Make It Rain: The Love of Money Walkthrough [Guide]

Make it Rain: Love of Money

Make It Rain:The Love of Money will not be recommended as a financial learning tool any time soon. However, there can be a lot of enjoyment attained to see your cash on hand pile up as you figuratively make it rain and use your liquid assets to make sound investments; ones that you can use to fill up your bank with money even while you are away. If you can’t be filthy rich in real life, then why not be like that in the virtual world? Play Make It Rain: The Love of Money and read this guide so that you can earn faster.

Make It Rain: For the Love of Money is a financial simulation game where in players can earn money by swiping at virtual money at a manic pace. Doing so will earn you dollars at a time at the start, but upgrades will have you earning much more later. There are also investments that can be made to increase your earnings, as well as passive income that you can collect from your bucket. Some earnings may only be acquired while the game is active, while others can be collected once you turn it on again.

Being able to use your money to acquire assets that will immediately be able to benefit you as well as making wise investments that will be advantageous in the long run is the main focus of the game, as well as avoiding the Feds that will seize your money from time to time.

Swiping at cash is the most direct way to earn money. At the start, each swipe will earn players one dollar, but buying more business investments can drastically increase your swipe rate, allowing you to collect hundreds, thousands, or even more dollars at a time. Players may also get to earn combos which would multiply the value of each swipe by maintaining your swipe rate per second, which is displayed near the top of the screen at the bottom of your current cash count.

Political Investments
With a cash bucket, players will be able to earn cash passively. This means that the game does not need to be turned on for players to earn. The rate by which money would be put into your bucket would depend on the amount and level of political investments that you buy. Political investments will also be able to increase your bucket’s maximum capacity.

It is important to check up on the contents of your bucket from time to time and collect them when your bucket is almost full, and players should definitely make it a point to empty the bucket especially if you are planning to leave the game for an extended period of time. Take note that you will not earn any more cash if your bucket is already filled up and you have not collected from it yet.

Financial Investments
Financial Investments will allow you to earn money every second. You will see the effects of your investments as you turn on the game and not swipe as you will see your earnings increase steadily. Buying more and higher level financial investments will allow you to earn more, and these earnings will supplement your cash flow greatly especially if you are also active at swiping at cash and making it rain.

There are no limits as to the number of financial investments that you can buy for each level, but it is recommended that you move on to the higher level investments once you are able to afford it. Also, it is important to note that financial investments will not earn the players any money if they have left the game.

Business Investments
As mentioned, business investments will allow you to increase your earnings with each swipe. Business investments are available in increasing levels, but players will have to buy the three levels of the most current investment first before the next one can be unlocked. These are one of the most important items to buy especially if you are looking towards playing the game actively since these would definitely and quickly add up on your earnings the more you swipe at the bills on the screen.

From time to time, players will be interrupted by the Feds which would catch you for one offense or another. In these situations, players can use Bribe cards that they can use to proceed without losing money, or they can sacrifice a portion of whatever earnings that they have. Of course, it is recommended that you use bribe cards rather than the latter, although these come at limited quantities.

The best thing to do is to make sure that your money is spent on investments so that you’ll have solid assets that the Feds cannot touch. In the case that the Feds do get to seize your money, you will have a much quicker time building your fortunes back up. In addition, make sure that you don’t invest too much on the same investments consecutively, as this will cause the Feds to appear much more frequently. Spread your investments and diversify and don’t forget to build your empire using cold hard cash rather than simply keeping them in your pocket.

If you want to have an easier time earning money, then supercharging will be your best bet. Here, players will be given both free and paid offers that will allow them to earn much more than usual. For example, simply connecting to Facebook will double your financials rate, inviting friends to play the game will double your earnings rate, and reading an article that the game recommended will increase the money that you have instantly.

Here, players may also choose to buy bribe cards for real money, and in-app purchase may also be used to both double your cash balance or your earnings rate. This section is also where players can remove ads upon purchase of any paid product, turning sounds on or off, as well as to reset the game if you want to start earning from scratch.


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    Take off the max earning rate please. It still only let’s me go up to 5.12MB!