Hitman GO Walkthrough [Guide]

Hitman GO

Assassinating someone requires a lot of planning, and everyone’s favorite killer is no exception to this rule. Join Agent 47 as he embarks on various missions in Hitman GO, a very unorthodox yet still enjoyable addition to the Hitman series of games. Take down guards and complete various objectives as you navigate each level, ensuring stealth kills and speedy completion of tasks along the way. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate hitman? Read this guide and find out.

Hitman GO is a strategy based board game where in players must complete missions, which may include one or more objectives, in order to advance to the next level. Objectives may include retrieving a briefcase, killing a target, or simply going from one location to another without getting detected by the many enemies that may prowl the area. Moves are turn based, which means that all sentries may move each time players move their character. There are also different items that players can interact with which can help in distracting enemies or avoiding detection.

Hitman GO is turn based. Each time the player makes a move, enemies can move as well, either within their defined movement paths or in response to noises that they may have heard. Players can dispatch enemies for as long as they are not directly facing your character. Players can also move freely for as long as enemies are not facing you and are more than one space away. Otherwise, enemies can fix on your location and kill you, forcing you to restart the level.

Take note that players cannot skip a turn, and they are forced to make a move each turn. Using objects such as stones or guns must also be done during the turn when they have been acquired. It is also important to know that there are certain objectives which would require players to complete the level within a set amount of moves.

Each chapter is divided into several levels, and each level will allow players to earn anywhere from one to three stamps depending on which objectives they have met. Objectives may include anything from finishing a level within a certain number of moves, finishing the level without killing enemies, or killing all enemies within the area. Each objective will earn players stamps which could then be used to unlock further chapters. Sometimes, it is not possible to finish a level and getting all stamps at once. Thus, players can repeat chapters in order to collect all stamps.

Stamps are very important as these are required in order to unlock additional chapters once all levels within the current chapter have been completed. Otherwise, players must spend real money in order to unlock these chapters. Other chapters are also accessible exclusively via in-app purchases.

Hints are clues that the game will provide in order for players to be able to complete each level. Hints are provided for free in limited quantities, and players will have to spend real money to get more. Options for purchasing hints include ones that will allow you to clear a level, while another will unlock hints within all levels. The latter will be more beneficial in the long run, although of course, it would defeat the purpose of the game as the challenge will no longer be present.

Tips and Tricks
Don’t use hints or purchase additional ones unless absolutely necessary. Not only will you be spending real money, but the challenge as well as the glory of beating the game on your own would be lost. Simply keep at it and use the process of elimination and deduction in order to find the movement pattern that will allow you to complete the mission or to collect that elusive stamp.

With regards to stamps, make sure that you collect all of them within the area. Once players complete a level, they will be able to collect the first stamp. Others are not required to be acquired at the same time. If collecting them both simultaneously would prove to be difficult, then finish the stage while accomplishing the second to the last objective first, and then repeat the stage so that you can complete the last challenge. Always remember that each stamp is important as this is the only way by which you would be able to unlock the next chapter for free.

Take into consideration how enemies move, and how they react to outside stimuli like hearing stones within their range. There would be some trial and error with regards to this, but this is very important so that you will know the best strategy to dispatch them or at least move past them without being detected. Sometimes, it is also important to move away from your intended path in order to “waste” a move so that you will not meet an enemy once your pathways cross. Once you’ve gotten their movement patterns determined, simply restart the stage and apply what you have learned to finish the level.

Also, it is also very important to use whatever objects you find in the area. Stones can be used to distract enemies so that they would move in an area in such a way that you can move past them or take them out. It is also important to note that players can dispatch multiple enemies occupying the same space for as long as the player is the one moving towards their location. On the other hand, players can hide behind bushes in order to stay undetected. However, moving towards a location from a bush where in enemies are also in that spot will not cause you to dispatch of the enemies there. Instead, this will cause these enemies to take you down and force you to restart the level.

Lastly, take your time when plotting your next move. Although some stages will require players to complete the mission within a set number of moves, the game does not have a time limit. Think your plan through and then move forward once you are sure of the rewards, or consequences, of your actions.


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