Trials Fusion [Guide]

Trials Fusion

The third game in the Trials series is here at last on eighth generation
systems and PC. Trials Fusion adds ATVs, tricks, challenges, and more to the
series, and this guide is designed to help you master everything there is to
see in the entire game!

Trials Fusion [Guide]
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls

Event Types

2. Ride

Track Central
Step Into the Light

3. Career

Greenhorn’s Grove
Arctic Open
Urban Sprawl
Cactus Challenge
Rainforest Rumble
Skill Showcase
Expert’s Club
Master’s Gauntlet

4. Garage


5. Create
6. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Trials Fusion adds new vehicles and event types to the series as it makes the
transition to eighth generation consoles. There’s plenty of new content for
returning Trials veterans to master, and this guide is designed to help you
do just that.

LT – Brake
RT – Gas
Y – Bailout
X – Brake
B – Return to Last Checkpoint
A – Gas
LS – Lean Forward or Back
RS – FMX Pose
View Button – Restart Race
Menu Button – Pause

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In Trials Fusion, there are numerous event types to keep in mind as they each
have their own set of rules.

Encountered just a few times in the game, the Training Program levels are
designed to teach you how to play the game and introduce you to new gameplay
mechanics necessary to complete the tougher tracks.

This is the most common type of event. “Trials” means getting from the start of
the track to the end of the track as fast as possible and wrecking the least
amount of time as possible as well.

Skill Games are mini-games that usually have unique objectives besides just
getting from the start of the track to the other.


In these event types, the goal is to earn the most points possible by
performing tricks. You can perform tricks in Trials Fusion by pushing the
right analog stick in different directions.

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2. Ride
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
This is the main mode of gameplay in Trials Fusion. Under “Ride”, you will
find your Career mode, tracks to download created by other players,
multiplayer, and more.

Due to how large Career mode is in and of itself, I have given it its own
section–the next section of the guide, in fact. That is where you will find
strategies on how to complete all the track challenges that are in the game.

In the meantime, there are a few things to keep in mind when navigating the
game through the “Ride” menu. You can switch between “Ride” and “Garage” using
the triggers. The bumpers on the controller do two different things. The left
bumper will open up your recent messages, whereas the right bumper will show
your medal progress in the tracks.

You can continue wherever you left off in your career at any time by
pressing the Menu/Options button. Press the View button to see the tracks that
you’ve played most recently.

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Track Central is where you will find tracks that have been created by other
players. These tracks are categorized in a variety of different ways:

-UPlay Recommended
-RedLynx Picks
-Friend Tracks
-Top Rated This Week: Trials
-Top Rated This Week: Skill Games
-Top Rated This Week: FMX
-Monthly Track Challenge
-Newest Easy Tracks
-Newest Medium Tracks
-Newest Hard Tracks

You can queue up multiple of these created tracks at your leisure, as well as
add tracks to your “Favorites” list for easy and quick access.

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Trials Fusion supports a local multiplayer mode for up to four players. To
join the game, simply sign in on a controller and then press A at the
multiplayer lobby screen.

As of the creation of this guide, all of the multiplayer game modes are called
“Supercross” tracks. These are the currently available tracks in multiplayer
(as of the time of this writing, it is not possible to download more Supercross
multiplayer tracks from Track Central):

Street Wise

Pipeline Pressure
School of Rock
Seaside Derby
Sheik It Up

Forest Jump
Fusion Cross
Resort Rush
Rooftop Runners
Temple Tussle

From the multiplayer menu, what you’re going to want to do is hit “Y” or
“Triangle” if you’re playing on PlayStation platforms. This will bring up
all of the available Supercross multiplayer tracks. Then tap A/X to add a
track to the playlist. When you’re ready, hit the Options/Menu button to
start the races.

Supercross has different rules and objectives than the other event types in
Trials Fusion. The goal is to be the first to cross the finish line with the
lowest amount of faults. Players in first are rewarded 10 points, but they
lose a point for every fault that they experience during the race, for

Once all the tracks in the playlist have been completed, the total score is
tallied up to determine the winner.

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Sign in to your Ubisoft UPlay account to use this feature. You will be
prompted to create or sign in to your account every time that you start up
Trials Fusion.

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3. Career
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In Career mode, the goal is to earn medals to unlock more events. There are
four types of medals.


You can only start to unlock Platinum medals after you complete the
“Expert’s Club” set of events.

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Welcome to the future!

The first training program will get you your Racing License so that you can
play the other events in Greenhorn’s Grove. It is as simple as they come –
just learn how to accelerate, brake, and lean. It is not possible to complete
challenges or earn medals in the Training Programs.

Sick Flipping – This challenge is for completing 10 flips and complete the
run with 0 faults. You can do about one flip per ramp and be in good shape
here, but you should go for much more than that at each ramp. Count how many
flips you’ve performed so that you don’t lose track.

Nice and Calm – There’s a hidden switch right after the second checkpoint.
You need to launch yourself off of the tramp and then hit Y to perform a
Bailout. This will hopefully cause your rider to go over the nearby railing,
where the big red button can be found. If they touch the red button, all of
the turbines in the level will turn off.

Unyielding 1 – This is rewarded to you for completing the level without ever
leaning. You need to control your balance by only using the right and left
triggers for accelerating and brakes.

I find this event to have the easiest challenges out of all of them. If you are
just going for the achievement/trophy for completing all of the challenges in
one of the tracks, then this is a very good place to do just that.

Full Throttle 1 – This is kind of like Unyielding, except you are allowed to
lean. Instead you can NEVER let go of the acceleration. Releasing the right
trigger at all during this event will cause you to lose.

Greenhouse Effect – There are four flowers in the level. The first can be
found right at the start. Just back up and knock them down. The second set
of flowers is on the downward part of the big rock hill that is right at the
beginning as well. You will want to be going slow when going down the hill so
you don’t miss it. The third will be found much later than that, when you get
to the road. Back up after landing on the road and it will be in the dirt,
very easy to find. The final one is the trickiest. Right after the road you
get to a checkpoint that has a rock that will fall to the ground. What you
need to do is bunny hop OVER the rock so that it does not fall. Once you hit
the ground on the other side, back up so that you are underneath the rock and
there you will find the final flower to crush.

Endo Guru – An “Endo” is when your front tire is on the ground, but your
back tire is in the air. It’s like a reverse wheelie. The best place to do it
in this level is the big downward ramp that you come across about halfway
through. To make your bike do an Endo, lean into it and pull the left trigger
to apply the brakes as you move down the hill.

Proficient Flipping – Another challenge for flipping and performing a zero
fault run.

Wormholin’ – At the very beginning of the track, fall off the first rock to
the area below with the fire shooting out. Back up into the flames and you
will be shot into the sky. There will be big flaming circles in the sky that
you can move the bike through to give you an added boost so that you don’t
fall to the ground below. Keep doing this and you will reach a wormhole, which
is an alternate way of completing the level.

1-Up – Near the end of the track is a hill with red lines. Do a wheelie all
the way up the hill to complete this challenge.

Showman Rabbit’s Run – Before you can do this challenge, you have to unlock
the special bike called the Rabbit, which you will not acquire until fairly
late into the game. You need to complete 15 flips using the Rabbit bike to
successfully do this challenge.

Rider-Cam – To initiate the Gyro-Scope, you have to back up right at the
beginning of the track. You will go down a hill slope and then you will hit it.
This will cause the camera to be positioned BEHIND your rider. What this does
is make it so to lean forward you have to push the left stick forward, and to
lean backward, you need to pull it back. Otherwise, it’s basically the same
experience as completing the level any other way.

One-Wheel Wonder – This is another challenge like “1-Up” from the previous
level. There is a spot on this track with red lines. Do a wheelie from the
start of the first red line to the end of the second red line to successfully
complete this challenge.

Is it a Plane…? – When you launch yourself over the river, you need to
perform a Superman pose. To do this, keep your bike as level as possible.
Then move the right stick to the left. If performed properly, your rider will
grab on to the end of the bike with both hands.

Secret Agent – About halfway through the track, you will ride over some cords
that will cause a nearby box to cackle with electricity. After doing this,
reverse backward to fall through a hole. You’ll then be in a first-person
maze. The walls start out green, then blue, then red. White walls indicate a
dead end. Navigate through here to complete this challenge.

Unyielding 2 – Same rules as the first Unyielding. Do not lean at all, but
make it through the stage with 0 faults nonetheless.

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Balancing Act is a Skill Game type of event. The Skill Games do not have any
challenges attached to them to complete, but each one has their own unique set
of rules.

If you’ve been doing the “Unyielding” challenges, then Balancing Act is the
exact same concept. The only difference is that there is no end to the level,
you’re just trying to see how far you can get without ever having to lean to
the left or to the right.

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Now things are getting more interesting…

The second training program introduces you to more advanced techniques. You
are taught how to go up a hill. To ride straight up a hill, lean your biker’s
weight forward.

Next you have to learn to hit the platform in front of you with the front of
your tire so you can drop straight down without crashing. Easy enough. At the
next loop, do a backflip so that you can land safely at the next checkpoint.

Finally, if you want to go forward off the top of the ramp, lean forward at
the very top instead of just being neutral, which would otherwise just shoot
you straight up in the air.

Exhibitionist – To perform the Superman pose, have the bike neutral and push
the right stick to the left. To do the Proud Hero pose, keep the bike neutral
and then pull down on the right stick to have the rider stand on top of the
bike. You also have to complete five flips and have 0 faults during this run,
so try to mix in the flips with the tricks.

Wet Paint – At the end of this track is a long red rail. Have your back tire
touch the rail only, with your front tire up.

Do. Not. Touch. – There are platforms with red arrows. Avoid them. Don’t fault.
This one is worth 1200 XP points, so don’t expect an easy go of it.

Dizzy Heights – Do four front flips in one jump.

Rabbit’s Arctic Run – The Rabbit has to be unlocked by beating nearly every
level in the game first. Then once you’ve unlocked the Rabbit bike, come back
to this stage and complete it without faulting a single time.

Pipe Phobia – Just make sure your front wheel never touches any of the pipes
in the level.

Making Waves – At the top of the second large rock, launch yourself off and
then press Y to bailout. Then hold in the left trigger. This will make your
rider go into a “cannonball” pose. There is water to fall into. Hug the left
side of the water, as if you land in the middle or the right side of the water,
then sometimes the challenge won’t count.

Fragile. Be Careful – There is a pillar with a gold tip at the end of it about
halfway through the track. You are supposed to bunnyhop OVER the gold tip at
the end to preserve it.

Path to Enlightenment – At the very beginning of the track, drive forward and
knock over the first pillar by bumping into it with your front tire. Then
go backwards by just letting the rider slide naturally down the hill. You’ll
fall off the cliff, but hit a burst of wind that will send you flying to some
rock platforms that are floating in the sky. Complete the track now on these
platforms to get this challenge successfully completed.

Purgatory Tower – To perform a “Going to Hell” pose, position the bike so
that the nose of it is facing down. Then push up on the right stick so that
your rider grabs on to the handlebars. Launch yourself off the tower and
perform this pose while landing successfully to complete the first challenge on
this track.

First-Rate Flipping – Complete 10 flips and earn a gold medal, or the necessary
requirements for earning a gold medal, if you already have one in this event.

Demolitions Side Job – There are two switches you have to hit in order to
destroy the tower. The first one comes just after the sixth checkpoint. Fall
off the ramp and land directly underneath it. Then back up into the first
switch until it blows up a bit. Now continue along the track as normal for a
couple more checkpoints. When you ramp up over a railing and land on some rock
(the railing has warning signs about biking there), you can back up into the
next switch. Now just finish the track and the challenge will pop.

Human Flag – At the very end of the track, there is a large gap across a
street. There are flag poles sticking out of the building across the street.
Press Y to bailout and keep the Y button held in. If done properly, you will
smack right into the tip of the flagpole on the opposite side of the street
and the challenge will pop.

Unnatural Disaster – At the beginning, back up into the bomb. Then ride down
the track and you will get to a point where there’s a gap with some jagged ice
rocks below you. Purposefully fall into the ice rocks to cause an explosion.
You will know you’re getting close because the bomb will be close to detonation
when you get to this point.

They Belong to the Mafia – Throughout this track, you will find a variety of
yellow objects. Just avoid touching them at all with your wheels, utilizing
moves and tricks such as bunnyhops.

Dizzier Heights – At the beginning of this track, flip at least seven times and
land it perfectly. The easiest way to do this is to pick the Pit Viper. Then
pull the left stick to the left to do backflips. Keep it held here until you
have completed four backflips (you will know you have completed one because
there will be an audio tone plus a flash on the bike). Then after the fourth
flip, let go of the stick. Your rider will then complete the other three flips
by himself and you should be able to land on the ramp without even having to
correct much, if at all.

Coasterphobia – Near the end of the track is a loop. The loop is easily
avoided by simply not going fast enough to reach it. Then you can just drop
straight down to the red ramp below that the loop leads you to anyways and
finish the track that way. Doing this will satisfy the requirements for this
particular challenge.

Welcome to Warp Zone 1! – This is also near the loop in the level. Instead of
dropping down, still go underneath the loop, but instead land on the platform
that follows it. There is a portal here. Go through the portal to enter the
“Warp Zone”. Navigate this and then go through the portal at the other side.
Then finish the track.

The goal here is to launch yourself off the bottom of the jump and then down
the next ramp to see how far you can throw yourself. To do this successfully,
you will want to “launch” your rider by leaning back near the end of the jump
and then lurching forward at the last second. Then tap Y at the height of
this to get the most air possible.

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In this event, we learn of the powers of FMX trick style biking!

This is where you will learn the Bunnyhop! You’ve probably already pulled it
off on the tracks as I have instructed you how to perform this move already in
previous events, but this is the official training for it. You will also be
taught about knocking down objects, but that is also something that you
should know how to do simply by playing the other tracks in the game that
preceded this.

Marvelous Flipping – Do 15 flips and don’t fault. You’ll need to do about
two flips per jump to get this one down.

Full Throttle 2 – Same as the last Full Throttle. Never release the throttle
throughout the entirety of the track and never fault.

Goal-Line Technology – At the very beginning of the track, back up onto the
orange light on the ground. This will cause a ball to spawn. Push the ball
from the start of the track to the finish line mainly using your front tire.
If you fault, then you have to start all the way over, so this is another
challenge on this track that demands you do it almost perfectly.

Exceptional Flipping – 10 flips without faulting.

Bring Out the Blimp! – Near the end of the track, right before the spot with
the explosives, back up as far as you can. Then go off the next ramp with as
much speed as possible. Bailout at the last possible second to launch your
rider to the blimp. Keep Y held down so that your rider will latch on to the

Game, Set, Match – At some point during the track, you actually ride through a
tennis court. Stop in the middle of the court to initiate a game of tennis
with a penguin. First one to 9 points wins. To play, use the right trigger or
press A to swing the “racket”. You don’t even have to line the ball up with the
racket, your body will work fine as well. Push the left stick to the left or
right to manipulate the direction that the ball is sent to make it harder on
the penguin to return the ball.

Fan Mail – In the middle of the track, there’s a pipe with orange lights on
it. Perform a “Proud Hero” pose while jumping over the pipe. To perform this
pose properly, level out your bike and then pull down on the right stick.

Prep the Artillery – There are three red dots in the level that need turned
green to activate all three cannons. The first can be found behind the starting
line. Just back up until you get to the dot. When it turns green, continue.
The second dot is found once you drop off the first floating platform. There
is the main way to go, and then a smaller platform below that in clear sight.
Land on it and it will rise to the top, taking you to another ramp that is
floating in the sky with another red circle on it. Hit this one to activate the
second one. The third one is the most obvious out of all of them and very easy
to find. At the end of the level, there it is, just on the ramp. Hit it when
you’re going in or get the checkpoint first and then reverse onto it. Complete
the level and wait for the cut-scene to start and you’ll complete then the
challenge will be completed.

No Place to Hide – Back up from the starting line and hit that dot that you
did in the “Prep the Artillery” challenge. Then go up to the first ramp and
wait for the red lights at the top of it to turn green. Then reverse all the
way back to the dot and there will be a new platform there that wasn’t
there before. Back up onto this and you will hear an audio cue. Squirrel signs
will start popping up throughout the entire track. Get at least 35 of them.
If you fault or restart for any reason, the signs will disappear and you will
have to start this challenge all over from the beginning.

Abandon Ship! – Near the halfway point of the track is a white pipe on the
ground that leads to a small ship just off the shore. Run your tires over this
pipe and the small ship will zoom off towards a large ship. If you get there
with 35 or less seconds on the clock, that little ship will smash into the
large ship that is going underneath the bridge and blow it up.

Climb-actic – There is an large anchor rope leading to a beached ship. Do a
wheelie all the way up the rope and then land yourself on the deck.

Welcome to Warp Zone 2! – Warp Zone 2 is easy enough to find. There is a large
black pipe in this stage. The pipe leads to another platform, but there is a
rock underneath that platform. This is where the warp zone is. Then complete
the warp zone stage and the rest of the track.

This training program teaches you how to control an FMX bike and do tricks.
The tricks are performed using the right analog stick. Complete the tricks
that are shown on the monitor.

Since this is an FMX track, the main goal is to score as many points as
possible and then make it to the end of the track. Just do the tricks that you
learned in the FMX Training Program. There are no challenges in FMX tracks,
and you are forced to use the Foxbat FMX bike.

This challenge tasks you with keeping your biker’s adrenaline up so that he
doesn’t fail the stage. You can keep your adrenaline up by performing tricks
and flips and going fast. The game is seeing how long you can go without the
adrenaline meter dropping to zero; you can keep an eye on the adrenaline meter
by watching the side of the screen.

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FMX, Skill Games, Trials…it’s all here in Cactus Challenge!

Poser of the Lost Ark – Perform the “Dead Man” pose and land it at any point
in the track.

Playmaker – At the start of the track, back up. There will be an explosion,
and then when you move forward again, you will have a trailer attached to your
ATV that is full of soccer balls. Get at least one of the soccer balls to
the giant soccer ball near the end of the track.

Ancient Squirrels Crossing – Once you reach the temples, there is a sign that
says that the speed limit is 10mph. At this point, you just need to move very
slowly through the temple and you’ll get this challenge.

Is it a Bird…? – On the road jump, perform a Superman pose on the TKO-Panda

Penguin Wash! – After you reach the first body of water, back up through it.
You will then fall through the ground and be taken to an Angry Birds style
level, albeit with penguins. In case you are unfamiliar with Angry Birds, your
goal here will be to knock the penguins off of the wooden structures that they
are standing on in order to dunk them under the water.

Gone in 65 Seconds – You have to do five flips, which is a bit tricky with the
ATV, at least compared to the bikes. Then your other goals are to complete the
level in 65 seconds or less while also never faulting once.

Like a Boss – Hold and land a Proud Hero pose. You have to land perfectly for
this one to work.

Majestic Flipping – 5 flips and 0 faults.

Mirror Mode – Back up at the start of the level to hit the gyroscope. This
will flip the track to be inverted. Then simply complete the track and you
will net yourself quite a bit of XP in the process.

Astonishing Fliping! – Five flips and also complete the requirements for the
gold medal as well.

Goal of the Season – Back up at the beginning (just like always!), and there
will be a button. Pressing down on the button will cause a soccer ball to
spawn and a goal to drop down. Bunnyhop and then bailout so that the rider’s
head sends the soccer ball flying into the goal.

Club Silencio – Underneath the starting platform is a switch. To get to this
switch, go up to the third checkpoint, then roll backwards. Do a backflip and
if done properly, you will land by the switch. Activate the switch by stopping
in front of it. This will open the blast doors that are below you. Go down
there and you will get to a color puzzle. Complete the puzzle.

Gymnastics – Do two flips after going through the base area.

Is it a Mirage? – At the blue sign that has a penguin on it, just stop. Stay
stopped until the image on the screen becomes distorted. Once your vision is
distorted this means that you have suffered a sunstroke. Now complete the
stage without getting any faults under these unique visual conditions.

Return of the Sphere – About halfway through the track, there is a blue
sign with arrows pointing to the right, in some metal pipes. Slowly drive up
to the sign to cause a small explosion to occur. Then back all the way up and
crash into the water. Wait a minute and you will be teleported to a sphere on
platforms that are extremely high in the air. Complete this little course to
secure this challenge.

FMX track.

You need to complete the moves that pop up on the screen. Complete as many as
possible before you crash to the ground.

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Now things are gettin’ real!

Cannonball! – There is a diving board on the track. You can’t miss it as it
has a checkpoint right on it. Just bailout off the diving board and then hold
in the left trigger to perform a cannonball into the water below.

Pyromaniac – At the start of the level, back up into the flame so that your
rider catches on fire. To stay on fire, avoid touching any of the water in the
level. To complete this challenge, you need to complete the level while on
fire, so it’s basically a 0 fault challenge, and it’s practically a “Full
Throttle” challenge at that because not moving fast enough while on fire will
cause your rider to crash.

Unyielding 3 – You should know the drill with these by now. Though a fun fact
is this challenge is incorrectly spelled “Unyelding” in the game.

Waterproofing Test – There is a turbine suspended by vines on this track.
Land on top of this turbine with your bike and stay on it until it descends
completely into the water. This will cause the water to become electrocuted,
and then all you need to do is touch the water and this challenge will be

Breathtaking Flipping! – Zero faults, do 10 backflips.

SwampBaggie – Choose the Baggie and complete the track without ever faulting.
This is actually a lot easier than you might expect as long as you take your

Utterly-Staggering Flipping!! – 10 flips, 0 faults.

Dark Horse – Do 5 Underog poses and land them properly while also never
faulting on this track.

Shoddy Workmanship – Yes, all of the challenges on this track require 0 fault
runs. This one requires you to do a zero fault run while also never letting
your front wheel touch the scaffold plates…so basically, do a wheelie across

Full Throttle 3 – Never let go of the gas and get a 0 fault run.

Shocking! – At the very end of the track, launch yourself over the finish
line and bailout. Hold Y down so that you grab on the rod that is sitting on
top of the finish line building. Keep holding that rod until the lightning
hits it and your rider explodes.

Baggie-Wash – 0 fault run with the Baggie. You know how we do!

Just another FMX track.

This Skill Game is separated into three separate events. First of all, you
want to see how far you can get on the long jump, then how much height you can
achieve in the high jump. The final stretch is seeing how fast you can complete
the simple track laid before you, with the points dwindling down the longer
that you take to complete it. You HAVE to use the Roach bike during this

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The difficulty is bumped up to “Hard” in this one.

First, do a long bunnyhop. Then you just learn more bunnyhopping techniques,
as well as how to climb obstacles by lifting your front wheel up, then leaning
forward so that your back wheel goes into the air as well. This will get you
your level 4 racing license.

6 Rocks Under – For this challenge, you will want to bailout at the ramp
before the gravel pit, and then land INSIDE the pit. Just chill out there
until the scene with the rocks plays.

Rabbit’s Extreme Run – Using the Rabbit bike, complete this track with 0

Welcome to Warp Zone 3! – There is a section of hill that is held up by cables.
Stay on this hill and it will slowly rise into the sky, leading you directly
to the portal.

Miraculous Flipping – 5 backflips. You don’t have to do a 0 fault run or
anything, just complete 5 backflips.

After Burner – Back up at the beginning of the track to hit the fire. This
will cause your bike to go super fast into the air. Fly through the rings of
fire and pass through all of them to complete the challenge.

Darksider – Just after the first set of solar panels, there is a button on the
ground. Hit the button until the timer makes it so that it is night out. This
will change the track slightly to make it harder. Complete the track in this
state to complete this challenge.

End O’ The Beginning – This track starts you on a green crate. Perform an endo
(reverse wheelie–front wheel on the ground, back wheel up). Hold this pose for
five seconds.

Husky Ride – Complete this track using the Baggie bike. You don’t have to get
0 faults.

Protected Species – Back up when you see the penguin sign. Then fall into the
hole in front of the big penguin. This will cause penguins to appear all over
the rest of the track, just avoid hitting them and complete the track as

Reconnecting.. – Underneath one of the ramps is an electrical device that is
hanging on by wires. Grab it by holding Y after a bailout. Swing back and
forth until the electrical box hits the connecting cables that are attached to
the far wall.

Cool Bug – Get 0 faults on a run with the Roach bike.

Blackout – There is a part of the track with a missing ceiling. Wires are
hanging out of the hole in the ceiling, imbued with electricity. Bailout off
your bike and then grab on to the wires until the lights go out on the track.
Now finish the track with the lights off.

Little Waddling Bundles of Joy! – Near the end of the track, there is a large
tree. At the end of the tree is a crack in the ice that has smoke coming out
of it. Fall into this hole and crash. If done successfully, you will wind up
with the penguins that live in this area.

Human Pine Cone – At the part where there is a bridge that has multiple
sections of it missing, you want to bailout and fall underneath that bridge.
There is a large tree beneath it. Hold Y to grab on to the branches and wait
until the birds fly away to signify that you have indeed successfully completed
the challenge.

Penguin Chase! – Reverse at the beginning of the stage until you see the
penguin. Then “chase” the penguin through the track. This is basically a 0
fault run challenge, though you also have to keep up speed with the penguin
that runs through the track.

You get a ton of chances to pull off really big tricks in this FMX track.

Try to climb as high as you possibly can on top of the ice mountain.

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Despite being called “Expert’s Club”, this event only has tracks that are of
“Hard” difficulty. Yep, there’s an “Expert” difficulty. Make sure that your
body is ready.

Pull the Plug – About halfway through the track, there is a gap that has a
few slanted rocks that are very easy to spot. Go to the bottom of the pit to
find a button. Stop on the button to power down the generator.

Neurotoxicology – Once the lift crashes at the beginning of the track, just
stay put until the green gas covers your rider’s face. The effect will take
place when the screen gets all dark and starts to freak out. Now just complete
the track with this dopey crap going on.

CaveBaggie – 0 fault run with the Baggie on this track.

Action Hero – Bail out and smack into at least three of the bombs that are on
the track.

God-like Flipping!! – 10 flips, either kind, and also complete the requirements
for getting a gold medal on this track.

Lucy in the Sky – Just after the part with the platforms that rise and lower
with the bombs on it, back up onto the top of these platforms. Then go all
the way to the top. There is a floating platform in the sky at the top. You
can crash on it and it still counts as challenge completed.

We Have a Jumper – Crash on the middle train track and make sure your bike is
ON the track. The train will then come by and smash into the bike, which
will cause it explode.

Headshot! – There is a large poster of a woman on it that says “Synthetic”.
Bailout and launch yourself into the head of the woman.

Delayed Departure – At the really long gap, bailout and launch yourself across
to the light that is attached to the ceiling. Grab it by holding Y and then
it will crash to the ground.

Viperless Pit – Complete the track in 10 faults or less using the Roach only.

Hitting Targets – Get 5 faults or less while also hitting all the blue target

Spider Mode – Reverse at the start and hit the gyroscope. This will cause
the screen to turn upside-down. Now you need to get to the first checkpoint,
or else the effect will reverse if you fault. A way to cheat the difficulty
of this is to simply lay on the floor and look at your TV upside-down so
that it all appears right-side up. This makes it a ton easier.

Jungle Jim – 2 complete flips before reaching the second checkpoint on the

Tree House Club – As you can see in the trees above you, there are bars that
you can grab and swing on. Get on the one that is at the heighest point by
bailing out and holding Y. Now move the left stick back and forth to get
momentum, and launch yourself backwards across the track to the other bars.
Keep doing this until you get to the tree house.

Archeology – At some of the checkpoints, there are cubes rotating in the
background. Before you drive off, you will want them to have a specific color
on the left side. The first pattern to watch for is green, green, green. Then
green, red, blue. Then green, red, green. Then finish the track and make sure
you land on the tile at the very end beyond the finish line and watch the
cut-scene that follows thereafter.

FMX track.

In this Skill Game, there will be a meter on the left side of the screen. Once
the meter is completely depleted, that means your front tire will have taken so
much damage that it will fall off. So the goal is to obviously stay on your
back wheel as much as possible throughout this track.

You have to get 110 medals to unlock this level. Then once you do, you can
complete this level to unlock the final set of events, which is called the
Master’s Gauntlet.

The Chosen One – Do a “Proud Hero” pose as you go through the finish line at
the end of the track.

1, 2, 3. – There are three red lights throughout the track. Do a wheelie
underneath them until they all turn green.

Welcome to Warp Zone 4! – Back up at the first part of the track. You will
activate a missile that will destroy a rock that will then open the way to
the portal. Just after the second checkpoint, drop down and back up into the
portal and then complete the Warp Zone as usual.

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This is the end of the road…good luck.

Weed Killer – Your days of smashing flowers have returned! The first can be
found right at the start. Just back up. Then at the part where you have to
go from rock to rock across the water, there will be the second in the middle
of this in the water. The third will be at the bottom of the large diagonal
log. The final one is just beyond the finish line. Bailout and drop to the
rocks below.

Weather the Storm – At the very last checkpoint, bail out and send your rider
upwards. There will be a bar here that you can grab onto, hidden by the
rocks. Make sure you’re holding in Y so that your rider grabs onto it
successfully. Swing back and forth on this. Then return to the last
checkpoint and drop down the first rock, straight down, where the pipe is
going down. This will lead you to a secret area of the stage. At the end of
this secret area will be a large ball. Bump into the stone altar that the
ball is sitting on. The ball will start to glow and float into the sky.

Mind-Blowingly-Sensational Flipping!!! – 5 flips and get 0 faults. The first
part is obviously the easy part…the second part, the 0 faults…well, you
are definitely going to be at this for a while, let me tell you.

Daredevil Rabbit’s Run – Beat the track using the Rabbit bike.

Dizziest Heights – Do a triple backflip and then land it at any point in the

Top Roach – Beat the level and get 0 faults using the Roach bike.

Fashion Promoter – At the sign that says “Synthetic Clothing”, do an endo that
lasts for five seconds or more.

Trials Backwards Evolution – Back up at the start of the track and knock down
the big black thing that is behind you. Slide down on top of it after it is
knocked over and then roll into the room that kind of looks like an elevator.
Chill out in here until the scene is over. This will change your rider to his
most basic design. I do recommend that you master the first checkpoint first
before doing this, otherwise yo’ure going to have to keep rewatching the
cut-scene if you fail.

Keep Your Trilby On! – Immediately below the starting line is a big black
lever. Go beyond the starting line and then bail out backwards. Hold the Y
button so that you can grab the lever on your way down. What this does is turn
on a black and white shader.

Higher Plane – Near the beginning when you drop down the platforms and there
are blue signs, bail out so that you sail between the platforms. There are
metal hooks hanging down from the ice. Grab onto the hooks and they will
lead you to a platform. Land your rider on the platform.

Rabbit’s Survival Run – Complete the track getting 10 faults or less using the
Rabbit bike.

Master of Illusion – At the very beginning of the track, back up so that you
hit the gyroscope. This will cause your rider to disappear completely from the
bike. Now you have to complete the track while your rider is invisible.

Crank Up The Heat – There are a ton of explosive barrels all throughout this
track. Land on all of them at least one time on a run through the track.

Disrespecting the Teacher – When you get to the tutorial billboard, hold a
wheelie there for at least 10 seconds to complete this challenge.

Be One with the Bike – At the first checkpoint, bailout backwards to the
support holding up the first platforms that you have to cross. There is a
button attached to this support. Bump it and then you will respawn at the
checkpoint with an invisible bike.

Infinite Trials sees how many different stages you can complete in a row. The
stages will be constantly changing depending on if you crash or have to restart
at a checkpoint. You get a total of three lives to see how far you are able to

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4. Garage
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
The Garage is where all of your in-game purchases and customization will take
place in Trials Fusion. It is also where you can check out your bikes and a
lot more.

So let’s get to it!

There are six vehicles in the game. They are all kept under the “Bike”
category, even though one of them is definitely not a bike.

Pit Viper

The Foxbat and TKO-Panda can only be used in specific tracks. The Foxbat can
only be used in FMX tracks specifically.

Bikes can be customized by changing the color as well as purchasing new tires
for them. All of the bikes that can have customized tires share the same tires
between them, though you have to purchase them separately between the bikes.

These are the different tires you can purchase and their prices:

Standard Issue – Default
Shuriken – $1,800
Blade – $2,200
Renaissance – $3,500
Grind – $7,000
Chroma – Level 90
Fusion – Level 150
Hue – Join UPlay

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The rider can also be customized. There are a variety of costume types. The
costumes typically have three tiers of items that can be purchased after you
reach a certain level in the game.

These are the different costume types:

Dashing Hero*
E.S. Enforcer
Frowning Clown*

*Requires UPlay to unlock

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Besides customizing your bike and rider in the Garage, you can also check the
Leaderboards as well as you in-game statistics.

It will tell you how much XP you’ve earned in both categories, your total
in-game completion, the time you’ve spent playing the game, etc.

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5. Create
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
This mode is for those that want to create their own tracks. The game will
take you to a sandbox, and at that point you have all the tools needed in order
to make your own Trials Fusion creations.

These are the basic controls for Create mode:

A – Place Start Point
RB – Next Location
LB – Previous Location
X – Next Time of Day Preset
Y – Next Weather Preset
B – Rotate Longitude
LT/RT – Camera Speed
LS – Camera Mode
Menu Button – Editor Menu

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
6. Conclusion
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
I hope this guide helped you complete Trials Fusion!

For more information on the game, including videos and more, please visit the
cheat page, here:

Trials Fusion [Cheat Page]

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