Fable Age Walkthrough [Guide]

Fable Age

The Lich King is invading the Fable kingdom, and it’s up to you and your allies to save the land. Venture forth in quests that are unlike the fairy tales you’ve been read as a child, and you will encounter challenges that will test your skills in both arranging a powerful team and in matching gems. Are you ready to take on Fable Age? Then make sure to read through this guide first.

Fable Age is a card collection and match type game where in players must go on quests in order to free the world from the Lich King. Along the way, players would be able to unlock and purchase allies that will help strengthen their team as well as upgrade them in order to make them effective in battle. During quests, players will also get to match gems strategically which will allow them to perform attacks and regenerate their health. Allies can also activate skills for offensive, defensive, and support purposes, and these can all be worked together in order to win battles and quests.

Coins and gems are the two currencies within the game. Coins are earned during quests, while gems are earned rarely such as when logging in daily or when winning special events. Coins are used to purchase items that will help players upgrade allies. On the other hand, gems are used to refill stamina as well as acquire new heroes that you can add to your team. Gems may also be used to refill your stamina should you run out. Both gems and coins may also be acquired in exchange for real cash.

Levelling Up
Going on quests will earn players experience points that will in turn allow players to level up. Levelling up provides a lot of benefits such as refilling your stamina instantly, as well as the chance to either increase maximum stamina or the number of friends that you can add. Thus, the higher your level, the more you can play and the bigger the chances that you will be able to earn friend tokens that you can then use to further strengthen your team.

Stamina is energy that is required for your players to be able to go on quests. Stamina is a resource that regenerates over time, but players can spend gems to refill it instantly. Levelling up will also refill your stamina, as well as give you the chance to increase its maximum capacity by one.

Players are able to match gems of the same color that are joined together. Two or more gems must be linked together before matches can be made. Heroes of the same color as the gem that is being matched will cause them to attack random enemy targets, with the higher number of combinations made, the more damage that will be dealt. Chained combos can also be done using gems that will fall. These combinations would only happen should gems fall in either horizontal or vertical format in numbers of three or more.

From time to time, burst gems would appear, and these are indicated by a plus sign next to the gem. Matched gems with signs such as these will increase their effectiveness, such as being able to deal more damage. There are also heart gems that will help replenish your team’s health. This is especially important as players would be able to attack once the timer above their heads runs out.

Players may also take advantage of area attacks which are triggered once the first and last gems in the match are the same. Area attacks will allow involved heroes to deal damage to all opponents rather than individually. There is also a link system where in players can link together gems of different colors. This strategy is especially effective when players can link long chains or if circular matches can be made. Take note that each link will consume 5 link points, and players are limited to a certain number of link points per mission, with the maximum amount possibly increasing each time players are able to clear an area.

Players may be awarded with new heroes during quests or via random draws using friend tokens or gems. Each hero has different stats such as attack and health, with the former triggering once gems of the same color have been matched, and the latter adding to your total health as a team. Rarity is also a factor as rarer heroes are typically more powerful than more common ones. Heroes that would no longer be used can be sold off in exchange for coins.

Heroes also have different elemental affinities, and having a good balance of these will allow players to have more chances to attack during battle. This can also be used as a good strategy as players can take advantage of elemental weaknesses and strengths to either deal double damage or have damage inflicted upon them halved.

Players are also able to upgrade their heroes by using items such as books, potions, and the like. Experience books can increase your heroes’ experience and levels while other items can permanently boost a hero’s attributes. These items can be earned during quests and may also be purchased using coins. Having a good balance of heroes in your team is very important as they can only bring along four of them at a time, as well as one additional ally from friends.

Aside from their respective attributes and elements, players also have both active and passive skills. Passive skills provide boosts for other players should they meet the desired criteria, while active skills would have to be triggered manually, although these have cooldown times before they can be used again. Sometimes, there are also some extra skills available that players can take advantage of. Look at the details of each hero and arrange your team based on how these skills would be able to work together as well as on how they would be able to work against opponents.

Players can go on different quests which are divided into books, missions, and battles. During battles, players would get to earn treasures that will contain different kinds of items. These rewards can only be collected once the mission has been successfully completed, however. New missions will open up once the current ones have been completed.

There are also special events that are more difficult to clear, but the rewards would be greater than usual. Special events pop up from time to time, but there is a time limit as to when these would be available. Focus on these not only to be able to get the best rewards, but also so that you are able to test how good your team is against tougher challengers.

Social Function
Players are able to add friends as allies. They can be brought into battle in order to help you during quests. Adding friends and them letting you help out will also earn players friend tokens that can then be used to purchase new heroes. In addition, linking to Facebook will also earn players additional ems that they can choose to use in any way that they want. Of course, this social function is completely optional although the advantages are hard to resist.


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