Path of Exile – Build: Lightning Arrow Frenzy Ranger [Guide]


Ever since Path of Exile was officially released back in November 2013, more players have come in to enjoy the innovative title by New Zealand-based developer Grinding Gear Games. But due to how deep and complicated this game is compared to its counterparts, many are intimidated by it. What’s needed in this case is a character build that is easy to follow and helps novices get their feet wet in this game, and that’s exactly what this build is for.

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This is perhaps one of the easiest and most beginner-friendly builds in the game as it is a balance of offense and survivability without the need for expensive equipment. This Ranger build is both visually appealing and devastating in combat, boasting high DPS that is made better when used with life steal, as well as a good chunk of HP and defense.

You shoot Lightning Arrows that can hit multiple enemies while keeping your distance to survive just about anything. This is simple enough to understand and play for even the most novice of action role-playing game players, which makes this a good beginner build.

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This is the basic passive skill build that you’ll be following for this build, although there are other variations like a high damage one for softcore characters. Do remember that with those variations, you’re sacrificing either offense or defense to further bolster the other one.

The basic gist of this build on the offensive side of things is that you get high physical damage with high percentage of elemental conversion. You also get more damage via shock stacks, as well as from scaling through strength. All of these factors combined make for some really good damage off your Lightning Arrow, which can also be boosted with Frenzy.

Survivability mostly comes from tons of HP and armor gained from the Iron Reflexes passive, which converts all evasion rating into armor rating. You also have life leech, which benefits from your high DPS, which helps you heal whatever damage you sustain.

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The primary skill you’ll be using is Lightning Arrow, which can hit additional enemies near the target, which makes this very good against a mob that is clumped up. Take note though that it imparts lightning damage, so enemies with resistance won’t get hurt as much by it, so always check first if a certain area you’re about to farm in have these.

Your single target skill is Frenzy, which is a bread-and-butter for a lot of builds as it can be used for both melee and ranged combat. It’s a Dexterity skill that can be used at level 19 onwards. It works by building up frenzy charges, with each charge temporarily increasing physical damage and attack speed. In the case of the Ranger, it works well with other gems like Multiple Projectiles (either Lesser or Greater).

You can build up frenzy charges, then hit mobs with Lightning Arrow to deliver massive damage while maintaining a safe distance out of the enemies’ range. At times when you’re cornered or being attacked by other ranged enemies, you should have the defense and HP to deal with it and find a way to get away and attack at a distance.

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For more information regarding gems, auras, and gear that you’ll need for this build, visit this link.


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