The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (iOS) Walkthrough [Guide]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the sequel to the highly success reboot of the highly successful series featuring the highly successful comic book superhero Spider-Man has now come to the iOS. Expect some web slinging action coming from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as he tackles crime from local thugs to supervillains that will really take the fight to everyone’s favorite superpowered arachnid. Here’s our guide on what to expect with this amazing superhero game.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a semi-open world beat ‘em up game where in players will be able to control Spider-Man as he stops different crimes from happening within New York City, as well as catering to his fans by signing autographs and the like. The game is also interspersed with a main storyline that will unravel once players have reached certain stages within the game. Along the way, players would be able to discover new suits, items, and even collectibles that can either be collected or purchased, and some of these can eventually affect how Spider-Man performs in battle later on.

Spider points, or coins, are the game’s main currency. Spider points are used in order to purchase skill upgrades, some suits, and even powerups that can help you along in battle. Spider points may be acquired via in-app purchases, but there are many ways by which you can earn them for free such as completing missions, fighting in the Arena, or acquiring collectibles.

Missions within The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are divided into two types, mainly red ones and blue ones. Blue missions are those that are connected to the main storyline, while red missions are those that are optional. Take note, however , that blue missions might not open up until enough red missions have been completed. The latter missions might include tasks such as stopping robbers, giving autographs to fans, or defusing bombs.

Some of these missions are also timed, so make sure that you will be able to navigate your way around the city fast by swinging across the sky, climbing walls, or walking. There’s a HUD on the upper left of the screen which would allow you to determine as to which direction you would need to go and how far away you are from the destination. Mission locations are also indicated by a blue or red light. Complete missions in order to both push the story forward and to earn additional coins upon event completion.

Combat within the game is geared more towards button mashing. Combos are pretty much automated, and all players have to do is to make strings of both web and melee attacks. Spider-Man will attack the closest enemy that he is facing, although of course, being attacked from both sides is something that you must avoid, especially against tougher enemies.

There’s a counter attack button which can be pressed whenever Spider-Man’s spider sense tingles. This will cause players to evade attacks as well as stun enemies. From time to time, Spider-Man will also enter Super Status or perform critical attacks. Simply tap attack buttons as fast as you can in order to deal maximum damage. Increasing and upgrading your skills will allow Spider-Man to deal ore damage, attack faster, or have better defense.

Some combat mechanics differ from mission to mission. While some would simply require players to push the attack button until all enemies fall, some missions will require players to tap at the correct buttons at the right moment. Focus on what the game is asking of you during these Quick-Time Events in order to accomplish missions fast.

Spider-Man can have his basic attributes increased by upgrading Skills. Skills are arranged in a tree where in latter upgrades can only be acquired once previous ones have been bought. Skills include dealing more damage, having higher speed, longer Super Status, better defense, and many more. Skills can be bought using Spider points, so always make sure that you have enough and to spend them on the right skills whenever fights become too tough for you to handle.

Different items are also available within the store, and these can be used in order to give Spider-Man an edge during combat. Both premium and regular items are available, and these can bought using real cash and Spider points, respectively. Premium items, like the Nano Structure Pack, provide permanent boosts to Spider-Man’s abilities while others provide temporary benefits such as increased health or damage. These purchases are completely optional, although players may look towards these especially if they find enemies to be too difficult to beat.

The Amazing Spider-Man also features different suits acquired from different iterations of Spider-Man throughout comics history. These can be acquired in a variety of ways, as some can be unlocked by collecting special items or purchased using Spider Points. Some suits, in turn, will require in-app purchases in order to acquire. Each Spider-Suit has special abilities which make them useful in certain types of conditions, and these can be used to boost Spider-Man’s abilities should they have a specific suit equipped. Again, these are entirely optional purchases and completing the game is absolutely possible without making such purchases.

Players can also acquire different collectibles within the game, such as editions of the Daily Bugle, and others. Collecting these allows for many benefits such as additional Spider Points and free items. These may also unlock more content for players to purchase at the store. Players can check up on items that they have already acquired in the Collectibles tab. There’s also an item called Sensory Overload which may be purchased at the store, and this can be used to reveal hidden items within a limited period of time.

The Arena is another area where in players would be able to earn extra coins. Arena keys are required in order to access this location, and purchasing them directly or collecting them are rewards are the two ways to acquire these resource. The Arena will require players to complete missions, often also within a specific period of time, although these are independent from the story.


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