Kirby Triple Deluxe [Guide]

Kirby Triple Deluxe

Kirby’s latest adventure takes place on Nintendo 3DS. Find every Sun Stone and
finish the game with 100% completion.

Kirby Triple Deluxe
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Story Mode

Fine Fields
Lollipop Land
Old Odyssey
Wild World
Endless Explosions
Royal Road

3. Kirby Fighters
4. Dedede’s Drum Dash
5. The Arena
6. Dedede Tour
7. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls

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The Dreamstalk has destroyed Dreamland, and now Kirby must travel across
Dreamland in order to set things right again.

L – Block
R – Block
X – Drop Ability
Y – N/A
A – Jump
B – Attack/Inhale
CirclePad – Move
D-pad – Move
Gyroscope – Tilt
Touchscreen – Help Item/Drop Ability/Pause
Select – Pause
Start – Pause

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2. Story Mode
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The Story Mode in Kirby Triple Deluxe tasks you with collecting Sun Stones so
that you can face the bosses of each Level. In other games, the equivalent to
a Kirby “Level” would be “World”. Each Level has various stages that each have
a set amount of Sun Stones.


In the first area, head all the way to the right and grab the little gold
stars. There is a sign here that will tell you how to float up the platforms.
Mash on the A button and Kirby will float his way to the top of the area,
where there is a cloud platform that has a big gold star on it. Jump on the
star to be transported to the next part of the stage.

The second area is mainly just a bunch of enemies, though it will teach you
how to use the attacks and how to steal enemy abilities. To steal enemy
abilities, suck them in by holding B. Then push the circle pad down to
steal their abilities.

Otherwise, this area is very linear. Any items are in plain view and there’s
nothing hidden. So just keep going until you reach the door, and then go
through the door. By the way, you can use the stars to bounce between the front
and rear of the screen.

To make Kirby run along platforms that are close together, move in the
direction that you want to dash by flicking the circlepad in the direction
that you want Kirby to run. When you come across platforms that are not full,
you can drop down through them by pushing the circlepad down.

The next area will have a plant pop out of the ground. Touch the fruit at the
end of it, and you will enter Hypernova mode. Kirby will glow and will be able
to inhale huge objects. Start by ripping the tree out of the ground. You will
then find your first Sun Stone. Sun Stones are necessary to collect so that you
can fight the boss in the level.

Further on in the level, you will see another Sun Stone in a concrete cell.
If you keep going to the right a little bit, inhale the large block and pull
back. Then pull the second block as far to the left as it will go. Jump on top
of it, and then pull the concrete cell block with the Sun Stone inside so
that it falls off its platform and shatters. Collect the Sun Stone and

The next obstacle that you have to deal with is a wall that is blocking your
path. There is a big iron ball near it. Inhale until the metal ball starts to
glow, and then release. The ball will knock the wall over, creating a bridge
that leads to another door for you to go through.

In here you will battle a mini-boss in the form of three gophers, one brown,
one red, and one purple. Each one is slightly faster than the other and adds a
new wrinkle to the battle.

The brown one will throw a block at you. Catch the block with inhale. Then
wait for the brown one to pop back up again so you can throw the block in his
face. Then the red one will be slightly faster, and sometimes he will have a
cardboard cutout of himself sticking out of the hole to get you to waste the
block. Be sure that it is the actual red gopher before you shoot the block back
at it.

Finally, the purple one is the fastest and will also go on the higher
platform, but that is just to trick you into going to the higher platform
yourself. Stick to the low ground. Then you are free to go to the end of the

At the end of the stage, you will be in a cannon. When the meter is at its
fullest, press A to launch Kirby as far as possible.

Use the stars to get to the door at the rear of the stage. Then slide down
the ladders. You’ll get to another star that will take you to the background.
Hop into the cup of water and then tilt the 3DS system to the right so that
the water spills onto the fire. You can the continue through the next door.

Just stick to the background here. There’s no reason to go to the front of
the screen, just go under or over the transport starts. You’ll reach a cracked
wall with a chest on the other side of it. You can destroy the cracked wall if
you have an ability activated, and then you can get to the chest, which can be
opened by pressing “up” on the d-pad.

And guess what’s in the chest? The first Sun Stone of course! With the first
Sun Stone of the level, you can then just keep going to the right until you
reach the door, which will then take you to a room full of cannons.

Tilt the 3DS system to change the direction of the cannon. You’ll see the Sun
Stone to your left, so fire Kirby in that direction to snag it as you near the
top of this area. Then go through the door at the top.

Go through the very first door you see in the next area. This will take you
to an outside place with a water bowl in the middle and two plants to the
left or right. Get in the water bowl and then tilt the 3DS system both ways
to water the plants and make them go to the top. Get the key at the top of
the left plant, and then use that key to unlock the door above the entrance to
this area.

You can get the third and final Sun Stone there! Now just exit the way you
came and continue to the right of the area. Hit the bomb block to destroy the
cannon in the background and then float your way “up”. You’ll then get to
another door, so go through.

You’ll get tossed a help item here. These will appear on the touchscreen and
can be called upon to help you out if you need them by either touching the
icon or pressing the Y button. If you have the StreetPass features for Kirby
Triple Deluxe activated, then you will get more helpful items.

Also of note here is the option to choose between a fire ability or a sword.
Choose the fire. Then go to the right to fight the Mr. Freezy boss. This guy
will create ice blocks and shoot them at you, and he’ll also sometimes charge
Kirby or flop around in a weak attempt to hit him. The fire will melt the ice
blocks that he creates, which renders him incredibly easy to defeat.

Hitting him will also cause him to drop big gold stars. If you ditch your
ability (press the icon on the bottom lefthand corner of the touchscreen to
accomplish this), suck up a star, and then fire a star at him, you can defeat
him much easier.

You’ll then come across the end stage door. Fly above it to get a bonus
keychain. Then go through that door and you will be at the end stage cannon.

This first area doesn’t have much worth. The second area has a rocket that
you can control using motion controls. Aim it at the rocks on the left. If
you destroy them you can then get over there using the star and get the energy
drink thing to replenish your health.

A little further there are three rockets that you can use to destroy the rocks
on the right. Destroying the rocks there will reveal the first Sun Stone, so
be sure to snag that before you continue.

You’ll come across some orange blocks that are blocking the way to the first
fdoor in this area. Slide Kirby through the orange blocks (pull down on the
circlepad and press A), and then you can get to the door without too much of a

Go through the door and then you can get the fire ability if you need it from
the red orb in this room. By the way, the fire power is extremely useful
throughout the entirety of this stage, so you should have it anyway. You need
it to destroy the blades of grass that are dotted throughout the entire place.

But anyway, you also need it for the puzzle in this room. First light the
fuse on the left and hop in the cannon. Tilt the 3DS so that the block in the
center has its fuse line up with the other fuse. Then when the fuse on the
block is lit, line it back up to be center with the cannon. Kirby will then be
shot to the top where the second Sun Stone is located. Get it before going
through the door, which will return you to the previous area, on the platform
right above the first door that you came across.

Keep going to the right and you will find the next door that will lead you to
another Hypernova plant. Use that to get rid of all the enemies as usual. You
will come across another door about halfway through this place, which you can
access by ripping the enemy out of the log that is blocking the way.

Through the door, climb the ladder. Turn to your left and pull the blocks away
to create a platform that allows you access to the ball. Pull back the ball to
charge it up and then release it to knock down the wall blocking the way to
the treasure chest. Drop down to the treasure chest and open it up to find
the third Sun Stone! Exit this area the way you came, pull the breakable block
on the right away to destroy it and then you can continue through the level
business as usual.

That is, until you come across a rocket turret. Catch the rocket with your
Hypernova inhale, and then when the turret twists to reveal the red button on
it, shoot the rocket back at it.

Next up will be three rocket turrets. The first two are slightly faster than
usual, so be weary of that. The third one will have a spike rod come out of
it, so jump over that and then wait for it to twist all the way back around so
that you can catch the rocket it fires and shoot it at its weak spot yet

This will cause the caged door on top of it to fall and break. Then go on
through the door. Pull the big block on the left into the small crevice. Then
jump on top of it. Turn to your right and start inhaling the shining blue star
until it pulls out. Hop on the star to be transported to the rear of the
stage, where the final Sun Star is in plain view. Grab it and then exit through
the door to complete the stage!

Grab the key and go to the top. Use the key to open the door, and then you
have a boss fight with Hornhead. Hornhead is a very easy battle. He will
charge around and attempt to hit you with his horn, but you just have to lay
the attacks on him and you kill him without all that much trouble.

Keep going to the right and destroy all the grass and crates along the way to
get keychains. You will then get a key out of one of the crates, so use the
next star to be transported to the rear of the stage. Go to the left to the
door. Push against it and the door will open, allowing you to get the first
Sun Stone.

On through the next area, go all the way to the right until you get to the
door. You can’t get the Sun Stone that is in clear sight just yet. Then go
all the way to the left until you get to metal blocks blocking the transport
start. Hit the bomb block that is the corner of the metal blocks, and then the
metal blocks will be destroyed, allowing you to get to the transport star.
Use the transport star to get to the Sun Stone, and then ride it back to the
rear of the stage. Keep going to the left now until you get to the door you
can use to leave here.

From this point on, you can pretty much just go to the end of the stage. The
third Sun Stone is in plain view. Just destroy all the cracked blocks on your
way to the end.

The boss battle is with an enemy called Flowery Woods. It’s basically just a
giant tree. Before you get to him, you get to choose between a few different
abilities. Get the beetle ability. It is the most effective against Flowery
Woods as you can destroy the little yellow orbs the tree produces to attack
you with as well.

When its health has been depleted, the tree will jump to the background and
start attacking you from there. Avoid his attacks as best as possible until
the tree returns to your side, and make sure NOT to be underneath of him or
else Kirby will be flattened.

You can then continue attacking the tree as usual, and you should probably be
able to destroy him upon his return to the front of the screen. Once he’s
defeated, go to the right and you’ll finish the stage.

Blocky DX is the end boss of this extra stage, only unlocked once you’ve
collected every Sun Stone in the level. He is a lot tougher than Flowery
Woods for a number of reasons. His attacks are a lot more varied and do much
more damage, and you have less than ideal abilities available for when you go
to fight him.

You should really just ditch whatever ability you have and focus on getting the
stars. Inahel the stars and then shoot them at him whenever they fall out of
his body, but be sure not to shoot them when he is glowing. When he’s glowing,
that indicates that he is temporarily invincible.

Rocks will also fall off his body that can also be used to damage him. Once
he’s been defeated, you can go to the right to collect a Sun Stone from a
chest, as well as replenish your health by gobbling up the various treats that
are over here. The stage then ends like a typical stage in the game, cannon
segment and all.

To Top

I recommend inhaling one of the enemies with the umbrellas. You can get the
parasol ability equipped that way, which is useful for not only hitting
enemies, but for exploring this stage in general. It allows you to quickly
smash through blocks in your way in the next part of the stage, so yeah, just
grab it before continuing.

The second area has a tank in the background that will be constantly firing
explosives at you. These explosives deal a lot of damage, but they are slow.
There are some obvious collectibles here, such as stars that you can get as
well as keychains. You’ll come to a part of a wall that is cracked, so hit it
until it breaks. The first Sun Stone of the stage will be found in there.
Continue after collecting it through the door at the end of this area, and
you will be free of the tank momentarily.

The next area will allow you to get the whip ability, which is located
underneath the platform. You should get it, as it makes the upcoming boss
fight against the wheel a lot easier. The fight itself is not bad, basically
the same as the other mini-bosses you’ve come across so far, but the whip makes
it even easier for Kirby.

Usually when you have an ability equipped, you’d be required to ditch it in
order to inhale the stars and use them as ammo against the bosses. However,
if you hold B when using the whip, you can grab items. This means you can
grab the star with your whip and then smash it onto the boss for added bonus

Once the boss has been defeated, you can continue to the next area. Absorb one
of the small wheels now and get their power. Press B to turn into a wheel.
You’ll see a door blocked by two spiked enemies on either side of it. Use the
wheel to bypass them and get through the door. Alternatively, you can hold the
right trigger and just keep pressing it to “block” your way to the door, just
in case you accidentally kill the wheels before you can inhale them and don’t
want to start the level other. You can go through this door and then exit to
make them respawn.

But you will definitely NEED the wheel once you get through the door if you
have any plans on grabbing the Sun Stone that lies therein. Hold B to turn
into the wheel and then jump and make sure you hit the switch in the center
of the level. Keep rolling and jump to the star. As soon as you are free of
the star, start rolling again to get underneath the door before it snaps shut.
Grab the Sun Stone and then go through the door here to be taken back to the
place with the spikes. Ignore them and go through the door with the yellow
star on it to proceed.

Another tank will be here, and this part of the stage is designed to make it a
lot easier for the tank to hit you by putting various obstacles in Kirby’s
way. First off, go to the left to get a hidden keychain in the box there. Then
start to go right. When you get to a bomb block, look at the tank in the

The tank will be on concrete blocks. Hit the bomb blocks to destroy the
concrete blocks and make the tank fall into the hole. This is required so that
you can get the Sun Stone.

To get the Sun Stone, jump on the transport star that is right before the end
of stage door. Then go to the chest that is on the concrete blocks here and
open it. If you didn’t destroy the tank, the tank would have kept following
Kirby and would have inevitably destroyed the blocks that the chest is sitting
on, which would have in turn caused you to have to start the stage over if
you wanted to get all of the Sun Stones.

The ability you’ll want to get first off is the spear ability. Then when you
get to the underwater section of the stage, you can make the platforms that
are held up by ropes to fall by destroying their ropes. When you see the
underwater door, cut down the platform and then go through the door.

Hop on the weight and then tilt the 3DS to the right until the weight is
above the blocks. Cut the rope to make the weight fall and therefore destroy
the blocks. Get the Sun Stone, then return to the previous area with the water.
Keep going to the right until you get to the next door. Destroy the bomb block
to destroy the concrete blocks in the background. Get on the transport star
and grab the second Sun Stone easily.

Now continue to the right and go through the next door. You will then get into
Hypernova mode. Use Hypernova to drag the truck to the switch, which will open
up the door. Then drag the machine shooting lasers underneath the platform
so that you can walk over the lasers without taking damage.

You’ll then get to a large ice block blocking a bonus door. Drag the machine
to the left and wait for the lasers to destroy the ice. Then drop underneath
the platform, jump back up, drag the machine back, go underneath the platform,
jump back up on the other side, and then float up to the bonus door to get
into that room.

Jump up to the platform with the door. Drag the truck on top to the left so
that it will fall and break the blocks beneath it. Then drop down and drag the
truck that is on the left across the top of the truck that just fell. Drag it
far enough to the right that you can go over it. Then inhale the truck all the
way to the left so that it destroys the next set of blocks, which will in turn
allow you access to the third Sun Stone. Snag it and then exit the door the
way you came through.

Go up the ladder. Inhale the large missile and carry it forward. Throw it into
the turret that is firing them. Then go up the next ladder. There will be two
missiles fired here. You may need to throw a missile into the second one to
then get access to the third one, which you can use to destroy the turret.
This second turret will yield a 1UP to you.

Through the next door, go to the right. Inhale the blue star and drag the
portrait as far left as you can go. Release it and the blue star will catch
itself on the yellow star hook. Then pull it again to the left until it catches
on the second hook. Now go all the way to the right (ignore the door for now),
and you can get the final Sun Stone. Then you are free to go through the door
and complete the stage.

Obviously, you’re going to want to avoid the big hands coming at you from the
background. There are also bomb throwing enemies that will try to hit you from
the background as well. When you get the chance to go to the background, jump
on the platform and wait for the hands to retract. Then drop down and go to the
left to get a hidden keychain as well as kill the bomb enemy. Then return to
the door platform and go through.

Grab the cannon hat and use it to destroy the enemies and objects in the
background while avoiding the various hazards that are present in your part of
the stage. When you reach the concrete blocks, use the cannon hat until all
the blocks are destroyed. This will reveal hidden food that you can use to
replenish your health, but more importantly, it will reveal the first Sun Stone
of the stage.

To throw the hat away, press B. Then use the star to transport Kirby to the
background and grab the Sun Stone. Return to the front of the screen and then
go through the door on the right.

Next up, you’ll notice a lever on the ceiling. If you jump up you can pull it
down, which will in turn cause dynamite to fall to the ground. Pick up the
dynamite and then throw it on the first concrete blocks you get to. When the
blocks are destroyed, you can drop down through the platforms to get to a

The next set of dynamite you get, use the star blocks to jump up to the
transport star, get transported to the background, use it to block up the
concrete blocks, and then get the Sun Stone. Then use the star to return to the
front of the screen and continue.

The next area has a unique gimmick about it. Notice the walls in the
background. They will tip over, so you need to position Kirby to be underneath
the window to avoid being crushed. These walls will kill you immediately.

When you get to the third wall, don’t wait under the window just yet. Go all
the way to the right and grab the key. Then return to the center and go through
the window. Carry the key to the right and unlock the door. Kill the enemy,
drop down through the platform, get the Sun Stone, and then go through the
next door.

You then have to fight Gigant Edge, a mini-boss. You’ll get a help item right
before fighting him like usual. I used the spear ability against him and was
able to defeat him very easily, but pretty much any ability will use, and
even if you don’t have an ability, shooting stars at him is also a viable
option like usual.

Defeating him will release another transport star. Hop on the transport star to
go to the rear of the stage and then go through the stage exit door.

You know those spooky ass ghost houses from Mario? Well, this weird carnival
thing is the Kirby equivalent. For the first few areas, you are just introduced
to the various quirks of these stage types. There are doors that are actually
enemies, enemies only visible by looking at the mirrors in the background, and
stuff like that, but nothing of note in regards to the Sun Stones until about
halfway through the stage.

You’ll see in the background a character carrying a key. You need to outpace
him. Then you can get to a transport star and cut him off. Get rid of him and
get the key he was carrying. Use it to gain access to the Sun Stone.

Through the next door, float to the upper righthand corner of this area to
find a star block. Destroy the block to get a keychain. Then go to the door
that is second from the far left. All the other doors here are just enemies in

Go through the next star door, then climb up the ladder. Don’t go through the
star door just yet. It’s hard to see, but to your left up here is an opening
that you can move through. Go through here and you’ll wind up at the second
Sun Stone and there will also be food here that you can use to replenish your
health if needed. Go back through the door now and go through the star door
that I told you to ignore just a bit ago.

You’ll wind up in an area where, once again, you need to look at the mirror
in the background so that you can gauge what you’re doing. You’ll come up to a
bonus door (marked by orange stars, in case you didn’t notice yet). The one
on top is an enemy door, so go a bit to the right. You’ll see a couple of
platforms that you can drop through, and then that will grant you access to
the lower bonus door.

Get the Sun Stone in here. Then just keep going until you finish the stage!

Paintra is the boss of this level. I recommend the spear ability for fighting
her. Paintra has a wide variety of attacks, such as diving forward to try to
hit Kirby and painting the screen to obscure your vision. In addition, Paintra
will paint objects that can then land on Kirby or hit Kirby or whatever.

The strategy for Paintra? Hit her as much as possible and avoid her attacks.
There’s not much in terms of strategy, honestly, for this boss, it’s just a
straight-forward battle. Think of it like one of the mini-boss battles,
except with added health and attacks.

The Sun Stone is found at the very end of the stage, after you defeat the
mini-boss. You get it from a treasure chest.

To Top


Obviously, you’re going to want to avoid the big trains in the background.
In the center of the tracks, you can drop through the middle tracks and get
some extra food and stars if needed. You’ll use a cannon to launch yourself
into the next area of the stage instead of going through a door like you
usually do.

In this next area, you’ll just keep using cannons to launch yourself along.
When you get the choice between two different ones, take the one on the left;
it will get you a 1UP. Keep using cannons until you reach the third part of
this stage.

In the background, you will be able to see an archer. What you want to do here
is drop off the cliff on your left. There are metal blocks here with a bomb
block in the center. Hit the bomb block to destroy the blocks. Now you can
go through here to find a transport star.

The star will transport you to the background. Climb up the mountain here.
Right by the large cannon is a breakable block. Destroy it to get access to a
bonus door. In the bonus door area, tilt the 3DS to move the cannon from the
left to right along the track. Go to the right and launch Kirby through the
block to get the first Sun Stone. Exit through the door, then use the transport
star to return to the front of the screen.

The next Sun Stone isn’t for a while. Once you get Hypernova for this stage,
you will notice that you can rip the radishes out of the ground and they will
then fly through the sky and destroy various things. Use these radishes to
destroy all the blocks you see, and you will come across a locked door. Then
simply use the radish to the destroy the block opposite of the locked door to
find the key.

Inside, use the radishes to destroy the blocks and you can then get the second
Sun Stone. The third Sun Stone will come from the last train that you come
across. With Hypernova, you can actually inhale those big ass trains. Use it
to inhale the last one that’s there and you can get it off the track as well
as get access to the chest that it was pushing along. Loot the chest for the
third Sun Stone.

This stage doesn’t end in a traditional fashion. Before you can get to the
final door, there is a battle with three birds. To hurt the birds, inhale the
radishes so that they fly into the air. Time it to hit the birds. Each bird
will be faster than the previous one and will be more aggressive with their

Once the birds are defeated, the exit door will peak up from the ground.
Inhale the top of the exit door to to make the exit door pop up for you to

Use the carriages by tilting the 3DS. The first Sun Stone comes early on.
You’ll get to a point where there are metal blocks with a bomb block in their
center. Destroy the bomb block, and then you can grab the key at the top. In
the next carriage, be careful not to launch it off the end of the track.

Jump to the platform, and then jump up to the door leading to the transport
star. Remember that Kirby can’t float when holding something, so you just have
a regular jump at your disposal during this juncture. Make sure the carriage
is close enough to the platform for Kirby to actually reach it.

The transport star will lead you right to the Sun Stone. Then you can use
the other transport star to return to the background. Next you’ll have to
deal with large pillars falling over. To make the pillars fall, hit the blue
cracked rocks at their base.

However, you will then see a chest in the front of the screen. Do NOT knock
down the pillar that is parallel to the chest. Instead, drop down beneath that
pillar using the platform to the left of it. Then hop up through the platform
that is to the right of it. You can then use the transport star to reach the
front of the screen, allowing you easy access to the chest and the Sun Stone
that is inside of it.

Use the cannons. Then you’ll get another one of those long poles that extends
to the background. Use it to destroy all the metal blocks in the background and
the enemies that are there as well. Before going through the door at the end,
be sure to grab the Sun Stone. Ditch the pole to float Kirby up to the door so
that you can go through.

After doing some side-scrolling stuff for a bit, you’ll reach a transport
star. Ride it to the background, and then drop down to the next floor. Hidden
by vines in the upper right is a secret path. Float up to this path. Kill
the enemy that is up here to get access to the second Sun Stone that he is

Make sure to inhale a fire based enemy once you get the chance. You’ll need to
use his ability in the bonus door. When you see the bonus door, drop down to
the right of it. Destroy the cracked block to the right of it, and then go on
through the door. Light the fuse, hop in the cannon, and lead the ropes so
that the fire leads to the cannon itself and launches Kirby to the top and
to the final Sun Stone.

New platforming elements are introduced in this stage. There are wind streams
that come from the bottom that will make it so you float up a lot faster than
usual. Be sure to grab the lollipop when you can as it will give Kirby
invincibility powers not unlike getting a star in the Super Mario Bros. games,
but anyway…

While you have invincibility and continue to the level, start hugging the
left side of the area. You will see a bomb block in some spikes. Since you are
invincible, the spikes won’t hurt you at all (duh). So hit the bomb block out
of your way. This will get you access to a treasure chest. Open it for the
first Sun Stone. Then use your invincibility to knock away all the other
enemies until you get to the first door.

Don’t go through the door. Instead drop beneath the platform that the door is
on and float to the right to get to the other door. In this place, keep going
to the right until you reach an orange bonus door. Go through it and you will
be able to trade out whatever ability you have to become an archer, which is
required for this part.

Now tilt the 3DS so that the tunnel in the middle is pointed up at the target
at a diagonal angle. Charge up a shot and then fire your bow diagonally to
hit the target. This will remove the target, and you will have clear access to
the chest over there, where you can get the second Sun Stone of this stage.

Exit the way you came. Keep going to the right. Be sure to break the barrels
to get a keychain as well as reveal the next transport star that you need to
use. You’ll then be in an area where the wind will keep violently pushing Kirby
around. There’s not much of note until you get to the point where you see the
exit door of the level.

Do NOT go through the exit door when you first go by it. Instead keep going to
the left and you will reach a transport star that will allow you to access the
third Sun Stone, which is just sitting innocently on a platform. After
retrieving that, you can then go back to the exit door and complete the stage
like you normally would.

You have to fight a fire mini-boss halfway through the stage. Take advantage
of the free food that will be tossed your way as well as the spear ability
that you can snatch right before it. Defeat the mini-boss, then absorb the
enemy so that you can have the fire ability, which will come in handy to melt
ice blocks and such.

Light the fuse that you see after you go through the first door. Then use the
cannons to reach the top of the tower. Stay in the cannon at the top and wait
for the fuse to reach the bottom of the cannon. It will launch you into a new
area with a Sun Stone that is surrounded with ice blocks. Melt the ice blocks
to get access to the Sun Stone.

In the background, you will see large snow balls being launched to the front
of the screen. They come from an igloo. The second igloo you see won’t have a
snowball come out of it, but rather an enemy holding a key. Stand so that you
will be standing right next to where the enemy will come through, and then
inhale so that you inhale the enemy and can get easy access to the key that
he is carrying. Now hop to the right through the door there to find a treasure
chest that has the second Sun Stone inside. There’s four Sun Stones in this
stage, so you’re half way there (whoaaaa, livin’ on a prayer, and such).

You can build snowmans by using Hypernova (obtained in the next area), and then
inhaling the heads of the snowman onto the bodies. You will then reach a man
and woman snowman. Drag the man’s head onto his body and the woman’s head
onto her body. They will then toss a Sun Stone your way. Grab it before you

Next you’ll find enemies trying to run away from you, but use Hypernova to
inhale them back and get the treasure chest that they are carrying as well.
Open the chests. The first one will have a drink that will refill the majority
if not all of your health meter, and the second treasure chest contains a Sun

The last challenge in the stage deals with a missile turret. Inhale the
missile, then fire it at the wood plank holding it up. Three hits and then the
turret is destroyed. Then go into the exit door.

This battle is against Kracko. The best abilities to use against him are not
available at the start of it, so go in with either the Hammer ability (if you
collect all of the Sun Stones in this level, you can get the Hammer from Stage
7: Ex very easily) or absorb one of the electrical enemies that Kracko spawns
to get the electric ability. Weapons with archs are needed to be most effective
against Kracko.

Kracko is harder to hit than some of the other bosses because he likes to
move around all over the stage. When his health has been depleted by half, he
will blow away the background fog. This means that he’s going to start doing
attacks that hit the entire area, so use the cannon to go to the background or
to the front of the screen as necessary.

Unlike the other “Extra” stages that you’ve done so far, this one is actually
quite lengthy. The first parts of it are very straight-forward. Just avoid the
large snowballs.

When you get to the part with the trains, absorb the Cutter enemy to have his
ability. Then you’ll get to some dynamite. Don’t grab it until the first train
passes. Then run across the three tracks. Toss it at the large blocks just
beyond the ladder.

After they blow up, go through the door. Now very quickly hit the sledding
enemy on your left, then the one that comes on the right. The Cutter ability
makes this part way easier. Grab their keys and use them to open the doors
below to gain access to the first Sun Stone.

The final chest is extremely easy to find as it is right on the way to the
exit. First you have to do a mini-boss battle, but the mini-boss battle can be
very easy if you get the Hammer ability right before you do it. Then just kill
the mini-boss, get the stars and food surrounding the chest, open the chest,
and go to the exit door.

To Top


Early on in the stage, you have to battle a Horn Beetle mini-boss. Defeat
him and then you can absorb him for his horn. You can use the horn or you can
use the spear or fire ability to destroy the grass in the area. Grab the key
on the left, destroy the big blades of grass on the right side of the area to
find a locked door. Go through.

Fly up to the orange door and go through that. Hop on the weight. Make sure you
have fire, spear, or horn equipped. Tilt the 3DS to maneuver the weight over
the block on the right. Then cut the rope to make the weight fall through the
block. Hop down there and press the switch.

Now fly to the top of the screen where you will find another weight. Maneuver
this one to the second gap from the left. Cut the rope and it will fall
through the block that is impeding your access to the Sun Stone.

Avoid the rotating spikes, but when you get to a Cutter type enemy, drop the
horn, spear, fire, whatever you have, and absorb him. You’ll get to an enemy
holding a key, but he keeps hiding whenever you get close. Jump up and go just
slightly to the right and throw the blade at him to defeat the enemy and he
will drop the key.

Grab the key and use it to open the next locked door you come across. Hit the
bomb block to destroy the enemies in the front of the screen. Then drop down
and grab the Sun Stone. Exit now the way that you came.

The next Sun Stone isn’t until you get to a large tower of rotating spikes.
It is in clear sight. Just float up to it. Be sure to avoid the spikes,
obviously. The exit door for the stage is at the top of this tower, so blast
off with the cannon and reap your rewards for completing the stage.

Let the current take you to the right. Go through the door there. Use the
stars to hop between the waterfalls. At the last waterfall, go beneath the
star and go through the orange bonus door there to find the first Sun Stone.
Then swim back up to the transport star. You’re going to have to mash on the A
button to go against the current.

Next up you have to fight Grand Wheelie again, just use whatever ability that
you want. Spear, Ninja, whatever. Defeat him and then inhale him so that you
have the wheel power.

With the wheel power, you can skim across the top of the water. Use this to
bypass the spike enemies and bomb blocks to get to the Sun Stone. In the final
area with the exit door (which is in the background), destroy the bomb blocks
to get to the Sun Stone, in the center. Then go through the exit door to
complete the stage.

Another one of those weird circus places. Head to the background. Destroy the
barrel on the left to get the key to the door. The barrel on the right contains
nothing but an enemy to deal with. Once you’ve gone through the door, just
look at the mirror in the background.

The reason you’ll want to watch the mirror is that the front of the screen
tells you basically nothing. There’s invisible enemies and invisible barriers
and all sorts of crap to deal with. Once you’ve bypassed all of that, the
second area in the game has floors that disappear.

On the third floor down, step on the platform on your left. Let it disappear.
In the middle of the spikes is a door. Go through the door. Hop in control of
the rockets. Use the first rocket to destroy the orange star block. Then use
the second missile to hit one of the bomb blocks. Then use the third missile
to hit the switch. Then you can get access to the Sun Stone and continue
through the stage as normal.

This time around, when you lose your ability through the forcefield gates,
you will be able to gain access to them again once you complete that section.

You’ll come up to another mirror section. Float to the top and grab the key.
Watch the mirror to see where the platforms are, and then use the key to open
the door. Slide down the ladder. Down there you’ll find a Sun Stone. Go back
up that ladder and then up the next ladder after that.

Next up you’ll find a set of barrels and an open door. The open door is a
trap, so ignore it. Destroy the barrels and you’ll get a key, as well as
reveal the locked door that the key goes to; use the key on the door.

Shortly thereafter, you will once again have Hypernova! And just in time, too,
as there are large suits of armor that will swing their weapons down at you.
Avoid the weapons and then inhale them and the ghosts controlling them to
get rid of them.

Go all the way to the right and inhale the final suit of armor to get the key.
Go through the locked door and then continue inhaling the suits of armor.
They will drop a Sun Stone. Grab it before continuing.

You’ll then be in a room with four door paintings. Ignore them for now. Use
the transport star to go to the background. Pull back on the curtain using the
Hypernova inhale. Then rip the shutters off the window. The Sun Stone will
come out of the window. Float to it, then use the transport star to return to
the front of the screen.

The doors will now have become a single door, with the fake ones destroyed by
the sunlight from the window. Go through it and then try to go through the
exit door.

A big ghost will start possessing all of the objects in the room. It will
possess four objects total, but the strategy for them is the same. Avoid them
until it is low enough to the ground that you can rip it away with Hypernova.
Once the ghost has been defeated, the exit door will reappear. Go through it
to finish the stage.

This stage has an Egyptian theme. Large cobras will fire blasts at you from
the background. The treadmills move along to make sure you keep moving.

There’s no Sun Stones to speak of until you get the pole that extends to the
background. Use it to break the star blocks in the background and hit the
bomb blocks as well. This will drop them onto the treadmill. Keep going until
you hit the transport star and get sent to the background.

You’ll be able to collect all of the items that dropped here, as well as open
a treasure chest that you knocked down to get the first Sun Stone in the stage.

You have to ditch the pole to pull a lever on the ceiling and open the next
path. After going through the door, there is an open platform to drop through,
but what you want to do first is float up and to the right. Here you will
find a stationary explosive enemy. Inhale him to get the Crash ability. Destroy
the crate here as well to get a keychain.

Drop through the platform now. You’ll see a treasure chest moving along the
treadmills in the background, but you are stuck fighting the Blocky mini-boss
again. Use the crash ability by holding B and then releasing it. This will
almost kill Blocky.

At that point, just use the rocks that fall off Blocky’s body or the stars that
he’ll drop when you dodge his attacks to quickly kill him. Absorb him if you
want, but just keep going to the right to the transport star to reach the
background before the chest falls off the treadmill. Open the box to get the
second Sun Stone.

If you absorbed Blocky and have the ability to turn into a statue, use that to
force down the wooden pegs on the metal blocks. These will destroy the metal
blocks so that you can get bonus health items, but the ability isn’t required
for you to get the third Sun Stone.

At the every end of the stage, there will be a section of falling blocks with
three cobras in the background. Let the blocks fall away and you can drop down
and get the third Sun Stone. Try to make at least two of the falling blocks
fall because getting out of there with the cobras shooting fireballs at you
can be a pain if you only have a little bit of room.

Go to the left and climb the metal stairs. Pull the lever that is on the
ceiling. The metal blocks will disappear. Then drop down to the exit door to
complete the stage.

All of the treasure chests in the first area just has stars, but they’re not
really worth the risk because of the cannons in the background. In the second
area, there will be a chest in the background after you go all the way to the

Use the transport star to get to the background. Kill the enemy that is on the
platform, and then use the star to return to the front of the screen. Jump on
the platform so that the platform in the back rises, no longer weighed down by
the enemy that you killed.

Return to the background and then go underneath the platform. Open the chest to
get the first Sun Stone of the stage. Then you have to fight a Flame Galbaros
mini-boss again. Defeat him, absorb him, and then use his powers in the next
area to burn away all the grass.

You’ll get a key if you burn the grass that is all the way to the right. Once
you have the key, go to the transport star and you’ll be transported to the
background. Use the key on the door. Open the chest to get the second Sun

Go to the left. Destroy the pink flower enemy using the fire. There is an
orange bonus door there. Go through, and then on the other side use the
transport star to go to the background. Kill the mushroom enemy on the
platform. Before returning to the front of the screen, weigh down the
platform on the right.

Then return to the front. Weigh down the platform on the left to raise the
platform in the background that the mushroom enemy was standing in. Hit the
transport star again. Grab the key at the bottom and then hop up to the locked
door. You’ll then get the third Sun Stone.

Guess what comes back in the next area? The cannon hat! Use the cannon hat to
shoot the blocks in the background to release the chests. Then use the
transport star to go to the treadmill in the back and open up the chests. The
second set of chests you see, however, you’ll want to make sure to destroy the
blocks on the left first as the treadmill is a lot shorter and you will need
time to free all the chests before going into the background and opening them
all. The last chest you open will have the final Sun Stone of the stage.

Coiler is the name of the snake boss of this level. Choose the Bell ability.
The other ones are a lot harder to actually hit the snake.

The snake’s only weak point is its head. The bells will allow you to hit the
head even if you stay level with the ground, which makes it a lot easier to
drain his health meter.

When his health has been depleted to half, the snake will mix up his attacks
and be more aggressive, as is typical with bosses. Just keep mashing attack
with the bells and avoid his attacks and you’ll be fine.

The first Sun Stone comes when you get to a bunch of star blocks that have an
orange bonus door behind them. You need the fire ability before going through
the door, which you can snag from a fire enemy to the left.

In the door, jump in the cannon. Shift the block so that the rope going
straight down is touching the fuse. Light the fire on the fuse and then
go back in the cannon tilt the block to match up with the fuse on the
bottom. Then shift the stone all the way to the right fuse, so that it goes
up the fuse on the block that is shaped like an S. This will then go up to the
cannon and launch Kirby to the first Sun Stone that is in the stage.

The second Sun Stone will come at the end in a treasure chest, like is usual
in these Extra stages. Before you can get to it, you have to fight Bonkers DX.
Use the feather ability (you can grab it right before fighting with him). Upon
defeating him, that’s basically the end of the stage.

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Avoid the large fireballs coming in from the background. In the second area,
make sure the cart you’re in does NOT fall into the lava. You’ll have to tilt
the 3DS at extreme angles to get enough speed to make sure it can safely make
it to the bottom of the area, utilizing all of the tracks.

Grab the key here, jump back in the wagon, and then go all the way to the
right along the track. Jump out and open the door. Grab the lollipop to get
temporary invincibility. Float straight up through the small space between the
lava. The first Sun Stone will be found at the top here. Go back down, then
down the ladder, and then through the door.

You have to fight with Mr. Frosty, but if you have invincibility, you can just
stand right on him and he will die shortly. Be sure to absorb Mr. Frosty
because you NEED the ice ability to get the second Sun Stone and you can only
get it from inhaling him.

Press the switches to make the block move along the lava path. Avoid the
fireballs and enemies at all costs. If the ice ability is knocked out of
Kirby and lands on the lava, then it will be gone forever and you will have to
restart the stage over from the beginning in order to get the second Sun Stone.

At the end of this, you will find four lava cubes blocking the path. Hit them
with your ice breath to turn them solid. Then smash them and go through the
door. Use the ice breath on the lava blocks underneath the treasure chest. Then
go up to the chest and destroy the lava blocks that are holding it up. It
will land safely on the solid blocks below. Drop down and open the chest to
get the second Sun Stone.

Through the next door, inhale the wheelie enemy to get the wheel ability.
Drop down. In the background, you will see an enemy running off with a key.
Speed down the ramps using the wheel, jumping over the lava blocks and what-
not. Hit the transport star at the bottom and cut the enemy off before he jumps
into the lava. Get the key, then open the locked door. Take the Sun Stone,
leave, and finish the stage.

This area is full of floating water bubbles that you need to use to bypass the
lava. Large snake-like creatures will also pop out and try to attack. When you
get to the first transport star, don’t go up the ladder. Instead, drop down,
use the water bubbles, and near the bottom you will find the first Sun Stone.

Now continue until you fight Blocky again. Defeat him and be sure to absorb
him, UNLESS you have the hammer ability. The hammer ability actually makes
getting the second Sun Stone easier, but having the Stone ability will also

To get the second Sun Stone, keep following the water bubbles downward. You’ll
get to a door, but don’t go through it. Go to the left instead. There is
a peg here with metal blocks in the way of an orange door. Hit the peg into the
ground, and then the metal blocks will disappear. Go through the orange bonus

Toss the dynamite and then float up. Go to the right. Hit the first peg. Then
quickly turn back to normal and hit the other two pegs in a row. Now position
Kirby so that he is to the right of the next peg, but he will be to the left
of the peg after that once he falls. If positioned properly, Kirby will hit
the two pegs in very quick succession, and the dynamite will then fall onto the
block and blow it up, allowing you to get the second Sun Stone.

Next you’ll get Hypernova. Remember those big eel/snake things? Let them
snap at you, but back up far enough so that they miss. Then pull back on the
blue star on their tongue to rip them out of their pipes. Go up to the pipes
and continue with the inhaling to get the boulders and enemies that are at the
other end of the pipe.

The second pipe you do this to will have a chest that has a Sun Stone inside
of it. The last Sun Stone will be obtained by pulling an eel out of its
pipe, dropping through the platform where its tail was, returning to where its
head was, dropping through the new hole, grabbing the Sun Stone, and then
hitting the switch again so that you can escape successfully and complete the

First Sun Stone is actually quite hidden. But as you can tell, this stage has
all sorts of problems. Chief among them is that there is a giant ass wall
full of spikes that is about to kill you! So yeah, that needs to be avoided as
best as humanly possible, eh?

It will be tempting to go through the door at the end of this place, but
instead float into the air. You can get over to the other side of this.
Destroy the barrel QUICKLY (it helps if you have the fighter ability), and
then go through the door before you can get crushed by the spike wall.

In here you have to deal with cannons that can fire you around. Tilt the
first cannon slightly to the left to break through the big blocks up there.
Then get that keychain in the center using the cannons. When you’re ready to
get out of here, use the middle cannon and fire straight up. You’ll burst
through the block and get a Sun Stone for your troubles as well.

The next area doesn’t have deadly walls, but it does have another twist that
you need to be aware of. In the background, you will see dynamite. Your
path is blocked by two blocks, one above and one below. Get the dynamite, but
first balance the platforms so that the platform in the front of the screen is
high enough for you to get to the stairs, but not too high so that Kirby is
unable to reach it. Then ascend the stairs with the dynamite and destroy the
upper block. The upper block and the bottom block will both get you to the
same place, but the upper block has the added benefit that it is concealing a
Sun Stone.

All of the next areas deal with the giant spiked wall. When you get to the
door at the end, once again float up. There is a second door up there. Go
through this door and you can get the third Sun Stone.

In the second area, use the missiles to destroy the blocks that are on the
other side. Be sure that you have destroyed all of them, otherwise you won’t
be able to get this done. Then use the star transporter, hit the switch, get
the key, and then go all the way to the left and use the key on the door.

Slide through the small tunnel and you’ll get to a Sun Stone. Get to the
door and exit to the next area. You’ll want to get the Archer ability. Hit the
bomb blocks to create metal blocks that you can use as a platform. About
halfway through here, look up. There is a bomb block. Hit the bomb block and
you can go through the door.

Through this door, tilt the 3DS to alternate the line of sight in the machine
in the center of the room. Shoot the two targets and you will be granted access
to Sun Stone.

You’ll also have to deal with big walls that are rotated. Stand in the windows
when the wall comes up so that you don’t get knocked away by them. Next Kirby
will become Hypernova again. Use it to move the steel boats across the lava
by inhaling the fans.

Avoid the lava that falls from the top. Avoid the fire coming from the rotating
machines. And when you see a gap between the lava near the end of this, float
up through it to get the third Sun Stone.

Once you’ve finished this lava boat segment, you have to fight four dragons
with shields. They will shoot balls at you. Catch the balls with your mouth,
then blast them back at each dragon. Once each dragon is defeated, the last
Sun Stone will be automatically rewarded to Kirby. Just jump up and get it to
complete the stage.

Stage 5 is just a series of mini-boss battles. Defeat them, absorb them, and
then use their power on the next mini-boss. You will be able to get a Sun
Stone after each mini-boss fight.

The boss is Pyrabbit. It’s a rabbit that is a fire type enemy, basically.
It has a number of attacks, many of which it will go to the background to
perform, shooting its tongue at you or sending lava pillars in your direction.

Before the battle, you have a choice of which ability to bring with you. I
prefer the Bombs or the Hammer, though the latter you can’t grab from the
pre-battle abilities that are in their orb.

There’s nothing of note here until near the end of the stage, when you get
the pole again. The first enemy you see with a key can be ignored unless you
are interested in collecting keychains, but the second enemy HAS to make it to
his destination or you will not get the Sun Stone that you need.

The second enemy needs to be guarded. Use the pole to destroy the fireballs
that are raining down near him, and also be sure to hit all the bomb blocks
so that you can keep making bridges for him over the lava.

Once you’ve managed to lead him all the way to the door, let him open it. Then
go to the door yourself using the transport star. Before going inside, make
sure you have an Archer ability by inhaling the archer that is just hanging out
on the nearby star block.

Once inside, you can tilt the machine in the middle to line up your shots.
There’s two targets on the first machine, and then you have to hit two targets
through the second machine. After that’s done with, grab the Sun Stone and
continue the stage as normal.

The mini-boss that you fight at the end is a Grand Wheelie DX. I recommend
using the ice power against him. When he starts spinning around, go to the
side that he’s aiming for. Make sure Kirby is as pressed up against the side
as possible, then just hold B. This will create an ice shield of sorts that
will damage Grand Wheelie DX and he will stand no chance in regards to even
getting close to damaging you.

Once he’s been defeated, absorb his powers if you want. You’ll be rewarded
with a bunch of stars and food shortly, plus the treasure chest that contains
the second Sun Stone of the stage, and the final one of this level.

To Top


Hop on the stars and ride them through the door. Then just keep going to the
right until you reach a ladder. Go down the ladder to find the first Sun Stone,
then climb back up the ladder.

The second Sun Stone doesn’t show up until later when you get to the cannons.
Watch the ceiling for a gap. Use the cannon to go through the gap. Then go
through the door. Adjust the top weight so that it is above the left rock.
Cut the rope and make the weight fall through the rock.

Then move the second weight so it is over the second rock. Use the transport
star to go to the front of the screen. Press the switch. Go to the background.
Cut the rope of the second weight. Then you can get to the treasure chest with
the Sun Stone.

In the next area, there is a large tank in the background. Use the bomb blocks
to make it fall down, or else it will destroy the next treasure chest that
contains the third Sun Stone. Use the transport star to go to the background
and gain access to the third Sun Stone.

In this stage, you will have to do battle again with Kracko and Coily. There
is only one Sun Stone here, and it is in plain sight. To be transported to
the boss battles, use the black holes. Otherwise, this stage is extremly
straight forward.

This stage gives you Hypernova right off the bat. The first Sun Stone is
in the snow area of this stage. You’ll be bouncing around between different
elemental areas in this stage. Anyway, you need to build the man and woman

It’s kind of tricky because you need to move them along platforms that only
start to form once you hit the switch. You also have to avoid the female head
from burning from the fire. The man head will be in front of the woman head.
The man head will land on the snowman body. Then roll the woman body across
the top of the old man snowman to get her to her own body. They will then
toss you some goodies, including the Sun Stone.

In the next forest area, use the wrecking ball to destroy the tree in the
way. Then you’ll have two paths to go. If you go below, you can rip a bug out
of its log. Then you can gain access to a secret area with two trains. Inhale
the trains to get their treasure chests. Pop open the chests to get a rare
keychain as well as some food.

This will transport your to a lava area. You basically get to bypass a
super annoying ghost area where you just have to keep going through a bunch of
doors over and over again and it’s just a pain.

The lava area has you maneuvering boats across the lava again. You’ll then
get to a tube that you will need to inhale a bunch of boulders, enemies, and
chests. The chests will have the second Sun Stone. Then float up to the portal
and you’ll get transported to a “toy” area with missile turrets.

When you reach a ladder, you can either continue the stage by going straight
ahead, or you can get the third Sun Stone by going up the ladder. Destroy the
turret up there (this turret also has a spike pole) and then go through the
orange bonus door.

Inhale the truck so that it falls into the pit. Then pull the laser machine
across the truck. Let the lasers hit the ice until the ice is completely
melted, allowing you access to the third Sun Stone.

Now continue to the end of the stage. Pull the statue into the pit. Jump on
the statue and inhale the blue star on the end of the tapestry. Once the
tapestry rips away, use the transport star to go to the background. Inhale
the tank to rip away the parts of the tank and the enemies inside, plus the
exit door.

This stage is comprised of three returning boss battles. Paintra, Flowery
Woods, and Pyribbit. The battle strategies are exactly the same as before.
That being said, the Sun Stone is slightly hidden in this stage.

After the battle with Flowery Woods, you’re in a place with ladders, transport
stars, and cannons. The black hole warp is in the bottom center. Go beyond
it to the cannon that is to its left. It will launch Kirby up and through a
blue block where the Sun Stone is. Nab it before making your way back down to
the black hole warp.

Before starting this stage, make sure Kirby has the Fire ability equipped. You
can get it easily just by replaying the first stage in the game and then
returning here.

This stage has a lot of different elements to it. You will once again be using
black holes to warp around, but your goal here is different than just getting
to the end of the stage. You have to free all of these fairy chicks in order
to get to the end of the stage, as they will bring Kirby the exit door. To
free them, pull on the lever that is attached to the bottom of their cage.

Freeing the first one will open a vault door for you. Go through, and you will
be confronted with another vault and four black hole portals. Let’s just start
from the left and work our way up, shall we? Go to the left portal. This room
has a gimmick where the background walls will extend to the front of the
screen. You know that they are about to extend because the titles that are
going to move will flash red. Simply get to the end of this room to find the
next fairy to free.

The second black hole will have you facing Bonkers again. Right before the
fight, you have the opportunity to absorb a spike enemy, but don’t do it if
you have the fire ability like I told you to have before coming to this stage
so that you can get all the Sun Stones in one go.

Upon defeating Bonkers, destroy the bomb block you come across. THis will open
a door in the background. Go to the background and then go through the door.
This is just another fuse puzzle. Light the fuse on the cannon that Kirby is
in, and then Kirby can get to the Sun Stone that is located above the door
you went through. Then simply continue to the left and free the fairy from her
small prison.

In the third black hole, you will get the cannon hat once again. Use it to
destroy the blocks in the front and make the key there fall all the way
to the bottom. You’ll then reach a transport star when you get to the bottom
yourself. Use it to destroy the blocks that are in front of the locked door,
which in turn is guarding the Sun Stone.

When the blocks are all destroyed, grab the key and return to the background.
Unlock the door and grab the Sun Stone. You will probably notice that this will
count as the “first” Sun Stone of the stage. The reason for this is that the
game expects you to keep the fire enemy alive throughout the entirety of this
part, absorb him, and then use his fire power in the second black hole, so if
you had went to the second black hole before this one, you’d be required to
do the entire stage over again. So yeah, my way of just coming to the stage
with the fire ability already equipped is considerably easier, wouldn’t you

At any rate, upon collecting the Sun Stone return to the front of the screen.
Go to the right to find the fairy and free her. Now it’s time for the final
black hole out of the four!

This one is very easy, but has lots of goodies to collect. If you have the
hammer ability of Bonkers, you can use it to hit a peg in the front of the
screen for extra goodies by destroying the metal blocks the peg is attached
to. If you want to take the no-nonsense approach here, just go to the
background, hop along the gems, grab the keychain, and then free the fairy
that is at the end.

A new black hole will appear. Go to it. You then have to do a test where you
have to avoid being hit by the parts of the wall extending forward. Again, you
can tell which ones will be extending because the ones that are going to
extend will be flashing red.

Completing this will lead you to another fairy that will then remove the final
lock for the next metal door. Go on through once you have the chance. You’ll
get Hypernova now, which makes the rest of the stage an absolute breeze. A lot
of the mini-bosses that you encountered in the past will be showing up, so
be sure to inhale them like the jumps they are. They may have posed a threat
before, but they don’t stand a chance against Hypernova Kirby!

When you get to the first Mr. Frosty DX enemy, inhale him and wait. A transport
star will appear. Use it to get to a Sun Stone before continuing and freeing
the Fairy. Inhale every single enemy you see because inhaling enemies will
make transport stars appear, and the next transport star leads to the final
Sun Stone of the stage.

You have a wide variety of abilities to choose from before going into this.
I recommend the Archer ability. The first phase of the battle is against Masked
Dedede, and it is the easiest. Deplete his health meter once, and he will be
revived by Queen Sectonia. Fight him again and this time when his health is
fully depleted, he will be defeated.

Next is a fight with Queen Sectonia herself. Don’t worry if you lose here,
you get a checkpoint. But before you get to the Queen herself, you have to
control Dedede as he controls a cannon with Kirby inside. Aim the Kirby cannon
at the flowers when their eyes are visible and they are flashing. This is when
they are easiest to hit.

Keep doing this until there is a clear path through the big vines. Fire Kirby
right through the center and then it’s time to battle Queen Sectonia.

Queen Sectonia will hang out in the background and send flower petal creatures
with eyeballs to hit you. Just attack them as much as possible. Every quarter
you chop away from her health, her attacks will become more aggressive. When
you deplete her health completely, you will be rewarded with Hypernova.

Use Hypernova to catch the missiles she fires and then throw them into the
larger missiles that she follows those up with. Then dodge her petals and pick
them up off the ground. Fire them at the petals that are creating the
forcefield for Queen Sectonia in the background.

Then inhale Queen Sectonia. Move the Circlepad in a clockwise motion to win
the inhalation battle against her. This will spell the end of Queen Sectonia,
and this means you’ve beaten the game! Though there’s still a lot more to see
and do in Kirby Triple Deluxe. . .

The first area is a place full of those floating water bubbles from before.
Use them to get all the way to the “right” of the area, and then you will
find a waterfall leading to a black hole warp. Ignore it for now and instead
float to the top. You’ll find a couple of enemies here, some star blocks that
contain goodies, and that’s it.

Absorb the fire enemy’s abilities if you don’t already have fire equipped.
Then go through the black hole warp in the waterfall. As you can see, this
takes you to an area full of ice blocks. Use the fire ability to melt and
destroy all of the ice that there is here to find hidden food.

There is ice that is above an orange bonus door. Destroy the ice there and
then go through the bonus door to get to the first Sun Stone. If you stay
under the ice and keep going to the right, you can drop off the short cliff
there and snag a hidden keychain before continuing to the next part of the

You’ll have to deal with a snow area with giant snowballs, enemies being
launched from the background, the works. The good news is that you don’t have
to stress about any Sun Stones here. Just go through the next black hole warp
when you can.

You’ll be in an Egyptian style area next with the wagons on the tracks,
giant cobras shooting fireballs, etc. There is dynamite here that you can
bring with you in the wagon and then throw at a block to get a keychain as
well as a couple of stars.

That is not the important dynamite though. The next piece of dynamite you
encounter, after you drop a few stories, will be to the right of a spiked
enemy that you should be able to just barely see. Grab it and then take it
into the wagon. Tilt the 3DS sharply to the left and then jump to avoid the
spike pillar that is coming your way.

Keep going to the left by keeping the 3DS tilted until you reach the next
block. Toss the dynamite on top of it and wait for it to explode. Drop down
and then go through the orange bonus door. Grab the pole in here and be
careful not to knock the health, the 1UP, or the chest in the middle down by
destroying the blocks that they are on. Jump so that you only destroy the big
blocks surrounding them.

Toss the pole away when you get to the transport star. Ride it to the
background and collect your rewards. The chest in the middle will contain the
second Sun Stone. Return the way you came, and then exit this area by hitting
the bomb block at the corner of the set of metal blocks.

The next few areas are tough, but you don’t have to worry about the third
Sun Stone until the end. You have to fight two mini-bosses, DX versions of
Gigante Edge and Hornhead, right in a row. There is a healing item in between
them and you can also switch your ability in-between if you want to. I
recommend the beetle ability for these battles. You can get the beetle
ability by inhaling Hornhead after you defeat him.

You will then control another wagon and go to a place full of healing items.
The chest is on a platform sitting right above all of the healing items. Go to
it and pop it open for the final Sun Stone of the level…

…or is it? This will unlock Stage 8: EX! Yep, there’s an extra one. Didn’t
see that comin’, did ya?

This final stage gives you Hypernova very early on. Then you just re-do
challenges against various enemies you faced before. The enemies that weren’t
quite bosses or mini-bosses, but somewhere in-between.

Some of these battles are shorter than before, but there are added twists to
make them somewhat more difficult. That being said, the same exact strategies
apply to these battles, and if you’re already this far into the game and
have collected all the Sun Stones, then there’s no way that you should have
any troubles here.

At the very end of the stage, there is a tapestry to pull back. Pull the blue
star all the way to the first gold hook. Then pull the lever on the ceiling.
This will create a bridge so that you can continue pulling back the tapestry
to the second hook.

The final Sun Stone in the game is located right above the exit door that is
revealed by pulling the tapestry all the way back. Once you’ve collected it,
you are free to complete the game, and as a reward for collecting all of the
Sun Stones, you get a special Queen Sectonia keychain!

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3. Kirby Fighters
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Kirby Fighters is a versus multiplayer mode that is available at all times
from the main menu. The game supports download play, so you only need one
cartridge to play. Unfortunately, there is no online component for Kirby

The game has Kirby fighting an opponent (or opponents, depending on the game
mode) in a series of rounds to see how fast you can defeat the opponent, which
is another Kirby with a copy ability of their own. The AI can be set on
numerous different difficulty settings:

Very Hard

Before starting the game, you get to choose which copy ability to use going
into the battle. These are the copy abilities that you have to choose from:


There is also a Training Mode if you want to test out your abilities before
you take them into battle.

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4. Dedede’s Drum Dash
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
A rhythm game is also included in Kirby Triple Deluxe. This game has you
playing as Dedede. There are four levels total. To unlock Level 2 and Level
3, simply complete Level 1. To unlock Level 4, you have to get a Gold medal
ranking on the first three levels in the game.

There is a tutorial to teach you how to play, as well as a Ranking system so
that you can keep track of your best performances for each level in the

These are the four levels:

Level 1: Green Greens
Level 2: Gourmet Go Go
Level 3: Dedede’s Theme
Extra: Distant Traveler

The way you play Dedede’s Drum Dash is simple. The goal is to earn as many
points as possible by not getting hit by enemies, completing the level in a
timely manner, collecting all of the music coins that there are to collect in
the level, and having a perfect “backbeat”.

To move Dedede, it’s best to use the d-pad for added precision. Press A when
Dedede lands on a drum to give him a boost. Consecutive jumps will have Dedede
jump higher then usual, which is needed to avoid some of the enemies as well as
get some of the music coins.

In addition to press A at the bottom of a jump, pressing A again at the height
of the jump will also give Dedede points. This is what the game means by
“backbeat”. Do perfectly with your backbeats and you can raise your score
even higher.

The levels add new elements each time. Level 1 is the simplest, but Level 2
adds smaller drums that can be broken if they are hit more than twice, meaning
that you can’t just keep using the same drum to build up higher jumps or to
try to get music coins you may have accidentally missed.

The third level even more breakable drums and also increases the pace of the
game quite a bit.

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5. The Arena
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
The Arena is a Boss Rush Mode. It is unlocked after beating the main game.

At the start of the Arena, you can choose whichever of the abilities that
you want. Later on, you will only have access to a few of the abilities
between battles.

When you fight with mini-bosses, you have to fight three of them at a time.
The regular bosses you just have to fight one at a time. Masked Dedede and
Queen Sectonia, you have to fight twice in a row. So it will say that you
have four enemies left to fight, yet you will actually fight Masked Dedede
twice, and Queen Sectonia twice.

To heal, there’s some tomatoes in the main area that you can use, but they
do not come back. Sometimes they are replaced with weaker food after you have
already consumed the tomato that was originally there, so use them sparingly.
Stick to abilities that you are comfortable with, and refer to the specific
boss strategies in the Story Mode section of the guide for more information.

Completing the Arena will unlock a bonus version of the Arena that’s even
tougher, so buckle up!

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6. Dedede Tour
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Dedede Tour is unlocked after you beat the main game. In Dedede Tour mode,
you control Dedede and go through the main game over again, collecting
keychains, fighting tougher enemies, and the like. It times you to see how fast
you can go through the levels.

There are various changes made to the stages so that they better suit Dedede.
For example, there are big checkpoint buttons instead of exit doors like Kirby
used, so you can continue from where you left off if you get bored or want to
quit. There is no world map for Dedede.

Dedede’s abilities are very similar to the Hammer ability that Kirby can
have because he wields a hammer as his primary weapon. Of course, Dedede can
also charge up his hammer for more powerful attacks. He can float around like
Kirby, but Dedede lacks Kirby’s trademark inhaling ability that made him

There are no Sun Stones in Dedede Tour. Instead of collecting those, you will
find 1UPs in their place. Some areas that previously had Sun Stones are
completely inaccessible when you play as Dedede, so keep that in mind as you
are playing.

For the most part, you can refer to the walkthrough for the stages in Story
Mode to find any hidden stuff you might be looking for, or if you get stuck at
a spot or two. It’s virtually the same exact thing, but like I said, you will
find black hole warps that will take you to new places as well as the usual
batch of doors and the like.

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7. Conclusion
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
I hope this guide helped you complete Kirby Triple Deluxe!

For more on Kirby Triple Deluxe, including cheats and unlockable content,
please visit the game’s dedicate cheat page, which you can find right here:

Kirby Triple Deluxe [Cheat Page]


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