Metal Slug Defense Walkthrough [Guide]

Metal Slug Defense

The Metal Slug series is synonymous to side scrolling, platforming, shooting action, and although Metal Slug Defense strayed away from that particular genre, the flavor of the modern classic franchise is still pretty much there. Now with real time strategy and tower defense elements thrown in, Metal Slug Defense will soon be added into your list of favorite games in the beloved series. Manage and deploy units against enemies, and make sure that you are able to defend your base with whatever resources you may have. Get down and dirty with Metal Slug Defense, but don’t forget to arm yourself with this handy guide first.

Metal Slug Defense is a real time strategy and tower defense game where in the goal is to destroy the enemy’s base before the opponent can do the same to you. In order to do this, players must deploy forces reminiscent to both enemies and heroes from the Metal Slug series, and players must manage AP, or Action Points, during combat as well as upgrade their units and base in the interim. There are many stages that players can do missions in, and certain points in the game will cause new content to be unlocked. Strategy and proper placement of both offensive and defensive units will ensure success.

Medals and MSP are the two currencies within the game. MSP, or Metal Slug Points, are considered as the main currency, and this can be earned by winning battles or exchanging medals for them. MSP can be used to purchase upgrades for both units as well as your base. On the other hand, medals are used to purchase items at the store, as well as new units that would otherwise not be available through regular gameplay or would only be unlocked much later in the game. Both MSP and medals may be acquired as rewards for regularly logging into the game, but the most effective way to earn lots of medals and to get exclusive content is via in-app purchases.

Energy, like most mobile games, is a resource that is required for players to participate in missions Stages will require varying amounts of energy, so players should make sure that they always have enough. Energy regenerates over time, but medals may also be spent to refill this instantly. Maximum energy may also be increased by upgrading your base.

Your units will be the one doing most of the attacking during missions, although there are also units that focus mainly on defense. Units differ mainly in production time, which is the cooldown period by which they can be deployed, as well as other attributes such as AP cost, defense, speed, and many more. Players can bring up to ten unit types into battle, and more units will be unlocked as player’s progress through the game. Alternately, players may also choose to buy units outright using medals.

Offensive units will attack automatically if they are within range of enemies or the enemy’s base, but they will also be able to charge up special attacks that must be triggered manually. Timely activation of these special attacks will be very essential especially if you want to have an easier time winning battles. In addition, players will also get to charge up a different meter that, when completely filled, can allow players to call upon the Metal Slug tank which would deal a lot of damage to enemies. It is recommended that you keep an eye on this meter to maximize its potential.

Units as well as Metal Slug damage and activation speed can be upgraded using MSP. Do this regularly in order to keep your army in tip top condition against tougher missions ahead.

Action Points
Action Points, or AP, is the currency that will need to be spent if you need to deploy units. AP is generated automatically, and this can also be spent to further increase production as well as its capacity. Arrange your team such that it has a good balance of high and low AP units so that you can spend on the latter as cannon fodder while reserving the high cost big guns for when you have already accumulated enough AP to call upon them full force and overwhelm the opposition.

Your base is very important, as having it destroyed by the enemy will cause you to lose the mission. Like units, your base can be upgraded so that it will have increased attributes such as higher HP, increased AP or unit production, increased MSP collection, and many more. Balance your expenditure of MSP between upgrading units and your base whenever you could in order to be well rounded on both offense and defense. Of course, it is also very important to prevent your enemies from breaching your defenses and to protect your base at all costs during missions.

Players can also purchase items at the store. These items are for single use only, and must be activated prior to a mission. Different items have different effects such as having an additional unit that will attack enemies from above, ensuring the saving of POWs, gaining bonus earnings when winning battles, and many more. Items cost medals to acquire, and it is actually recommended that you steer away from buying and using items unless absolutely necessary and if you have enough medals to spare.

Missions will also give players the chance to save POWs, much like the original games. Being able to collect all POWs in a set will provide players with perks such as overall decreased production rate, higher bonuses, or even unlocked units. Thus, the more POWs you save, the better your army would be. It is recommended that you repeat previous missions so that you will be able to get any POWs that you may have missed.

Metal Slug Defense also has a Multiplayer mode where in players can do battle via Wi-Fi. This is another good feature that will test your skills against more challenging opponents, and it would also give you the chance to earn more rewards such as MSP or even medals.


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