Isolani Walkthrough [Guide]


Isolani takes place in the far reaches of space, where the universe has been limited to one inhabitable area. Players must take on the role of a hero that will try and battle against the ruthless AI known as the cluster, and players must make sure that they are able to complete goals so that they are able to move forward to the next task. Isolani will appeal to fans of FPS games, and here’s our guide on how to get off on a running start with this particular title.

Isolani is a first person shooter game where in players must try and clear each level, which is in turn done by clearing each room within the stage so that they would be able to proceed to the next area. Objectives vary, from destroying locks to defeating robotic enemies that would appear. Good aim and quickness is emphasized within Isolani as best scores are posted automatically in leaderboards. Better weapons will be made available so that players would be able to go through enemies and complete missions faster.

Energy is the main currency within the game. Currency is earned by completing stages, and these are used to unlock weapons and other items within the game. Otherwise, should players lack energy, then they may opt to purchase said items using real cash. There’s really no need to go down this latter route, however, as players may repeat stages both to get a higher score as well as to grind for additional energy.

Lives serve as the energy within Isolani. This means that, each time players die in the game, one life would be spent. Lives will also be spent should players decide to quit within a mission. Lives regenerate over time, and players may only have three lives at a time. Should players run out of this resource, they can either wait for it to refill again, or purchase them using real cash so that they would be able to play again.

Another alternative is, should players receive damage, they can simply take cover so that they could regenerate their health. This is a much better option as compared to charging into battle and risking using precious lives.

Different weapons will be made available within Isolani, although selections will be limited depending on the current stage. Weapons will have varying attributes like damage, ammo, and range, while some may even have special abilities like zooming for more accurate shots. Players can also manually reload weapons, and players should take note that, with the exception of some weapons, ammo is limitless.

More powerful weapons may be unlocked by purchasing them using energy, and this is especially important as weapons used will be discharged. Fully discharged weapons can no longer earn players additional currency. With that, unlocking new weapons will serve the dual purpose of gaining you extra energy as well as giving you additional firepower so that you will be able to complete missions faster.

There will also be instances where in players would be able to switch between weapons during a mission. In these cases, as with all missions, make sure to bring the superior weapons in battle, and to ensure that you always have ammo especially when facing multiple enemies at once.

By completing challenges throughout the game, players will earn stars. Once enough has been earned, players will be able to increase in rank. An increase in rank will mean that more powerups will be unlocked. This would in turn mean that players would be able to bring along more items that can help them during missions. Challenges may include objectives that must be completed within a specific stage, or accumulated across multiple missions such as destroying a hundred robots in total.

Powerups are special items that may be purchased and can be activated for beneficial effects. These include health items that will allow players to regenerate health faster, as well as special items that can increase your weapon’s damage for a limited period of time. Powerups must be purchased using real cash, although they are also rewarded at some points of the game. Powerups are not really necessary, although they will be able to make your lives easier. Powerups are unlocked depending on the player’s current rank.

Each episode is made up of many missions, which are in turn divided into different areas. Players must proceed through each area by completing mini objectives that may include clearing the area of enemies, destroying locks, or picking up energy pods. Only then would the next area open up. There’s really no time limit for players to complete levels, although this may also be advantageous as the fastest times will be posted in global leaderboards.

New missions will open up once the latest available mission has been completed. Once all missions in an episode has been completed, a new one will open up, with more promised in future updates. New episodes will also entail new weapons that can be unlocked and used in previous and succeeding missions.


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