Mario Golf: World Tour [Guide]

Mario Golf: World Tour

Mario Golf comes to the Nintendo 3DS for the first time in Mario Golf: World
Tour. Become a Mario Golf pro with this guide.

Mario Golf: World Tour [Guide]
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
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1. How to Play
2. Mario Golf

Single Player

3. Castle Club
4. Toad’s Booth

Downloadable Content
Golf Glossary

5. Characters

Main Roster
Unlockable Characters

6. Conclusion

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1. How to Play
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Your Mii has entered the world of Mario Golf, and it is up to you to lead the
Mii to become a master of the links.

In Mario Golf: World Tour, there’s a variety of different play styles and
options. First I’m going to start with the most basic one, which is the “Easy”
style of swing.

When this is activated, simply press A to start the swing. Then press A again
once the meter hits the yellow arrow. However, if you switch your style to
manual, then you have to press A again when the bar goes back down the meter.
The benefit to this is that you have more control over how good your shots
are, but it is easier to screw up a shot this way. To switch between Easy and
Manual, just press the icon in the upper right hand corner of the touchscreen
when playing a game.

Alternatively, you can also use the touchscreen to hit the ball. This also
offers some benefits, as you can choose which part of the ball you want to
hit with the club. This is for more advanced players, however, and for the
most part you should be able to get by just using the face buttons.

When lining up a shot, there are a few factors to take into account. Wind
direction, the speed of the wind, and slopes for when you are putting are all
things to consider. Also keep in mind potential hazards that could be in your
way after you swing.

To take control of the camera, press X. This is necessary to get an idea of
where your ball will be going, and so that you can better line up your shot.
You can also cycle through the different clubs available to you by using the
icon in the bottom lefthand corner of the touchscreen, but the game will
automatically equip the best club for each situation for you.

There are also power shots. Power shots have a limited number of uses, but they
can give you an extra edge. Switch between normal and power shots using the
icon in the upper lefthand corner of the touchscreen.

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2. Mario Golf
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The “Mario Golf” mode is also known as “Quickplay”. You will find a number of
different game modes in this category. For those that just want the straight
Mario Golf experience without the Castle Club fluff, then this is the game
mode to go to.

Don’t have anyone to play with? Then go to this mode! There are four main game
modes here, plus a series of Challenges that you can complete in order to
unlock Star Coins.

STROKE PLAY – Obviously, stroke play is just a regular game of golf. If, for
some insane reason you are unfamiliar with the rules of golf at this point
in your life, allow me to explain it to you. The ultimate goal is to get the
ball in the hole with the least amount of strokes possible. Mario Golf: World
Tour will automatically equip you with the club that you have that is most
suited for the current situation you’re dealing with on the course.

MATCH PLAY – This is a versus mode against an AI computer. The goal is to win
the most holes, so it’s not quite the same as “stroke play”.

SPEED GOLF – The goal in Speed Golf is to complete the course as fast as
possible. So strokes are not as big of a deal here, you just need to get the
ball into the hole as fast as you possibly can.

POINT TOURNEY – This is a small single player tournament in which you get
points based on how low your stroke count is for each hole.

Challenges come in a variety of different styles. Each course has its own set
challenges. Some of the challenges have to be unlocked by earning enough of
the Star Coins

STAR COIN COLLECTOR – These challenges task you with collecting Star Coins
that are on each course.

RING MASTER – There will be rings set up on th course. You have to stay below
or on par while also getting the ball through all of the rings that are on the
course as well.

100 COINS – Coins will be on the course, typically in big circles. You want to
sail the ball through the circle of coins in order to then collect all of
those coins in that circle.

SCORE ATTACK – This challenges you to complete the entire course with a
specific score or better by the end of it.

CHARACTER MATCH – In these matches, you play a round of golf against characters
in the game. Beating them will unlock the “Star” version of that character to
play as in the game.

TIME ATTACK – Kind of like the Speed Golf mode, this is a time based challenge.
You are tasked with completing a certain amount of holes in a certain amount
of time.

POINT CHALLENGE – Get Club Slots and try to earn the amount of points that the
level requires of you.

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Vs. is exactly as it sounds:  the versus multiplayer mode that is featured in
Mario Golf: World Tour. In Mario Golf: World Tour, the versus multiplayer
comes in three different modes.

LOCAL PLAY – Play against other people that are near you with 3DS systems and
copies of the game for their own.

ONLINE FRIENDS – Play against your friends through online multiplayer.

COMMUNITY MATCH – Play against random people through the online multiplayer.

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Play the game online through Tournament modes. There are two different options
for Tournaments. Note that this feature will require online access for some of
its content as well as require you to upload data.

MARIO OPEN – This mode will put you in an online tournament with players of
similar skill levels.

PRIVATE TOURNAMENT – Create and host your very own tournament, local or online.

Once you’ve activated the online features of Mario Golf: World Tour, you will
be able to see tournaments going on on the top screen while in the main menu
of the game. Cycle through the various tournaments that are available using
the L and R shoulder buttons.

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3. Castle Club
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Castle Club is the main game mode in Mario Golf: World Tour. It is here where
you will experience the bulk of the content. In this game mode, you run around
the Mushroom Kingdom’s country club style building, interacting with NPCs,
purchasing new gear, and more. For this mode, you have to play using your Mii

The center of Castle Club is the lobby. What you’ll want to do here is activate
StreetPass, for various benefits and features. To activate StreetPass, speak
with the green Toad that is on the front desk to the left upon entering the

There’s nothing else of note in the lobby area. For the purposes of explaining
each room to you in an organized manner, we will start from the left side of
the lobby and work our away across the bottom floor so I can touch on each
room, and then deal with the second floor and the center and northern exits.

If you want to change your gear, this is the place to do it…that being said,
you can also change your gear without going here. Simply click the “menu”
button that is on the touchscreen and then you are good to go in terms of
switching out your gear.

But if you really need that authentic country club experience, just go to one
of the lockers in this room. Push your Mii against it and then press the A
button to access your gear.

Speaking of gear, just north of the men’s locker room is the boutique. This is
the place where you can purchase all the gear you’d want, though keep in mind
that a lot of the gear does not become available for purchase in the shop until
you’ve made in-game progress.

There are two shop owners in the boutique, one on the left and one on the
right, and of course, they’re both Toads. The one on the left sells different
kinds of golf balls and clubs, whereas the one on the right sells different
clothing items.

In other games, these items would be merely cosmetic upgrades. However, in the
world of Mario Golf, equipping these items can actually greatly improve your
stats for when you are playing rounds of golf. It’s wise to visit the boutique
often to upgrade your arsenal and spend your coins.

The Training Room is located to the east of the boutique. There’s nothing to do
in here except to chat with NPCs.

Carbon copy of the men’s locker room and located on the exact opposite side of
the lobby. There is Birdo in here at least, so there’s a more interesting NPC
to chat with besides generic Mario enemies.

Now it’s time to start exploring the upper levels. On the east side of the
lobby, go up the stairs and through the door to the trophy hall. Compete in
tournaments and the like to unlock trophies. The trophies will then be
displayed in this room. Obviously, the ultimate goal would be to completely
fill the room with your trophies.

If you go through the upstairs door opposite of the Trophy Hall room, you’re
going to find some more interesting folks to talk to. This is the VIP area, so
all the main characters in the game, including Mario and Bowser, are hanging
out in here and are free to talk to them.

When you’re ready to leave here, don’t go back through the door that you used
to enter. Instead go down the stairs that are here and you will be led outside.
You can also reach this outside area by simply going through the northern door
in the lobby, but we’ll use that to get back into the lobby a little bit
later. In the meantime, let’s continue exploring.

New courses will become available here as you progress through the game. There
is the usual batch of NPCs to chat with if you’d like, but the most interesting
thing is at the very end of this area.

Go all the way to the end and then go down the last set of stairs here. Touch
the purple gas to summon Kammy. Kammy can use magic to accomplish a variety of
things for you.

If you have at least 10 Play Coins (earned by walking around with your 3DS in
sleep mode), then you can exchange them for in-game Mario Golf coins here.
Kammy can also change your dominant hand and swing type if you ask.

Go all the way to the east to wind up in the next area.

This is one of the most important areas in the Castle. If you were to go
straight north in the lobby, this is where you’d initially end up. To the
west of it is the Royal Garden.

WHen you first go to establish your golf handicap, this is where you need to
go. Choose one of the three primary courses, and then complete a practice round
of all 18 holes. This will determine your starting handicap.

Once you have a handicap, compete in the handicap tournaments that are
available. Speak to the NPCs outside of the front gates of the courses to start
these up.

Once you’ve proven yourself worthy by doing well in the handicap tournaments,
you can talk to these NPCs again to gain entry to the championship tournaments.
Remember that trophy hall from earlier? You’re going to want to compete and
win in these championship tournaments in order to fill up that room as much as

To the east of the Caddie Master’s Booth is the Practice Grounds. You can
complete little challenges here based on a few different basic skills in the
game of golf. If you are having troubles with some of the finer nuances of
the game, this is a good alternative to the passive tutorials that you can
access and that are shown upon the first time that you turn on the game.

If you go all the way east from the practice grounds, you’ll find this
challenging course.

Finally, in the center of the lobby are two sets of stairs that lead to the
basement. In the basement you can enter online tournaments without quitting to
the main menu.

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4. Toad’s Booth
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Toad’s Booth connects you to the eShop and Nintendo Network so that you can
purchase DLC, though it also has other functions relevant to the game. In order
to access Toad’s Booth, push the button that is in the bottom lefthand corner
of the touchscreen in the main menu.

One of the main reasons to visit Toad’s Booth is to purchase Downloadable
Content. There is currently a limited time offer that will get you Golden
Mario if you purchase the Season Pass, but that is a very limited offer.

Purchasing the Season Pass will get you all three of the course packs at a
discount. Purchasing each course pack by itself will cost about $6, so if you
purchase the $15 season pass, you will save $3.

Nintendo has announced three different course packs that are all included in
the Season Pass. The course packs come with two courses each as well as a
new character. Below you will find the names of the course packs as well as
the character that comes with them.

Mushroom Pack – Toadette
Flower Pack – Nabbit
Star Pack – Rosalina

You can also try out the DLC with the Free Trial option.

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Toad’s Booth also houses the various records that you have obtained in the
game. You can also see the statistics that you have accumulated by playing
the different game modes.

You can check your stats in these three game modes specifically:

Single Player

You can also see how many “Great Shots” you’ve earned in the game. Great Shots
are shots that are done perfectly, as in you hit A to start the shot and then
hit A again when the meter is directly at the yellow meter.

The meter will then flash, and your shot will be perfect.

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If you are having trouble in the game, the Tutorials section is designed to
help you understand the fundamentals of the game.

The very first time that you start up the game, you will have to go through
these tutorials. You will be taught the basics of how to play the game of
golf in Mario Golf: World Tour, and you can also access other content from
this menu as well.

These are your specific choices in this menu:

The Basics
Manual Shot
Quick Tips

Most of the information on how to play the game, garnered from playing the
game and from the tutorial, will be found at the top of this guide in the
“How to Play” section.

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5. Characters
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Mario Golf: World Tour features a number of different characters to choose
from and control in the game. In addition to all of the main characters that
you can choose from right off the bat, there’s also four characters that have
to be unlocked first before you can play as them.

Bowser Jr.
Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong

In addition, there is a “Star” version of each character in the game. To unlock
the “Star” version of each character, you have to beat that character in the
“Character Match” in the Mario Golf section of the game that features them.

To equip their “Star” version, highlight them when making your character
choice. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you will see a button
that you can press to equip the Star Character. Just touch the button.

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There are four unlockable characters in the game. Next to their names you
will see the number of challenge medals required in order to unlock the
character for play in the game.

Birdo – 55 Medals
Kamek – 45 Medals
Paratroopa – 50 Medals
Toad – 40 Medals

You can also just choose a random character by clicking the random character
button, which is located to the immediate left of the Mii character icon,
which itself is located in the bottom righthand corner of the touchscreen.

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Like most sports, it seems like golf has its very own language. For those
that are new to golf, you might want to look at this glossary before you start
to dive into the other content in the game.

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6. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you with Mario Golf: World Tour on Nintendo 3DS!

Please feel free to check out all my other content on Cheat Masters!

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