Knights of Puzzelot Walkthrough [Guide]

Knights of Puzzelot

With a name like Knights of Puzzelot, knights, monsters, and dragons are things that you would expect from this game, but match-type gaming is also a very welcome addition to the title. With Knights of Puzzelot, players will go on quests as they battle different creatures and improve on their gear. This is a game that requires strategy, both in managing your equipment and making sure that each turn that you have during battle will count. Get ready to embark on a challenging, yet very enjoyable journey filled with action and adventure with Knights of Puzzelot – but don’t forget to read this guide first before you venture forth.

Knights of Puzzelot is a match-type combat game where in offensive and defensive moves are made via matches that players will make across a grid. Here, players will also be able to earn coins that can be used to purchase and acquire different types of equipment such as swords, shields, armor, and other items that will make your character more effective in battle.

Knights of Puzzelot also employs some building simulation elements as players would need to restore and upgrade sections of their town, which has been destroyed by a dragon at the start of the game. With this, players must level up and spend coins for restoration so that new features and content may be accessible.

Coins and gems are currencies that you will use around Knights of Puzzelot. Coins can be used to repair buildings, buy additional inventory slots, or purchase upgrades for basic weapons. On the other hand, gems are considered as the premium currency and can be used to buy additional storage as well, in addition to being able to refill energy, purchase premium items, as well as to speed up the repair and upgrade of towns.

Coins are earned whenever matches of tiles representing these are made during quests, while gems are rarely rewarded for free. Both gems and coins may be acquired also using real cash.

Leveling Up
As players continue going on quests, they will be able to level up. Leveling up is important as this is the only way that players will be able to access certain stages within the game. Also, the game will not allow you to repair and access some parts of your town even if you have the coins to do so. Thus, sometimes it would be important to grind through the lower levels in order to gain experience so that you will be able to level up and either proceed to the next areas of the map, or to open up that new building that you would like to access.

Energy is another important resource that players must be able to manage. Energy is required for players to play puzzles, so players must make sure that they have enough. Energy regenerates over time, but you may refill this instantly by paying for it using gems.

During combat, different tiles would appear, and matching them in rows of three or more on in shapes of an L or a T will not only cause them to disappear from the board, but will also cause certain actions to be performed. Moreover, making matches of more than three will turn a tile into a stronger version of itself.

There are three main tiles within the game, namely attack, defense, and coins. Attack tiles, when matched, will make your character deal damage to the enemy, while defense tiles will block damage for when enemies would attack. Take note that enemies will attack after a certain number of turns, indicated by the countdown timer above their heads. Lastly, matching coin tiles will add coins to your stash. Making combo matches and matching more than three tiles will have a greater effect than when only making regular matches, and upgraded defense tiles will cause your health to regenerate.

Monsters and certain weapons will affect your grid as well. Some monsters can set tiles on fire, which would deal damage to the player if they do not get rid of it from the board. On the other hand, some monsters would cast wind spells on tiles, which would cause these tiles to be switched around the board. This, however, may have some beneficial effects as it may cause some matches to become possible when there are initially none. Take note also that the grid will refresh itself if there are no more matches available, and that hints will appear if you do not make a move after a while.

Players can acquire different types of equipment such as weapons, armor, and shields during quests. These are mainly found in quests, and these can add to your attributes, namely health, defense, and attack, along with other special qualities. Equipment may also be upgraded by combining them and spending currencies, or sold off for extra coins. These buildings must be repaired first before you can access them, and upgrading them will allow you to create more powerful equipment.

Players are provided with limited storage space, but this can be increased by paying either coins or gems. Equipment acquired in excess of your storage capacity will be stored at the shop, but this will disappear after a while so players must clear up space in their home by either fusing items or selling them and then claiming these equipment stored for safekeeping.

Players will be able to progress through different missions for as long as the previous stages have already been completed, they are at a appropriate level, and if they have enough energy. Each stage comprises of different areas where in players must clear enemies as well as defeat the stage’s boss. Some areas will also have a treasure chest that will contain a certain equipment, although in some cases chests may only be opened by having a key reach the bottom row of the grid within a limited number of turns.

Players may choose to repeat stages in order to level up, earn additional currencies, or acquire addition equipment for upgrading purposes. Each location also has different types of enemies that may require players to change their style of play, especially in the case of levels where monsters are more powerful or can change your tiles in one way or another.

Social Function
Knights of Puzzelot also has a social function where in players can connect with friends as well as form or join guilds. Guilds will allow members to go on quests together in order to attain mutual rewards. This feature will be unlocked once players are able to reach a certain level and if they are able to pay for the proper upgrades to be done.


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