Ninjump Smash Walkthrough [Guide]

Ninjump Smash

Anyone can dream, and yes, that includes an overweight ninja. Still, he can do stuff that regular people cannot, such as smash boards with his face and fists. How long can he do that without these obstacles eventually wearing him down to a stop? Here’s our guide on how to be able to get the highest score in this addictive title.

Ninjump Smash is an endless running game where in players will get to control an overweight ninja that will try and break all boards that stand in his way. Doing this simply requires players to tap on the screen, which commands your ninja to strike. Timing and precision is important as tapping too early or too late will have your character hit and bounce off the wall, ending your game.

Scoring is pretty straightforward in Ninjump Smash. For every obstacle that you go through, players will be able to score one point. Players will be able to see their progress at the top left of the screen, and this total can be shared to your social networks at the end of your run. The tips below will help you achieve the type of score that you may be able to brag about with friends and other players.

Tips and Tricks
Focus is the most important thing when playing this game. Don’t try to sneak a peek at your current score, and although your character will be doing some pretty cute actions after smashing through an obstacle, try your best to ignore these as even a split second of looking away from the obstacles that will be racing by you may cost you your run.

Finger positioning is also very important. Keep your fingers on the bottom half of the screen so that your palm or hand would not obscure any walls that would appear. Tapping on the left side of the screen would also help out a lot as you would have a clear view of the paths ahead.

Timing is, of course, very essential as well. Try to do a few sample taps in order to see how long between the drawback and the actual attack would be, so that you can determine as to when you would need to tap after the wall appears from the right side of the screen. Take note also that there will be times where in two walls would appear close to each other, and this would require nicely timed double taps so that you can successfully get past them.

Initially, the best time to tap the screen is about a quarter to half second before the wall appears, or if it is about an inch and a half away from you. Of course, players would need to adjust according to the game’s speed, which would increase the longer our run goes. Pretty much, it’s a matter of repetition and muscle memory in order to be able to assess your timing so that you will be able to prolong your run.

Lastly, the best piece of advice that you can get is to practice. Within your first few runs, you may not even get to reach a score of five. With practice, however, you will be able to hone your timing and reflexes so that you will be able to improve your score. Don’t forget to rest and relax after a few playthroughs, of course, especially if you are already getting frustrated with your progress. Leave the game for a couple of minutes to relax your eyes and fingers, and then get back into the game so that you will be able to start again with a fresh body and mind.


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