Farmville 2: Country Escape Walkthrough [Guide]

Farmville 2: Country Escape

Living in the country and owning a farm sure has its perks. You can, for example, raise your own farm animals and grow your own crops. Of course, there’s a little bit of commerce that you must engage in so that you can keep your farm running and growing. Farmville 2: Country Escape can help you simulate the fun of having your own farm as you manage your time and resources so that you are able to satisfy clients’ orders. Along the way, you’ll get to meet new friends and new areas to explore. Here’s our guide on how to make the best out of this addictive social simulation and building game.

Farmville 2: Country Escape Walkthrough is a building and social simulation game where in players must try and complete quests as well as satisfy orders of different kinds of produce from customers, all the while trying to expand their lands in order to be able to produce more goods. There are lots of things to build and animals to raise, and all of these would work towards creating a system that would in turn allow players to produce raw materials that can either be sold on their own or crafted together in order to create a new item. Players are also encouraged to add friends so that they may help each other out and make trades so that they would be able to create a virtual economy of goods.

Coins and keys are the two main currencies within the game. Coins are earned whenever players are able to sell goods that are posted in the Farm Orders board, or even from other players. Coins as well as keys may also be earned by completing quests, although keys are much more rarely awarded. The best way to earn keys is by purchasing them using real money, and coins may also be acquired by these methods as well. Sometimes, certain offers may also arise, such as watching videos or connecting to Facebook and even daily login rewards, which may award players with either of these currencies for free.

Coins are used for the purchasing of different items within the store as well as to expand lands. On the other hand, keys are used to purchase resources that you may not have in your storage, as well as to speed up processes such as crafting, exploring, or producing goods from farm plots or animals that you may have.

Levelling Up
By completing quests and satisfying orders, players will be able to earn experience points. These can be accumulated and will in turn cause players to level up. By levelling up, new items will be made available at the store, and new quests will also open up. This means that, the higher your level, the more content will be made available to you as new areas within the game will also be made accessible.

Different items may be built or placed in your farm. These would include farms where in crops can be grown, animals like chickens and cows that will produce raw materials when fed, as well as stations where in different items can be crafted depending on the player’s current level. There are also decorative items that can be placed like scarecrows and fences, as well as special items that serve as collectibles and may also provide rare resources. All of these would require coins to purchase, while some would require some time before they can be used within the farm.

Typically, creating materials will require resources to be used in return. In the case of apple trees of farmland, water must be retrieved from the well and used in order for them to produce crops. Animals, in turn, must be fed before they can produce anything. Stations for crafting must also have the required resources before they can be manufactured. Also, just as when placing them on the farm for the first time, crafting or production will take time, although players can spend keys or speed grow in order to be able to collect from them instantly. Resources are very important as they are the ones being sold to customers, and some are also required as parts of quests or for actions such as exploration or crafting.

Players only have limited land to place items, which is why players must choose to expand. Expansion will require coins. Also, depending on the land being purchased, the game may also require that players reach a certain level as well as to purchase any unclaimed lands prior to it.

It is also important to note that resources that are not going to be used will be placed in storage. However, this storage is limited, but players may choose to buy additional storage space so that they can keep more items at a time. Of course, selling them would always be another viable option.

Players will eventually gain access to different areas within the game, and most will entail exploring. When exploring, players will need farm hands which would also be made available as players level up, as well as certain resources which can be crafted or produced directly. Exploring will take time, although players can use keys to speed things up, and this would in turn yield different items that are awarded by chance. These would include experience and sometimes rare resources that you would be able to use for quests or for crafting valuable products. Players can explore different locations simultaneously for as long as there are farm hands available.

Quests are sets of tasks that players must accomplish in order to get ahead in the game. These tasks may require players to satisfy certain orders or to purchase and place an item from the store to your farm. These are among the fastest ways to earn coins and experience, and players might even get to earn keys in return. Certain tasks that may prove to be too difficult may be automatically skipped by using keys. This, however, is not recommended as oftentimes keys can be used for far better purposes. Make sure that whatever you are crafting is, as much as possible,

Social Function
Farmville 2: Country Escape also has a social function where in players can add friends. This has multiple purposes as players may trade goods with each other in exchange for coins. They can also help each other out as well as gift each other items like fertilizers. Even the act of adding friends and having them accept it will provide rewards such as keys as well as spins in the prize wheel where in players can win different items in return. Connecting to Facebook will automatically earn players a lot of keys, as well. In addition, players can use this feature to chat with friends as well as others online.


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    I have a problem on Farmville 2 Country Escape. I am trying to put my goods up for sale and I get a message that my truck broke down and my goods are put back into inventory. How do I fix this problem? I will await your reply. Thanks! Wilma Clifford