Leo’s Fortune Walkthrough [Guide]

Leo's Fortune

Someone has stolen Leo’s gold, and it’s up to you to retrieve it all back and find out the real culprit among the many suspects. Leo has promised his wife to be back by supper, so you have to make sure that he comes back in one piece. Leo’s Fortune is not your standard platforming game, as there really are no enemies to stomp. Rather, the environment itself is the enemy, as there are many dangers and puzzles that players have to go through in order to advance. Here’s our advice on how to help our fuzzy hero get back the fortune that was originally his.

Leo’s Fortune is a platforming game wherein the goal is to reach the end of each level while collecting all of the gold that has been strewn about. There are a lot of dangers along the way which the player must navigate through by hovering, diving downwards, timing their movements, and even using momentum to their advantage. Players must also use their brains in trying to get past puzzles that may require one or more steps to solve. Dying will automatically return Leo back to the last checkpoint, and there are no game overs or energy systems to worry about.

Players can move left and right as well as control Leo’s vertical movements. By inflating, players can jump as well as hover in the air. Inflating can also be used to press buttons or stick yourself in some surfaces, especially if you are waiting for some dangers like spikes to pass, or if you would need to stick to the walls when riding a curve or sliding downwards. On the other hand, players can also dive downwards, which is important when pressing buttons found on the ground or when wanting to move objects like flexible surfaces so that you would be able to proceed to the next part of the level.

Players have the option to choose between two control schemes, namely tapping and swiping at the screen for movement and inflating/diving, respectively, as well as virtual buttons where in these commands can be inputted by pressing the appropriate symbols that are displayed on the screen. Players can choose as to which control mechanism they are more comfortable with, and they can switch between either of these at any point in the game.

Players must proceed within the levels in a linear fashion. Once the current level has been completed, then the next one will be accessible. However, players can also choose to repeat previously completed stages should they want to improve their performance as well as to collect more stars that would be required to unlock the bonus stage for each Act.

Each Act contains four stages each, and each subsequent Act will be unlocked once all stages within the previous act have been completed. There are also cutscenes in between levels that players can watch or simply skip through.

Each level will allow players to earn up to three stars. Players can win stars depending on their performance within the stage. Requirements for each star mainly falls under three categories, namely collecting all coins within the stage, not dying, and finishing the round within a preset time limit. Stars are very important as, for each Act, players will need to collect a defined number of stars in order to gain access to a special stage that serves as a race of sorts. Players who are serious about the game and would like to unlock everything must then return to previously completed levels and try to get any stars that they might not have acquired yet.,

Tips and Tricks
Timing and maintaining good control over your character is important – especially if you are required to jump vast distances, or need to move across moving obstacles like spikes or platforms. Being aware of your surroundings is also very essential as you would need to know how these objects would interact with each other and how your movements would be able to affect these elements.

This last part is also very important when solving puzzles. While puzzles within the game are not insanely difficult, players will really have to think things through before they make a move. Sometimes, players will have to press a button or make a platform move by diving down. Try and visualize how these parts work together quickly so as to save up on precious time.

Once you have completed a stage, don’t forget the lessons that you have learned and try them again. This way, you would be able to collect any coins that you would have missed out on, and knowing the topology better will allow you to finish the stage without dying and at a much faster time. This would then allow you to collect all stars and unlock all bonus stages one at a time.


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