Zombie Gunship Walkthrough [Guide]

Zombie Gunship

The zombies are coming! Don’t fret too much, though, as your brains will stay intact and uneaten since you’re high up in the air and safe. The people on the ground, however, are not so safe, and it’s going to be your responsibility that they do not get eaten by those infecting the land. In Zombie Gunship, you’re their last hope for survival, and the future of the human race is in your capable hands. For how long can you stave off the herds of zombies that will relentlessly come for some fresh meat? Here’s our guide on how to prolong humanity’s survival.

Zombie Gunship is an endless first person shooting game where in players can control a ship that has access to weaponry that they can use to take out continuous swarms of zombies that will relentlessly try and invade a bunker where survivors are hiding. From time to time, humans will also come running towards the bunker, and it is important that players provide covering fire so that zombies would not be able to get to him. Players should be careful, however, as not only will having a single zombie enter your base result in a game over, but killing too many humans either accidentally or on purpose will also end the game.

Players will be able to gain access to different kinds of weapons and armaments as well as upgrade them. Players must be able to use the right weapon for the situation and to ensure that they do not overheat in order to make the most out of their zombie destroying capabilities.

Gold is the only currency within Zombie Gunship. Gold is earned within the game whenever zombies are killed, but they can also be bought using real cash. Buying more gold via in-app purchases will yield in a better real to in-game money deal, but players can also take advantage of any offers that may pop up so that they can earn more currency for free.

Gold has a variety of uses. It can be used to purchase and upgrade your guns so that it can become better when dealing with zombies. Other updates like support fire are also available. In addition, gold can also be used to skip tasks that you no longer want to do. This allows you to do the next objective at hand faster.

Leveling up within Zombie Gunship is rank based. This means that players must try and meet certain objectives before they can level up. Each level will require players to collect stars which can only be done by either completing objectives outright or by paying for them using coins. As players increase in rank, they will be able to access new objectives and new areas within the game.

Three guns can be used to destroy zombies within the game, although only one is initially available. Each gun behaves differently, and must be used for different types of situations. For example, the 20MM is good for multiple targets but will deal minimal damage while the 105MM Howitzer can destroy a large area of enemies. The 40MM is considered as the median and is considered as the best due to its power, control, and accuracy.

There are also factors to consider such as fire rate and cooldown time, as well as the area of damage that your weapons can do. Balance upgrades thoroughly in order to make the most out of your weapons. Upgrading and unlocking weapons will cost coins.

Upgrades both consumable and permanent in nature may also be purchased. Like weapons, these would have to be purchased using gold. Examples of upgrades include the ability to kill three more civilians before forcing the game to end, being able to collect more gold with each zombie that you kill, being able to launch a powerful attack aside from your equipped weapons, and many more. However, it is recommended that, with the exception of the upgrade that allows you to earn more gold, you concentrate your efforts towards upgrading weapons first before you invest your gold in these upgrades.

Tips and Tricks
Keep the game zoomed out unless you are actually shooting at enemies. This will give you a better view of the area which would allow you to spot zombies more easily. Keep in mind that zombies would appear in black while humans will appear in white.

It might seem like common sense to try and hit a thick wave of zombies at center mass. In reality, however, this will just cause you to have multiple targets that you will have to pick off one by one. Instead, concentrate your firepower on the front of the wave so that you’ll have an easier time to recharge and take aim at whichever zombies are left. Always keep an eye out for weapons that will be nearing overheating, as well. It is always better to have controlled bursts rather than holding the fire button but not hitting anything in turn.

It is also very important to prioritize, and to let go of humans if saving them would no longer be a possibility. You can’t save everyone, and always remember that your only goals are to not let zombies get to your bunker and to not kill civilians. Sometimes, it would be better to just let zombies capture humans rather than risking shooting at them.

Always remember also that you can switch weapons depending on the situation. As with most shooting games, there is an appropriate weapon should you need precise shooting, or if you want complete destruction at the expense of a slow fire rate. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see which ones are best for which types of situations. Of course, don’t forget to upgrade those weapons whenever you can to keep them in tip top condition.

Lastly, don’t forget to check up on the progress of your objectives. These would help in increasing your rank and unlocking new areas where you can post individual high scores that will in turn be posted in global leaderboards. You can lead in each new area, so don’t forget to try them out once they open up, but this can only be done by increasing your rank.


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