Tiny Dice Dungeon Walkthrough [Guide]

Tiny Dice Dungeon

In most classic RPGs, the results of the battle may depend on the items that you have equipped or in the strength of your party, but oftentimes luck also plays a part. Tiny Dice Dungeon takes that a little bit further and makes success depend on the roll of the dice – literally. Here, players can explore a vast land filled with dangerous creatures, and while they are able to capture monsters and turn them into allies, the focus of the game is on how much you would be willing to risk for one more roll. Here’s our complete guide on how to find success within Tiny Dice Dungeon.

Tiny Dice Dungeon is an RPG game where in players can take control of different heroes and monsters as they perform quests across different locations. Each area will only require players to a battle a small number of times with manual navigation no longer needed. In combat, players must roll one or more dice in order to see what their actions would be. Players may roll an infinite number of times for as long as they do not roll a one, as this will void all the progress that has been made by that character for that turn. Monsters that have been acquired and added to your party will also be able to attack in this way.

Tiny Dice Dungeon, in addition to focusing on the risk and reward system of dice rolling, focuses mainly on the creation or organization of the dice that you will roll themselves. Uncut dice can b e turned into dice shards which in turn can be converted into dice that you can roll to different effects. Being able to find the right combination for you and your part is essential in order to easily defeat any monsters on your path.

Gold and uncut dice are the two main currencies within the game. Gold is earned by collecting them during battles, although players must actively tap on them so that they can be added to your storage. The more dice players roll and the more they over roll, that is, the higher the value of their roll is against the health of the target monster which would also cause your health to regenerate, will allow players to earn more gold than usual. Uncut dice may also be traded for more gold. This currency is used for the purchase of special items at the market which you can bring along during your quests as well as blueprints for new dice that you would like to build.

On the other hand, Uncut dice serves as the game’s premium currency. Superior items can be bought using this resource, and it can also be used to refill your character’s stamina. The main purpose of Uncut dice, however, is for the manufacture of new dice as smashing Uncut dice will provide you with dice shards of varying rarity. The more Uncut dice that you smash at a time, the higher the chance of players getting better dice shards. Uncut dice is rarely rewarded during regular gameplay, and the best way to acquire these is via in-app purchases.

At the end of each round, players would get the chance to choose a random reward from the Hall of Loot. Rewards here can range from items, coins, Uncut dice, dice shards, and many more. However, each time players go on quests, stamina will be lost. Players can still go on quests even if they have no more stamina left, but this will cause them to be too tired to collect treasure. Capturing monsters would also not be possible.

Whenever players do not have any stamina left, they can either switch to a hero with stamina, or wait for it to be replenished. Otherwise, they can spend Uncut dice to refill it automatically.

Players would eventually be able to unlock different heroes, and they can switch between them based on personal preferences, on the types of dice that they carry, or should they run out of stamina and you do not want to miss out on treasures at the end of the stage. Additional heroes may be acquired once players are able to complete different criteria within the game. These heroes would also have to be leveled up individually.

Monsters can be captured and added to your party. There are two ways to go about this, namely by rolling the number indicated above the sole monster’s heads or going into capture dice battle with the monster. Players may also use a monster catcher which would provide players with a leeway as to the value that players may overall in order to get the target monster. This item can be acquired as well as leveled up at the store using coins.

The number of monsters that you can have on your team will depend on your current level. Monsters behave pretty much like your heroes during battle, as they can roll dice as well as earn experience. Monsters that you will no longer be using can be released in the wild. This is important to free up space and in the event that you have also maxed out a monster but have already acquired a more powerful monster that can replace it. Make sure to have the best monster or monsters equipped and to manage their dice slots as well so that you will be able to get some helpful assistance from them.

Leveling Up
As players and monsters go on quests, they would be able to earn experience points which would in turn cause them to level up. Leveling up provides a lot of benefits as it would allow them to have increased maximum HP. At certain levels, these characters would also get to unlock new dice slots and, in the case of heroes, would also allow them to add more monsters into their party. Take note, however, that monsters that have been knocked out at the end of the stage will not earn experience points.

Dice are the lifeblood of your party, as this would allow them to attack monsters much more effectively as well as capture them faster. Different kinds of dice will also have different effects such as inflicting enemies with poison, healing, and dealing attacks with different elemental effects. The latter is very important especially when dealing with monsters that are weak against a certain element.

Players are awarded with dice shards from time to time, and they can also smash Uncut dice into dice shards. The Diceologist can provide players with prints and, should players have the necessary shards, create new dice for you. Take note that heroes are monsters have different dice that can be created. They will also be provided with dice slots which would increase as players’ level up.

Capture dice are another type of dice that may be created by a single dice shard regardless of rarity. Build up capture dice as well as this would allow players to capture monsters easier.

At the market, players will be able to buy items that can help you during quests. These include XP boosters as well as an item that will allow you to focus all experience earned into a single member of your party. Phoenix Ups, which can be used to revive fallen characters, may also be purchased here. Upgrading Phoenix Ups, in turn, will increase the health that the revived character will start with. Other items include monster catchers and upgrades for this item. The Market can be accessed at the start of each quest and these items can be purchased using gold.

Aside from gold and dice shards, players may also be able to gain access to different types of equipment. These are stored in your inventory, and although currently there is no discernable use for them, future updates or latter points in the game may allow players to equip them in order to boost their stats. Completists may also strive to collect all of these items in order to acquire everything in the collection.

Tiny Dice Dungeon also has a PvP function where in players can battle each other in more or less the same fashion as usual quests. Here, players will be battling for Trophy Dice, and the more you have, the higher you will rank in global leaderboards and the more prizes you might be able to win. Players can also try and break locks rather than destroying chests in order to get more Trophy dice, and this can be done by completing objectives set within the fight. Of course, others can battle you and steal from you as well, so players must make sure that their parties are always at maximum condition and to gain revenge whenever someone attacks you.


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