an agenda or two has been collected so that you can put these resources to good use.


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