Battle Camp Walkthrough [Guide]

Battle Camp

If monster collecting and battle games like Pokemon are your cup of tea, and if you like match-type games as well, then Battle Camp is the perfect package for you. This title combines the two aforementioned genres together in order to create a game that will allow players to manage teams of monsters and do battle in order to complete quests and gain even better creatures. The game also emphasizes skill in matching gems together so that players will be able to string powerful attacks together and, based on your team’s skill, decimate the competition to shreds. Here’s our guide on this enjoyable game if you want to be the best Ranger that you can be.

Battle Camp is a monster collection and battle game with match type battle mechanics. Players must capture and manage scores of monsters with different elemental affinities, attributes, and skill, and these teams will then have to battle with one or more waves of enemies. Damage and other actions are dictated by matching three or more gems together.

Unlike other games of its type, Battle Camp allows players to switch gems even if they are not next to each other. This allows for much more room for strategy. Matching gems of a particular color will cause all monsters with the same color as the gem in question to attack, while matching gems of five or more will cause area damage instead of just a single target. Stringing combos together via cascades will also help increase damage and health replenished, such as in the case of heart gems.

Gold and stones are the two main currencies within the game. Stones are earned by completing quests and winning battles, and can also be acquired by exchanging gold for them. Stones are used whenever players would like to feed monsters or evolve them. Thus, this currency is required in order to make individual monsters and your team stronger.

On the other hand, gold is considered as the game’s premium currency. Gold can be used to speed up energy refills or monsters that are in the process of hatching. Gold can also be used to gets spins at the store, as well as to get more stones. Gold is rarely rewarded, also joining special events like troop raids may yield you some in the process. In-app purchases and availing of offers that will come up from time to time are the best ways to acquire this currency.

Energy, as with most games, is a resource that is required whenever players would like to engage in a fight or enter a particular area. Energy replenishes automatically over time, but players can also spend gold to fill this up automatically. Leveling up will also fully replenish your energy and maybe even increase its maximum capacity. Players who have connected the game to Facebook may also ask for energy from friends as gifts.

Players can organize up to five monsters in their team, and these can be acquired in a variety of ways. Monsters can be collected as rewards during battles, and players may also get them as bonuses or as rewards from quests and events. In addition, monster pieces can be collected which can then be formed into a new, and often more powerful, monster. Hatching monsters will take some time, but this process can be sped up using gold. Monster pieces can be acquired as loot or during monster grabs.

Monsters differ in several attributes such as strength, recovery, and even seemingly mundane trivia such as Zodiac Signs. All of these, however, work towards creating your team’s overall stats. Players can check how well their team is put up by selecting a team member and seeing how their inclusion or exclusion will affect your total stats.

Monsters also have different elemental affinities. This is especially important as some elements are weak against another, while capable of dealing extra damage to those affiliated with other elements. Some passive skills will also only be applicable to those monsters that belong to a certain element. Mix and match monsters taking these factors into consideration when trying to build up your team, and either sacrifice or sell off unwanted monsters to free up storage space and maybe get more stones or more powerful monsters in return.

Like attributes, monsters would also have different skills, which can either be passive or active in natre. If a skill is active, then it can be triggered once the counter over the monster in question has run out. Players can also set automatic activation should they not want to be bothered with this. Typically, active skills deal damage to enemies, although there are also others that exist that would certainly turn the advantage into your favor during combat.

On the other hand, passive skills are skills that provide boosts to one or more members of your team. Certain criteria must be met, such as having the same elements or same Zodiac signs. Make sure to read through a monster’s passive or active skills to ensure whether it would be a good addition to your team or not.

Upgrading Monsters
Monsters can be upgraded so that they will have better attributes and become stronger. They are two ways to go about this, and these are called feeding and evolving. Feeding involves sacrificing other monsters so that the target monster will receive more experience points that will then allow them to level up. On the other hand, evolving means that maxed out monsters will consume other required monsters so that they can be transformed into a brand new and much stronger species that can be leveled up anew.

Both of these procedures will require monsters and stones. These are also the best ways to get rid of monsters that you don’t want and to assure that your team is always in tip top shape. Look towards feeding and evolving as compared to selling monsters that you do not want.

Players will be provided with different kinds of quests, and more than one can be active at any point in time. Players may click on the particular quest in order for the game to give a clue on how to complete it. Rewards for the completion of tasks would include stones, but experience points are also rewarded. Players are often required to travel to different locations and to defeat certain monsters as part of quests.

There are also special events that are only available for a limited time. Take note that, although special events are more often than not more difficult to complete, these objectives yield much better rewards once completed, so make sure to check up on these whenever they come along.

Players can access item grabs at the store. The game offers free spins at times, with spins outside of these requiring gold. Players will be able to win monsters or monster pieces of varying rarity, as well as items that you can use to customize your avatar. Avatar customizations may also be acquired by purchasing them directly using gold. Check out the store regularly and make sure that you do not miss out on free spins that you may have been awarded.

Social Function
Battle Cam emphasizes social networking, as the game provides players with rewards simply by connecting the game to their Facebook accounts. By using the social function, players will be able to chat with friends as well as earn rewards for successful invites. Players may also join or create troops that would then be able to participate in troop raids, events where in troop members can help each other in taking down rare and powerful monsters.

Of course, players may also send and receive energy from other people as gifts, so make sure to connect the game so that you will be able to take full advantage of the perks that such an action provides.


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