Dwarven Den Walkthrough [Guide]

Dwarven Den

The dwarves in Dwarven Den may not look like Snow White’s seven dwarfs, but they’re just as bubbly and cuddly. It’s not only their cuteness that you will like with this title, however, as Dwarven Den is a truly challenging puzzle game where players must manage whatever meager resources they may collect or acquire in order to complete objectives. Players must navigate through mines and dig through paths in order to reach the goal, and there are various strategies that can be used in order to proceed to the next level. Dig straight into the action with this complete guide on how to play this mentally stimulating game.

Dwarven Den is a puzzle game where in players must dig through different kinds of materials with the goal of reaching the objective. Strategy in the use of energy and tech must be utilized, and equipment must be obtained through rewards or via forging in order to make the job easier for you. There are other kinds of items that may be purchased or acquired, but the majority of the challenge will focus upon how players will be able to manage resources so that they would be able to reach the end of the level.

Gold and gems are the two main currencies within Dwarven Den. Coins are considered as basic currency, and this is spent whenever players want to forge items together. Gold is earned by mining for them during the game.

On the other hand, gems are considered as the game’s premium currency. Gems can be mined, albeit scarcely, through regular gameplay, although most of the time in-app purchases are required to get a hefty amount. Take note that gold can be acquired via this method as well. Doing quests as a guild and connecting the game to your Facebook account will also help yield players gems.

Gems have a variety of uses. It can be used to buy additional lives, energy, and tech, and it may also be used to directly purchase equipment such as hammers or picks, helmets, and backpacks. Boosts may also be acquired by spending this currency.

Players can have a maximum of three lives. Each time a player fails a mission or quits in the middle of a game, players will lose a life. Lives are regenerated at a rate of one every thirty minutes, although players also have the option to ask Facebook friends for lives or purchase them directly using gems. Of course, players can just wait until their lives get refilled so that they can resume playing, and they do not have to pay anything for that.

Energy is another important resource as each time players dig, they will consume one energy. Red energy ores are available, although simply digging through regular materials may also yield additional energy. Should the player use up all of his energy without reaching the destination, then the player will fail the level. Some boosts and equipment may increase the amount of initial energy provided or the rate by which energy is collected.

Regardless, players must make sure to make each dig count, especially when facing tough to dig materials such as rocks, or when running past or away from enemies that can sap you of this precious resource. Players may also exchange gems for additional energy should they run out of it but would still like to continue with the current level.

Tech is another resource that is in turn indicated in blue. Tech is acquired in pretty much the same way as Energy, and some items will also increase your initial capacity or rate of collection. Gems may also be used to acquire additional tech. Tech is very important as it is used to use different items such as bombs that can clear an area of materials and enemies, as well as torches that can light up paths that are obscured from the player. Take note, however, that not all items are available for each specific mission, and using these items will also require different amounts of tech.

Aside from digging and finding paths, players will also have to settle with different kinds of monsters, ranging from monsters to mummies and many more. Some monsters will only sap your energy if you touch them, while others will actively try to pursue you. Players can choose to run away from them or run past them, but monsters may also be trapped. Doing this will allow players to get extra energy as rewards. If this is not possible, however, then the next best thing to do is to avoid them altogether.

Each level allows players to earn a total of three stars, including the one that will allow the player to complete the stage. With this, only one star is required to clear the area, although of course, completion must be the goal of each player. Stars are located inside chests, although there may be several chests that may contain new items in the area. Go back to previously completed stages and get stars that you may have missed in order to prove that you are the ultimate master in the game.

Players can customize their players in three ways, namely by equipping them with items such as helmets, picks, and backpacks. Each will serve different functions and will affect your character in three main areas, specifically power, energy, and tech. Power defines how strong your digging ability is, and this would represent how many energy you can spend before destroying tougher blocks. On the other hand, there are other boosts that will also affect your performance once a particular items has been equipped, so check on the description of the item before acquiring or equipping them.

Players may choose to purchase equipment directly from the market, and this will use up gems. However, players may also acquire different types of equipment just through regular gameplay. Equipment of the same type can then be combined together in the forge so that they would be able to create a more evolved item. This process will require gold. However, this strategy has a certain drawback as players will have to learn from experience as to what item would be produced by forging two items together since the game will not show the finished product prior to forging.

Boosts are special items that may be purchased at the start of the game. Purchasing boosts is recommended especially if you are finding it difficult to clear the stage even with your best equipment on hand. Boosts have different benefits such as multiplying resources collected or increasing the range of unexplored areas that you can see, although these effects will only last for the duration of the round. Acquiring boosts will require players to spend gems.

As for Dwarven Den’s social function, players may create or join guilds which would comprise of different players. They can then participate in quests where in they would be rewarded as a group based on their progress. Adding friends will also allow players to send and receive lives as gifts, so this is definitely an advantage for those who want to seriously conquer the game without having to spend gems or wait until their lives get refilled.


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